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Visits to Canada of the preposterous and beauty of the wilderness

Water mist rising, the magnificent Niagara falls

You must have a vacation to Canada only, or you will miss many of the world class scenery and unique experience.

If you do not have enough time, then I suggest you, at least to the East from the West Bank cuts to, at least to go ice road to discover the depictions of the Rocky Mountains and steep; at least walk, along the corridor of the maple leaf covered with leaves of St. Weh trail for Hiking, and feel that kind of song line plate refreshment, or discover the Rousseau-poetic philosophical; at least want to wander in the St. Lawrence River, the island or embankment, sniff waterfront people disseminate idyllic life in the ancient city of Quebec, the breath and through out the culture atmosphere of elegance.

The Valley has gorgeous Rainbow

Photography Tip: yellow, red and green color exposure requires very accurate, does not expose too much, otherwise they will not enough bright color and deposition; Canadian lakes and numerous waterfalls, shoot the reflection and falls with spaced polarizing Prism and slow with special effects.

Calgary Yamamura is wildlife paradise travel tips

Visa: the MSC for mission, Consulate General of Canada or to apply for a personal tour.

Approximately a week may be granted.

The famous scene of Banff National Park

Go to: recommendations in Hong Kong take Canada aviation flights, due to the extra passenger ferry in the aircraft, by the same airlines to cheaper.

Warriors of the tablets calm

Languages: English-Canada traffic, but many Chinese, so speak Chinese place many, even the Vancouver Airport is in the cards.

20 Canadian dollars in the pattern, is the dream of the Rockies, the Lakes such as Lake Sapphire General

Accommodation: all tourist attractions and the city has high, medium and low prices of the hotel, but, even if live family hotel Bamp; B (that is, a bed and breakfast) also needs of 60 Yuan RMB 400 Canadian dollars, contract.

Saint Lawrence Island rural scenery, Montreal ripe pumpkin

Eat: a lot of restaurants, seafood varieties are many, and very delicious.

Rocky Mountain pastures and the cowboy in

Line: city bus and taxi are well developed; also can take the tourist train.

Fenglin walk

At the Maple leaves covered with walking trail, feel the Andante Andante mellow, or discover the Rousseau-poetic philosophical.

The joy of living is everywhere discover surprises and enjoy a few moments in nature.

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Waterfront House dissemination of pastoral life

Autumn Canada, really beautiful impress.

Also, etc. Packed and ready to go.

Spain picturesque General beauty

A bony Knight Carmena, riding a horse Hay travels of languid; his side is a bit clumsy optimistic chunky attendants, riding a donkey old little gray.

This one high and one low, trimming the fat man exploits of master and servant, after countless xingxia absurd of adventure. This is the Cervantes mdash mdash; book; the Church middot; Quixote ".

The literary world of Spain's greatest writers will be the hero's character description, and link to the Magic Kingdom of Spain has added a colorful colors.

Madrid inter-face

In many European novels, Madrid is a mysterious place.

Broad Avenue connecting the narrow old streets, European-style surrounded by uncontaminated Arab-style red tiles mdash mdash; white wall; contradictions harmony. Madrid, a new mix of the old coexist, something magical.

Madrid is Spain's Centre for business, public administration, and is also the seat of the Parliament and the Royal family.

In addition, Madrid is famous for its diversity of cultures and passionate style, rich in artistic activities and stimulating is famous for its nightlife.

Madrid has more than 300 Sun Gate square, the square is the city's Centre, 7 Street which is extended to all radial.

Plaza Central parterre and establish a unique sculpture mdash mdash;; a climbing hold young trees of brown bears, it is the emblem of the city of Madrid.

Another famous square is Spain square, also called Plaza Cervantes, Spain famous writers Cervantes monument is a sign of Spain square.

Cervantes statue was built in 1835.

Sitting in the High Chair of writers face grave, hand took his biography of da the Church middot; Quixote ". There is the Church under the monument middot; Quixote "in the hero Don Quixote middot; and his attendants pan sauce.

Barcelona caribeean

Barcelona unique geographical location, climate, scenery, monuments, known as the Pearl of the Iberian Peninsula, is a famous tourist destination in Spain.

This has a variety of face of the city, although it's a high modern standard, but at the same time many intact with Gothic style of the old building, which is reflected with high-rise buildings.

In Barcelona, you might see the edges of the emerging urban pattern messy alley or in the quaint old town, suddenly see highly industrial age that chimney, these are not surprising.

Barcelona restaurants represent typical Catalan-flavor, maintained a strong flavor of his hometown.

From common white bean stew to people with a variety of seafood dishes, from fish to those with noodles stewed thick nostalgic food can taste in Barcelona.

Seville orange blossom fragrance

This is an orange flower fragrance of cities, parks, streets and lanes of the orange tree is a symbol of it.

When the orange flowers, Seville has ushered in the April Festival of joy and celebration of Holy week. This is Carmen, Don Juan, Figaro, El middot; stage scenes and comedy to Seville's streets, churches and the Bullfight as background. There is also the cradle of flamenco, whether happy or sad, Sevilla dance forever strong styling.

From the Roman era, the Arab era until the discovery of the new world, Seville's historical series from the golden age of one.

Spectacular New Zealand glacier

New Zealand glacier

New Zealand Mount Cook National Park a total of 178 size difference glacier, tourists often visit the glacier is only three blocks (Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Glacier and the Tasman Glacier.), one of the biggest glacier to Tasman Glacier (Tasman Glacier).

New Zealand glacier

Go to the ice there are two way, first, on foot, to participate in such a way that most Westerners, the professional Wizard led the walk one or two hours or more walking 7, 8 hour, along the river valleys of the mountain climbing up until the highest point of the ice age.

New Zealand glacier

The second way is much more natural light, Asian people in this way, the helicopter transport, aerial view in over the Glacier helicopter and drop off at higher glacier point, want to set foot on glaciers did not want to be too hard to meet the wishes of tourists.

Flight distance, whether land ice and bird's eye view of several glaciers, prices vary, but participated in this kind of travel of the person, not to the spectacular glaciers, bemoans the price paid in comparison with the great harvest is worth.

New Zealand glacier

Mount Cook is the only Ski Planes in the Tasman glacier landing licence flight company, each flight prices from NZ $ 255-NZ $ 355 (1200-1700 Yuan RMB/per person), the children about NZ $ 210-275 (RMB 1000-1300/per child).

Overview of the 15 resorts in North America

Orlando, Florida

1. the Orlando, Florida

This is located in the Centre of the city in Florida has many cultural landscape, attracting tourists from all over.

According to a survey of North American tour company, Orlando, the many tourist cities ranked in the top spot. Here's a Disney Park, sea world and Universal Studios, and a series of theme parks, plus Orlando's mild climate, is the North American holiday choice.

New York

2. New York City

New York is the tourism industry recognized hot city, where one can find a wide variety of leisure options.

Of these, Broadway show in New York on many tourism projects in the most popular.

Nevada Las Vegas

3. Nevada Las Vegas

This is a luxury and enjoy the city, Las Vegas, with its Casino, Super Deluxe Hotels, shows, restaurants and famous.

Only one year of 2008, the city will receive $ 700 million tourists.

San Francisco, California

4. San Francisco, California

Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and the many world-class museums perennial attracts world travel lovers, each year there are more than 16 million visitors came to the West coast city.

California Los Angeles

5. California Los Angeles

This is the beach and the hills of the city is the capital of the world of entertainment, sightseeing and shopping paradise.

Here there is also a Disney World, and will soon open Tussauds Hollywood.

Rivera Maya regions of Mexico

6. Rivera Maya regions of Mexico

Rivera Maya literally like Maya River, in fact, there is no river.

Here you can enjoy the blue sea, cool sea bathing, taste characteristics with Mexico's sumptuous breakfast. Visitors can swim to the world's second largest coral reef snorkeling or diving, can't swim tourists can walk in the forest to the original.


7. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the more wind, alias fengcheng.

The city centre is the scenic Lake Michigan and the beach, one side is a bustling commercial centre and modern office building. There used to be the world's tallest buildings of Sears Tower; there are also many famous museums, Museum, Science Museum, aquarium or nature center.

South Fu Rory dazhou of Miami, FT. Lauderdale and Key West Island

8. South Fu Rory dazhou of Miami, FT. Lauderdale and Key West Island

Tropical climate with Sun, sea and sand, there is no doubt a paradise for outdoor sports.

Here's the famous attractions are: Everglades National publicPark, Biscayne National Park, Key West Island butterfly and the natural history museum.

Hawaii Oahu (Oahu)

9. Hawaii Oahu (Oahu)

Hawaii Oahu, and is a top 15 strong tropical island.

The Bahamas Islands

10. Bahamas

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Cuba, Rory's Southeast Minnesota.

Many u.s. drama lovers might is no stranger in the Bahamas, "the friend of a centralized, Ross was invited to attend in the Bahamas (Bahamas) Conference, organized by the archaeology of his friends go, confusing emotions also where to start ... ...

Hawaii Maui

15. Hawaii Maui

Maui in the Hawaiian Islands is the second largest island, every year millions of visitors come here.

Here, be sure to see Al the highway (Hana Highway), the meandering roads through the lush rainforest.

India's top ten best hunting ground

1. the Dutch m, National Park (Hemis National Park)

Best ornamental animals: Snow Leopard, Tibetan argali, wild goat, Oriental argali, sheep, chickens, Golden Eagle, snow

Accommodation: provision of 16 days, the Snow Leopard to columns that contain Delhi city ticket.

Each person starts at $ 4450 (including 1000 dollar donations to support the work of the Snow Leopard Conservancy).

Hint: If you don't like the cold weather camping, you can charge through the summer, the National Park.

The National Park is a 15th century Buddhist monks built on Dojo. Every year in June or early July, the pilgrimage place will be held in a variety of religious celebrations. You can also cross the markha Valley to 360-degree angle of view Himalayan peaks.


Sasan-Gir National Park (Sasan-Gir Wildlife Sanctuary)

Best ornamental animals: Asia Lion, Leopard, Hyena, Monty Python, Jackal

Accommodation: there are not many commercial color.

The resort is small, not too crowded. Quiet Taj Hotel Gir Lodge hotel has 29 rooms you can see the river view rooms have separate bathroom, and television and refrigerator. In addition, also provide tour guides and drivers. Standard room US $ 80.

Tips: wildlife viewing a peak in April-December.

Park in mid-June and mid-September, the monsoon season is closed. Here there is also an Alligator feeding centres, you can watch many dinosaurs like crocodiles here waiting to be released in the wild.

3. ranthambhor National Park (Ranthambore National Park)

Best ornamental animals: the Tiger, deer, wild boar, wild, painted Stork (total 300).

In addition, there are also impressive ruins, fortresses and temples.

Accommodation: Europe Bello fan shop has provided elegant resort teak flooring and 4 root accounts lever in bed in standard room, on-site Ayurvedic treatment (India herbs).

Contact the resort in advance to arrange National Park brigades. Holiday resort can provide brigades transport. Standard room US $ 850.

Tips: 5 month is to watch the best season in cat class.

Park in June-October period closes. Take a six seat Jeep, rather than take the 20-seat car. These noisy, convertible traffic tools like bus twice a day as from the national Tourist Complex and Vinayak Jhoomar Baori Castle. Ticket price is $ 8-47. Jeep can directly to Europe Bello Vatican ya resort shuttle you.

4. Qazi Langa National Park (Kaziranga National Park)

Best roofing ornamental animals: rhinos, Tigers, wild elephants, wild Buffalo, lizard, such as the anser fowl, gray head with Jimmy chicken and spot-billed Pelican

Accommodation: Wild Grass Resort resort is a modern hotel with 18 rooms ventilation room (plus a tent and a cottage).

Come, taste of authentic banana flower Assam people Red Curry with rice and fish. Standard rooms price starts at $ 75. In most cases, you will be and the resort for you tour together take the holiday village is equipped with means of transport to visit.

Hint: since the rainy season, the Park will close at 4 months.

When you get off at brigades buffer, put on the knee stocking. Before and after the rainy season, there will be plenty of leech.

5. Khan El National Park (Kanha national park)

Best ornamental animals: Tiger, deer, cats glaze, Puma, wild boar, Golden Jackal and 300 bird species

Accommodation: 1983, advocate environment protection of the Wright family at the park boundary runs Kipling Camp.

In 2005, most of the cottages have been renovated. There is also a library and bar area. The campsite has its own tour and Jeep. Standard room190 USD, including three meals a day and costs brigades.

Hint: for best viewing time is 3 months-6 months.

Park in June-September period closes. During weekends and school holidays, far from the Park on the side of the Gate gate into Mukki, to avoid the crowd.

6. the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary)

Best ornamental animals: Malabar large squirrels, white wild elephant, Buffalo and various birds leg

Accommodation: Spice Village Hotel has a total of 52 cottage with garden, wildlife on the Center and one is located in the swimming pool next to the restaurant.

Sometimes held and nature-related activities. Standard room US $ 250.

Hint: the protection area open all year, but September-December, is particularly heavy.

In the reserve forest hut Kokkara spend the night. Periyar staff will arrange all travel activities, including a security guard with weapons.

7. card Odie-European National Park (Keoladeo Ghana National Parks)

Best ornamental animals: storks and cranes, eagles, Monty Python, Porcupine, wild boar, lanniu and India's largest Antelope

Accommodation: the hotel is near the hotel is located in the Bagh heritage a 200-year history, the 12-acre Orchard, a total of 23 rooms.

A vegetarian restaurant, gym, massage services and a bicycle rental service. Standard room US $ 100.

Hint: the National Park is open all year, the best bird watching season is September-March.

There are innumerable birds, the guide is also very cheap.

8. ban de Al National Park (Bandhavgarh National Park)

Best ornamental animals: Tiger, Leopard, lanniu, deer and wild boar pig

Accommodation: Hotel in Mahua Kothi is like in your own home.

There are 12 relative luxury suite or kutiyas (means comfortable cabin). There are wooden shutters, personal bathroom, yoga courses and bike. Standard room US $ 450, including three meals a day and costs brigades.

Tips: best view Tiger time is from April to June, the Park will be open October-year to June.

Rent a car from a 2500-year-ban de Al Fort. It is said, it is India's most ancient fortress. The Fort is located at 2000 feet high cliffs overlooking Mountains mountains, Vidhyan fortress there was a huge statue of Joseph Ru, adjoins the scenery is very good. You only need to walk for half an hour to reach the top.

9. the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (Manas Wildlife Sanctuary)

Best ornamental animals: Tigers, wild Buffalo, rhino, elephant, gold leaf monkey (a rare fur blinking Orange monkey) and Bangladesh Bustard (a 2-foot tall endangered birds)

Accommodation: a rural-style hotel has 16 Bansbari Lodge room.

The hotel is simple, clean, and very convenient. You can arrange for you in Manas River boat trip. Of course also places can cause brigades or land and water-related brigades. Standard room US $ 120.

Tips: Park in April-to open in October, during the January-March was ornamental peak of wild fauna and flora.

Drive in the local tea garden to spend a little time, such as the 100-year history, the 22-acre Adabarie Tea Estate. Specific directions to the hotel.

10. Corbett tiger reserve (Corbett Tiger Reserve)

Best ornamental animals: Tigers, wild elephants, crocodiles and 600 species of birds

Accommodation: in the reserve, have a jungle Camp Forktail Creek campsite.

FromDelhi, drove 7 hours. The campsite provides furnished with wood floor, private bathroom and balcony. Campgrounds provide drivers and tour guides, will be for you like a car. There are many tourist and fishing routes to choose from, the longest line up to 8 days.

Hint: Watch the best season in mammals is 3 months-6 months, the best bird watching season is the middle of December to March.

Most places in the Park will be on the 15th June-November period closes. Near the ramganga River and Kosi is a favorite of anglers, known as the water Tiger's golden mahaseer, can also be equipped for your fishing license and tour guide.