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Christmas is just around the corner to the top 10 global Christmas shopping paradise shopping

Before shopping for Christmas took less than 100 days, the Christmas do you want to go where the crazy?

New York 1.

New York

Spend a day in New York Connolly-Tower District (NoLita) and SoHo district scouring scouring classic clothing and unique shopping, strolling Bloomingdales shopping for expensive designer boutiques, Saks Fifth Avenue and difuni (Tiffany).

Canal Street can get confused as real ones of fake, but want to buy more genuine things, or look at the Chelsea District of discount works of art.




Here are luxurious Mall, as well as a host of local craft shops.

Perhaps in Al Karama buy hookah pipe, or root in boutique buy some designer clothing.

3. Paris


Around fobl Saint aulneau Lei Street (Faubourg St-Honore) and Michel de Montaigne Avenue (Montaigne) international advanced custom-made pruducts shop, or Lafayette department store and the Paris spring department store.

4. London


Porto Bello market (Portobello Market) is scouring antiques and second-hand goods and the best place.

Covent Garden alley, many fashionable boutiques, Oxford Street is always overflowing with people, there are many Top Shop and Sergio foric department store (Selfridges) such high cards.

If you want one-stop shopping, go straight to the Harod department store (Harrods).

5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

There is a large mall tanyanyu, Mr William Tang, Ma Wei Ming and other famous designer shops, Li Yuen Street East and Li Yuen Street you can buy a porcelain vase and silk garments, Stanley market (Stanley Market) can buy Chinese art, Yau Ma Tei of jade market you can buy a traditional jewellery.

6. Milan


First visited Mongolia mentioned Napoleon Street (Via Montenapoleone) or history of pica Avenue (Via della Spiga) is absolutely perfect, there are many boutiques and discount stores (think of designers such as Armani and Prada brand hit 50% off).

If you're ancient with pitch, go straight to the bar of street market.

7. Tokyo


This modern metropolis is emerging designers open positions, you are in the flea market or shops are able to view their works.

Want to buy more traditional Japan articles, street vendors is the best choice.

8. Salzburg

src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/1101/20101101024130103.jpg" />

Christkindelmarkt is five weeks before Christmas.

In the Cathedral (Dom) and the Bishop's residence square (Residenz Squares), try the hot chestnuts, hot spiced wine, heart-shaped-gingerbread and other special foods for Christmas preparations.

9. Zurich


Europe's largest indoor Christmas market in Zurich train station.

Class Hove Street (Bahnhofstrasse) along with 20,640 Christmas hang lights, Christmas trees on Crystal decoration than 5,000. Shopping and celebrations from 25 November to start.

10. Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Rodeo (Rodea Drive) and Melrose Avenue (Melrose Avenue) is the most high-end boutique, Saint mention Street (Santee Alley) you can buy fake goods, Grove Avenue (The Grove) outdoor shopping Plaza offers a wide variety of people first price of the brand.

Like the West coast of interesting boutiques, to Santa Monica (Santa Monica) third street pedestrian mall is a good idea.

The mysterious underground journey throughout the global 9 large exotic caves

The Earth has many places also worth humanity to explore, cave exploration is both breathtaking makes people curious.

Now let us go into global 9 most amazing caves.

1. Crystal cave

Crystal cave

In 2000, the number of miners in the depth of up to 1000 feet (about 304.8 m) of the underground cave of the crystals were found, which proves there's still plenty of amazing natural wonders are not yet discovered.

Crystal cave is located near the city of Chihuahua Mexico's NYE card mine, the cave has many great lens that stretches in all directions, some of which is the largest in the history of the Crystal is found, they are located in an ancient fault. Cave of the water almost half a million years, and they provide huge crystal formation provides a good environment.

2. finger-cave


Finger-cave is located west of Scotland, deserted Staffa, it consists of a series of huge hexagonal basalt blocks.

18th century Scottish epic poet James Mike Buddha's name it. Because of its arched at the top will issue a weird sounds, which the sound sounds like a melody of Gaelic caves.

3. Joseph Riesenhuber Wirth Ice Cave

Joseph Riesenhuber Wirth Ice Cave

In Austria Salzburg City, 40 km south of the town, wuelfing a so far discovered the largest ice cave.

Its name is Joseph Riesenhuber Wirth. Scientists AntonPosselt in 1879 was the first to study for their exploration. As early as he came to the locals have been before knowing this cave, and considers that it is the entrance to hell, so they are not afraid to close the cave. This cave is 42 kilometers deep, but only in the beginning of a snow-covered with km, from the outside into the snow melts, stops in the upper part of the cave, the winter and ice on nodal, because over the cycle. Today's Joseph Riesenhuber Wirth became a famous tourist destination, attracting every year about 20 million tourists.

4. the Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave

As the world's known the longest cave, Mammoth Cave National Park, has become the United States is not surprising.

It is located in Kentucky, stretch for 251 km, still has some not been found. The cave's name comes from its amazing length, and a mammoth prehistoric mammoths have any relationship.

5. blue hole

Blue Hole

The famous caves in Italy Capri island.

This impressive cliffs blue hole is Millennium erosion formation, magical and spectacular. Blue hole filled ornate shiny blue water, the sun shining through the entrance to the cave and the water. In ancient Roman times, it is considered a witch and Monster House, but this does not prevent today's tourists to visit, it is still a Capri island's most popular attractions.

6. Swallow Cave

Swallow Cave

December 1966, the first time information on the Swallow Cave, which is located in Mexico San Luis Potosí State of a deep pit, depth up to 427 m.

It attracts many tourists, especially skydiving players like to this challenge. Hole in the wall of a large number of birds inhabiting mainly white collar swifts and green parrots, named Swallow Cave from here.

7. the cave school in Southwest China

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Cave school in Southwest China

Dongzhong's is a hole in the Middle, the cave is a cave is a school.

The cave is located in China's Guizhou province Ziyun County reservoir town, 1984 as schools open, just started with 186 students and eight teachers here. The cave is the result of thousands of years of weathering, water erosion and seismic changes. Now it looks like a small building, room, sports venues and entertainment district.

8. the Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad cave is located in the southeastern United States, New Mexico's Guadalupe Mountains, is the third largest cave in the Americas, in the 19th century in the late 1990s by the Cowherd boy Jim White is found.

The cave is there are many large room: New Mexico room, the King Palace, the Queen's Chamber, a total of 100 rooms. In 1930 it officially became a National Park, since then, every year, 40 million tourists to this visit.

9. with Todd Morris Firefly cave

Huai-Todd Morris Firefly cave

Huai-Todd Morris Firefly cave is located in New Zealand North Island Waikato region, it is about supporting Moldova is part of the cave system.

As the name implies, this cave is Firefly family. In 3000 years ago the caves located underwater, by including seashells fossils, bones and coral limestone composition of ingredients.

"External" better "meaning" ten amazing museums

In General, inside is a museum visitors are most interested in, but now internationally famous architectural masterpieces are competing to design the world's most spectacular museums.

United States broadcasting company inventory the world's most amazing Museum building, the building itself is a dazzling attractions, even attracting tourists than watching their internal number more art.

1. El Salvador-Dali Museum

El Salvador-Dali Museum

The world's largest and most successful construction and interior design firm HOK and Beck group in the United States, Florida, Petersburg, created the El Salvador-Dali Museum.

The Museum is from surrealism get inspiration for artists, but also includes the tourists like reality factor and Florida's wild style. This collection of 96 100 paintings, watercolour, and some picture, sculpture and graphics.

2.Maxxi Museum

Maxxi Museum

By Iraq architects Jah middot; Hadid design of Rome's new Museum of contemporary art venues Maxxi, the light can be through the roof special filtering system to your internal, visitors will take an unexpected route through the whole building.

It is a building with steel and glass structures of modern architecture, the works of contemporary art collection of Italy. You can see from the project model, it is like a winding tedious railway shunting factory, this used to be the military barracks in Italy.

3. the gugenheim Museum

Gugenheim Museum

Spain Bilbao gugenheim Museum is managed by the California architect Frank middot; cover in design, officially opened in 1997.

Museum in the building materials, glass, steel and limestone, part surface also coated titanium, and the city has long been the traditional shipbuilding industry. Bilbao gugenheim Museum Chimei modeling, the specific structure and new material, as it won the world's most interesting and most beautiful museums.

4. the Pompidou Museum of modern art

Pompidou Museum of modern art

In France the Mace, the Pompidou Museum of modern art is a branch of the Paris Museum, hexagonal wooden structure and Chinese-style hexagonal apparatus.

5. the Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum commissioned Daniel middot; Commissioner Skinner design its extension building, one cannot help but think of the Rockies and the geometry found near Denver-like crystal.

6. the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

Daniel middot; Commissioner Skinner or Canada Toronto Royal Ontario Museum expansion project, this Museum is Canada's largest and is the largest collection of museums.

Five interlocking self supporting construction and Museum connected to the original main building, the external is 25% of glass mixed with 75% of aluminum.

7. nemeyer Museum of contemporary art

Nicole Mayer Museum of contemporary art

Brazil Rio de Janeiro's nemeyer contemporary art museum is Oscar middot; Nicole Meyer design and completed in 1996, is situated in a cliff, the shape is like a spaceship.

8. San Francisco Union Square

San Francisco Union Square

San Francisco Union Square was not architecture attract visitors, but rather its striking and unusual appearance.

The Union is the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, originally planned as long as the support for one year. But after many recovery, now it is the only existent building Expo.

9. art science city

Art Science City

Valencia is Spain's art city of entertainment and cultural base, its architectural fusion of the cinemas, parks, Science Museum, Aquarium, and theatre.

This became Spain's most popular tourist destination, visitors are here to see the amazing buildings.

10. Solomon middot; Rmiddot; gugenheim Museum

Solomon middot; Rmiddot; gugenheim Museum

Solomon middot; Rmiddot; gugenheim Museum is the world's most famous private Museum of modern art, is a global company operating in the chain of art venues.

United States architect Frank middot middot; Lloyd; Wright's design, look and feel like a cup or like a huge white spring, probably because the spiral structure and some say as conch.

Global alternative Museum

1. Minnesota Austin luncheon meat Museum

Luncheon meat also became a relic

Do you want to know all of luncheon meat

The National Geographic magazine inventory of world top 10 water wonders feel natural charm

United States the National Geographic magazine, counting the world's 10 largest aquatic miracles, Lijiang, China WINS.

1. Zimbabwe and Zambia's Victoria falls between

Victoria falls

When the calm of the Zambezi River to 1700 meters wide Victoria falls on the edge of the Canyon, the River fall suddenly reached the 100 meters, the impact of water mist and thunderous sound from far away will be able to see and hear.

When the rainy season (November to mid-to late April), the waterfall is hidden in the thick fog behind the walls, other times you will reduce the amount of water.

2. Italy Venice Canal

Venice Canal

Summer, Venice Canal and the Ark provides the world's most romantic experience: in the Moon slowly through the rows of the Palace.

Venice is known as the water city, Warren's 150 Canal will be 700 islands link into a floating city. All rely on feet or vessels travel, of which 3 km long main canal building along the coast there are nearly 200 palaces, luxury apartments and 7 Church, built in the 14th to the 16th century Renaissance.

3. the great barrier reef, Australia

The great barrier reef

Extend 2000 km of the great barrier reef is the world's largest coral group, 2900 coral island, due to the size of its beautiful, unique and fragile ecosystems, 1981 was included in the list of world natural heritage.

Near 10000 variety of species, including 1500 species of fish and 200 species of birds, each year attracts thousands of tourists to this tour, scuba diving. But environmentalists fear that a large number of visitors and the consequent pollution, are destroying the natural wonders here.

4. China Li River

China Li River

Located in Guilin and Yangshuo stretches between, 83 km Lijiang, is thousands of years scholar was inspired by the local Patriots.

The winding Li River through the fairy-tale karst landscape, the calm river waters out she magic beauty. Mist and limestone twine, fading in and out of sight most is stunning, the two sides are beautiful bamboo and flat rice fields. Each corner can find rare and interesting points, lazy Buffalo pulled cart or taking a bath in the River, the fishermen in the narrow bamboo rafts on entertaining.

5. Egypt Suez Canal

Suez Canal

The Suez Canal was born from the British Empire to maintain their colonial interests, 160 km long Canal joins the Eastern Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Thousands of labour which lasted 10 years built a shortcut of Eastern Mediterranean gateway to Asia, without it, from Italy to visit Singapore vessel, you need to bypass South Africa, takes a double time. Today, countless mega along this Blue Ribbon through the barren desert.

6. Como Lake, Italy

Como Lake

Tens of millions of years ago, the Glacier carved out of the Alps and the Valley, and delineate 50 kilometers north of Milan of the Como Lake.

Como Lake area of 146 square kilometers, the deepest 414 m, lake water is deep blue, called Venus's Speculum. Como Lake was magnificent villas, covered with trees and mountains as well as the quiet small village around.

7. Lake Baikal, Russia

lt="" src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/1102/20101102111038652.jpg" />
Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, the world's non-frozen 20% of the total volume of fresh water, is the world's largest and oldest (2500 Viva) Lake, the deepest of up to 1700 m.

Long years and isolated environment here to become the world's freshwater biota-rich waters and win Russia's Galapagos nicknames. Scientists study of Lake Baikal, to better understand the chemical. In winter the frozen water sufficient for Siberian railway train passed from its surface; summer Cold Lake water nearly transparent, you can see 40 meters underwater, surrounding full of colorful flowers.

8. Egypt Nile


The world's longest rivers title attracted many people along it traveled throughout Egypt.

Walking along the river still floating hotel, cross the river still continue with Egypt life scenes.

9. South Pacific Pola Pola

South Pacific Pola Pola

South Pacific on Pola Pola Polynesian island is widely considered to be the world's most beautiful island, the coral reefs around the tropical Blue Lagoon, located at 727 m above the crater.

Here warm seawater gave birth to a rich life.

10. the dead sea

Dead Sea rafting

Israel and Jordan shares the dead sea is the world's lowest elevation is also the highest sea salinity, water salinity is other 6 times above, there is no life in water.

Jordan River is the main source of the dead sea, but since the 1960s, the Jordan River is a large number of irrigated farmland, leading to dead sea reduced by one third.