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Girls love to the world's top ten Beauty Spa

I. mdash mdash; France; Vichy springs

Beauty Essentials: a gentle, non-allergenic, enhance skin natural protection function

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

For Chinese tourists, lift the weizi, first thought is probably not just in China opened its first 1000 counter of cosmetics brand, in fact, in France, it is also a Department Weizi famous spa resort and tourist resorts.

Summer hours, along with 100 hectares of Alexei Lake (Allier) Lake Shore, in the walk in the fresh air, is undoubtedly a comfortable enjoyment.

The city has a total of 15 a Vichy springs at source, these hot spring water is rich in calcium, magnesium, 17 species of minerals and trace elements, 13 species are widely used in external or drinking treatment.

Of these, only Ceacute; lestins of hot spring water can be used as a daily consumption, and sales of bottled spring water.

But Lucas spa water mineral content-rich, high as 5.1 g/l, we normally see in pharmacies of the weizi cosmetics added Lucas of hot spring water.

Second, China Guangxi BAMA mdash mdash;; six central water

Beauty Essentials: purifying skin, deep detoxification, moisturizing and antioxidant, enhance skin resistance; water drinking six rings can also be prevention of disease, achieve longevity.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

In the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in northwestern BAMA, over 60-year-old facial wrinkles, skin smooth villagers lived years changes unrelated to the comfortable life comes in.

According to research, luoyu is BAMA local customs, whenever the weather is warm, the disk Yang Valley villagers often visible, regardless of which men luoyu, leisurely might immortal.

Over 60-year-old skin still and adolescent girls, precisely and the water here.

As the saying goes, a party to the party raising water and land, BAMA of panyang like Chinese ancient Chinese characters lives, BAMA personal life water.

This water's molecular structure and the diameter of a human cell molecular structure, six Nano, so called six ring of water, six ring water easily absorbed by the body's cells, the body's long-term added six ring water skin water run, creamy white.

According to research, BAMA six ring water are amazing many magic, derived from its small numerator Regiment water, this small numerator Regiment water penetration, oxygen, dissolved, pH, etc., than the ordinary water increased a lot.

Due to its small molecular mission, more easily transported into and out of the cell membrane, nutrients, and brings out the junk, as the best transportation carriers, known to be the most suitable human cells to drink water.

Third, mdash mdash; France; lifu springs

Beauty Essentials: lifu springs spa water is most special about is rich in selenium, it has significant anti-inflammatory and antipruritic, anti-allergic and anti free radicals, preventing aging, relaxing, sedative and anticancer effects.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★

Lifu Springs town located in Central France, about 300 km from Paris, France, a small district of Poitou-Charentes Township, is a typical small town, picturesque France.

Long has to be Izumi, lifu is well known for its hot spring water on the skin have a significant effect, as early as Roman times began to spring water to treat some skin diseases.

According to legend lifu Springs hot spring water of the oldest found in the 13th century, a General of the horse had a skin disease, it released shortly after the war is back and fully recovered, and found that it was it to lifu springs with thermal spring water healed skin diseases, people discover the hot spring water lifu springs on skin diseases have a significant effect.

IV. mdash mdash; France; Evian ?? Spa

Beauty Essentials: cold water bath; according to cloud water is the world's only natural isotone hot spring water, Ph near neutral, moisturizing effect is good, there is excellent for skin treatment.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

?? is a vast number of Chinese tourists are familiar with the brand.

This famous city has been in poetry

Known as the Flemish Lake of beads, every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the mild climate here.

5. China Taiwan mdash mdash;; knowledge Spa

Beauty Essentials: spring quality is fine, is famous for the beauty of soup can treat arthritis, pain, improves blood circulation.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★

Hot Springs, waterfalls, forests, mountains and forests, into the Hot Springs Resort Taitung know this.

Here are the most abundant reserves throughout Taiwan, the texture is optimal for the Spa, a world-class spa resort.

Know the hot spring originates from the Chihpen shore.

As early as 1917, local Puyuma Aboriginal, dig in the Chihpen bed preparing for farming, he found a steam heat emitted by the Earth, go to bath soak time, discover a variety of skin diseases and trauma treatment, which is known as the God of water.

Since then, the indigenous people often go digging Springs open air bath, and even stream Bank on the cover of the hut.

6. mdash mdash; Hungary; black Vista Spa

Beauty: natural sulphur Springs, to soak open-air hot spring ice is famous for its

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Hungary-black Vista spa town is Europe's most famous spa town, the world's only natural thermal spring Lake, which is also the world recognized top-level XI hot spring resort to ice in most of the Sulphur Springs open-air SPA.

Surface water temperature here springs in 33 to 36 degrees.

Visitors can enjoy the hot spring, even if it does not matter in the winter.

As far back as the 15th century, it has attracted a large number of European nobility to the health resort.

Taken from the Lake contains minerals and black mud with a variety of beauty and medical effects, a small town in the quiet and beautiful scenery that attracts people to enjoy the nice time.

VII. mdash mdash; Korea; Kettle Valley Spa

Beauty Essentials: typical sulfur springs, mineral containing more than 20, a stabilization of the skin, the efficacy of the treatment of skin diseases

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

They say that, apart from Korea women beautiful superb cosmetic surgery, they all love Bath Spa.

Korea's most famous hot spring mdash mdash;; Kettle Valley Spa, is located in de Yan foothills, 1977 is designated as a national tourist spots, in January 1997 and to the identity of the tourist region has become Korea's best hot springs.

Because of the terrain here, like a cooking pot, so called Kettle Valley.

Here's the hot springs, the water temperature up to 80 ° c, could be runny eggs hot to half cooked.

Kettle Valley Spa is typical of Sulphur Springs, with the exception of sulphur, the hot springs also contains silicon, chlorine, potassium, iron and other minerals, 20 on respiratory system disorders, neuralgia, rheumatism, skin diseases, frostbite, bruising, prickly heat, has a curative effect.

VIII. mdash mdash; Japan; Kobe have horses hot springs

Beauty Essentials: spring colors like rust red Jinquan and colorless transparent carbonated Springs is especially famous, Silver Spring on rheumatism and neuralgia with a certain effect.

Recommended index: ★ ★

The water horse hot springs rich in minerals, which is equivalent to the treatment of neuropathic pain golden spring with curative Silver Spring is able to therapeutic treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, it is said, of the other Springs-also includes a radium springs and carbonated Springs, etc.

Moreover, because there are horses hot springs of slightly salty, rumors of ancient samurai if injured after immersion in this place, it will also make wounds heal more easily.

Here in the siege, the warmth of the hot spring often and outside mountain view cloud-mapping system.

9. Czech mdash mdash;; card Rowe Varian

Hot Springs

Beauty Essentials: water temperature 41.2 ° to 72 degrees, including a variety of chemical elements, which can be used for drinking, bathing and medical care.

Recommended index: ★ ★

Discover this city hot drink at 12 of the best ways is to pull along Tai Pei sidewalks on both sides of the river walk, walk to drink, not only can browse both the unique architectural style, more achievable preservation purposes.

First go to The city of hot springs landmark at a glance whether the Sprudel, in the building at the entrance of the exhibition with a spray-up to 3 storeys or so geysin, first of all let's eye-opening.

Then enter the Hall, this district there are 14 different springs of thermal spring water leveling out 5 30 ~ 50 ℃ temperature treatment of drinking water for the tourists.

10 mdash mdash; New Zealand; Rotorua volcanic hot springs

Beauty tips: here are the biggest hot spring bath, waterfall and mud rich in minerals, the pores can be comfortable, compact skin.

Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

A enter Rotorua can smell subtle smell of sulphur, Rotorua, the Maori language is a crater lake, which is exactly why this is located in New Zealand North Island in the middle of the island is famous for its cause.

Thousands of years ago, Rotorua's a volcano, a small island formed by volcanic belt unique natural landscape.

In Rotorua, a boiling mud lake, hot springs, lakes and meadows.

Here you can enjoy nature brings you a variety of fun, while marvel at nature's magic and the creator.

Stunning national parks in the United States

National Park of concepts derived from the United States, the term translated from English by National Park, it is said that the earliest by the United States artist George Catlin middot; (Geoge Catlin) first proposed.

In 1832, he, on my way travel United States West of the Indian civilization, wildlife and wilderness of deep concern. He writes that they can be protected, as long as the Government, through some protection policy for the establishment of a large park hellip; a National Park, of which there are wild animals, everything is in original state, reflects the beauty of nature. After being used in many countries around the world, although their exact meaning, but the basic idea is that nature reserve.

First, Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park (photo by netizens cocolike reprinted from national geographic website)

The world's few places like Yosemite Valley such a small place could have so much stronger view the beautiful scenery, it is a 12 km long nature's masterpiece, the scenery here is different, beautiful, it is not surprising that the great naturalist John Muir middot; sighed: God always seem to make up the scenery here.

Yosemite Valley in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, many in the middle of the splendid natural beauty.

Alpine mountain scenery, big Sequoia's special Crown Valley attractions, all make about race a hermit Te become rare natural attractions.

Naturalist John Muir middot; has so beautiful here: described only by hand-built temples to be comparable.

About racing metre te is built with ice, glacier season in advanced, huge bingchuang shortfall hewn light tutu mountain, steep cliffs and huge monolithic. Flat Valley from snow and ice melting huicheng's great lakes formed by sedimentation.

Nowadays, the suffix flowers grass covering the Valley, surrounded by strange waterfall.

Geography of evolution is still in progress, is still rising in blockage of Lakes. Biological and natural evolution, the fittest of the high visibility of Sequoia, Sequoia is fire-resistant, periodic fires for Sequoia, is very necessary, fire to clear land dense plant, so that young FIR to grow. High-low decrepit natural scenery with astonishing beauty, region growing numbers of animals and plants. Here are the Merced River and waterfalls, including 739 m height of Yosemite falls, the purpose of the world's third longest waterfall. Landscape has many beautiful dome and peaks, the world's largest and most magnificent rock mdash mdash;; Foundation of the John Muir middot; allows Yosemite becoming United States were part of concern, moreover, for the United States forest protection policies for he was a key figure. Most of the time in his life spent in roaming mdash mdash; mountains; especially Yosemite mdash mdash;; description of where the natural wonders.

Second, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park (photo by netizens cocolike reprinted from national geographic website)

The beginning of the 20th century, a United States Explorer used to describe Yellowstone: in different countries, no matter how landscape, vegetation vary widely, but always so familiar with mother earth, kind, eternal.

But here, the Earth has changed so much, as if this is a movie that belongs to another world. Hellip; hellip; Earth seems here test their endless creativity.

Yellowstone geothermal landscape is the world's most famous.

It is, you cannot see the eyes of the wonders of the shock. Thousands of boiling springs and the water Blue Lake deep rough, ROAR, like the sound of the mountain a stove fire is burning. Hundreds of geysin Jet with boiling water, at the risk of rolling on steam, like the reverse of the falls from the fiery and dark underground world spewed from time to time. Some of the water column geysin magnificent, like trees, its diameter from 1.5 meters to 18 meters, height 45 to 90 meters. Tremendous power to make it at this level, it may take several minutes, sustainable nearly an hour.

Located in Yellowstone National Park's large leng microscope Spa (The Grand Prismatic Spring, also known as the large Rainbow Springs), United States, the world's third largest hot spring.

Big leng mirror spa beauty lies in the Lake of color change with the season, in spring, Lake from green to bright orange red, this is due to the rich mineral waters live algae and bacteria and other microorganisms of pigment, their body of chlorophyll and carotenoids proportion will vary with the season, so the water is also showing a different color.

Big leng mirror spa beauty lies in the Lake of color change with the season, in spring, Lake from green to bright orange red, this is due to the rich mineral waters live algae and bacteria and other microorganisms of pigment, their body leaves

Green pigment and carotenoids ratio will change with the season, so the water is also showing a different color. In summer, chlorophyll content appeared to be relatively low, Orange, red, or yellow. But in the winter, in the absence of light, these microorganisms will produce more chlorophyll to inhibition of carotenoid colors, so they see water renders dark green.

Third, Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park (photo by netizens cocolike reprinted from national geographic website)

Death Valley's name comes from a group of travelers.

1849, they cut corners across the Valley to California in the gold area, almost the whole team was flooded, only a few lucky to survive. Survivors Cursed Valley before leaving and give it a name: we take off his hat, looking back on the road, suffering, suffering and death, most want to say is lsquo; goodbye, rsquo; Death Valley.

Twenty years later, a bunch of luck at the Pana min mountains of fugitive accidentally discovered the amazing Canyon silver.

To 1874, Pana people the booming mining town, the population has reached 2000 people. Two years after the deluge that destroyed large parts of the city. The Valley of the many abandoned town, such as Ballorat, Chloride City, Harrisburg, Greenwater Leadfield, and Skidoo has a similar story.

Death Valley has numerous forms of natural landscape and Visual attractions, including stretch for several kilometres of saline Beach, patchy old dunes, serpentine Gorge, colorful rock cliffs and mountains as well as a number of historical monuments.

While average annual rainfall than 50 mm, but sometimes the Pacific Hurricane, causing flash floods engulfed, be destroyed roads and campgrounds. A year in most of the time, Death Valley is a sunny paradise, where you can feel the quiet solitude. The winter here is snow bird haven, they sailed to leisure and recreational vehicles, resting a few weeks and sometimes months.

Because of its unique climate and geographical conditions, in addition to Israel of the dead sea area (where the elevation is lower), Death Valley and other areas.

Death Valley life is rare, surface morphology of the original style, showered and perfectly exposed here. Lines, shapes and colors dominate everything here, rather than people, animals or natural.

Fourth, Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park (photo by netizens cocolike reprinted from national geographic website)

Crater Lake National Park is like a mosaic in the mountains of Pearl.

Along the tortuous, gradually rising road in the direction of the Lake, you will find myself in full SaaS Abies pylon red, hemlock and thick forest of pine trees. The section along the road uphill ahead can reach the crater lake. This piece has an area of 65 km2 Lake in sight, you will find it as a TAM blue ink, solidification in steep vertical cliffs, majestic mountains and steep cliffs loop to hold tremendous natural surrounding.

In Crater Lake National Park, the most beautiful Lake in the Shui Wan is history Thiel Bay (Steel Bay), it is in memory of William bull; Gladstone bull; history of tyre and a name.

Early history of the student, the tyre is has an article on the crater lake of articles on it became interested. In order to be able to let the crater lake became a National Park, grew up in the history of the tyre unremitting efforts, after 17 years-long lobby after the last of the crater lake was Theodore Roosevelt; bull. Ultimately, the United States in the history of the Sixth National Park was built in 1902, Crater Lake is the soul of the whole Park.

Crater Lake National Park is famous because of the snow (snow depth sometimes exceed 15 metres).

It is precisely because of this rich nourishing, growth in the Park of wild flowers during the flowering period can last until September, and even to the beginning of October. Wildflowers of the variety is diverse, including monkey face flowers, braised, brush, ziyuan, Lupin, Bell Bell flower etc.

The dense forest to sika deer, elk, Wolf, black bear, suburbs and the Bobcats, the local fauna, as well as from the General Jay to bald vulture and gold statue and other birds provide a natural haven.

Today's Crater Lake harmony, birds, so it's hard to believe this is happening too volcanic eruptions.

5. Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park (photo by netizens cocolike reprinted from national geographic website)

Glacier National Park is a unique and beautiful natural scenery.

With rugged towering mountains and many ice Lake, including 100 miles long by ArgentinaLake. In the Lake of distal three glaciers Confluence, milk grey ice water coming down, like a small round roof like a huge ice with a thunderous Thunder burst into the Lake.

Glacier National Park of the glacier has 4 km, approximately 150 feet high.

Park Service offers two different ornamental paths. A path through a huge crane put tourists contain up to 300 meters high, at this time, huge glaciers as if compelled, some icebergs floating from you. The front of the glacier is steep that seem too good to Glacier internal due under tremendous pressure and a number of faults. The distance, the glacier takes on a dark blue tone. Second path toward Glacier forward, from a cliff on the past, the Park service agencies in the region have set up a few sidewalk, so that you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of different parts. Greater advantage of the sidewalk is that it allows visitors to observe the scenery at the bottom of the glacier, and as much as possible close to the front of the glacier.

Glacier National Park North America Glacier National Park is an endemic species of the Grand View Garden, 1000 various trees and flowers.

In comparison, dry Eastern hillside, Engler subalpine spruce, FIR, lodgepole pine, Douglas fir and pine branches, Hardy tall, slim. In comparison to climate warmer, moist West hillside, larch, FIR and spruce trees stay neatly and gloomy. Every summer, rhododendron and Lily, wild beauty scoop; dispute brilliant gentian and dry leaves of grass and other weeds compete for growth, the Majesty of the mountains dressed and are extremely beautiful. Glacier Park many animal species, there is a large angle goats, Puma, mountain dogs, cats, moose, deer, Gran angular black bears, Grizzlies, white-tailed deer and more. (This article reprinted from Tencent Tourism Forum, if you have any copyright issues, Tencent is not responsible for tourism)

Everywhere the miracle spring of Lima

All year round, but almost no rain year-round

Lima, capital of Chile, a world famous city of no rain.

Here all year round, no Thunder, no wind storm, ice, snow is unheard of. Of course, not all year drop of rain falls, but here's the rainfall is from thick wet fog formation of dew to feifei powder falling. Sky greyish, dark days not casual, puzzle hazy, over time, the road surface moist, dripping water, land and vegetation.

Walk in the city, you will see many House or even the roof, is more a house without a roof, wall paper paste is used across the whole city of! you don't even have to buy an umbrella! in city streets or even could not find sewer! these strange phenomenon actually Lima, no wonder.

On the contrary, if suddenly there was a big rain and to that of Lima, is the largest of the strange yet. At first glance, it seems that this sounds more like a barren wasteland man, what will become the capital of a country?

You will absolutely want to err, Lima, is a typical tropical desert climate, the West Pacific! precipitation small but subject to the influence of Peru cold, warm and humid, with average annual temperature around 19 ° c, while the coldest month average temperature is 16 ° c, while the hottest month with an average temperature of not more than 24 ° c all year round sunshine, sea breeze wafting, is worthy of the spring.

Located in the desert, but spotless

Lima city buildings and trees shedding its radiance, is called South America beautiful garden city.

Tree-lined streets, many parks throughout the city, on the land in the gap, not a flower, is planting; each residential are quiet and elegant area of greenery, trees, buildings, in front of the TV to the wall are lush expose all the greenery, a bunch of red flowers. It is precisely because of the greening of the work, although the Lima city and the West coast of the vast desert near at hand, but see diffuse or sand and dust storms. The city is very clean and fresh air, indoor furniture is not clean the still many days, tourist outing spotless returned to the hotel, feet shoes so Polish sparkling.

Peru's western coastal zones, the perennial drying no rain, forever, they form a vast desert regions.

Lima city in the desert siege, drove out of the city, roadsides, near dunes overlapping layers of sand and waves, distant, boundless desert and the vast Pacific Ocean surface cross maps, don't be a scene.

Long-term culture of colonial city but not defeated

Lima city is divided into the old city, new city in two parts.

Old town is located in the North of the city, near Rímac River, from the Northwest to the Southeast Street extension, with the Rímac River into a parallel shape. Street number to Peru by province and city name, block narrow, low houses, mostly built in the colonial period. Old town there are many square to urban centres in the most famous square. In this square, the streets into a radial extension around, leading to the city every corner of the street to large blocks of stone paving, old style.

There is the Fountain Square, wanton, lingers, flicker in the Sun, the city is especially lively.

At the eastern end of the square was built in the 17th century Catholic Church, maintained a strong Spain architectural style, the Church has the silver altar, building smart docking at the Chapel and the designer, then Spain, Plaza colonial army chiefs Pizarro's glass coffin. Other famous buildings around the square there is a built in 1938 in the Government building, built in 1945 municipal buildings and many commercial buildings, supermarkets, etc. Old town and scenery and beautiful Alameda Park, the most bustling commercial centre Uniao Street, expanse of bustling Avenue Nicolás de hyypia Laura Street, San Martin square, in the West Plaza gobololo and built in 1551 year of South America's oldest university mdash mdash;; University of San Marcos.

-Pure African give you an incredible journey of exile

Africa, in the eyes of people, it seemed more just synonymous with poverty and backwardness, people still struggling wenbaoxian, suffering from various illnesses, and even war, perhaps it is the world's most unfortunate one, maybe the corners of the world's most joyous place hellip missing; hellip;

Indeed, in most parts of Africa have developed area of plump and advanced, most people live in rags, hungry days, as everyone knows, this also means that there is no sex and the city of light is green, greedy.

God always fair, the Association will equally good with disappointment to everyone's hands, there will be found! in this closer to the original continent, but also has a shocking unique original charm, sex and the city can be replicated, and then the original nature is irreplaceable! because this irreplaceable to pure nature, here is the world's laughter is one of the top corner, people follow in the footsteps of nature, the Emperor's sunset, they will not be greedy and want to put all the time in to earn, they know how to work occasionally stopped to enjoy the beauty of the steppe sunset!

Have to admit that this is not a fit for the modern life of the continent, the weather is too extreme, but it was this extreme climate, the beauty of Africa to extreme natural wonders: the East African Rift, Kilimanjaro volcano, the Congo River, Sahara desert, there are magnificent Victoria arrest great migration of the animals; hellip hellip; if, one day you do not wish to proceed with the juxtaposition of the cross of the sex and the city of desires, if you want to put their own exile to nature to enjoy the tranquility of pure, give yourself a trip to Africa tour, will be your best option, of course, the premise is that you need enough courage and enough travel outdoor experience, but in order for life-like water, calm as sealing, why?

Exile tour first stop: Egypt's ancient civilization

From the pyramid to the Sphinx from Pharaoh's Tomb to the Athena Temple hellip; hellip; we found that, in the ruins of ancient Egypt in every corner: cemetery, Tablet, sculptures, pottery, decoration, painting hellip; hellip; you can find almost all known Sphinx strange patterns, they are without exception are personal fitness, although on the way, but they are made by people, Lions, oxen, eagles and common.

Maybe we could be called a sphinx phenomenon or a sphinx.

This phenomenon or culture seems to be with a spread of trends, from antiquity to the present, from the inside out.

In South America, Rocky Mountain, in the large and multiplied by the Japan Island, on the roof of the world of Tibetan Buddhism, the temple, as well as many other parts of the world, we are able to find this kind of similar to personal fitness. These things are often used as a symbol of the divine with some kind of Monster, they can save mankind from, to heal or resurrection of the human hero, or even directly descend on Earth, to save lives is through the downfall of mankind's society hellip; hellip;

Maybe, we can thus be concluded that the corollary: the Sphinx is what humans have in common memory? also means that all homologous, we humans have had another spirit of common pursuit.

This pursuit exists in the depths of our memory, from time immemorial, a history and reality of convergence has enough energy, it will once again to life images suddenly in front of us. Perhaps, we should not be in the history of the tramp was not, and should strode, boldly to explore the past, present and future of true.

Exile journey second stop: Kenya Prairie

Kenya's Martha Sharma la wildlife reserve, is East Africa's largest animal reserve, an area of 1670 square kilometers, the range is broad.

Is accustomed to modern life of the city, sitting on the old-fashioned way bumpy with sightseeing the jeep was a completely new experience. At left you so close, stop the twos and threes, some Zebra very leisurely chewing a hay or anything else. A group of Giraffe slowly by, silent, seems to have a glance at our, is also a subtle. Soon see Rhinoceros, baboons and other animals. Interestingly, they are very quiet.

Far sky drift over a hot air balloon, here you can take this special transport overlooking large

Steppe and steppe animals. See personal likes, although a comparative perspective, but I broaden always think in a different world, a colorful big guy, although very adventurer's style, but there is a very funny things. Moreover, not in person to set foot on land, the African journey in what sense?

Protection zones also live indigenous peoples so that we can see the true owner of the real Africa.

Marseille in with laterite and cow dung into little house, the House is very low, generally do not have Windows. Local tourism development, Marseille were no longer to hunting, cattle and sheep, cattle, sheep, and sometimes people will live in the same room. This coexistence while on humans and animals, is perhaps the most natural. And other tourist destinations, Martha Mara Masai also does some obvious tricks attract customers, they just lived since got convinced that, ignoring those curious eyes, just like thousands of years of life. There is a very slow pace of life, the people with no food and no too many objects can be hard. Short sheds, leaning Lady, years of invasion and makes her dark skin looked at are some gray, but the eyes are still bright, she ignored the coming and going of the crowd, then looked at the moment one direction, coagulation, or no movement for many years. Look at the eyes, while somehow heart which has what touches.

The exile journey of the third station: East African Rift

The East African Rift Valley is the world's biggest fault zone, from satellite pictures looked like a giant of the East African Rift Valley satellite pictures scars.

When flying over the Indian Ocean, haohan into East Africa continent Equator, from Windows to look down on the ground, there's a rattled in the face of grooved rendering, suddenly let people have a sense of wonder and magic, this is the famous East African Rift Valley, also known as Eastern Grand Canyon or East African big ditch. The length is equal to the circumference of the Earth 1/6 of the Great Rift Valley, the magnificent, spectacular scenery, is the world's largest rift zone, someone figuratively referred to as the Earth's surface on a big scar, since I do not know how many people are fascinated.

The East African Rift Valley is the most ancient of human civilization and the birthplace of the late 1950s, in the East African Rift Valley East Branch of the North West, Tanzania, du Wei Valley, discover a prehistoric human skull fossil, according to the measurement and analysis, live's now have 2 million years, this skull fossils are named for the East African Warrior; East African people quot quot;.

In 1972, in the North Rift Valley Turkana Lake, discover a survival age has 290 million years ago of the skull, its bodies and the modern people are very approximate, is considered to have been completed from apes to people in the transition phase of typical people quot quot; energy;.

According to the associated geologists in the next 100 years or so, the crack will continue to expand, the Horn of Africa from the African continent completely out, forming the eighth continent on Earth; mdash mdash; East Africa.

This discovery sensation the scientific community. In 2006, come from the United Kingdom, France, Italy and the United States by the expedition came Afar. After analysis and research, they prophesied a new continent will be formed between 100 million years, the East African Rift will be 10 times more than the now long, East Africa's Cape of good hope will detach from the African continent. To this end, the United States geologists Cindy-accusative said: many people believe that severe distant geological phenomenon occurs only in ancient times, but now we can see they are taking place.

East African Rift future fate? perhaps mankind only wait and see.

The exile journey of the fourth station: Victoria falls

Victoria falls to its shape, size and sound while the world-famous, wonders of the world.

The rainforest vicinity which falls to MOSI Tunja/Victoria falls this strong King drab good-looking. Rainforest is a face on a cliff of duration, the Green Woods (However the surrounding steppe in the dry season when they lose their green). It depends on the formation of humid air-water waterfall microclimate is very lush. As a major attraction here, as though all day in the rain forest mist, even if it is a sunny day is no exception.

In August to December in the dry season, MOSI Tunja/Victoria Falls offers a full-width available, however at this level may be very low.

The flood season (March to may), the scenes become extraordinary. Zambezi in crazy Tao nubo to rote of Fei Xie, flow rate up to 15 times during the dry season.

It is said, in a long time ago, Victoria Falls, deep pools, every day a group of girls as jades, they will beat and night at the Golden Drum unique to Africa, when the Golden Drum's thumpin' sound from underwater outgoing, waterfall will roar out of the vibrations.

A little later, the girls began to surface, they dressed in colorful clothes in the Sun's shining, Golden reflection emit to the sky, people will be able to see dozens of kilometers beautiful Rainbow. They are the graceful dance stirred into the water, the water forms a cloud in the sky.

Now, if visitors stand on the cliff on the opposite side of the waterfall, took the handkerchief is falls

Splashes of water wet.

The exile journey of the fifth station: Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro-Bo has a diameter of rijinyundi 2400 m, depth 200 m of the crater, intraoral walls is crystal clear pure at the bottom of the great ice sheets, stands a huge ice, snow-covered, like the huge jade basin.

There all year round climate is hot, but the crater is covered with rock on 80 meters thick ice.

Top often Misty is like a veil on the hood. Only in the dusk of the occasional gaily, even in a place other than a 200 km, and could see the sun shines more colorful ice Crown. At present it is still an active volcano.

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park and forest reserve in occupies the entire Mount Kilimanjaro and the surrounding mountain forest.

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park consists of all of the above tree line and through the mountain area of Montane forest belt of six forest corridor. Mount Kilimanjaro is the mountains all around, there lived a large mammals such as elephants, Lions, leopards, rhinos, zebras, antelopes, wild boar, monkeys and birds, and so on, they will not normally be active attacks humans. Here you can see the giraffe is stretched a long neck is eating the leaves; the great African elephant you down between forests, flocks of birds flew, round of wild boar with a pair of long incisors are arch soil in search of earthworm; crowds of zebras in foraging hellip; forest; hellip (special declarations: this picture is chosen from the network, no special copyright notice, copyright disputes, Tencent is not responsible for tourism)

Island Palawan Philippines last piece of virgin land

Palawan Philippines

The island is the best choice for a holiday.

Whether domestic or foreign, Hainan, Shaba Brunei, go to where the visitors want to have a super dust divinely tourism holidays. There is such a place mdash mdash;; Palawan in the Philippines. There are known as the Philippine tourism of virgin land.

Palawan Philippines

The beach, the most fascinating underground river

By plane from Hong Kong to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, takes approximately two hours.

Then turn to Princess Harbour, and an hour of flight time. Basically, the first day will be consumed in the road.

The next day, journey to the formal start of play.

Morning first went to Sao Paulo underground River Park. The Park is not far from the Princess Harbour, about two hours by car. This 8 km long underground river needs boating in tour. Enter the hole inside, can only walk 1.5 km. Underground river protection very well, no light. Visitors have to rely on searchlight lighting.

In the afternoon, the travelling to bangda Beach, this is the night of accommodation.

Here are the people at least, the most environmentally friendly beach, beach connected underground river, sea-water quality is quite good.

Transportation: flight from Hong Kong, Manila and then diverted to Palawan.

There are two trips per day in Manila flights to Palawan Puerto Princesa, the capital (PuertoPrincesa, also known as Princess Harbour), flight time approximately 1 hour.

Accommodation: Princess Hong Kong gathered Palawan's major hotels.

El Nido, Tai Tai-Cuyo island has a small holiday resort accommodation.

Visa: check directly to the Embassy; 260 Yuan by the travel agency of about $ 350 to $ 400.

Expense budget: 4000 Yuan

Palawan Philippines

Seafood and delicious and inexpensive

Next it ushered in the most wonderful day, is the sea.

White beaches, coral, fish hellip; hellip; in front of the sea inside the colorful. Of course you want to go swimming, snorkeling, and enjoy the cool sea water. Li said, after launching can easily catch the starfish.

In the evening back to Princess Harbour, you can locally famous seafood restaurant Mimi eat a delicious seafood.

Crab legs with wrist so rough that not only is big, and the price is cheap.

Native dress very cheap

In Palawan, even the highest buildings are only 4 floors, farmers House is simple to use only a few tree bar rack.

Go to the common market, there are many cheap can scouring, local native costumes dollars can buy, local arts and crafts are mostly used bamboo, has a lot of character.