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But in the top ten United States successive Presidents tourist resort

A, Mather vineyard Island, nbsp; Obama

Martha vineyard Island long 23 miles (approximately 36.8 km) wide, 9 miles (approximately 14.4 km), there are six different styles of town, also has a golf course, swimming pool, private beach and basketball courts, is a famous tourist destination.

It is mainly because of the comfortable climate temperature and can stand tall cliffs watch is famous for the Atlantic, has always been the rich as preferred holiday destination. According to the resort island of journals the vineyard Gazette, the resort island in the United States in 2007 were rated as the most expensive of the island.

Second, Bush Manor (or Walker angle Manor)

The Bush family has a history of the Manor has more than 100 years, it was originally founded in 1903.

Although the Bush family, more time is spent in Texas, they still often came to Walker angle Manor holidays.

Third, del Cielo Ranch (located in California at Santa Barbara) nbsp; Reagan

In 1974, the actor born Governor Ronald Reagan's second term draws to a close, he and his wife Nancy first saw del Cielo Ranch.

This covers 688-acre farm is located in Santa Barbara on the outskirts of nature. Their price is $ 52.7 bought in the Reagan presidency, he often here on holiday.

Fourth, the Lyndon Baines Johnson farm (located in Stonewall, Texas)

Lyndon Johnson near Stonewall's farm is well worth a look.

This place not far from the city of Austin, and not a quiet, boring Museum. It President Johnson as forthright character I, giving a glance feeling, is a United States National Park Service is an important tourist attractions.

5, the Kennedy Park (located in Hyannisport, Massachusetts) nbsp; Kennedy

Here there was United States history so many scandals, but very few outsiders can admittance.

Originally Joseph Kennedy 1926 rented Marchant Avenue summer vacation villas. Two years later he bought it, and expanded, this place became the Kennedy family's summer resort. After his son John and Robert bought neighbouring houses, today's courtyard.

Six, Camp David (located in the Catoctin Mountains Park Maryland) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Eisenhower

Most people will be the President of the resort and the Eisenhower, the latter in his grandson's name will be named as Camp David.

In fact is Franklin Roosevelt's earliest start here on holiday, and avoid Washington recuperation body's hot and humid in summer. In the past years, the United States met the President or to a person, or in the hid a quiet, Camp David, remains President preferred resorts.

Seven, the small White House (located in Florida Key

West)nbsp;nbsp; Truman

President Truman in 1946 began working in Key West and pastime, as after the first President to open.

Now the little White House official feature has given way to public tours and private parties, but the Basic has maintained a Truman era as is.

Eight, the pine forest Manor (Albemarle County, Virginia, United States) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt's wife Edith 1905 chose this covers 15 acres of pine forest Manor (Pine Knot), this two-storey villa become the family of resorts.

There is not a luxury, because even the latrine House. Place in recent years has been refurbished, let people know about the tour in simple President resorts.

Nine, Monticello Manor (located in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Jefferson

Remember the five cents coins after House? it is located in Albemarle County, Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Manor (Monticello) is a Roman neoclassical architecture, the Jefferson construction in the year 1769, didn't stop until 1809.

10, Mount Vernon Farm Park (located in Mount Vernon, Virginia, United States) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Washington, d.c.

Here is the first President of the United States vacation, is the first President of the former residence of George Washington.

This 18th century manor from Washington, d.c., but miles, open all the year round. Washington and his wife Martha had been living here for 40 years, he put the House consists of six room expansion to 21 bedrooms, covers you from 2,000 acres to 8,000 acres.

Life will go to the fairy tale world make you fall in love with her 3 seconds!

Maldives-bin the Pharaoh Islands

Maldives-bin the Pharaoh Islands

The Maldives was chosen as one of the world's top ten love paradise.

W o Pharaoh island around Central is green, white, near ten metres of transparent clear light of shallow sea is blue, some of the sea is blue as the peacock blue, Emerald and deep sea is deep blue. Not seen in person is very difficult to believe that this kind of color turned out to be true.

Pure wooden villas cool and comfortable, spacious balconies facing the sea, lying in bed with drapes on the side you can see the sea.

In an out of the sea, surrounded by a transparent massage Pavilion, listening to the waves low whisper, massage therapist's approach as a gentle sea breeze touching your body, as will the journey's weary extinguished. In such an environment, don't drop all earthly things and enjoy, simply baotiantianwu.



If only imagination, you can never touch the Mauritius Zhenrong. It has a typical mdash mdash; Africa faces; warm unrestrained, bones are revealed at France's romantic, United Kingdom of elegance and charm of India. 2040 km2 Island, 100 million black, white, Brown, yellow colour of hair people share the endless white sand and clear, the blending of different cultures in this collision, burst out a splendid spark and vitality. It is God's pet, year after year, this small island is always sunny, blue sky and white clouds. View the blue deep sea, looking back at the Indian Ocean and finally a red haze, at this point you can feel that only pure and glorious.


Austria Tyrol Mountains

Austria Tyrol Mountains

Tyrol (Tirol) is located in the heart of the Alps, is Europe's most popular suitable for both winter and summer tourism destination.

Up to the Alpine peaks 10000 feet and gentle valleys into a tablet, constitute up to hundreds of years of cultural and folk traditions of Royal cradle. In most of the cultural attractions in Tyrol is not only has a rich history and Heritage Foundation, and the natural scenery is stunning. They are mostly located across the province Yan River Valley (Inn). Yan Sibulu g middot; Maximilian en I (Maximilian I) domination of capital and the Royal residence, HAL (Hall), Schwarz (Schwaz) and rattenberg (Rattenberg) is a tourist destination. Smaller valleys such as hyzler (Ziller), Dubai (Stubai), Ozzy (amp; Ouml; tz) and horse Ritz (Pitz) is both a summer hiking and mountain climber's paradise, also the winter skiing lovers paradise. Here are the most famous international ski resort Arlberg (Arlberg) and Keith Bill (Kitzbuuml; hel).

Saipan island

Saipan island

Saipan (Saipan Island) is the capital of the Northern Mariana Islands, 145 ° e, latitude 15 ° of the Central Pacific, Philippine Sea and the Pacific, Philippine sea facing Southwest, Northeast facing the Pacific Ocean, Islands 14 islands, and Guam, these 15 Islands collectively, Mariana Islands, as neighbors, as summer all the year round Equatorial beautiful scenic.

The last few years development of the world famous tourist accomplishment of destination, and is against the beautiful tropical vegetation-covered mountains, through the road on both sides of the Green coconut show in front of you are enticing blue green Philippine Sea, it is in Saipan is like heaven. Few destinations can provide all of the requirements for all tourists, Saipan is one of them. World class shopping, dining, sightseeing, activities here are wonderfully rich and various.

Fort Germany Swan

Fort Germany Swan

Swan Bayern Fort is located in the South

Department of the town fusen (Fuessen) in the outskirts of a small group of mountain peaks, forests and Lakes Fusen is located and the intersection of the slopes of the Alps. Here beautiful, poetic and like painting, is the most beautiful Bavarian Chau Resort. The Fort is located at the Swan in this beautiful little town in Germany. The white wall blue top myths Castle, became a symbol of fusen, and also the local people proud landmark. Because the Castle, the rigorous Germany people wear a lot of affection.

Along the old road snaking mountain, Sunshine from the roadside of broad-leaved forest leaves leak, true beams onto mountain road, mottled bright.

Hillside, a narrow line bridge spans shenjian cliff, amazing. A turn, Swan show in front of Fort suddenly, she stands a mountaintop, slim, rays.

From this survey of the curtain, visitors step into a dream like magic Wonderland.

Stand in front of Fort Fusen Swan, under the blue sky, White Castle as wings to fly Swan, pure and refined, so that people cannot help but sigh: the King out of this world



Azure Beach here, the sea such as Sapphire, is world class, is the sea swimming and surfing preferred; while many coral reefs and tropical fish shuttle between flocks, and make it the diving enthusiast's dream of land and sea fishing to love.

Located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas on Hubble Island Pink Beach Atlantis Hotel (AtlantisHotel) is the "Forbes" recommended best resort hotel, Hotel luxury magnificent, with entertainment facilities include the luxurious Casino, deep-sea Aquarium, water park, the Gulf, cruises and live-action adventure games, like a theme park. At the same time, the hotel provides the Bahamas and other country's cuisine, with local rich seafood, not to be missed.



Bali is Indonesia's most famous tourist attractions, here to typical seaside scenery and is famous for its unique customs.

Bali has flower Island, Paradise Island, known, not only on the island all year round, green tree blooming flowers into yin, the world's most beautiful beaches, like fairyland. Bali by history, religion and culture of India, most believe in Hindu inhabitants, is the only Hindu belief in Indonesia. Bali is not only charming natural scenery is beautiful, its rich culture and unique customs is world famous. Bali's beautiful, elegant and classical dance in the world of dance in occupies an important position in the 15th century, many artists from elsewhere to Bali, brought a large number of mature art forms, Bali carving (wood, stone), paintings and artefacts to its exquisite skill, unique style. Everywhere on the island wilderness of beautiful statues and reliefs, the island and the art of the island.

Norway North point

Norway North point

Located in the Northern Cape of Norway.

Located at the northern end of mageroya, latitude, longitude 71deg; 25deg; 40prime;. Located in North point 80 km southeast of the nordkinn is the very North of the European continent. North point also has a geographic significance, it and Spitsbergen, is between Norway sea and the Barents sea boundaries; the North Atlantic warm current flows through the North point of the Barents Sea has renamed North point ocean currents; North recapped Murmansk-Atlantic routes, with important strategic position; North to South-West to Stavanger wiring is Nordic geological structures on a vital criterion. West as Caledonian fold belt, East is the Baltic shield, the Scandinavian mountains north of the point to the end. North point areas of terrain is a crosscutting Precambrian sandstone plateau, the coastal side of the presents the cliffs, 307 m above sea level, the momentum of the magnificent. North point also to the very day of summer, many cruise ships coming to watch the very spectacle.



Located in the South Pacific, Tahiti, South Pacific Islands are one of the dependent territory of France, its formal name for French Polynesia, French Polynesian Islands in Tahiti is the largest island and is the political center of French Polynesia and economic center, but also so many people are accustomed to Tahiti to address the entire French Polynesia.

The island has a population of 17 million 8 Chin rest. The administrative center of Papeete (Papeete)。 Tahiti island in the South Pacific Islands, the largest Chinese people emigrated. Aerial view of a shape from the air like a fish, fish head fish being referred to as ?significantly (Tahiti Nui), fish tail call small Tahiti (TahitiIti). Blue Ocean, dazzling white beaches, green campus, full of vitality. The people here to hospitality. When sticking it in this island feel the warm sunshine and fragrance of flowers forever, all this will give visitors a wonderful, unforgettable memories.



The mysterious waters of the Southeast is located in North America, where clear water, blue sky, sunshine, the sea crystal clear.

Vegetation is tropical plants. Around the lagoon and the Gulf has dense mangrove forests, coastal zones are the Coconut Grove Island generally grow cactus and Rainforest. Rare variety. Tourism is the Caribbean an important sector in the economy, bright sunshine and tourist areas in the region, has become the world's major winter resorts.



Provence is located in the South of France, from birth, we carefully keep her secret, until the United Kingdom were Peter middot; Mel's arrival, Provence centuries a unique life style only gradually lifted the veil.

In Mel's pen Provence is no longer a simple domain name, but also represents a simple and carefree, easy, lazy way of life, a look at the pretrial and Wilts Chongrubujing,; stay does not intend to, looking at the sky clouds volume Yunyu leisure mood. If you travel to escape the yoke of life, Provence will let you to forget everything.

The entire Provence region due to the very changes that have unusual charm--weather, warm wind gusts, sea breeze, the warm wild ups and downs, the terrain, plain, peak Ridge steep canyons, lonely, sad old castles, meandering mountain range and lively city, all in the France of deductive million.

7 ~ August blooms of lavender upwind, softened decoration green valleys, slightly pungent aromas blend with being scorched by the scent of green grass, linking together make France's southern most unforgettable atmosphere

China Hangzhou West Lake

China Hangzhou West Lake

West Lake surrounded by the beautiful, tranquil, and neatly, draw bridge clouds of smoke, willow tree cage yarn.

Meandering between mountains, Woods and hills, streams in deep. More than 100 unique park attractions, sowing guizi, six bridges smoke Yoo, 9, 10 in cloud in Lotus, more famous West Lake ten and ten new West Lake and Lake new ten, the lake or into a colorful silk belt, with its winter landscape, and whatever a unique rain and snow.

China Jiuzhaigou

China Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhai 4 am, the foreground color name, flowers of spring, summer, autumn leaves waterfall flow, winter snow, there surprising for us.

And all this, is deep in the plateau honeymoon in the depths, in the calm was able to hear and see people heartbeat pure land into winter beauty landscape, the feeling is any human language is difficult to say.
Thailand Koh Samui

LIBO, Guizhou China

LIBO, Guizhou China

Here is our country and even the world's rare subtropical Karst original has a strong residual forest.

The area consists of forest and karst landscape combination formation of ecosystems, including complex and esoteric science content, it is not only the scientific workers of karst forest, vegetation, animals, soils, meteorological, hydrological and geological and ecological environment, and other natural sciences Museum, and its unique Karst nature scenery gives us pleasure. To the magnificent karst landscape, scenery and beautiful Guilin and Yangshuo for its landscape, lunan, Guizhou, Yunnan ohave, etc., are already world famous tourist destination, is the rare countries in the world, however, the growth of forest in these areas has already been compromised, in large parts ofEvolved into Karst stone desert landscape, Mau Karst forests as a precious landscape resources, considerable extent on the detachment of the karst landscape, fixed program changed the tone of the karst desert, mountain and water landscape variety, the underground cave and green forest scenery blending together a picture perfect natural scenery.

The Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands

Many people will Highland scenery that is Europe's most beautiful areas of the Scottish Highlands, this is not entirely unjustified.

As the ice age the last stronghold of the Scottish Highlands, she's beautiful people. Here, the end of any one occasion, is another view of the open door. It is like the end of the world, standing at the Scottish high ground, you can see the horizon; to take a step, he fled the world mdash mdash;; but a woman who just stood at the gate of heaven, for God's Angels delay to letters.

Highland hills and fields, not only can you pass out the brave heart "in the rugged and lonely, you can also apply the" Harry Potter "middot; childhood, the highland people, the expression of romance.

Although it's not too high, or too big, but a succession of undulating easily it is hidden in the disposition of the love of the creator, who wishes to go further

China's Tibet

China's Tibet

Tibet is a unique plateau snowy scenery, and the charm of southern charm, and the integration of nature and cultural landscape, but also to Tibet in the traveller's eye with a truly unique charm.

So far, there are many Tibetans living practices and plateau outside of modern man have a large distance, because of distance, that everything has been in Tibet.

Sidi dispenser to de

Sidi dispenser to de

Sidi dispenser to North Africa's most beautiful small villages, it was built in the 13th century.

To avoid a medieval religious persecution, at that time numerous Spain's Aboriginal people fled to the Eastern Mediterranean South Shore precipice, this small town to settle down in the tie fortress built in the cliffs of Tunisia small town di dispenser to Germany has been the United States National Geographic Magazine rated as a top ten romantic small. It is one of the world's top 10 paradise. Her name is a symbol of the romantic Tunisia.

The North Africa's most beautiful little village is European elegance combined with African Cukuang style is most appropriate.

Leave from here to watch the sunrise and sunset in the Sahara desert is also very convenient, but there really is famous for its surfing enthusiasts, or provide a perfect natural environment.

Greece Aegean

Greece Aegean

Meandering Barry Beach, protection was very good Gulf Canyon, rolling sand dunes of gold, Pebble Beach shop, steep coastal caves, volcanic black sand, unique and wetland marshes, etc. hellip; hellip; Greece many beaches have been awarded the European blue flag program award the European blue flag.

Visitors can not only enjoy the sea, you can also try scuba diving, snorkel, diving tours, sailing, water skiing and windsurfing.



Hawaii is the world's tourism industry is one of the most developed place.

However attract tourists, not places, but is it unique and beautiful environment, as well as Hawaiian tradition of warm, friendly and sincere. Hawaiian scenery, charming beaches, Sun and moon Nebula changing out the colorful scenery: clear skies, beautiful Wilkie Beach parasol as flowers; sunset, shore banana coconut for lovers light reciting sing; the Moonlight, Polynesian people singing and dancing on the tatami mats. Hawaii flower tones, the charm of sea, to the tourists out of a beautiful romantic melody.

Positano Italy

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Amalfi Beach known as Europe's most beautiful beaches, where the winding coastline, shore Island shrugged towering towering, valleys and headlands, orchard and wild plants, the original ecosystem of natural environment is rich in cultural history, bushy trees scattered around many picturesque small town, and one of the most beautiful one called the Positano.

1950, Nobel Prize Laureate John Steinbeck visits, travels in written to: Positano is a dream, you, he's not very true, after you leave, he changed the life.

In your inspiration emerge, the town did not disturb your thoughts. The housing is so steep climb up the cliff, which itself is a cliff, just in between carved bench. This travelogue "Positano deeply gnaws on. Positano's beauty can seize a traveler's heart, in their heart left deep scars, master's words spilled beauty Positano into the eyes of the world.

Later, Tennessee Williams, Picasso, Elizabeth Taylor, Sofia Roland, Prince of Naples, one shining figure in this forested areas, Positano became celebrities back garden.

They have settled in this building houses, forests and deep ignorance, it hides a lot of character and style of luxury villa in the rolling hills of scattered, or solemn atmosphere, or beautiful, elegant, but they all come from the famous designers, unique beauty, and Amalfi, like most beautiful scenery.

Incredible inventory of 12 great miracle bridge in the world

According to the United States the Huffington Post, July 25, reported that from the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan to the United States San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the world's many bridges are not only created the engineering miracle, it is beautiful and a source of inspiration.

To commemorate this great achievement, the Huffington Post "before counting the world's 12 block, is the miracle of building bridges, they are both a miracle of design history, and is inspired by the logo.

Milo viaduct

1, France first Takahashi of Milo viaduct completion in 2004, the total high bridge tower, 343 meters long 2460 m, width of 32 meters.

The highest point of the bridge than France Eiffel Tower also high 23 m.

Blink bridge

2. United Kingdom Gheit Xie de Millennium Bridge nicknames to blink bridge, because the bridge can rise to let boats pass, this time the bridge and stay on top of the ARC looks like a giant eyes.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

3. the design, construction and management of the world's longest Cross-Sea Bridge mdash mdash;; Hangzhou Bay Bridge, is the world's construction of the most difficult one, the total length of bridge over 36 km/h.

Colorado River Bridge

Total length of 4, 2 km from the bridge of Colorado, is located in the United States on the Grand Canyon West-Skywalk extends outward meters, deck off 21 bottom 1200 metres high, can bear the weight of the 2 million people.

Bosporus bridge

5. Turkey Bosporus bridge is the first cross the Bosphorus and links two continents of Asia and Europe, so the bridge is also called the Eurasian bridge.

Canada Federal bridge

6, Canada 13 km in length Federal bridge is the world's longest ice covered waters on the bridge, is the world peak, known as the modern bridge project.

Switzerland Sonny Berg bridge

7, at the end of the twentieth century international bridge and Engineering Association Organization of 15 seats in the 20th century the most beautiful bridges in the world, Switzerland ranked Sonny Berg bridge.

Iran bridge

8, located in the central city of Esfahan, Iran Iran bridge, 132 m in length, distance to the River is very low, most features of the 23 have Islamic style arched must-see.

Singapore helical bridge

9, Singapore helical bridge appearance resembles the structure of human DNA, a spiral stretching.

Norway Golden Horn Bay Bridge

10, Norway Rog bridge was built in imitation of Italy painters, architects, engineers, da middot; Finch's original design, called the bridge of the Mona Lisa middot;.

ALA dense Loma bridge

11, Spain ALA MI Lord Bridge is the world's most well-designed district, one of the bridges in the bridge to look like a harp, elegant appearance.

Han River Plate Pu bridge

12, Korea Seoul Hangang plate Pu bridge is a double girder bridge, bridge on both sides of the 10 000 fountain as a major tourist attraction.

See the Tangshan earthquake "inventory of world cities for post-earthquake reborn

July 22, Feng Xiaogang's latest masterpiece the Tangshan earthquake on the national stage, is 32 years ago, a story of 23 seconds, this story all the audience was touched by the end of the movie or! full of warmth, let people feel the warmth from the heart, bring the hope of life.

For individuals who have survived the disaster is a lucky, but it is undeniable that the aftermath of the earthquake, not just the issue of life after the earthquake, the more likely to be accompanied by a lifelong mental problems.

Those who experienced a big earthquake? they are freed from the shackles of the soul? that had destroyed the city now discredited? how to borrow from the Tangshan earthquake, people who experience a natural disaster of the city and people of gratitude, small series of finishing the world's top 10 seismic disaster city's rebirth after being robbed, we might have less pain, after all, we all must learn to face the pain continued forward, please believe that there is with a light of hope for the future!

1976 July 28 3 is 42 minutes 54 seconds, nbsp; Tangshan earthquake Leeb 7.8 nbsp; Cause 242769 deaths

Rebirth after being robbed of Tangshan

1976 July 28 3 is 42 minutes 54 seconds, Tangshan, Hebei, occurred in the vicinity of the fengnan 7.8-a strong earthquake, 11 ° Epicentral intensity, seismic and Tianjin and Beijing.

This earthquake is concentrated in the industrial and mining enterprises concentrated, densely populated cities, causing 242419 deaths (including Tianjin and other affected areas), more than 1 million people were injured, 15886 families disintegration, who became a paraplegic patients 3817, 25061 limb deformity, a legacy of thought, of orphaned 4204 3675, hundreds of thousands of people lose their homes since become refugees.

May 12, 2008 at 14: 28 minutes 04 seconds Wenchuan earthquake nbsp; Victims Leeb 7.8: 69142 missing: 17551

The rebirth of Wenchuan after being robbed

May 12, 2008 at 14: 28 minutes 04 seconds, Wenchuan, Kitagawa, 8-level earthquakes and untimely hit the Earth to tremble, and rivers, the absence of transposition, devastated; hellip hellip; Southwest Department, national mourning.

This is since the founding of new China, the most powerful, destructive scope largest earthquakes. The earthquake hit about 50 million square kilometres of land! to express people of all nationalities on the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake victims compatriots of deep condolences to the State Council decided that 2008 may 19 to 21 October as national mourning.

January 1995-5: 17, 46 Japan Kobe earthquake nbsp; Leeb 7.2 killed more than 5400 injured about 2.7 million

Respawn after being robbed of Kobe

1995 January 17, 46 minutes, when 5 is located in the South of Japan Kansai Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Island (from Kobe to Awaji island of liujia faults), Leeb 7.2 earthquake.

Its focal depth of about 10-20 kilometers, the series zhixiaxing earthquake. The strong economic region of Japan Hanshin main city of Kobe City, causing serious damage. According to the information reflecting the quake area total deaths more than 5400 (of which there are more than 4000 lines are killed and suffocation deaths, accounting for 90 per cent), the injured about 2.7 million homeless victims in nearly 30 million people, destroyed buildings around 10.8 000; electricity, gas, road, rail and harbour are heavily damaged. According to Japan's official publication, the earthquake caused economic losses of about $ 100 billion. Total losses gross 1 ~ 1.5%. This earthquake injured personnel, buildings destroyed many and large economic losses is Japan Kanto earthquake after 72 years, the most serious one, is Japan's post-war 50 years the biggest a disaster.

1960 21 May 3 p.m. Chile earthquake Leeb 8.9 earthquake nbsp; About 1 million deaths

Respawn after being robbed Chile

Chile 8.9 earthquake happened (some experts believe it should be revised to 9.5 level).

FromOn this day to 30 may, the continuous suffering from several times during the earthquake, earthquake, 6 extinct volcano eruption again, 3 new volcano. May 21-the great earthquake of 8.5 resulted in the 20th century's greatest a tsunami, an average of up to 10 m, maximum 25 metre waves violent impact Chile coast, destroying the ports, piers, shipping, roads, warehouse, housing. Speed of a tsunami wave 707 km, trans-Pacific 14 hours after the earthquake in Hawaii, the wave height reached reached $ 9 m; 22 hours after arrival 17000 km away Japan archipelago, height 8.1 m, Japan's largest fishing vessel are to bring into the town streets. This earthquake, Chile has 1 million people dead or missing, 100 million homes were destroyed, the country's 20% of the industrial enterprises were damaged, direct economic losses 5.5 billion.

In 1970, May 31, nbsp; 1970 Peru Chin Bo great earthquake Leeb 7.6 earthquake killed 6 million people were injured in 10 000 people

Rebirth after being robbed of Chimbote city

1970, 31, Peru's largest fishing port in Chimbote 7.6 earthquake happened in.

In the earthquake of 6 000 deaths and more than 100 000 people were injured, one million people homeless. Chimbote suffered from earthquake and tsunami of dual attacks suffered heavy losses. To the East of the city and in accordance with the city of tolerance, was triggered by the earthquake of debris buried glaciers, the whole city 2.3 million people being buried alive.

1985 September 19, 7: 19 minutes nbsp; Mexico earthquake Leeb 8.1 death 3.5 million people were injured in 4 000

After being robbed of Mexico City reborn

Mexico Southwest Pacific undersea 8.1 earthquake, away from the epicenter of 400 km of the capital Mexico City, Mexico was severely damaged, over 700 buildings collapsed, 8000 more buildings, more than 200 schools are razed to the ground, the bustling city of Juarez Avenue many ruins.

Mexico City, 40% of the region loses power, 60% of the area of water for up to two weeks, and domestic and international telecommunications all interrupts. This earthquake, total 3.5 million people were killed, 4 million people were injured, million people homeless. So far from the epicenter has suffered heavy losses because the main part of the building, in a dry Lake, the ground is soft, coupled with excessive use of groundwater, the strata sinking every year, building more instability.

1988 December 7th 11 am 41 nbsp; Armenia earthquake Leeb 6.9 death 2.4 million people were injured 1.9 million

Respawn after being robbed Leninakan

1988 December 7th 11 am 41, the then Soviet Armenia Republic 6.9 earthquake happened, the epicenter in Armenia's second largest city near Leninakan, intensity of 10 degrees, the city of 80% of buildings were destroyed.

The earthquake caused 2.4 million deaths, 1.9 000 disablement, direct economic losses of more than 100 billion rubles, the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident losses. This earthquake is characterized by a high magnitude, but not losses. In 1989, a similar magnitude earthquake occurred in the United States, San Francisco, only dead 68 people.

1990: June 21, 0: 30 nbsp; Northwestern Iran Earthquake Leeb 7.3 death 5 million people were injured in 6 million

Respawn after being robbed, Uhde Barr town

1990: June 21, 0: 30 in Northwest Iran Caspian area 7.3 earthquake, the epicenter in the first 200 kilometres northwest of Tehran Gilan province-Uhde Barr town, the town completely destroyed in the earthquake.

The earthquake caused the 5 million people were killed and 6 million people were injured, 50 000 people displaced, 9 million houses and 4000, commercial louyi to the ground, all the economic losses is 80 billion dollars.

2010-1-12, 16 53 pm Haiti earthquake, nbsp; nbsp; Leeb 7.0 earthquake nbsp; Wrecked: about 13 million people

Sea seismic region is acceptance of the world's rescue, look forward to the victims ' physical and psychological stability as soon as possible

This earthquake was Haiti since 1770, the most serious since the earthquake, so that the Western hemisphere's poorest country suffered unprecedented blow.

Including the Presidential Palace and the resident of the United Nations peacekeeping force, hundreds of building collapse. According to preliminary estimates of the International Red Cross, the big earthquake in Haiti will be as many as 300 million refugees. In the first 15 days after the earthquake, the survey out lives 11.3 million people, injured 19.6 million. Epicenter off the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, 15 km away. As of 2010-26 January, Haiti earthquake enter day 15, who confirmed that the Haiti earthquake has caused nearly 13 million people lost their lives, 19.6 million were injured. The earthquake victims, a United Nations peacekeeping force in Haiti, including eight Chinese peacekeepers were killed. After the earthquake, the international community have a hand that will provide humanitarian aid to Haiti.

April 14, 5: 39 min 57 sec nbsp; Yushu earthquake victims Leeb 7.8: 2698 people nbsp; Missing: 270 people

My Government has initiated the reconstruction of the five-year plan yushu, 5 years after the yushu brighter!

Yushu County, Qinghai province, 2010 14 a.m. two earthquakes occur, the highest magnitude earthquake epicenter 7.1, located in the town nearby.

As of April 25, 17: 00 pm 2220 yushu earthquake caused the disappearance of 70 people were killed. As an expression of the people of all nationalities died on seismic yushu, Qinghai province's deep condolences to compatriots, April 20, the State Council decided that in 2010 21 April at the national mourning activity, and the embassies of mourning, stop public entertainment.