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Zimbabwe's quot quot 琴; small; and quot; large quot; note-issuing


Zimbabwe is in southern Africa, the cradle of civilization, of many fantastic natural landscape.

However, more strange is that of civility.

Unique African music

Travelling in Africa, often hear rhythms crisp, phonology and moving music, trance, he felt that the black brother are born singer and musician, they hold simple musical instruments, such as animal skins and Goblet drum made of wood, wood, bamboo, to Hulu, xylophone made of dried fruit filling dry seeds shell made of Shaq there to about 54 Tablet arranged metal tongue strips of Ampil violin, can play Merry bliss music.

In Zimbabwe of each night, from a distance of African music into my dream of Overture.

Ampil violin

In Zimbabwe, the most amazing musical instrument is Ampil violin (Mbira), this kind of simple musical instruments was ugly, should have known of the thumb piano, is people's consent.

Even more amazing is that with such a low-cost metal tongue strips made of toy piano, actually plays out extraordinary music.

Thumb piano

Ampil violin is Zimbabwe's favorite musical instrument, heard by the musical instruments are playing out of music is not only able to drive away evil spirits of patients, but also played the role of praying for rain.

Play time his hands holding a harp, and then use two thumbs to play, when you press and release the thumb, the sheet will be issued where music of vibration.

100 trillion at last

To Zimbabwe, will strongly felt that the country's most singular landscape not Victoria waterfall, is not a small thumb piano, and is unprecedented $ 100 trillion Yuan-chun, this is the world's largest denomination of money! in 1 followed by 14%, while its use value can only buy a piece of bread, and now even a loaf of bread will not buy because Zimbabwe currency balloon to 100 billion after the break.

Jin Yuan notes

Now the country's currency is u.s. dollars, South African Rand, the Government gave their staff wages is the US dollar.

As a symbol of national sovereignty of Jin Yuan flow of less than 30 years, from the stage of history, is rare!

Staff transport notes

If the clock back 30 years, the first generation of remuneration element in national currency of the scenery of comparable pounds, $ 1 can only be redeemed through 0.68 Jin Yuan! use the Chinese saying goes to sigh up: it's 30 years in the East 30 years!

Escape from the summer July Florida Southern charm winter

Pure New Zealand

New Zealand

Alpine skiing and glacier walking at the right time

Being in a hot oven, at first hear this word, skiing is certainly comfortable shiver.

Located in the southern hemisphere's winter in New Zealand, nowadays a positive value, skiing, Glacier hiking all kinds of winter sports Zhengda, hastened to say goodbye to the summer sweat profusely, flying to New Zealand snow! experience Alpine skiing, explore years glacier, enjoy the taste of geothermal hot springs, mellow wine, experience Maori culture, visit Firefly hole here will give you a ice in summer.

It is understood that, in addition to the regular New Zealand line, Beijing now travel agency launched the New Zealand ski tour, tours, such as New Zealand 8 white winter ski trip and New Zealand 11 white winter ski trip, etc.

Include New Zealand South Island's most famous four major ski resort, the difficulty is stepped growth, fit a variety of ski enthusiasts.

Industry insiders describe, chose to launch in the summer, skiing tour is to let the tourists in summer travel choice just regular playing water, Islands, etc., but also for off-season travel price advantage.

In some lines, also leave a lot of free time, arrangements for tourists some snow field around the attractions a short tour and at the cost of the project, such as visiting the geothermal city, farm experience, take a cruise ship, etc.

Three cone Hill magnificence scene

New Zealand South Island ski hot:

Three mountain Cone

As New Zealand's largest ski resort, this distance is approximately 60 minutes to extreme sports, occupies an area of 500 hectares, while the ski difficulty is relatively high, but for many ski intermediate players, but they unanimously praised by the resort.

And the resort of Mount Cook, in the vicinity of the tika wave lakes are famous sightseeing spots, to this skiing will have an additional gain.

In the great mountain experience skiing adventure

Excellent mountain range

Distance between the extreme sports takes about half an hour, some difficult, but also little skiers, giving you more room to enjoy the fun of skiing.

The longest ski 1.7 km, ski compare bias strip type. Many professional skiing players will walk to higher mountain challenge, in the resort's boundary is the famous baby card Prairie Lakes, lakes and beautiful scenery.


Here are a few New Zealand accommodation of the resort, but the room was relatively small, you can advance.

Card-the ski resort of vertical height difference only 390 m, 75% of the ski is suitable for beginning and intermediate player of slope, together with the family skiing fun is better here. But due to the high altitude, it is important to prepare for some warm clothing, and look at the weather forecast.

Crown peak on children are also able to enjoy

Crown peak

This ski resort, 18 km from extreme sports, because the distance between cities closer together, so that more crowded.

The resort occupies an area of 280 hectares, the longest ski nearly 2 km, 65% of the ski is suitable for beginning and intermediate player. Excitement of the player may also try almost 30 degree natural slopes, ecstatic, at the top of the Hill you can see the panoramic view of extreme sports.

Australia feel winter charm

Australia Victoria

Experience the charm of the Victorian luxury winter

In July, when the heat of the summer in the northern hemisphere, is located in the southern hemisphere in Australia but is cool cool winter months.

In many people's minds, think Australia is more suited for the winter off to local summer, in fact, at this time to go to Australia for the summer, is a wise choice.

Despite the positive value of Australia now in winter, but it is not too cold

Most of the temperature is 10 ° c-20 ° c, especially on the East coast of Australia, the climate in winter and spring of our Northeast Asia, sunny, sunshine is similar to that is no longer hot pressing. And because water reduce the number of visitors, not very busy at the beach, the sea the more explicit deep, broad, and summer Australia distinct a trait.

The magnificent and charming natural scenery, rare and interesting flora and fauna, modern metropolis, a large number of colleges and universities, has always been the highlights of Australia attracts tourists.

At present, in the tour operators are hot summer line, Australia is now going to Australia, in addition to the above those must-see highlights, you can join the ski tours and winter, skiing, ice and spare time you can enjoy hot springs, and out-and-out off-season travel, Oh.

In addition, there is a new choice this summer outing; mdash mdash; Australia Victoria Tourism Bureau has prepared for tourists in winter many of the Victorian luxury cruise lines, from hotels, gourmet restaurants and wine, natural hot springs, holiday village, and various angles feelings of Victoria and Melbourne's luxury charm.

Lakes and mountains

Melbourne wonderful luxury tour route:

Australia Beach amp; mountain tourist line

Australia Beach and mountain tourist line main organizations for a period of one to two days of luxury adventure, exploring Victoria's most spectacular waterfront and shrubs.

Australia coastal and mountain tourist line company is Melbourne luxury waterfront and the home of local tourism, can cause small group tour or tour accommodation, tour of Victoria's most spectacular coastal and shrubs, can appreciate the Great Ocean Road, the spectacular twelve apostles rock, Phillip Island Penguin's charmingly naive, along the scenic area is famous for its beautiful scenery for mind-blowing. In order to ensure a luxurious colors, the number of people in up to 7 people, offer the most luxurious bus and accommodation.

Australia wine tour

Australia wine tour

Australia wine tour company for visitors of customized private luxury cruise line, each team up to 6 people, visit the Yarra Valley, an hour away from Melbourne's wine producing areas.

A professional wine tasting experts will explain to you and teach you how to wine tasting. And take you on a tour of the winery, tasting of a gate, the famous sparkling wine and delicious dishes.

Hiking trip

Bothfeet hiking

Bothfeet runs a range of hiking routes, visit Victoria's Great Ocean Road, the Kingdom of hot spring spa and enjoy the luxury of journey, other hiking region including Dell, Ford near Victoria spa town, as well as Macedonia/overhanging rock area.

Bothfeet in Great Ocean Road's Johanna has ecological hotel on the beach, this is a new eco-village, the Great Ocean Road hiking offers a variety of Bothfeet members-of-the-art facilities.

Helicopter air travel

Tourists helicopter, along the Melbourne Cup horse racing contest's hometown, see Melbourne hills Stadium, city sights and coastal attractions, Williams, Saint keda, duck, Albert Park and Rodney-Lavaur.

South Africa wildlife

South Africa

World Cup after a few cool and cheap

In our minds that South Africa is located in Africa, a hot climate, not necessarily.

Located in the southern hemisphere South Africa is located in the southernmost tip of the continent, as far away from the equator, so winter and summer, but also with the season of China, on the contrary, for the month of June, July, the temperature in winter is only 5 ° c-15 ℃. This is not, let's hide in the air conditioning room, watching the World Cup have definitely a beer drinking iced, South Africa football field edges fans wearing down jacket in farm na shout, people that place now really cool ice!

As the World Cup on 12 July in the fairway, because the World Cup and the rising price of overall decline in South Africa tour, World Cup period at 30 000 of the tour will return to some of the normal price.

And after the World Cup, South Africa a reduced number of tourists, local accommodation, excursion price will return to normal, so go after the World Cup, South Africa summerSmall, cool, inexpensive and very cost-effective.

In addition, every year in mid-July to mid-August, spectacular million animals great migration will be staged in the African savanna.

250 million Ngau Tau Kok Ma, ban horse and Antelope, in the vast expanse of the Prairie, the composition of numerous single-line vertical large columns, kicking shoe Yang Earth, rolling movement, through the instinct to move south to North, as well as natural enemies cowed by crocodile Lion, along the River to River ambush, the unstoppable, brave, evinces flock to the rain moistens and become Green by Kenya Masaimala national wildlife areas. The spectacular scene attracts photography enthusiasts to field photography, Kenya has become in recent years, important off-season travel destination.

Cape Harbour

South Africa's main tourist attractions:

Cape of good hope

The Cape is the most South-Western tip of the continent's famous promontory, 48 km to the North Cape, xibin Atlantic, located in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean-meeting of the Suez Canal is not available, prior to the European gateway to Asia to the sea only.

Cape Peninsula southern 7750 hectares of nature reserve, in addition to touring bus tour, prohibited any car.

The nature reserve, live South Africa antelope, deer, Zebra, ostriches, cat, ferret, animal Baboon. In addition, there is the offshore Department at dolphins and fur seals cruising, if luck in August-November also can see sharks.

Pul doglia Zoo

Located in the bumbum Street, is the world's largest Zoo in the Park, one of more than 3500 species of animals.

Zoo in front of a street market, trade in wood, stone, basket.

Octopus brother after retiring home n conjecture

Octopus brother Paul.

World Cup have ended, according to the associated press news, in South Africa World Cup 8 guess all brother line in Octopus, Germany aobo bold and decommissioning of the aquarium in the World Cup final ended officially announced the news.

Aobo Haosen Aquarium spokesperson on associated press television news that Octopus Paul retiring, make it the most comfortable doing, such as playing with his administrator, please visit its children.

It is worth mentioning, because Paul's quiz Qi, in Germany and Spain in the semi-finals, aobo Haosen Aquarium Web site or even serious out-of-load, causing the page does not open.

Do not know the Octopus Columbia retirement could mean aobo Haosen Aquarium spokesman said leisurely lived their life, it let us take a bold guess, imagine Octopus brother happy life after retirement.

Looking forward eagerly to the Chinese fans

Most comedy belong: comeback, composing legend

I'm afraid of the world who love football do not want to Octopus Paul exit Lake, after all, people in South Africa LCKRC Paul guessing as to its accuracy, and to the Crow mouth famous King Billy formed a huge contrast, it has successfully predicted victory over Germany Australia, negative Serbia, defeating Ghana, win England and Argentina, Spain, Uruguay won 7 matches ending, and in the final final accurately forecast Spain will win time order of worship throughout the world for fans.

Since stars frequent after exiting the entertainment business, Octopus brother coming out of retirement, maybe also a comeback.

Moreover, Spain has been out of the millions of 3 million euros, invited Paul transfer, Octopus effect is crazy. Especially for the poor performance of the Chinese football, Octopus brother is God, want to comeback to choose to come to China!


Most happy end: travelled via

Octopus brother while retired, but still is a name of fish.

Although it does not cost money, but the culture of its aquarium or need money to spend. Take advantage of World Cup fever has not receded to a world tour, many true fans, fake fans to see its elegance, but unhappy with Kenya!

Let the Octopus Costa also like many travelers, travel around the world, it is not a virtual life!

Miso grilled Octopus

The Cup with destiny: the delicious food on the table

Back in the World Cup is not over yet, faced with the loss of the Octopus Costa, England fans clamor to kill it, Argentina fans up on the Web Group and killed Octopus grief into appetite, making Buenos Aires restaurant Octopus seafood sales skyrocket, is usually several times.

And sold in Germany fans never busy, they have begun discussions on how to cook the Octopus feast, a Braised Octopus recipe is also widely available.

Octopus is also called the Octopus, belong to the marine mollusks.

Octopus delicious, deeply domestic and foreign merchants. Common edible, especially suitable for the physical weakness, lack of qi and blood, malnutrition, lack of maternal milk; maximum is edible.

Spicy grilled Octopus with small balls, Octopus, Octopus, Octopus, Octopus baked dry, Octopus larvae, mustard octopuses are good food.

Beautiful sea afternoon hide was happy future or dangerous journey

Unknown destination: emotion to the sea

Also learn when were fish when long, has a sick day, maybe Octopus Costa may learn to look for the Tao Yuan-ming's own paradise, you should return to the depths of the sea that is.

Leaving numerous crowd, those admirers and those who hated, do not have to be kept in the Shui national minority box, stretches on foot and go on the go, said water wide diving!

Perhaps, Octopus Costa met like Octopus sister, Princess and after living a happy life as Prince, gave birth to a baby octopus, multiplied in the deep sea, have been happy to Lao;

Perhaps the Octopus Costa met formidable, ultimately unable to avoid being the big fish eat the fate; there may be fishermen fishing up middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; middot; middot;

Us to make you forget to breathe ten exquisite flowers hang around the world

I. Provence Lavender garden

Provence Lavender garden

Romantic Provence, intoxicating Lavender flowers Provence Lavender Provence is located in the southern part of France, from the date of birth is careful to keep her secret, until the United Kingdom were Peter middot; Mel's arrival, Provence centuries a unique life style only gradually lifted the veil.

In Mel's pen Provence is no longer a simple domain name, but also represents a simple and carefree, easy, lazy lifestyle, a look at the pretrial and Wilts Chongrubujing,; stay does not intend to, looking at the sky clouds volume Yunyu leisure mood. If you travel to escape the yoke of life, Provence will make you forget about everything

Second, Hokkaido flowers

Hokkaido flowers

When you start to smell the taste of summer, I want to review what we have to smile, the distant mottle awaited stone bridge, a lonely soul slowly become old, mountains all over the blue lavender, you lose seven years old backpack, bloom season sorrow hid behind hellip; hellip; thinner Hokkaido flowers in July, when I left you turned to the right hellip; hellip; nbsp;

Shu Qi's "non-Shing disturbance not" that makes Hokkaido beautiful flowers and deep sea, smash-1 makes instant love this distant but cordial.

This is known as the Oriental Provence, spend every summer to become a marine, wants you to go to summer resort, immersed in the lavender scent of God light and Ning, enjoy the quiet traveling time.

Third, the Netherlands Tulip flowers

Netherlands Tulip flowers

The arrival of spring, a small town in the northern Netherlands Schagen of tulips and other flowers in the Park are open, colorful tulips full bloom in the breeze, overflowing, although Tulip anxiously on behalf of the hopeless love but this moment immediate beauty will make you drunk, feeling the world is full of love hellip; hellip;

Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Bulgaria rose garden

Bulgaria is a rose in the Kingdom.

Kazanlik city is Bulgaria plant oil rose up in an area, the Rose Valley Rose Festival here in each of the first week of June, the festival parade will last 5 days, the Rose Festival would choose the rose Queen, rose picking rituals, songs and dances and costumes, parades and other events. At the same time be able to visit the rose picking and rose extract, Association for the study of rose and Rose Museum of history.

5. rape Qinghai menyuan

Qinghai menyuan Cole

7 months in qilian menyuan, a piece of gold to the sea, in the Highlands of the common blue sky and white clouds and snow qilian, rape against the door along the Murray River, the magnificent achievements Boda, unique wonders of endless gold looks abnormal iridescence, saddening, like a giant painting, nearly a million acres of large blocks of simple composition full of flavor, omnipresent in the West of the ambitious and give people a rich imagination.

Hundreds of thousands of acres of blooming brilliant rape constitutes, together with the landscape, blue, green, yellow, in the blending menyuan is nature together, that kind of thrilling beauty is almost impossible to describe it!

6. India sunflower garden

India sunflower garden

Even without the catkins, due to wind up the day give sunflower sunflower mdas

H; mdash; yearning for the flower of Guangming, bring better hope, sunflower's beauty lies in her Sun and vitality! there is a legend of ancient Chinese farmer's daughter was called out my aunt, between all abuse child abuse. An angered between being asleep at night between digging away eyes. Aunt broke out, and soon died, leaving dead Tomb on a beautiful sunny yellow, all day, it is a sunflower. Sunflower said that her longing for light, darkness, disliked the legends inspire people hate violence, darkness, and the pursuit of light, so many parts of the world all have beautiful sunflowers flowers, whereas India is just one of the representatives of the hellip hellip;;

7. Taiwan Tai Chi huahai farm

Taiwan Tai Chi huahai farm

Colorful flowers and rustic lodges and fresh smell simply the girl next door, both of which complement each other.

The whole Taiwan probably no one will like big farm, River flowers farm that so many of Idol for a King. Where filmed the green forest "," my secret garden 2 "," heaven's wedding "," fragrant, Dolphin love cats "," env achu "10 more Idol, has become the most popular in northern Taiwan Idol Ribbon attractions, including the flowers of the farm, Richfield farm in Central Taoyuan daxi famous scenic spot, because Idol led tourists busy.

8. Amsterdam daisy flowers

Amsterdam daisy flowers

Daisy mdash mdash;; hidden love, starring the Daisies "jeonjihyun believe that touched the heart of each audience, but rather a daisies movie in stunning landscape is that everyone is difficult to forget, the daisy flowers is located in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, every season, wooden bridge, stream-lined up into pieces of daisies, beauty and let your soul feather into cloud hellip; hellip;

9. United States Kars class flowers

United States Kars class flowers

This is a population less than some of the quiet little town, located in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Because of the climate in Southern California, benefit from the warm sunshine all year round, once the spring returns to the Earth, and things rapidly update, time is flying. One of the most famous is the amazing Kars class flowers. Every spring, beginning from mid-March until early may, the Kars class within 50 acres of farm land, will be covered by colorful flowers. Because of the different colors of the flowers are planted in partitions permutations on interval has induced, quite a Potter, making the overall effect is spectacular and beautiful, unusual look was pleasing.

10, Worcester, United Kingdom and Commonwealth Sea town of poppies

Worcester, United Kingdom and Commonwealth Sea town of poppies

Worcester, Mr Li town poppy flowers such as the Red Sea, sea of poppies sea attracts United Kingdom painter, photographer and visitors.

This beautiful flower has been seen as a symbol of sleep and death; mdash mdash; Moomintroll, peach Le Qian in poppy flowers Enron to sleep, but newspapers are often used to commemorate soldiers killed in the poppy flower.

However, in this blaxton farm nature reserve, which is a symbol of hope, Worcester County Wildlife Foundation encourages native plants and wildlife wilderness hellip; return; hellip (the pictures of the special statement: this article reprinted from Tencent Tourism Forum)

All premium tour five super low price to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside

The situation of the global economy into disaster, consumers spend less.

This means that you need more than ever a mdash mdash; holiday; the benefits on the bad news is that the economic crisis suddenly make bear to some classic luxury travel destination.

Fantasy-Hyun King

No.1 Iceland

This isolated island has glaciers, ice caps, all covered with snow in the mountains, Tundra, direct access to the center of the Earth's active volcanoes, hot springs, geysin, waterfalls, Tundra, snow, ice, cold and very hot volcanoes in this as the end of the world on coexistence and common prosperity of the land.

Iceland, so isolated, such as Pearl-like floating on the ocean, so many visitors that is not.

But now, the opportunity to lvyoumen! Iceland suffered tremendous this year, the credit crisis, the banking system and currency impact, withstood all year Iceland krona depreciated 51%. Saving Iceland Iceland Government's hope is to revitalize its tourism for Iceland as European tourist destination. In Iceland, this crisis is very unfortunate, but also really want to meet up for a glimpse of his the lvyoumen zhenrong.

Iceland quiet beauty

Iceland air travel between New York now starting at $ 500, in the fashion capital of Reykjavik, such as the occupancy of the hotel a CenterhotelThingholt late just $ 60.

Of course, if you go in the fall or winter, you can enjoy 5 hours a day, sunshine, but Iceland people know how to calculate the charge time. Hurry, travel agencies reported that a large number of people to go to Iceland vacation.

Warm tips:

1 tourist visa: the visa you need to go to Iceland Embassy in Denmark.

2 the best time to travel: 6 per year--September and 1-3 months.

1 month to 3 months, you can arrange skating in Reykjavik, ice fishing, Snow scooter and off-road hunting trip and more exciting activities.

3 usually stay hotel is the hotel breakfast, but there is absolutely no slippers in the room, water, Bath liquid such as facilities and everything you want to bring their own.

4 strong recommendations from cars Central Iceland tour, Iceland's natural environment pollution; mdash mdash; shanyunhai fog, see only in Tibet, but Iceland's exotic, Tibet is incomparable.

The wonderful Maple

No.2 Canada

If you really want to do a metaphor in this country, Canada is like a piece of red maple leaf, quietly floating in the sky of North America.

Montreal is its miniature, autumn is the most splendid time, numerous maple leaf, no one is exactly the same color, the wind around the maple leaf wet, a liver and fragrance.

To Canada, there are more cities have to mdash mdash;; Vancouver.

Vancouver is a quiet, gentle, beautiful city, at the same time in this quiet tone reflected in the modern city of liberty, Maverick and gorgeous. In Vancouver, not always, only the eternal traveler. Because even in the lives of people in Vancouver, it is difficult to distinguish living in such a rapidly developing metropolis is not in tourism.

Here, Vancouver

Lvyoumen lucky: Canada $ devaluation. devalue a year to $ 21 per cent.

Additional surprises: global warming will enable travellers to put up with Canada's winter.

Warm Tip:

1 the best time to travel: best season is may to October, Canada has a vast territory, the air temperature and climate vary, generally speaking, the longer the duration, the temperature is higher, comfortable in the early summer to early autumn, is the best time to travel.

2 flight: Beijing, Shanghai and other places have to fly to Canada Vancouver direct flights, flight time of about 10 hours.

In Canada, the cities have a flight contacts, there are many regional towns of communication.

3 Tips: tips and service charges are generally not included in restaurant bills, waiter/waitress for a high proportion of income from the tip.

If you are satisfied with their service, usually should give some 15 per cent tip. Barber and taxi driver's tip is usually a 15 per cent. Hotel baggage Porter, Porter and airport and railway station waiter tip standard per piece of luggage a Canadian dollars.

4 special care: in Canada most city's 911 emergency calling is, if you couldn't get through any phone can be used to dial 0, then the operator will transfer you to the service you need

Center. But this service is free of charge.

Sydney Opera House

No.3 Australia

Picturesque seaside scenery, warm and sunny, old sleeping beauty charm ...

These are pure love Boda Australia.

Sydney, popple city, enjoy endless sunshine, wine and flowers, Pacific waves a long layoff, Sydney still sleep, like the legendary sleeping beauty; Melbourne is warmly unrestrained, city colorful sights revealed her modern girls like annoying temperament, sunny smile, and feel they cannot forget the air that pervades her fragrance.

So you begin to dream, to dream of pink sky, and those who can't resist the temptation; Perth, continent at the end of the last of the bustling city, or a charming resort, mild climate and a fancy Swan Lake its around ...

Downtown Melbourne

Warm tips:

1 the best time to travel: Australia's winter daytime temperatures 25 ~ 28deg; C, very comfortable, is the best season to travel.

2 car rental: Budget, Thrifty, Alvis, Hertz is Australia's largest car rental company of four, and car rental can be grouped into limitations and no limit to the number two rental km, over 25 years of age, have an international driving licence can rent a car.

3 shopping: there are to be strongly recommended, Skygarden ChifleyPlaza and Glasshouse building, Centrepoint, antique StrandArcade and MLCCentre etc.

4 special reminder: in the great barrier reef coral area enjoy the fish, you can bring along shading hat, sunglasses and sunscreen emulsion, shall prepare beach shoes protect podiatrists.

Magnificent Buckingham Palace

No.4 United Kingdom

Beautiful River Thames gave birth to England's brilliant civilization: the magnificent Buckingham Palace, the magnificent, appearance and elegant Capitol, elegant tranquility of Hampton, dense, dark and mysterious fog ...

England is stubborn, she doesn't have time to change, whether good or bad image of the United Kingdom are always in your own way there but happy.

Sometimes in the air smelled a sweet fragrance, please don't be surprised, maybe it was a small roadside wildflowers brings you surprise; or circulate in the streets of pubs, as drinking wine writers pen wrote: wine to drink, because of the difficult to drink; United Kingdom changed, because it has not changed.

The beauty here, eager

Each of us, England has a vision, but the United Kingdom in any one piece of the travel plan is difficult.

Simply put, with 145-year history of the London underground on a one-way trip at least spend your $ 6. But now the time has come, the pound 23% last year, waiting for what, to starting!

Warm Tip:

1 the best time to travel: a year in the most beautiful time is in May and June, full of all kinds of flowers bloom together.

Here is the spring and summer (April-September) fine drier, may and June, more desirable day is July and August. After all, a year to the best of two months, the days are long weather, sunny also is very suitable for traveling.

2 recommended accommodation: Manor Hotel can give you the feeling of returning to the garden, make your pleasant holidays become worthy of treasured memories.

Light crisp linen sheets, BU BU ringing fire, full of relax, enjoy the kind of exposure fields will absolutely marvelous. In the United Kingdom, there is such a vacation sites, it is easy to find.

3 shopping hours: United Kingdom shops generally Monday-Friday 9: 00 to 21: 00 or 22: 00.

Saturday 8: 30 to 20: 00 or 21: 00. Sunday 10: 00 to 15: 00 or 16: 00.

Nbsp; shopping habits: the United Kingdom were not accustomed to bargain shopping, they think dishonorably things

4 United Kingdom emergency calls (police, fire, first aid, etc.): 999.

Cheju Island bounce of

No.5 Korea

Korea is a new and the old, quiet mysterious and fascinating countries, to Han tourists will find that this has hosted the 1988 Summer Olympic Games of modern country, still retains the essence of the ancient civilization of the ancient Palace-history, magnificent old city gate and quiet temples.

Here is always full of romance of Cheju Island, ancient and modern architecture, the coexistence of Seoul can buy Korea culture Yan Temple cave, a world class theme park Lotte world ...

There are also coveted by the stone pot, barbecue, ginseng soup, seafood cakes, kimchi soup, cold noodles, fried rice, etc., the Imperial Court in the State of any one place you can drink soju mdash mdash;; rice producers of wine, it will make you forget the recession and all other things.

Taotie flavor with ornate palace, how comfortable leisure.

Yan Temple cave

In Korea, the current financial disaster is a giddy somewhere.

The 1997 Asian financial crisis, won the 52% of the dollar. In 2008 it became so bad, but it brought much eager to land of morning calm travel orders.

Warm tips:

1 the best time to travel: autumn from September to November, the weather is mild, is to go to Korea travel a good season.

On a crisp, skies, beginning October sol'ak Maple go red, time-honored; to the beginning of November, the ancient Palace in Seoul, red harvest, the nature are concentrated; there are also attractive Cosmos, will fall a little romantic taste added.

2 communication: because the system, in addition to the CDMA mobile phone (required to launch an international call) can be used in Korea, China (including Hong Kong) of other mobile phones in Korea will not be able to use.

And domestic call can use to purchase a calling card or phone the hotel room.

3 shopping: Korea monetary unit is the Yuan, coins come in denominations of $ 10, $ 50, $ 100, $ 500; notes only 100, $ 5000, $ 10000.

Currency exchange in the airport or hotel front desk.

VISA, MASTER card is convenient to use in Korea.

Korea people consuming most of the credit card.