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40 tons of gold star Hotel Royal in eight of the Arab

Finally saw the famous 8-star hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Palace Hotel is located in Abu Dhabi Beach, North and West of the waterfront, is a classical Arab Palace architecture.

Design of this hotel is the United Kingdom designers John.

Avery Otter, he has written for Sudan and Brunei Royal nobles designed the Palace. The hotel was originally meet the GCC Summit, held in Abu Dhabi and built, later renamed the luxury hotel.

This is also a magnificent Arab architecture, it to 40 tons of gold set hotel and the functions of the Parliament building, once again reflecting the rich Arab and the magnificent Royal family.

This block, and only one street U.A.E. President of style hotel, well look like a giant castle, has a long coastline.

Palace Hotel is built near, but has become rich and who enjoy the pleasures of the world's largest high consumption.

The largest global pickpocket 10 cities

For tourists, on holiday, you may not necessarily break the thief.

In their eyes, travelers may be most easily tricksters. When you full stomach Chi and to travel, learn a foreign customs and culture, where you will be behind the hand. Shortly before the TripAdvisor site in English and American tourists in a survey conducted by the European population concentrated famous outdoor attractions is the most strokes and thief. Thieves are generally not select indoor museums do case, since here not only to pay for the tickets, there are security and camera. Once captured, its also hard to escape. Therefore the wishing pool in Rome, Paris, Eiffel Tower and the Acropolis, etc. become thieves run start.

According to surveys, TripAdvisor lists in the eyes of tourists up to 10 of pickpockets in the city:

1. Barcelona

2. Rome

3. Paris

4. the Madrid

5. Athens

6. Prague

7. Spain White Coast (Costa Blanca) resort

8. Lisbon

9. Spain Canary Islands Tenerife Island Resort

10. London

Circle "her" dream real beat Thailand sex change operation process

This set of pictures shows a male in Thailand of the Yanhee hospital surgeries.

This man is very small when I want to become a girl, he's in Thailand recently Yanhee hospital surgeries after finally completed her dream.

One who Bella's patients in the hospital before the sex change operation read operation-related manuals

Before accepting a sex change operation, each patient must be familiar with these procedures.

Thailand medical tourism has been renowned not only medical excellence and the affordable, travel to Thailand for many of the sex change operation.

Before the surgery, the doctor will conduct a series of patients with detailed checks.

Surgery is in himself and his family's consent after

Although Thailand in a sex change operation in medicine, but it provides superior is also very strict.

At present, the Thailand Government requires 20 years decided to implement a sex change operation of patients must receive the consent of both parents, while 20 years of patient himself must sign the relevant agreed file.

Degeneration of patients after surgery in hospital wards off

In addition, in the implementation of the surgery, the patient must first receive counseling, and then after a year of specific hormones injection, and in accordance with a specific lifestyle lives a year.

At the time of the adoption of these three checks can only be implemented after the surgery.

Postoperative observation in hospital for a period of time

Beira (aliased) after the acceptance of a sex change operation once dressed up in hospital wards

Beira (aliased) leave the hospital, and hospital nurse chat.

Israel: shocking "snake-massage"

Snake therapy

In Israel's Northern Forest, a slice of Orange has a world unique massage fitness Hall, named ADA Barak meat plant farm, where the massage service may be the world's most exciting: large snakes to guests massage.

This snake therapy service fees are not cheap, a clock charges $ 80.

Barak said that this kind of snake therapy treatment with calm and, although some people on this with a grain of salt, but the snake crawled on the body feel so cool to the extreme, this is no doubt.

This snake therapy with calm and therapeutic effects

Barak's cousin Nava doctors to guests that Moses (the Bible in the story of ancient Jewish leaders) brought Israel out of Egypt, through the wilderness of trials.

People can't stand the grain-free because without water, weak food embarrassment of riches, complaining of blasphemy against God and man Moses, results have fire snake to bite them among the people. Moses pray for all. God to Moses made a copper snake hung on the pole, where the bite, a look at this snake will survive. Moses copper snake became the God of salvation and healing.

Some people will enjoy

A bit with elegant with brown hair in the 18-year-old girl agrees to lie down and let a non-poisonous serpent in her abdomen crawling to climb, a few small snake in her neck and face massage.

This intrepid girl is obviously directed at this service, because the whole process, she looks very much enjoy.

Barak's many repeat customers are claiming, snake therapy can alleviate migraine, relieve muscle pain.

Accept the snake therapy, the guest is first brought into a room with bright tropical plants, takes off shirts trousers room, and then lying massage bed. Barak in guest's stomach planted several twisting snakes, first accept the snake therapy guests first reactions are basically panic. Disobedient snake will naturally be scattered walk that Barak will patiently put them back together, and they are woven together to slow down the speed of their escape. After the initial panic, most guests will concentrate on the experience of the snake in crawling feeling on the skin. They are cool and smooth, with the exception of fear, and no soreness spa owners most of Barak came from show her income has grown plants, the plants food encompassing both insects and reptiles and small mammals and fried steak.

This massage Museum there are also many repeat customers

Barak will first show guests how to catch bugs when plant food.

She also picked up a small snake in the plant was wallowing, allowing guests to look at what these carnivorous plants. Finally she put the snake in the middle of the audience, so that the guests are circulated to confirm that it was a real snake. It is in the performance of this program, Barak has discovered the value of the treatment. She said that some people feel that the serpent catch in hand feeling very good. A woman said to the serpent catch in hand is like a cold compress, feeling very crisp Shu.

There are two kinds of people, a people on the snake has a kind of instinctive fears, see a snake is like seeing the ghosts will be scared soul alight.

This person is not suitable for snake therapy so as not to cause unexpected; there is also a class of people not only to the serpent, and even some kind of fear of closeness. Perhaps only such person would prefer, you can really experience the beauty of the snake therapy.

In Israel the traditional culture and especially the Christian Bible, the Snake is not considered a good thing, but after many trials, eventually, Barak invented a way of using large snakes to guests massage methods, King snakes and the weight of the snake to make people kneading sensation; at the same time using a small snake class provides a pleasant sense of touch.

Didn't think Barak's skill in Israel. Barak said that guests reflect different, some are very fond of the massage service, but is not interested.

Unique "turn dead Festival" the living and the dead body dances

According to the New York Times "reported that every region has its own memory of dead relatives, in Madagascar, the dead and the living is more closely linked to, from time to time, people tend to see the remains of their loved ones, from the Tomb, and in the family dance.

Recently in Madagascar in a village, 17 have been wrapped remains in a noisy music was a family tomb, sprinkle with expensive spices and wine.

People use shoulder reacts as remains of their loved ones, were Carnival crowd surrounded jumps merry dance. A just and dead grandfather dance with music by local farmers Pant said he was willing to close thanks to the ancestors, no they do not have their own.

This ceremony in Madagascar's central plateau is very common, periodically, the locals tend to see the remains of our ancestors, out to dance, they made the ceremony called famadihana (turn the carcasses).

The dance is over, people will be using your fingers across the shroud tracing the contour of the dead relatives and tell the kids how important this person.

In the Indian Ocean island countries, millions of people who have different beliefs are advocating this custom.

In the eyes of the people of Madagascar, the deceased and living is not that tolerably, ancestors of the soul sometimes living generations come and go, but in that they provide famadihana ancestors report family news and receive blessings and guidance.