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A wide variety of vending machine in the world (photo)

1. Abu Dhabi, Frankfurt and Moscow airport gold vending machine

If you do not want to return home in aircraft like choke US dollar or the euro cannot spend, to the place where visitors can advance in the airport of gold bought some vending gold bars.

This vending machine is 2009 in Frankfurt airport after a successful trial run, in 2010 for the first time in the airport's official debut. Visitors can also buy from the vending machine to South Africa Kruger, gold coin, Canada Maple Leaf gold coins and $ 1 ounce gold coin of Australia kangaroo. nbsp;

Vending machine in gold bars and gold prices as the market price fluctuations, 50 dollars can buy 1 gram of gold bullion with beautiful gift packaging.

Maybe not as eBay online deal, but as a gift, gold bars sure airport is easier than t-shirts to surprise.

2. Italy pizza vending machine

If you would like to see Italy pizza-making process, local vending machine is also a good choice.

In Milan and some shopping center and Sicily airport, you can see a eats pizza vending machine. Top customer press to select pie fillings (tomatoes, bacon, ham or fresh vegetables), and then through a small window, you can see the vending machine and face, kneading dough, add stuffing and baked. Vending machine for three minutes and then get out a piece of what you want pizza. This pizza general price $ 5 to 8.

3. the United States live lobster vending machine

Is the Carnival Games or frozen seafood market? actually both.

In the United States of Maine and California 100 various places can play a game called grab lobster, paid $ 3, limited-time 15 seconds, caught, a taste very tasty of Maine lobster is yours. You can ask the hotel to help you process, you can also go directly to carry bag. But the airport customs officers explain double tongue when contributions.

4. Japan and the United States California raw egg vending machine

In Japan this rice will be able to buy from a vending machine, selling the eggs of the vending machine is not surprising.

This vending machine are generally built by Japan local farmers at the roadside. Similarly, in United States California Santa Cruz nearby Glaum Egg Ranch family farms, 3 dollars can buy 24 only powder chicken eggs. You can see the bulk of poultry production scene.

5. United States Miami Beach Hotel, golden handcuffs vending machine

In this luxury hotel in the Southern California coast, the gift shop is out of date.

Instead a occupies a whole wall of semi-automatic purple coating of the vending machine. Tourists can buy value $ leather vest, 20 US dollar value of t-shirts, 350 $ 24 k golden handcuffs, etc. Even nearby apartments for household type property, or you can rent to 1953 of Cadillac kingwing convertible. These commodities from 10 $ to 120 $ price, buy a car or household type property apartment and other high-end products you want to pay a deposit.

6. the United States, Los Angeles, New York and Miami, swimsuit vending machine

Who can say that they do not have such experience? go away on holiday, the hotel found didn't bring swimsuit.

However, if you live in Los Angeles, New York, or the standard Miami hotel, there is no need to worry about. SwimmingPool next to it there are vending machines selling traditional styles of men's and women's bathing suit. Hotel gift shop also sells. Men's swimwear are priced at $ 75 and $ 85.

7. the United States live bait vending machine

In the United States, Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and Illinois, fishing atmosphere more prosperous places, to see many of these 24-hour live bait vending machine.

Vending machine fills

Because no enemy hypermarket was out of bait and fishing tools shop.

Vending machine owner describes, in all night live bait, bait earthworm's best-selling, each only $ 3. Comino fish, crawfish, blood worms and leech also sell quite well. In addition, vending machine also sell fish hook, netcapes, buoys, boat engine oil and alcohol drinks. Didn't sell live bait in the vending machine in the store for a week.

8. Netherlands bike vending machine

In the Netherlands the love bike nation, very strange why even today only appears bike vending machine.

This name is the vending machine currently Bikedispenser occurred mainly in Arnhem and Nijmegen on both sides of the train station, 2011 will also gradually came to Delft, Duiven, etc. in more places. Customer each time a maximum rental bike 20 hours after the original lease should be returned. The first car rental fee is $ 16, then 12 months each lease payment is reduced to $ 4.

9. England's shoe vending machine

In Walker's paradise, one of the biggest shortcomings than to wear a pair of shoes does not conform to the foot.

In England there is a lot of Asics shoe vending machine, love Sai-Stix sports shoes will have its own automatic vending machine. It was built in London's Carnaby square, then transfer to Liverpool. Onitsuka Tiger sports shoes are priced at $ 75. If you are shopping in nightclubs meimei, you can buy in the vending machine to facilitate dancing Rollasole Ballet flat-heeled shoes, just 10 dollars, small, Black Silver pick. This summer, the vending machine will appear in the United Kingdom around the railway station, airport and other places that will gradually turn up in United States, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and other places.

10. the Czech Republic's beer vending machine

Wine tasting for the vending industry has always been the Grand, like AK Innertube like soft ribs because verifying the identity of persons buying wine has always been a challenge question.

Therefore, even in the auto sales industry is very popular in Japan, beer vending is less now. However, in brewing legal drinking age to 18-year-old Czech Republic, Pearson beer company has developed a scan customer ID or passport of the vending machine. In Pearson beer tour routes along the hotels, hostels and Stadium, unable to see this vending machine. But local best-selling or goat beer. This type of beer prices are approximately $ 1.5.

Dragon Cypress Wombats are courtesy of protected areas

This world there is one thing, no matter what John Paul II, Pope estates, Monarch head of State, President, the Prime Minister, Pavarotti, or Phil Collins, they have done.

That is, they all have visited Australia Dragon Cypress Koala Conservation Center, they have too little Koala, hand-fed small Kangaroo, I think it can join a will to life 1001 plans.

John-Paul II, Roman Catholic Pope 264 ren, heads of State of Vatican City State.

Pavarotti, Lu Qi yanuo? Pavarotti, 1935.10.12-2007.9.6, world famous tenor of Italy.

Phil middot; Collins, Another Day In Paradise the year's best album.

Disney animated film the Taishan "best theme songs. English/American Music Awards. Western pop music has the most brilliant record of superstar. 8 Grammy winner.

But in animal protection area let me shocked and not cute koalas and a kangaroo jump jump.

Win my heart is a wild goat, it attempts to chew my t-shirt, would also like to take my camera for themselves. It really is lovely, I want to take it home. Every time I think of it, always unconsciously laughed aloud.

I was a kid it was once fed pigs and chickens.

But, unfortunately, they finally all became Paulo Festival dinner table delicacies. I know the fate of farm animals, so glad we did not raise a goat. I have witnessed the neighbors home slaughtering goat, that's not a nice scene. It is the sound of a slaughter, I feel that is able to deeply human soul of a sound. Many people say, if you want to own slaughtering animals for dinner, so many people become vegetarian. Imagine you want to wring a Turkey neck as Thanksgiving dinner, not bought from the market, but also really want great courage.

With those famous politicians, here's the tourists want to cling to the cute koala on several sheets of precious photos.

We talk to Koala took some interesting photos, choose a three-metre Python. The Monty Python seems to be around my neck, as if it is to put people like strangled. I really can't say that I very much like a snake, but they seem to Ryan. Really sorry that I have used the shovel in the back yard of my house and severing a Brown snakes. It is designed to protect our family dog. But the little dog was just trying to protect then just learn step by Ryan, because he wanted to play with the serpent. I really can't remember.

In any case, Ryan was selected to participate in the predator performance.

Managers put a dead rat in Ryan's arm, and then let the Owls flew to predation. I'm to Ryan's brave and proud.

My favorite activity is one of the area of the protection of birds feeding wild, like suck sweet parrot.

I found out that they seem to have little fear of people, very easily frightened. They like to stand on your head, then picking the tourists in the hands of the food. If they stay in you for more than five minutes, then you're lucky enough. These turquoise small Parrot has recently also on the global news headlines, hundreds of it seems drunk Parrot from the tree and the sky fell to the ground, they suddenly lose physical coordination, really seems drunk. The doctors suspected they were infected with some sort of filtration of toxicity or diet changes. Anyway, they've been in Ireland bar around idly.


Reserve has opened a $ 50 million in stadiums, is to provide accommodation of a Platypus.

This looks like a duck's lucky Beavers were really lucky,Their special appearance, even better than the world's six billion people have better House.

Kangaroos are lazy comfortable lying on the grass, most of them are on our small Pavilion with special foods are not interested, because they have been so many tourists feeding is full is full.

Our koalas reserve, one of the special treatment is to avoid tickets, because one of my brother in this work.

He gave us brought some steak and salad for lunch, there are a lot of desserts in the afternoon tea.

Ah, it's a beautiful day.

I don't care I t-shirt is not bite them, that's just crazy sheep brought me this happiness are valuable.

Life is a journey and you choose every road and make every action, every person you meet on the way, will create a completely new yourself.

Each of the twists and turns, bump, circuitous, turning is an adventure.

I often try to find those special moments of joy and comfort, as it is for them, life will become memorable, meaningful.

United States tourism new game: ghost house tour

Almost every historical cities will be spread haunted legends, such as the old House, haunted graveyard.

Many people believe that the United States, in the absence of Moonlight night listen the sound of the wind, you can tell from the inside out some lunatic screams. Today, the vast majority of cities in the United States have at least a travel agency offering specialized search haunted sites of tourist routes.

From Hollywood to New England, the United States there are already hundreds of haunted house tours, travel agencies, not only to their respective city's haunted areas clean sweep, and the degree of its mystery, as big and rendering to attract tourists.

Many city's haunted zone has a historical background and the spread of legend, for example, has many historical and cultural monuments of the city of Salem, Massachusetts, is developing 1690, witch trial of related sites.

A large number of curious tourists, Vampire lovers and mysterious people prefer to go to a mysterious phenomenon and Voodoo and famous New Orleans and Louisiana.


Voodoo and Voodoo religion comes from the translation in West Africa, is the oldest ancestor worship, everything has a spirit and lingshu original religious, somewhat like shamanism.

Voodoo is Benin's State religion, 60% of the nation, about 450 million people believed in. Popular in the West and the East from Nigeria Ghana West Africa countries, the belief in the nation with aromatic, about the Nuba tribes, are prevalent in Haiti and the Caribbean, the United States, southern Louisiana and South American States. Voodoo in aromatic language is the soul.

Cut the ghost house tour of development manager likes to describe himself as catching ghosts who will collect the legend of on-site investigation.

But visitors will experience breathtaking journey of learning the skills of the so-called catch ghost. For example, some travel agencies offer 101 catch ghost courses of action to attract tourists.

In accordance with Western customs, October 31, Halloween night is the night ghost aggregation, also called Halloween.

If during this year's Halloween, you find that there is a slight chill in the air, or if you want to make your own cool entertainment at the back fat, look up the city of legends.


White-knuckle train tour (photos)

Rocky Mountain

1. rocky mountain climbers train

Rocky mountain climbers train in British Colombia and of Alberta, Calgary or accurately Bernard four lines between each trip lasts two days and only run during the day, so you don't have to worry about missing any beauty, a temperate rainforests, waterfalls, canyons and skating rink, the landscape has more than 100 years of history.

Glacier Express

2. Glacier Express

This trip 170 miles long train will take you through the horse, Moliere, Switzerland, Bronte, 7 hour trip, you can see the beauty of glacier peak, low valleys, forests and streams.

Period, you will go through 91 291 bridges, tunnels and arched railway.

Scotland West

3. the Scottish West Highland line

In Glasgow and Malay House between the Scottish West Highland line passes through a series of lakes, marshes and winding coastline, however this may be the most famous is 100 feet south viaduct, is Harry Potter to Magic School of one of the fast lane.

Coast Starlight

4. Starlight coast

United States of this in Seattle and Los Angeles shuttle trains between SCEN has the Cascade Mountains, Northern California's desert region and volcano, and extends to the Pacific coast.


5. Venice simpeln Orient Express

The original Orient Express is famous in Hollywood culture, modern simpeln refurbished by the Orient Express of twenty or thirty years of the twentieth century, in buses such as London, Prague, Rome, Venice and Vienna, and other famous European cities have station.


6. Chihuahua Pacific Railway

Northern Mexico's most famous attractions for Chihuahua Pacific Railway.

The railway connects all continental cities Chihuahua and Pacific coast, until nearly a century of time-consuming, railway up the hills, winding characteristics so that it has the most dramatic in the Western Hemisphere by the closure of the train.

7. the Orient Express

This train connects Singapore Malaysia, Thailand and the Orient Express very luxurious, each car wall between the Orient Express are embedded cherry, but the scenery along the way: the more luxurious rain forests and mountains, temples, rubber plantations and rice fields.


8. Switzerland Bernina Express

Which trains can take you within four hours of glaciers from cold to warm to Palm tree?

This year in existence for 100 years of the Bernina Express. It will take you through the top of the Alps, meadows, forests, valleys, through 195 bridge, 55 tunnel.

Belt wheels Palace

9. take the wheel of the Palace

Sitting on the train of India, you will feel like Kings, train in luxurious decoration, pay attention to the culture of Rajasthan.

As their one-week trip will take travellers to visit India's cultural heritage, including the Taj Mahal.

Khan, train

10. Khan, train

If you want to visit Australia inland area, be sure not to miss the train.

In two days more than North-South shuttle 1852 miles, the southernmost reach Adelaide.

Inventory of the world's top souvenirs

1. the Bali batik cloth

If you walk in Bali, everywhere dressed in colorful batik cloth Lady; if you have entered the market, you will be seen everywhere in peddling colorful batik cloth.

This is a kind of melting wax printing of fabrics, colors, unique and colorful, why not take one back?

2. Italy, Venice Murano glass

Murano glass has a rich history.

It is said that all the glass workers are 1291, escaped from Venice, because they are worried about the wooden house is burning. After in Murano glass shop, was established as Europe's leading glass manufacturers.

3. the jewelleries Southwest

If you go to the southwest of the tour, you will have the opportunity to list here the necklace, jewelry, bracelet buckle ties and belts.

In Santa Fe to purchase more expensive, these might go to outdoor marketplace or online purchase.

4. the Persian carpets

Iran's carpet is the world's best.

Thanks to the ancient Persian family on a great deal of effort into creating a carpet take several months or even years. Other countries also imitate their design.

5. Wales, Potter pottery Meili-en

Potter pottery is made from Merida en naughty designer Susan-Williams-Elli and her husband in the 1960s.

Porter Meri en most recognized is inspired by the ancient plant books designed for the Botanical Garden.

6. Spain Flamenco songs

Flamenco dance is the Gypsy and Moore effect, resulting in Spain of an continental Western Asia.

In Madrid, Spain-used and other cities to listen to a live flamenco music and dance is very exciting.

7. Italy shoes

Milan is the world's fashion capitals.

Italy most fashion brand such as Gucci, Gianni Versace, Prada in Milan has its headquarters. If you want to save money, or you can try to buy online.

8. Australia di Giri du canal

Di Giri du canal in 1500 years ago is Australia's native products, by constantly vibrating lips and a special breathing methods to produce sound.

Di Giri du tube is an Australia hard wood into a musical instrument.

9. Sweden Crystal

Blown glass 2.5 century before Sweden's poems first manufacturing of acting polypeptide injection on immunocompetence.

The glass production acting polypeptide injection on immunocompetence poetry was founded in 1898, but know that 1925 Paris exhibition to great shine. Sweden is a high-quality glass and Crystal, but low-cost of defective parts.

10. Ireland sweater

Ireland sweater was hand-weaving, weaving machine is now generally or hand looms, mostly cream.

No matter whether you are in a cold Antarctic, Ireland sweater will keep warm.