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Passion expect 2011 most worth savoured countries (map)

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Reference data and compared to the previous online community user feedback information, self-help tour of the biblical Lonely invest in the author experience based on comprehensive analysis, lists the 2011 the most worth of ten countries.

1. Albania

Most worth to taste the country

The Balkans once a &; ldquo For the brave rdquo; prepare of&" Place, dares to visit also would sporadic several. But since the 1990s, mysterious Albania attracted some backpackers gaze. They deeply into this land, marveling at the beach, there the blue tempting cate, quite have the lasting appeal of sites and colorful nightlife. People of mouth, praised the thering is no lack of surprise adventure. Can foresee, this because unrest and the once from the reception of the country, will gradually open arms welcomed more visitors.

Brazil 2.

Most worth to taste the country

Mention Brazil, will think of samba, football and comely pieces. Enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained, have already become the pronoun of it. Here is thering is no lack of, and revel in 2011 is to let person expectations, because the 2014 World Cup and 2016 summer Olympic Games held in Rio DE janeiro. Brazil is embarking on planning, invest a huge perfect infrastructure, believe that with large hotel hotel emerging and changing traffic construction, visitors can enjoy the economy here again another experience.

Cape Verde 3.

Most worth to taste the country
Cape Verde

Cape Verde, like a little one-inch floating on a slice of ocean, as if carelessly will be ignored. But may be so casual glimpse, it captured the people''s attention. In recent years, have a large number of European tourists choose in winter to cape Verde, to pursue that warm and beautiful sunshine. Because in sea fortress, and creating a distinctive and open multiple personality, so it can always give visitors bring full surprise and cheerful unforgettable experience.

4. The republic of panama

Most worth to taste the country
The republic of panama

Panama is in Central America isthmus, connection, central and South America continent, communicate the Pacific and Atlantic, &; ldquo World rdquo; bridge of&" Said. Here multicultural, modern and traditional organic integration, have skyscrapers, container ship, clean vast ocean, lush tropical rainforests, can attract your attention things can be found everywhere.


5. Bulgaria

Most worth to taste the country

Bulgaria was a shining at this moment, in that the city, that the snow-capped peaks, that''s worth ski field, the golden beach on the coast and the old black sea port towns, people heard a loud voice in recounting the country proud. Unfortunately these years, its rays by those more famous neighbouring cover. However, in the new century, Bulgaria, after joining the European Union has found a new starting point, it actively introduce good cheap tourism resources, attracting Europe many tourists. Now the country is with confidence vigorous development.

6. Vanuatu

Most worth to taste the country

For those who seek truly experience of the traveler, vanuatu is not choice. From the mountains, thunderous waterfall to remote mountain village, from the huge lake to the tropical island of xiang-jia-ba away from downtown, here, the highlight everywhere. Certainly don''t expect here experience luxury resorts and enrich the nightlife, people come here to find in a traditional village in a family hotel, and enjoy a romantic and agreeable tranquility. This is a perfect eco-tourism route and guard 83 islands, you will see. Recent Australia, New Zealand, new caledonia, Fiji and Solomon islands have been opened many non-stop flights, you take time by the forelock and drove in everyone know before &; ldquo Feel adventurous & rdquo; Mr.

Italian 7.

Most worth to taste the country

This is a beautiful, glamour, fascinating country. Though news media are prime minister silvia dimension Mr Berlusconi control, embezzlement, bribery and sex scandal and economic news everywhere, also the downturn in, but this is not impede it become the world''s most magnificent of places. Because here are delicious food, plenty of sunshine, the beautiful scenery and rich flavor of the town. What is worth mentioning, this country with 44 UNESCO world heritage sites in the world, this is the no.1,

8. Tanzania

Most worth to taste the country

Tanzania, this is a witness miracle where mdash; of&" & mdash; Serengeti, grace LuoEnGe ROM, Kilimanjaro amraphel hellip; Zanzibar &, & hellip; Obviously, this is not all. LuA ha crowds of elephants, magni ara lake is climbing trees of gombe and salmon le lion, have chimpanzees shelter, plug Ross has large Numbers of jackals. A tumbling LuFei auspicious river have plenty of hippo, crocodile, with a beautiful sunset. In fact, here include the whole east African wildlife, including red colobus monkey, black rhinoceroses, tortoise and leatherback turtles and rush ba island fox bat. So, don''t think you informed, here there is always give you surprise.

Syria 9.

Most worth to taste the country

Heard Syrian President BaShaEr &; middot President assad with the American ambassador dialogue? Well, it was no joke. A few years after the cold war, Syria finally one receiver ferial &; ldquo Naughty, rebellious & rdquo; And begin moderate foreign relations. Here is a wonderful summer resort, a famous archaeological sites, local multivariate fusion custom culture is also worth mentioning window. To tourists, can buy the diabolo market in ha meters, go after finish something Ottoman empire palaces to sit down, think noble palmer summer is same, leisurely took the cup of capuccino.


Most worth to taste the country


Japanese tourist consumption pretty high, and English are not widely available, but this is a must-see tourist country. Local scenery &, beautiful scenery, there are many places of interest. Suggest you buy a railway travel coupons, close to experience about the sumo hometown. (compilation Emma)

Three Asian city beautiful metamorphosis

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The gulf coast waters of Singapore: slow life


Stepping into the gulf Hotel (richly vesteralen Fullerton our death), everyone felt like a star. The bar is located the open-air top, near by 25 meters long pool by well-known Hong Kong master builders thick people design. Singapore said elder brother fierce dock for red wharf, the colonial style old architecture of carrying countless singaporeans memories. Colonial south of immigrants, including many Chinese people, the first landing in Corinth, and fierce dock root in Singapore. Recently the rich Art Deco style''s fierce dock after modification, the change as the top 25 on the Bund Chinese restaurants.

Customs house''s building

Chinese Taipei: fashion and art to the end

Xinyi district Taipei''s future, the planning years of downtown, Taipei 101 is the tallest building located in recent years, a new action frequently. Recently let long-awaited unified came through nasty department store opened on the opening was Japan, clothing brand optimal garment library fans inundated with queuing to enter, a department store opening became a local each big media headlines, a wonder.

Unified came through nasty department

Address: Taipei xinyi district zhongxiao paragraph 8

Most call pleasure activists crazy way to settle in Taipei W hotel also xinyi district, the Taipei implanted fashion travelers territory. The originating in New York fashion design hotel group, actively in Asia to establish a new outlets, following the Hong Kong after, Taipei W will debut, dozen the highest prices banner of Taipei has caused not W, opened in the media attention, because W hotel is starwood hotels group in a young fashion brand, so in the nightclub on staff recruitment and it is not surprising that interview.


Address: Taipei 101 building tmchospital 5 paragraph 7

Huashan art zone

Address: 100 zhongzheng area eight DE road section 1

Transportation: take underground to good guide temple subway station

Taipei''s theater and the art space is very prosperous, in addition to the official Lord hurried and support of the orthodox performance, but also a more splendid theater, because is totally independent production, can play more crazy. Here you can find many Taiwan designers products, weekends here will not hold regular drops creativity fair.


Treasure rock

Transportation: take underground to mansion subway station

Seoul, South Korea: design

This year is the international industrial Design association Seoul biennial selected for the World Design are (World themselves, so also are 2010) from Design amateurs attention. The New York times, &; ldquo Wallpaper” Such media put choice for this year''s swim necessarily land. Select 50 Korea classical design by the most traditional legacy, palace architecture to modern technology products etc, to let the locals to Korea own cultural tradition to have a deeper understanding of it.

New urban planning

In the east gate of the most prosperous center will have a Zahid designed by Zaha Park Design Park (themselves).

The unique design of public space

At present the public buildings in Seoul has had many artisan works. If you only have the time in Seoul visit to a museum, it must be located in pear Thai court of the Um Lee him self Gallery. By the samsung group established museum in addition to collect of South Korea''s most valuable traditional cultural relics, including ceramics, calligraphy and painting, its modern architecture by three composed of museum is itself a exhibits.
Qing pool holes and more gulls pavilion fashion temple

Brigade of attention centered largely in Seoul scenic areas to the north of hanjiang river. By the Dutch design company Un Studio transformation of Galleria department store is located in the main artery more gulls pavilion, you can''t miss it.

Transportation: take underground to more gulls pavilion or qing pool hole subway station

Xinluo hotel

Peiss Seoul city is the most outstanding characteristic, however Seoul is not kept traditional doesn''t put bric-a-brac, but as far as possible let tradition with modern life generates new meaning. Walk into classical xinluo hotel, you can easily feel Seoul eager to innovate of desire.

Those stars speak of tourism group)

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Xu jinglei Sri Lanka

Pale as chrysanthemum quiet as "grey''s xu jinglei send out the mystery and simplicity temperament let Sri Lanka become more exciting. Sri Lanka''s Indian subcontinent south Indian Ocean island, a guaranteed grams every channel and northwest India peninsular across. &; ldquo Sri Lanka & rdquo; In SengGaLuo wen meaning is light and fertile land. Due to the beautiful scenery, Sri Lanka was acclaimed as &; ldquo The Indian Ocean pearl & rdquo; .

Singapore tourism image ambassador freddy adu

&; ldquo Very Singapore rdquo; of&" This new, influential tourism brand had been in China began, freddy adu affinitive tourism ambassador image also already thorough popular feeling. He himself successful experience extremely legend, the employment freddy adu as Singapore tourism image ambassador besides can use his popularity impact outside, still can convey Singapore is a dream and energetic and opportunities for the city. To Singapore tourism, gourmet, shopping, culture as little also not, they blend mutually, the extraordinary splendour confused is shown. Wandering in the tropical jungle in, through the beautiful streets between, wonderful among them, enough of your pleasures.

Thailand pattaya tourism image ambassador -- - kournikova


Pattaya tourist area notoriously sun, sand, seafood kn goods, known as the &; ldquo Oriental Hawaii & rdquo; , is a world famous emerging seaside tourism resorts. Located in the capital Bangkok southeast 154 miles, India peninsula and the Malay peninsula between Siam Thailand place, urban area of more than 20 square kilometers, boasts beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, annual average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. Every year has 200 to 300 times, hundreds of people attended the international conference held here, Annual tourists 100 million person-time, foreign exchange income over TaiBi more than 70 billion Zhu Thailand''s tourism, one of the important pillars.

Pattaya originally unknown until the 1970s, is still a small fishing village, sparsely inhabited by kinds of sweet potatoes for living. The locals In 1961, the Thai government found here crescent like seaside has its advantageous tourist conditions, then dial out special fund and encouraging foreign investment and development. Pattaya thus be delimited zones, fastly developeld, fame.

Nowadays, pattaya has developed into a nearly 10 million tourist city, whenever night lights, big stores, hotel, dance halls, neon lights flashing, nightclub features on both side of the street pavilion kfir-style small bar, pop music encroachment along the streets, and the road pedestrians jostle each other, pedestrians, working all night. Forty kilometers of pattaya beach sunny, come the blue sky, was silver, homing MaoTing, xiaolou villa set in red tiles, which leaves between eastern tropical unique scenery, relaxed and happy making a person, is a good seashore swimming pool. Sea water skiing, surfing, slippery parachute etc water entertainment activities stimulate, at the southern tip of orchid island beach can be still a transparent long bottom transparent long tail ship appreciate undersea colourful coral wonders and tropical fish. Night has colorful fireworks decorated with pattaya night sky. Hundreds of seat modernization guesthouses, restaurants, seafood library as tourists romantic journey to grace luster. City inside can taste to taste beautiful seafood dishes, to buy cheap goods.

American tourism image ambassador -- - ChenHuiShan


ChenHuiShan was born in Hong Kong, small family emigrated to the U.S., where accept education, therefore, local all be regarded as her half a home.

On the screen ChenHuiShan speak always seemed to slowly, but like a gentle stream into other people''s heart. Sedate dignified in youth, there is no lack of again not inflexible; Her appearance does not envy, neither cho-yee qing chun, nor comfortable qi''s charm, but temperament but has its own a charm, never invain vulgar. She''s atmosphere, perhaps is American invite the graceful wisdom of the Chinese actress as tourism ambassador reason!

08 tourism ambassador mdash; GangJie of&" GaoHaiNing

Miss Hong Kong selection is Hong Kong annual event, many stars are born, GangJie GangJie dai natural is first selection.

Swim Hong Kong

Swim Hong Kong food heaven

Hong Kong, a regular cate heaven. Hong Kong featuring the western diet culture, the fusion of many different diet culture trait, geographically again with mainland China connection and get the essence of Chinese dishes, and it is an international metropolis has throughout Asia and western universal delicacies. Hong Kong area, though small size dining room more than 9000, and different areas and have unique features, the choice of diet is various, you can eat a great time!

Romantic houseful South Korea

South Korea all the stars

South Korea''s love scene are notoriously, touching, will explode of also have. Sweeping the globe of youth, &; ldquo Hallyu & rdquo; Culture is a big part of originated in han drama and transmission of influence. Therefore, the location of Korean dramas shooting location is now a popular tourist scenic spot, government hit star brand publicity Korea tourism is of course the most sensible choice.

To pure African give you an incredible banish trip

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Africa, in the eyes of the living beings, seem to be more just poverty and backwardness of pronoun, the people here still struggle in favoring, suffering various illnesses and even war, perhaps this is the world''s most unfortunate corner one, perhaps is the world''s most lack happy place hellip; of&" & hellip;

Incredible banish trip

Indeed, most of Africa does not have developed regions with advanced, most well-developed people lived ragged, where many don''t have enough time, however, it also means that no sex and the city lights is green, materialistic. God is always fair, and always will be equally good with disappointment to everyone''s hand, will lose. In this piece of primitive close continent also has a sensational unique original charm, sex and the city is can copy, then primeval nature is irreplaceable! Because the irreplaceable to pure natural, here is actually in the world the most one of laughter, people here corner with nature''s footsteps, sunrise and stopped work at sunset, they will not be greedy want to put all the time on the bacon above, they know in the interim occasionally stop to enjoy the most beautiful grassland sunset!

Incredible banish trip

You have to admit that it is not a fit for modern life continent, climate too extreme, but it is an extreme weather, and creating a African beauty to extremely natural wonders: the rift valley, Kilimanjaro "volcano, Congo river, the Sahara desert, Victoria among and migration of ever-roaring animal hellip; of&" & hellip; If, one day you don''t want to blend into sex and the city of cross-flow materialistic, if you want to put yourself into exile in nature to enjoy pure and halcyon, give yourself a train trip to Africa, will be one of the best choice for you, of course, the premise is you need enough courage and enough tourism outdoor experience, but in order to make life move like water, and like an 18-hour stop water gradually!

Banish trip first stop: ancient Egypt

Incredible banish trip

From pyramid to the great sphinx, from pharaoh''s graveyard to Athena temple &; hellip & hellip; We found that, in ancient Egypt sites in every corner of the: the graveyard, steles, sculpture, and the vessels, decoration, painting & hellip; & hellip; Almost all can find a called &; ldquo Sphinx & rdquo; Odd patterns, they are all without exception is detached, despite the beast expression in endless and same, but they are by people, lion, ox, eagle composed. Maybe we can call it the &; ldquo Sphinx phenomenon rdquo; of&" Or &; ldquo Sphinx rdquo; cultural and .

This kind of phenomenon or cultural seems to take a trend of spreading, past and present, from inside to outside. In the South American Rockies, in and gain afooting Japanese island nation, in the roof of the world of Tibetan buddhist temple, and that many other places in the world, we can find this similar to person beast fit things. These things often as a symbol of divine carry a sacred animals appear, they can save human to come in, is able to cure or raised human hero, even can directly to condescend to save is step by step towards the downfall of human social & hellip; & hellip;

Perhaps, from which we can conclude corollary: this sphinx is the human beings Shared memory? Also is say that, everything is homologous, we humans also happened to another kind of spirit of common pursuit. The pursuit of deep in our memory, from the ancient times comes, in a history and reality, the intersection of the gains enough energy after that it will once again with life image suddenly presented in front of our eyes. Maybe we should no longer in the historical journey to a standstill, but should loitered big strides-and, to go boldly explore past, present and future of truth.

Banish trip the second stop: Kenya prairie

Incredible banish trip

Kenya magdaleno shammah pull wildlife reserve and is the largest animal reserves, east area of 1670 square km, amplitude are so vast. For those used to the modern life urbanite, sit on old jeep jolted along sightseeing is indeed a kind of brand-new experience. In leave you so nearly anywhere, by twos and threes parked some zebras, very leisurely to chew hay, or something. A group of giraffes slowly leans over, silence, as if glances at our eye, but also the light. Not long again saw rhino, baboons and some other animals. Interesting is that they are very quiet.

Far heaven wafted a hot-air balloon, here can take this special vehicle savannah and grasslands overlooking the animals. See individual like it, although compared to open to expand the vision, but I always thought in such a distinctive appears in world a colourful momma, although very adventurer of style, but how also is a very funny things. Moreover, not personally to the land, trip to Africa still have what meaning?

Protection area still living with the natives, let us can see Africa true master of real life. Marseille people lived in use clay and cow muck built little house, and is very low, generally no Windows. The local tourism development after getting up, marseille man will no longer to hunting, instead of the cows, sheep and oxen and sometimes they live in the same room. This kind of people and animals get along while it is perhaps the most natural. With other tourism is different, Martha Myra marseille, people can''t use some obvious small trick to attract customer, that is how they live selfishly, ignore those curious glance, as thousands of life the same. The tempo of life there is slow, and aspects of people didn''t have much to work toward objects. Short house bird loose recline old lady, years of invasive made her dark skin look some hair gray, but the eyes still is qing Ming, she does not ignore people crowd, so transfixed looked at a direction, solidification, or years when no movement. Looking at that moment will not look, the heart of which a place have what touches.

Banish trip the third stop: the rift valley

Incredible banish trip

The rift valley is the world''s biggest continent, from satellite photographs fault look like a huge rift valley satellite pictures scars. When flew over into the Indian Ocean, facing east African continent, from above the equator JiChuang down look on the ground, there is a huge &; ldquo Daogen & rdquo; Presented in the present, suddenly let a person produce an amazing and mysterious feeling, this is the famous &; ldquo The rift valley & rdquo; , also called &; ldquo East African grand canyon rdquo; of&" Or &; ldquo East Africa rdquo; large trench of&" . This the earth''s circumference length equal to one in six rift, momentum magnificent, scenery, is the world''s largest rift with, someone vividly dubbed it &; ldquo The earth of the epidermis a big scar & rdquo; Somehow, through the ages fascinated by many people.

The rift valley is the oldest human civilization headstreams, the late 1950s, in the rift valley to the west of the east branch, Tanzania DuWei valley, northern arcane found a prehistoric man''s skull fossils, according to the determination of analysis, survival dating feet have 200 million years, this scull fossil is named for &; quot east African warriors East africans &; quot . In 1972, in the rift valley north of lake turkana, unearthed a harness the survival has 290 million years of the skull, its offerings with modern very approximate, considered has completed from the ape to man a transitional phase of typical &; quot Hotshots &; quot .

According to relevant geologists estimate, in the coming 100 million years or so, cracks will continue to expand, when the horn of Africa will be completely off from the African continent on earth, forming mdash; eighth continent of&" & mdash; East Africa. This discovery stir in the scientific world. In 2006, from Britain, France, Italy and America''s expedition came to o method. Through analysis and study, they predicted a new continent will be formed in million years, the rift valley will now long than 10 times, the eastern African fleur du cap from continent Africa separation. To this, American geologists Cindy - YiBinGe said: &; ldquo Many people believe that severe geological phenomena occur only remote antiquity, but now we can see them is happening. & rdquo;

The rift valley future destiny how? Perhaps mankind only remains to be seen.

Banish trip the fourth stop: Victoria falls

Incredible banish trip

Victoria falls in its shape, size and voice are well known in the world, is a spectacle. While waterfall &; ldquo Rainforests & rdquo; And mozambique for theo figure Virginia/Victoria falls the zhuang scene smooth added a few minutes of feminine charm. &; ldquo Rainforests & rdquo; The waterfall is facing a precipice elder green woods (but the grassland around during the dry season when losing green). It is formed by the waterfall hydrosphere wet microclimate grow very exuberant. As one of the attractions here, &; ldquo Rainforests & rdquo; Like all immersed in the fog, even if it''s sunny is no exception.

In August and December in the dry season, mo theo figure of Virginia/Victoria falls entire width can be panoramic, but now the levels could be very low. To flood season (march to may), the scene become astounding. The swelling of the zambezi river, with ten wrath wave FeiXie and potential of the dry season, flow of the 15 times.

It is said that in a long time ago, Victoria falls below the deep pond, every day show a group of pure as jade girl, they can day and night is pecking afrikanerisms JinGu, when the JinGu of drum the sound from underwater spread, the waterfall would spread thundering roar. Not and in a short while, girls began to surface, they donned multicoloured under the irradiation of clothes in the sun, send out a golden light reflection to the sky, people can in a few kilometers see beautiful rainbow. They lithe and graceful dance stirring the water spray forming, into the boundless cloud.

Now, if visitors standing in the waterfall opposite precipice, take the handkerchief waterfall splashed will be under wet splash.

Banish trip fifth stop: mount Kilimanjaro

Incredible banish trip

Mount Kilimanjaro gib summit has a diameter 2400 meters, deep 200 meters of craters, mouth inside the walls is glittering and translucent immaculate huge ice, bottom stood huge icicles, ice and snow, like huge jade bowl.

There climate is hot, but at the crater rock that is covered with 80 meters thick ice. Peak often cloud and mist curl up, like hood a layer of the veil. Only at dusk occasionally YunXiaoWuSan, when even in 200 miles of place, also can see by the sun as colourful snow crown. At present it is still an active volcano.

Mount Kilimanjaro national parks and forest reserves fill up the whole mount Kilimanjaro and around the mountain forest. Mount Kilimanjaro national park by trees line above all the mountains and across the mountain forest belts six forest corridor composition. Mount Kilimanjaro is surrounded by mountains, live there many mammals, such as elephants, lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, zebra, antelope, wild boar, monkeys and birds, they are generally not active attack humans. Here you can see giraffes are stretched out a long neck in eat leaves, Large African elephant in the woods and swinging, groups of bird flew, chubby boar long a pair of long incisors, are looking for worms and soil arch Swarms of zebra in the woods foraging & hellip; & hellip; (especially declare: this paper pictures selected from network, no special copyright notice, if have the copyright dispute, tencent tourism is not responsible for)

To the death of love animal model of envy lovers

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In order to express love constancy, mankind established the valentine''s day, actually, in nature, there are also many animals in love, be rated as animal model for a lifetime lovers.

1, BaiE parrot

Animal model of lovers

When two parrots together of the time they will often comb feathers, and for each other while partners die, another will soon die, be rated as birds melancholy of romeo and Juliet.

2, tamarin

Animal model of lovers

This originated in Brazil''s tamarin will put 99% of time in and spouse spent together, so people see when they always out of double dates.

3, emperor penguin

Animal model of lovers

Their eyesight is very good, can be in thousands of crowded together of its kind in quickly find their partner. But for human beings, all the emperor penguin is a shape.

4, chimpanzees

Animal model of lovers

This clever primates is XiangJingRuBin good husband and wife. When two chimpanzees together, mutually tickling is their favorite activities.

5, elephants

Animal model of lovers

Generally speaking, the male elephant during courtship period in order to obtain heart often don''t eat not to drink, hunger strike to show that, while female elephants palpitations would test the other four years commonly agreed to knot.

6, red fox

Animal model of lovers

Polygamy in animal is a very common phenomenon, and this red fox is strictly follows the monogamous rules, raising the next generation is their common responsibility.

7, North America grasslands rats

Animal model of lovers

Although it''s not humble, but when their spouses the dead or missing, this kind of small animals will be lifelong not marry (marry), in order to express his love.

Traveling abroad will know how duty-free shopping common sense: tax drawback

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Traveling abroad, many people avoid to crazy shopping, understand a shopping some overseas tax sense it is also very necessary. Recently, several tourists by dahuang at customs, be rigorously seized its carrying new-purchased LV handbags entry undeclared, result value, is filed off-gauge processing. You know what circumstance overseas shopping to declare pay tax? Do you know what is the row duty-free shopping? It is intended to teach you & mdash; & mdash;

Go abroad shopping
Chinese tourists overseas buy luxury goods market increasing.

Practical courses from 1 to shopping value-added tax overseas

Many people go abroad shopping is often blunt cheap, to declare tax policy don''t know much. Due to the lack of consciousness to purchase goods returned from abroad, or not taxed exactly how many quantity of goods reach taxed standard, so in their entry without declare dutiable goods. We would remind note: carry overseas goods entry, beyond the scope of the need for a reasonable quantity according to regulations tax rate from 10% to 50%, differ, such as cosmetics rate is 50%, video all-in-one PC, digital camera, etc shall be levied at the rate of 20%.

2010 August 19, the customs general administration promulgated the 54 announcement also clearly stipulates: 1, entering passengers carrying in overseas residents obtain for imported self-use articles, GDP in rmb5,000 within (including 5000 yuan), Non-resident passengers carrying intends to stay in China for imported self-use articles, gross in 2000 yuan less than (including 2,000 yuan), the customs will be released free, single species limit self-use, reasonable quantity, but tobacco and alcohol products and provisions of the state shall levy 20 of the goods of other according to relevant regulations. 2, inward residents passengers carrying beyond 5000 yuan RMB for imported self-use articles, the customs audit is indeed self-use, Entering a non-resident passengers carrying intends to stay in China for imported self-use articles exceeds RMB 2,000 yuan, the customs only for excess part for imported self-use articles on taxation, indivisible piece goods, full taxing.

Watch, computer, famous brand bag are many Chinese tourists abroad often purchase the goods, and these goods prices tend to exceed 5000 yuan, buy entry must declare to the customs, tax and deal with formalities of, undeclared or false tax return shall bear legal responsibility.

Import tariff reference list

Applicable 10% tax items: food, shoe, medical care, hairdressing apparatus, hutch defends, furniture, Musical Instruments, etc.

Applicable tax rate of 20% items: videotape, av appliance, computer and its accessories etc.

Applicable tax items: 30% of golf and ball to provide, high-grade watch.

Applicable 50% tax items: cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco.

Practical courses from 2. Shopping can enjoy duty-free service abroad

DFS provide one-stop shopping services, tax exemption globally have stores.

Page1: know duty free

Tax exemption, on imported commodities, refers to exempt from import tariff and import value-added tax, this part taxes according to the variety of goods on different tax rates is also different. Because for the mainland is concerned, cosmetics and cigarettes, liquor rate is very high, so a tax-free shop in the cosmetics, cigarettes, liquor price also is a lot cheaper than outside.

Every country duty free shopping way is different, such as shopping, then a tax-free shop in South Korea provide passport and return ticket, after shopping cannot take away when, should be in return at the airport pick up the goods, no amount and time limitation. In Japan can show me your passport and ticket, please directly buy free items. Hong Kong duty free practical is false, because Hong Kong is itself a free port, no tariffs, so you don''t need any formalities. In Europe any shop to buy goods, then with invoice to the airport tax refund.

Page2: universal duty is recommended

From 1995 in Guam opened the first DFS, so far, has 13 DFS of large-scale one-stop high-quality goods mall & mdash; DFS, throughout the world, from about 2,000 square meters area to 16,000 square meters. Include in Auckland, Bali, Keynes and gold coast, Guam, Hong Kong (two), Honolulu, Okinawa and saipan, Singapore, Sydney and Taiwan. DFS pooling world famous brand products, is the international travelers good shopping choice.

Page3: global airport duty free

Go abroad shopping
Zurich, Switzerland, airport at the duty-free shop

ZURICH, Switzerland, ZURICH airport

Shopping index: u u u u

The most value of a purchase: chocolate, saber and watch.

Star brand: work, Calvin Klien, Versace surrounds, stillbirth and Mexx.

The price level: can enjoy duty-free.

Shopping environment: Zurich airport is like a comprehensive town, there are busy streets and squares, bustling shops and charming cafes and restaurants.

Special services: the service here is really convenient, and is the top services.

Fault-finding: the airport area for 683 hectares, FeiTiLi superior person cannot fully and.

Experience: Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, is the world financial center. Here except a busy streets and squares and bustling shop outside, charming cafes and restaurants here is another big characteristic.

Zurich airport is extremely attractive shopping heaven, this is not just because there are numerous, but also because MingPinDian here still can buy real duty-free or value-added goods. Located at the third check - in nearby on Outlet, it is to let person most recalling Shopping paradise. In the area of 1000 square meters large supermarkets, AirportOutlet with extremely attractive price (highest discount can reach 50%) for customers from work, CalvinKlien, Versace surrounds, stillbirth and Mexx and other international famous brand clothing, jewelry and jewelry. In addition, don''t forget to watch it in Zurich, international airport was singing protagonist.

Go abroad shopping
Singapore changi international airport is recognized as a lot of brands.

Singapore CHANGI international Airport CHANGI on

Shopping index: u u u u

The most value of a purchase: cosmetics, perfume.

Star brand: chanel, elegant shi landai.

The price level: Singapore shopping prices generally than Hong Kong slightly tall. But the airport seems better than the city cheap. In addition,''s changi airport at the duty-free shop often make some promotional activities, such as buy three pieces or more give you 5% discount, etc.

Special services: Singapore airport service is humanization, on no.1 boarding a fitness center, fitness, beauty, massage, watching movies and even swim all can.

Shopping environment: large and comfortable, rather, there are two terminal during nearly 40 catering booth, have more than 100 distribution of goods stores.

There are two fault-finding:''s changi airport terminal, although can take free small train shuttle pictures, but still feel inconvenience.

Experience: a tax-free shop, brand shop and catering bar dotted, material abundance. Here the cosmetics than Singapore city cheaper, but still seemed enemy nevertheless Hong Kong airport, but some only in a tax-free shop sold exclusively Q version perfume suit, protect skin to taste a suit or colour makeup dish very cost-effective. Once there had bought a set of elegant shi landai skin suit and eye frost + day cream + late frost 1000 yuan fore also has a very classic black paint handbags, giving back in saite see a few sample added up to 2,000 yuan DaBuZhu, stole all happy for a long time.

Allegedly chanel in Singapore airport is also very cheap, is worth purchasing, because I don''t chanel, so not actual investigation to verify. Besides cosmetics perfume category, strongly suggest departure from Singapore to bring some cigarettes when husbands, dad. Smoke crazy cheap, almost each home will carry on two Chinese.

With domestic airport opposite is, in''s changi airport repast price incredibly than urban much cheaper, almost grades of seafood small chaffy dish, per capita than before in the city low five pieces of Singapore dollars.

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Hong Kong international airport are jam-packed shops and restaurants.


Chinese HONG KONG international airport about if KONG

Shopping index: u u u u u

The most value of a purchase: cosmetics, famous brand sunglasses.

Star brand: Cartier, hermes, Chanel, dior gucci, sui, achieve miraculous fendi repeatedly, prada, versace surrounds.

The price level: from 10 hk dollar small souvenir to frequently yuan brand names.

Shopping environment: the airport is AD hoc shopping corridor, has more than 200 shops and restaurants.

Special services: there are 19 equipment whole all the baby''s room, convenience for passengers to the baby''s diapers and feeding.

The duty free shop carping: than downtown salsa, cosmetics cosmetics store expensive, haha because the quality is guaranteed.

Experience: Hong Kong airport in gibeon place is jam-packed shops and restaurants, basically from one into the airport to box I is the purchase.

Outside the area to food is in the majority, also has sell Disney memorabilia, traveling bags bags, watch etc. Terminal box projects is top international cosmetics, clothing, bags, perfume, jewelry and so on luxury goods is in the majority. I would suggest that you have your boarding formalities, in the box with ease Kuang around; New York and fun and interesting goods can be caught my eye, thinking what to relatives and take what gifts. Have an area is specially sell duty-free cigarettes, prices are much cheaper than at home, especially those in domestic sell very expensive YangYan and foreign wine, less high taxes, here are a lot cheaper, packing also very delicate. Sell top brands at the duty-free shop is I will go to land, perfume and all kinds of cosmetics, skin care products, replete with sales people are very professional, and don''t worry goods shelf life, girls like to most of the time stay here. There is also a large the toy shop is also my favorite of wonderfully mischievous people and other places, toys as the variety of Hong Kong''s toysrus and many are in domestic see the elves of eccentric toys. The grocery store near check-in area is often I finally stay place, will put them on all finished, hk $carry some Hong Kong characteristics of food to buy family.

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The Dutch schipol airport Schiphol

Shopping index: u u u

The most value of a purchase: Asiatic cosmetics limited perfume, cosmetics not only than domestic early many, and the price is much cheaper.

Star brand: cosmetics, electrical appliances

The price level: a few pieces of the euro gadgets to several thousand euros, compared with the electrical everything shopping feasibility.

Special services: the airport has a big casinos

Shopping environment: beer and skittles facilities

Fault-finding: time not enough use.

Experience: relative to the rest of the world, the Dutch airport tax refund also more convenient and comfortable.

Things pour also is not cheap, everything before you buy a bit spectrum, perfume heart must class except limit basic have nothing to buy, because the price with domestic almost, skincare if himself the spectrum at, can TaoHuan once, because here often have preferential, often very good value. Sometimes a particular brand stores can still follow the same place a promotion stall, and this time met the right things must laid hands on him!

Dress kind thing relative cosmetics for some scattered, the scale is not large also, because of go to the airport to catch the plane, are compared in a hurry, typically does not try to try it on, so you don''t understand something special, do not recommend commonly buy.

A small electrical or something, there''s also, although as Germany cheap, but it''s still pretty than domestic to affordable. Tobacco candy this kind thing, compared with other similar airport seem not too many advantages.

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British London heathrow airport duty free

British London Heathrow airport London Heathrow

Shopping index: u u ☆ painted

The most value of a purchase: pipe, cut tobacco.

Star brand: love MaShi, chanel, Dunhill.

The price level: quite high.

Shopping environment: very elegant, very British style.

Special services: recent British airport because some terrorist attacks, became stricter, somewhat like &; ldquo 9-11 & rdquo; When the United States.

Fault-finding: what are both good, except for the price.

Experience: the airport shops that the biggest characteristic of expensive, literally eat a snack to drink a cup of coffee will be eight pounds. The selling merchandise, than from London downtown shops to buy the cheaper. Airport through place, have special drawback window. It is particularly noteworthy a selling cosmetics brand shop large scale, the product category is quite complete, each kind of perfume, everything. From loreal and card Neil to arden, JiaoLan, clinique, Europe ShuDan, SISLEY, HR, estee lauder, JiaoYunShi, endorser, CDS, CHANEL, Laprairie everything, and through and sales personnel''s communication, there is usually a small gift. The only make people don''t understand is as British home famous brand, but bodyshop at heathrow tapes its trail, the streets of London and the body shop store everywhere form bright contrast.


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French Paris Charles DE gaulle airport

French Paris Charles DE Gaulle airport, Charles DE Gaulle

Shopping index: u u u u

The most value of a purchase: champagne, chocolate.

Star brand: Cartier, Hermes.

The price level: the airport within the duty-free shop commodity prices and no difference of Paris.

Shopping environment: a total of 220 stores, shops, various kinds of service 166 home 111 bar and 9 hotel.

Equipped with a special service: speak Chinese staff.

Fault-finding: a tax-free shop amount little, especially cosmetics brand and variety than Paris city much less.

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Bangkok international airport in many commodities, and many clerk can speak Chinese.

BANGKOK international airport in BANGKOK

Shopping index: u u ☆ painted

The most value of a purchase: British pharmacy brand BOOTS

Star brand: loreal and HR, SISILY

The price level: the consumer is not high.

Shopping environment: the airport duty-free shop covers a large area.

Special services: because a language barrier, so have a good service is the feeling is not very true ah.

Fault-finding: duty of label is not clear.

Experience: a tax-free shop is very big, the price is not really cheap aside from, only is two large area of cosmetics consumption areas will let the girl, and have been to linger over the people most impressive is probably loreal brand products all types of goods, price material benefit, in domestic task without loreal man skin care products, there is already from washing a face to prevent bask in fully furnished.

Someone says Thailand airport commodities without plane the cheap, also have indeed news that Thailand airport commodity tax increased. But the Bangkok airport BOOTS products, is still lower than Hong Kong, while packing is very big, very suitable for store home slowly with. While there are still quite a few luxuries outlets airport, although preferential not many, but not all style is new.

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Munich airport duty free

German MUNICH airport MUNICH

Shopping index: u u u u

The most value of a purchase: beer, big brands jewellery, watches, perfume, steel products, fashion, handicrafts, books.

Star brand: Airbrau restaurant

The price level: inexpensive, very is value added.

Shopping environment: the species richness, the price also pretty reality.

Special services: Munich airport with the world''s only airport NiangJiuChang.

Fault-finding: shopping, extremely easy missed the flight was later. Tax refund location was very remote hard to find.

Munich airport terminal shopping distinguish no.1 and 2 terminal two area, totaling 130 shops, no.1 terminal shops in public areas, and main terminal no.2 is set in the shop and carry-on baggage passenger after security.

Germany''s commodity usually give the impression that beauty cheap characters are more &; ldquo Munich, A shopper''s paradise & rdquo; Reputation, and Munich airport is both the German business all advantages & mdash; & mdash; Large scale, contents abundant, competitive price and good quality. Here except for a world famous designers of high-grade duty free, tourism value shop, stores and souvenir shops besides, still have various leisure food choices. From the fast-food restaurant to ldquo; of&" The beatles & rdquo; Restaurant five-in-one package, can make the guest stroll HIGH, then eat HIGH. Among them with the most unique Airbrau restaurant.

Munich airport with the world''s only airport NiangJiuChang, is icehotel in Munich airport center, the Bavarian beer garden beside Airbrau. Store has since beer device, shop outside it is at a tree has spent open-air meal seats. Beer of course points since brewed beer or HeiPi white, but it also depends on their hangovers and decide, bai bei accachment, cleaner, HeiPi is thick some, massiness and some. And here the beer also like the airport as commodity prices, is very overflow, a glass of as long as three or four euro just.

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Dubai is the world famous luxury buy the cheapest one of duty-free shop

Dubai International airport Dubai International

Shopping index: u u u u u

The most value of a purchase: watch, loreal cosmetics, duty-free cigarettes.

Star brand: big very full, Ysl, endorser, such as shiseido makeup is tasted and rolex, omega, treasure cypress, 100 age, IWC, indigestion, kadeya''s etc. Watch all in.

The price level: protect skin to taste very cheap.

Shopping environment: free territory of 9,000 square meters, facilities and luxuriant, the world famous brand and keep pace with Europe and amongst the popular fashion make it become truly world-class shopping airport.

Special services: shopping can brush card, is dollars, dean lahm can all, depriving the Chinese general dual-currency credit card local currency the poundage 1.5%.

Fault-finding: family are looking forward to the Arab dried fruit a hugely disappointing. A pack of 500g of dried fruit probably want to sell around 50rmb, and after opening, found it very tide, still be inferior to Beijing supermarket tastes good.

Experience: dubai international airport is called the busiest airport, goods or passengers, there are more than 100 foreign airlines use dubai airport. 9,000 square meters at the duty-free shop sales breakthrough in 2005 21 billion ($5.9 billion di lahm) performance become the world''s third-largest airport duty free, its luxuriant facilities, the world famous brand and keep pace with Europe and the popular fashion make it become truly world-class shopping places.

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Japan narita airport in Tokyo recommend purchasing: Japanese snacks, wine, digital products

Japan narita airport in Tokyo

Shopping index: u u ☆ painted

The most value MIKIMOTO jewelry a purchase:


The price level: if you less sensitive to price, still can enjoy many shopping pleasure.

Shopping environment: the environment is excellent, staff service attitude is also good, let you are god''s feeling.

Special services: god wondrously enjoy service personnel''s bowing and scraping.

Fault-finding: Japanese brands skincare price instead more expensive, absolute not worth in the purchase.

Narita airport in Japan has the most duty-free shop. In addition to the world famous brand shop, and all kinds of restaurants for you to enjoy the food.

Narita duty free environment is excellent, vending sister''s attitude is also good, bowing and scraping let you are god''s feeling. However, when god is needed to pay for it. Here the commodity prices are not cheap, especially Japanese characteristic commodity, food, small appliances, japanese-style clothing etc, are better than Tokyo stores of expensive. Of course, if you don''t too sensitive to price, still can enjoy many shopping pleasure.

Japanese is the most famous brand, ahab narita airport at the duty-free shop in nature is little not various ablaze, for instance: TIFFANY big of& amp; Co., SalvatoreFerragamo, RMES, BVLGARI, EMPORIO CARTIER, ARMANI, RALPHLAUREN, CELINE, BURBERRY, Gucci, Dunhill, COACH, ETRO, MIKIMOTO, SHISEIDO, etc.

Japan narita airport in Tokyo recommend purchasing: Japanese snacks, wine, digital products

Japan narita airport in Tokyo

Shopping index: u u ☆ painted

The most value MIKIMOTO jewelry a purchase:


The price level: if you less sensitive to price, still can enjoy many shopping pleasure.

Shopping environment: the environment is excellent, staff service attitude is also good, let you are god''s feeling.

Special services: god wondrously enjoy service personnel''s bowing and scraping.

Fault-finding: Japanese brands skincare price instead more expensive, absolute not worth in the purchase.

Narita airport in Japan has the most duty-free shop. In addition to the world famous brand shop, and all kinds of restaurants for you to enjoy the food.

Narita duty free environment is excellent, vending sister''s attitude is also good, bowing and scraping let you are god''s feeling. However, when god is needed to pay for it. Here the commodity prices are not cheap, especially Japanese characteristic commodity, food, small appliances, japanese-style clothing etc, are better than Tokyo stores of expensive. Of course, if you don''t too sensitive to price, still can enjoy many shopping pleasure.

Japanese is the most famous brand, ahab narita airport at the duty-free shop in nature is little not various ablaze, for instance: TIFFANY big of& amp; Co., SalvatoreFerragamo, RMES, BVLGARI, EMPORIO CARTIER, ARMANI, RALPHLAUREN, CELINE, BURBERRY, Gucci, Dunhill, COACH, ETRO, MIKIMOTO, SHISEIDO, etc.

Practical courses in duty free shopping subscribers 4. How drawback

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Overseas shopping remember tax refund

Outside the duty free shopping consumption of duty-free way has two kinds: it is a site drawback, namely trade amount does not contain should pay taxes, but the prerequisite is that you must fulfill the government regulation of tax refund formalities, otherwise entitled to merchants from your credit card should pay taxes of the patch buckle, 2 it is afterwards drawback, namely the amount of tax to deal in your merchants containing fulfil tax refund formalities TuiShuiE returned again after you will to your credit card. First, please understand that before going abroad to the national tax rebate rules, and keep an eye on the following:

(1) shopping when carefully read the terms of tax rebates and sign after pressure card, while a copy, and the other two couplet into merchants have for tax refund formalities leave to use,

(2) the departure (such as when shopping sites of eu countries is to leave the journey last eu countries) should deal with drawback at the customs, the customs formalities verify that buys goods and tax rebates will be in the remaining two after LianTui tax stamp, a load provided by the merchant envelopes and devote airport tax refund mailbox, Another copy retain, once produce dispute, this sheet can be used as the dispute solution certificate.

(3) if no pass to finish the tax refund formalities, can be in after returning home to a GLOBAL return group (BlUE) request for help, GLOBAL optimisation techniques in its Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other places designated drawback points continue to deal with formalities.

Countries shopping drawback regulations

Asian countries

Thailand: in Thailand shopping must extra 10% tax, but refund amount due to deduct poundage, therefore is back 8% and 9%. In Thailand application refund the value must be no less than 5,000 baht ($RMB 1000 yuan), and every mall shopping consumption must have at least 2,000 Thai baht, purchased goods required to purchase within 60 days from carried abroad.

Korea: purchase in South Korea once won 50,000 gross more goods, and in commodities purchased 3 months after carrying out of South Korea, may apply for refund, special consumption tax and value-added tax, after receiving a tax-free shop defense customs send back to within 20 days after shopping certificate, will refund amount remit us to customers. In addition, visitors if you need the purchased goods mailed back, need to show to customs mail receipt proof, mail, then the buyer needed poundage of refund deducted.

Japan: the same big department stores within one day shopping full 1 million yen above, but by passport and receipt, in this department store drawback 5%.

Singapore: purchase more than 300 proterozoic products can apply for tax refund. When shopping your passport, stores will give you a duty-free shopping invoice. Took the invoice may in Singapore airport for tax refund formalities.

Oceania countries

Australia: most countries duty-free shop only in international airport, the passenger in Australia shopping consumption, who purchase contain goods and services tax of goods, or alcohol parity tax of alcohol, can enjoy 11% and 14.5% respectively the tax refund.

Apply for tax refund notice the following matters: tourists on the same store, if shopping 300 aud above, want to businessman claim tax bill proof, and in the departure to exit the customs for tax refund, For tax refund, passengers should produce store opened except tax bill, passport and boarding pass outside, even will buy goods carry for inspection, Refund amount below 200 aud, can receive cash on the spot. More than 200 aud, will through checks, credit CARDS or Australian bank account to handle the return.

European countries

In Europe, different places refund amount of amplitude is different, but are required on the same day the same store inside the shopping amount reaches or exceeds a certain amount, such as German shopping amount for at least 25 euro, France at least for 175 euros. Should pay attention to, France is some stores as announced refund amount 12% for some cosmetics store refund amount for 16%, Germany most stores refund amount for 16%. The eu countries can abroad countries united deal with.

Tax refund formalities: assistant for tourists out in triplicate application, above to fill in the passport number and tourists at home address, above can fill in for goods prices and shall refund the amount, and can put items posted in the invoice for tax refund organization one couplet, then store keeps one reserves. Tourists take two copies in leaving the country to airport customs frontier, the official seal, export proof. Sometimes officials will require the applicant to show that purchases and should be in check-in before application.

Back to refund amount alternatives: in Iceland and Finland, Sweden, Nordic countries by sealed tax-refund form.please at the airport and the bank inside 4-storey drawback window, it''ll take to money. Not only less people, the procedure is very convenient. If the CARDS, but also can directly back in credit card; In most western countries, the departure was not get cash. Will cover the last stop departure kingdom customs stamp tax-refund form.please into the enclosed envelope inside, sent to the universal drawback company (GlobalBlue) among the countries branches. Generally in three months later, refund will be in us dollar or euro checks form sent to the applicant. Applicants may bring valid passport and valid GlobalBlue mark documents (including tax drawback checks and shopping receipt), to local bank to handle collection procedures, in dollars cash payment illegally or as customer''s requirement will tax refund monies archived to designated account.

GLOBAL optimisation techniques BlUE domestic drawback address excerpts from:


Beijing capital international airport arrive hall icbc Beijing airport branch subbranch of wangjing

Dongcheng district DongSiShiTiao 24 YingYeShi subbranch of a commercial bank of China enterprise


Shanghai pudong international airport and commercial bank of China international reach hall of Shanghai international airport sub-branch

Shanghai nanjing road 99 icbc nanjing road sub-branch


Guangzhou huanshi road 339 number guangdong international hotel and commercial bank of China guangzhou south sub-branch