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Abu Dhabi, a fascinating travel chic (map)

Sex and the City 2 stills

A wide range of luxury travel destination

Why this seemingly mysterious place out that said, it is because the former array at home nothing looks at sex and the city's second division.

It is in this part of the scene of the shooting. Give people the feeling is a bit of luxury and chic.

Abu Dhabi is a young city, 50 years ago, the United Kingdom who discovered oil here, from this the desert has undergone changes.

Nowadays around the surrounding islands development projects are large building, a modern OASIS has been standing in everyone's eyes.

Abu Dhabi planning consists of two main islands, to entertainment, Yas Island-Ferrari F1 race in the world and is built on the island.

Another is to culture-oriented Saadiyat Island, 2013 will build on the island to three important museums, including the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the gugenheim Museum and National Museum. The two islands are not only able to provide very unique travel experience, to improve the quality of life for local people also have a potential role in promoting. In addition, we have cultural, natural and historical sites as three of the Abu Dhabi tourism promotion.

8 star Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi

8 star Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi

Emirates Palace Hotel (Emirates Palace) located in Abu Dhabi's Beach, North and West of the waterfront, is a classical Arab Palace buildings (previously only in the film we can see).

Well, it's a bit like mosque, also a bit like the legendary Sinbad or Alibaba era Palace. Each Palace has a legendary story, has a very strong national color. This block, and only one street U.A.E. President of style hotel, well look like a huge castle with 1300 meters long Gold Coast line. The hotel was originally meet the GCC Summit, held in Abu Dhabi and built, the hotel was formerly a Conference Palace, later also has changed its name to the Emirates Palace Hotel (Emirates Palace). The hotel is currently comprised of Kempinski Hotel Group management, the United Kingdom by the famous architect John-ele auto design. His design tone solemn generous, rich rich Arab national style.

Ferrari theme park

The world's first Ferrari theme park

StarCraft's of the world's first Ferrari theme park in the capital Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. driving park.

This is also not known by the Chinese tourists to luxury travel destination, because the Ferrari theme park opening win global concern that mysterious fantasy-like a veil was lifted slowly since then. From each of the project-related staff face, and see an extraordinary pride and self-confidence. In their own words, Abu Dhabi is a magical place, where all your dreams will become reality. In the Ferrari theme park opening ceremony, SINA tourism special invitation to the Abu Dhabi tourism product development director Mr. Lim Kok Chun Dayne, with the majority of users sharing Abu Dhabi fresh travel experience.

8 star Palace Hotel Abu Dhabi

Flight: Atty Ahmad Abu Dhabi aviation Beijing-direct flights per week in class 5.

Flight number to every Tuesday EY889, 3, 5, 6, 01: 30 from Beijing

Take-off, 06: 40 arrive at Abu Dhabi; flight number as the flight to EY888 Monday, three, four, five, day 21: 45 from Abu Dhabi.

Currency: the local currency is the Dirham (dirham), 1 Dirham approximately 1.86 RMB.

Climate: Abu Dhabi perennial hot temperatures in the month 37 degrees, December-3-month winter is the best season to travel, the temperature is 20 degrees.

Those star endorsement of tourism (photos)

Xu jinglei Sri Lanka

淡如菊 's static such as Lei Xu jinglei coming out the mysterious and simplicity of temperament make Sri Lanka more fascinating.

Sri Lanka is at the southern end of the Indian subcontinent on an island, the Northwest across the Palk Strait and India peninsular River. Sri Lanka Sinhala, meaning is bright, and fertile land. Because of the beautiful scenery, Sri Lanka was praised for the Indian Ocean Pearl.

Singapore Tourism Ambassador-Addu

Very Singapore this brand new, highly influential tourism brand in China, ADU Affinity's tourism Ambassador image also has the hearts of the people.

His own successful experience extremely romantic, appointing ADU as Singapore tourism ambassadors besides can make use of his popularity increase impact, you can communicate the Singapore is a dream and full of life and opportunities of the city. To the Singapore Tourism, gastronomy, shopping and culture are not the same, their blending, colorful. Stroll in the tropical jungle, walk through the beautiful streets, wonderful, with enough of your music.

Thailand Pattaya tourist Ambassador-Kournikova


Pattaya tourist area in the Sun, sand, seafood well known, known as the Oriental Hawaii, is a world famous resort of emerging coastal tourism.

Located in the southeast of Bangkok, the capital of 154 km, India peninsula and the Malay Peninsula between the Gulf of Siam, the urban area of 20 square kilometers, has beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, with an average annual temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. Every year, 200 to 300 times, hundreds of people took part in international conferences held in this; annual hospitality 100 million, income from foreign currency equivalent to the Thai currency 70 billion baht, is an important pillar of tourism in Thailand.

Pattaya was unknown until the 1970s, is still a deserted small fishing village, the local people depend on the kind of sweet potato for a living.

In 1961, Thailand Government found here as there are Beach Crescent exceptional travel conditions, the allocation of funds and encourage the development of domestic and foreign investment. Pattaya thus classified as a special administrative region, the rapid development and growth, the famous.

Today, Pattaya has developed into a nearly 10 million tourist city, night, lights, shop, hotel, dance halls, nightclubs neon flickering glare, streets lined with small bar Pavilion, popular music that fills the streets, the old pedestrian on the road, traffic, night.

Up to 40 km from Pattaya Beach, the Sun is shining, the sky is water, Sabah as silver, Pina Coladas, Mao Pavilion, small floor Villa complements in green red tiles, one unique Oriental Tropical scenery and pleasant, is a good beach for swimming. Sea water skiing, surfing, gliding parachute and other water entertainments novel stimulation, the beach at the southern tip of the island can also be the Koran by transparent long tail boat to appreciate the end transparent coloured coral undersea wonders and tropical fish. At night there is a colorful firework embellishes Pattaya night sky. Hundreds of modern hotels, restaurants, seafood Museum visitors a memorable romantic trip. City to live in can taste tasty seafood, buy expensive items.

United States Tourism Ambassador-Ms

United States

Ms was born in Hong Kong, a very early age his family emigrated to the United States, where access to education, therefore, be regarded as her on the ground are half a hometown.

Ms words on the screen appears to never close not slow, but as trickle into other people's heart; skillful in dignified and no lack of vitality and never dull youth; her appearance and not excels neither Gigi Leung's teen nor Shu Qi's charming, but it has a temperament, character, do not flow to kitsch.

She's the atmosphere, perhaps the United States invited to the wisdom of Chinese actress grace as tourism advocate causes.

2008 tourism Ambassador; mdash; high Haining

Miss Hong Kong Award is an annual highlight of Hong Kong, many stars are born; advocacy; nature is preferred.

, Hong Kong

, Hong Kong cuisine

Hong Kong, a real gourmet paradise.

Hong Kong highlights the Central and Western food culture, integration of many differentCulinary culture, geography and connected with the Mainland of China to get the essence of Chinese cuisine, while the international metropolis also has spread all over Asia and the Western world cuisine. The area is small, but the size of more than 9000 family restaurant, and different regions also have unique features, select the range of diet, you can have a good time!

Romantic room Korea

Korea all stars

Korea love Opera is famous for it's there, to moving to world 's.

The Korean wave swept through the global youth culture in large part from the spread and impact of Korean. Therefore, the location shooting venue Korean now has become a popular tourist attraction, the Government play star signs promotional Korea Tourism is certainly the most informed choices.

Passion look forward to 2011 most worthy of taste (photos)

Refer to the previous data, control online community user feedback, self-service travel Bible "Lonely Planet" in the author's personal experience comprehensive analysis on the basis of the lists 2011 most notable to ten countries.

1. Albania


The Balkans was once a prepared only for the brave, the courage to visit one or several ad-hoc.

But the 1990s onwards, the mysterious Albania attracted some backpackers. They drill into this land, marvel at there blue Beach, tempting cuisine, great flavor of ruins and colorful nightlife. One word of mouth, and commended the many surprises of adventure. It is foreseeable that this because unrest which were not subject to the question to see the country, will gradually open embrace of usher in more visitors.

2. Brazil


Referring to Brazil, will think of Samba, football and beautiful mountains and rivers.

Enthusiastic, passionate, has become synonymous with it. There is no lack of revelry, and the 2011 more people expect, because the World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is in the process of planning, has invested heavily in the improvement of infrastructure, I believe that with the emergence of a large number of hotels and hotel and to changing traffic building, visitors can enjoy the economy here and the emotion of the experience.

3. Cape Verde

Cape Verde

Cape Verde, just like a little girl floating in an ocean, as if it's all too easy to be ignored.

But perhaps it is that casual glance, it would Captivate people's eye. In recent years, there are a large number of European tourists choose to go to Cape Verde in winter, chasing the warmth of the beautiful sunshine. Because live sea fortress, creating a vibrant and open multiple personality, so it can always be brought to the tourists full of surprise and delight an unforgettable experience.

4. the Republic of Panama

Nbsp; the Republic of Panama

Panama is located in the Central American isthmus that connects Central America, South America continent, communication between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, world bridge.

Here's cultural diversity, organic fusion of modern and traditional, skyscrapers, container ships, and clean a wide ocean, and the dense rainforest, can attract your eye things abound. [apge]

5. Bulgaria nbsp; nbsp;

Nbsp nbsp; Bulgaria; nbsp;

1, Bulgaria had blazed in it it metropolises, the snowy peak, the valuable ski resort, the golden beaches on the coast, as well as the ancient Black Sea port towns, people heard a loud voice in telling the pride of the country.

Unfortunately, over the years, it was those of light more famous neighbour cloaking. However, in the new century, Bulgaria's accession to the EU, found a new starting point, it's better to actively introduce tasty tourism resources, attracting many tourists to Europe. Now the country is accompanied by a confidence flourish.

6. Vanuatu


For those seeking a real experience of tourists, Vanuatu is the choice.

From the mountains, thunderous waterfalls to the remote mountain village, leakage from the Great Lakes to the tropical islands, far away from busy streets, wonderful here everywhere. Of course, don't expect here experience luxurious resorts and fillingIt's nightlife, people come here, in a traditional small villages to find a family hotel and enjoy a romantic and comfortable quiet. This is an excellent eco-tourism routes, watch the 83 Islands, you will certainly come. Recently Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands has gradually opened up many direct flights, you have to seize the opportunity to catch up on all know before you try some fresh.

7. Italy


This is a beautiful, charming and fascinating country.

Although the news media is the premier Silvio Berlusconi's control, corruption, bribery, sexual scandal, but the news is in a downturn economy, but this will not be able to prevent it becoming the world's most sublime. Because here's delicious food, plenty of sunshine, beautiful scenery and rich flavor of the town. It is worth mentioning that this country has a UNESCO World Heritage 44, which is the world's number one;

8. Tanzania nbsp; nbsp;

Nbsp nbsp nbsp Tanzania;;;

Tanzania, this is a witness to the miracles mdash mdash;; Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Mount Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar hellip; hellip; obviously, this is not everything.

Ruaha have bands of elephants, Manyara is climbing lions, Gombe and Le refuge of a chimpanzee, Cerros a great wild dogs. Roll of Rufiji has a large number of Hippo, crocodile, also accompanied by a wonderful sunset. In fact, here covers the entire East African wildlife, including red colobus, black rhino, sea turtle and the leatherback turtle and Pemba Flying Fox. Therefore, you can't see, here there are always surprises for you.

9. Syria


Hear about Syria's President Bashar Al-Assad middot; and the United States Ambassador's dialogue the? well, it's not a joke.

A few years after the cold war Syria finally a resumption of the normal naughty, treason, begun easing of foreign relations. Here is an excellent summer resort, with the famous archaeological sites, local customs and culture of multicultural Fusion is also worth mentioning. To tourists, you can hash midiya market buys something, then go to the Ottoman Empire Palace sits down to noble PASA, quietly take over a cup of Cappuccino.




Japan tourism consumption very high, and English is not popular, but this is not to be missed tourist country.

Local scenery beautiful, beautiful scenery, there are many places of interest. Suggest that you buy a piece of rail pass, close to experience the home of Sumo. (Compile Emma)

Experience the top ten greatest dying stimulation

Annapurna nbsp;

1. the Annapurna

Since 1950 the first time someone climb, 130 people attempt to climb the peaks, of which 53 were killed along the way.

Such a high mortality rate makes the mountains became the altitude 8 km mountain inside one of the most dangerous.


2. chogori

We all know, Chogori is the second peak in the world, for the purposes of its climbers climb the difficult but in the world.

If you want to climb chogori need to first go through a complex of glaciers, then up a steep climb over countless rock, then a may fall vacant you love.The piton held. Note, that the most simple one line.

South: PAL-PK.

3. South Gaza PAL-PK.

As the world's first 9 peak, South Gaza PAL Bart peak has and chogori Mascalzone difficulty of the climb.

On its first attempt is along a narrow ridge lines to the top. Mountains of the South is the world's largest mdash mdash; Rock; Rock-Lu-Park, have 1 million 5 thousand feet long. Such complex of climbing routes, it is not surprising that people send nickname mdash; man-eating peak.

Kanchanjunga dry city

4. dry city kanchanjunga

If you're the world's most dangerous mountain climbing to the mortality observed, you will find that, over time, these numbers are declining, but dry city kanchanjunga is an exception.

As the world's third peak, dry city kanchanjunga mortality in recent years reached a remarkable 22%, reflecting the avalanche and weather catastrophe of high risk, also makes this mountain covered with a layer of the shadow of terror.

Aigues PK.

5. the Evergreen PK.

Aigues-located in Switzerland in the Alps, the impregnability of the northern slope of the peak successfully become numerous mountaineering enthusiast's dream.

Although this peak in 1938 when someone climb, but with legendary Aigues-North slope or attracted those who dare to challenge the limit of the climbers. Ultra high technical difficulties and serious landslides also earned the reputation of the murderous slope.


6. Matterhorn

Matterhorn the unique shape is like a Valley suddenly out of a corner, the mortality rate of climb it is in all the Alps mountains.

The results of the many reasons, including its technical difficulty, avalanches and landslides of high fat, climb highThe peak population of swarms are also important factors.

Vincent PK.

7. Vincent PK.

Vincent peak is the highest peak of the South Pole, it is not exceptional elevation, nor a very high degree of difficulty and mortality.

However, this mountain's location determines its isolated position. Combined with the extreme cold, and in the Antarctic continent capricious weather makes climbing Vincent peak into a field on the knife 4 volt journey, even if one of the smallest delay can also let you kill!

Bel Tabou la PK

8. Bel Tabou la PK

Bel Tabou la PK to OGRE name was well known, is the world's most difficult climbing mountains.

Even as early as in 1971 when someone may initial attempts to climb until 2001 before first reached the peak. Road middot; Scott as ever climb El thapla PK member, in the climb en route because broke both legs, had to meet Blizzard climb back to the team base camp.


9. Mount Everest

As the world's highest peak, a total of more than one thousand five hundred people have left a footprint here, but only about 50 people in one day successfully reached the peak.

Mountaineering enthusiasts flocked, plus Everest extreme altitude conditions are unique for their risk levels, one does not resist its charm.

McKinley nbsp;

10. McKinley

McKinley also named Dena Carlit, is the highest peak in North America.

Although only 6194 meters height, but its location is very high above sea level, causing the air is extremely thin, coupled with the weather and extreme low temperature, so that it becomes the face of the climbers, together with the insurmountable barrier. For all these reasons make the McKinley climbing success rate of only 50%, 100 people died in the snow snow mountains. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;

Chile graves tour test your courage

In Pinochet's military coup in dead civilians Memorial Wall

Located in the capital of Chile, Santiago cemetery was built in 1821, grave number up to 25 million.

In addition to the civilian population, like former President Allende, Chile's greatest poet Neruda, most celebrity coffin is also mounted on this. Because of this cemetery is the source of many legends, its architecture and have art, so long before it became Chile's famous attractions. Interestingly, in order to increase the mystery, the visit to Chile who specialized in night time, the visitors, but a level test.

Tour South America's largest cemetery groups

Santiago Cemetery tour tickets to 2500 pesos, 40 Yuan RMB.

As a unique attractions, this fare in locally and not too expensive. Tour time set at 8 pm, journalists arrive cemetery outside the square to the collection. This is a great open spaces, places a few superior Angel statues, Cemetery entrance is a style of European style building. Days completely dark, everyone began to try, just see the wizard. Just then a tunic black cloak, face was pale people appeared. This man leaning on a person of high stick, I want to say is keep Tomb, welcome to the world of death; hellip hellip; hear people back hair cool.

Press line with candles, follow the wizard.

Enter the cemetery, at first glance to the church door upstairs with a bell mouth. This sight reminiscent of Hemingway's masterpieces the death knell for whom the song ". Wizard standing on the clock, on a cemetery of history: this is the largest cemetery in South America, covering 86 hectares. The entire complex is the open-air museum, bringing together Arab, Egypt, Greece and Rome, from East to West of many architectural styles.

Allende and Pinochet in this left imprinted

At the request of journalists, the wizard guides us to Pinochet's military coup in Chile before President Allende's grave.

This being a Socialist President in 1973 military coup, the remains were transported to suicide from 140 km of seashore city Vigna del Mar, and was buried in a tomb was not named. The next 17 years, Chile has undergone a long dictatorship. In 1994, the democracy back 4 years in Chile, Santiago, President of ALVINE decided to Allende cemeteries a grave, his remains migration at this point, people pay their respects.

Allende's tombstone in the silver Moon of relieved looked simple unadorned.

Press up and down and found a tombstone is a ring-shaped upper part, and the entire Tablet has unit upward momentum, as the finger pointing to the sky. Journalists are like the tombstone's design because it gives people a lot of imagination. As respectable President, as strong supporters of communism, his ideal firm always later. Today, Chile has become economically competitive countries, if the Allende can understand all this, would be pleased?

In tombstone for visitors on Ghost Wizard (photo: Cheung Suet NI)

Wizard told reporters that Chile dictatorship President Pinochet his tomb in San Diego for his construction of a tomb.

However, because of his Communist persecution and killings, this tomb was objected to the many destructive attacks that cannot be used. Ultimately, Pinochet was buried in his family's farm, avoiding the earthly, and guarded by security company.

Feel the sadness of the poet Neruda

It is worth mentioning that, together with Santiago cemetery old before the cement wall is Chile poet Neruda coffin to stay.

The Latin America's greatest poet, was a tremendous honor to Chile, the Nobel literature prize winner, the ups and downs in life, before his death by Pinochet military regime's persecution and even death can only lie in the cemetery of the poor area of narrow wall niches, is packed with nameless coffin.

Opposite in a vault, reporters saw a hide my face while weeping statues.

Wizard introduction that statue described was a faithful to love, his wife of a diplomat dies very sad. In order to be always in my wife's side, he would ask people in the grave casting a own Teardrops of sculpture. As far as Chile a community survey shows that only a small number of people that they can remain faithful to the marriage, then such a model husband should be considered.

There is a place where the dead, you will be boundless.

Chile's famous woman Buku ankarjarn is one example. This woman young children being taken away and not stop crying, the ultimate in sorrow away and buried in here. The legendary, Buku ankarjarn become death's Wizard. Whenever someone dies, she will be blended in tribute to cry in sorrow, soothe the soul of the deceased. It is said that as long as the eyes with tears of painted dog, you can see her face. But if you xinshubuzheng, saw a significant terrorist. According to legend Buku ankarjarn tears into the pond, now in the cemetery there is such a pond, I wonder if people will use it with legendary condemnation.