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Broadway: make fanciful place (photo)


Broadway (Broadway), intended for broad Street, New York City in Israel and Palestine means the Trinidad Park as a starting point, from South to North-South Manhattan island, the total length of 25 km of a long street.

Broadway corner

Broadway on both sides of the distribution with dozens of theatre, Broadway 44 Street to 53 street theatre and Broadway, in called Broadway 41 Street and 56 Street Theatre is called the foreign Broadway Broadway, classical, popular, commercialization of repertoire, Broadway New York Manhattan a street name, of which segment has been the United States commercial drama Entertainment Centre Broadway this vocabulary has become the United States synonymous of drama activities.

Broadway Avenue

The world is not a street like Broadway Avenue (Broadway) that make people full of fantasy.

Now Broadway is a United States United States modern dance art, entertainment and even the World Festival. Every year, there are millions of tourists from around the world to New York to enjoy Broadway musical production.

Classic Theatre

Founded in 1810, the Park of a.d. Theater is now New York Broadway Theatre's ancestor, The second theatre Broadway in 1821 only appears in Broadway Avenue (Broadway).

Broadway Opera

Broadway play mainly in the performance of the Broadway Theatre.

In General, Broadway is an industry of Western drama, in the heights of drama and Theatre this industry represents the highest level of artistic achievements and commercial achievements.

The bustling Theatre

Broadway show keynote is black, exaggeration, humor, funny, natural, relaxed, lively is Broadway's performance style.

Actor sketches on deductive

New York Broadway has become synonymous with the main stage performance, they are no longer confined to Broadway, and some even tour the world.

New York has become a World Center for the arts, entertainment and Broadway.

Dancers and dance

Broadway no artistic frame, not caring whether this play has been made elsewhere, it only believes in a criteria, that is any art as long as it keeps the audience get a new challenge for vision, no stick, to use.

Like cats, the Phantom of the Opera "and other famous plays, first in the original West end, and then on Broadway just popularity. This is because the Broadway productions of people buy them to himself, to be precise and production results, reflecting a spirit of never denied replication.

Today's Broadway

Today, Broadway Opera has become the cultural industries in New York City.

Its performances combining dance, music, drama, some of the repertoire is integrating arts and mass taste in one, with strong ornamental and entertainment; ornamental Broadway Opera as each to New York City to visit, access, tourism of indispensable program. The proportion of the audience from the current view, attracted to foreigners who want more than United States. Now, the number of visitors to each of the 3 per cent rise in viewers, 60 per cent of whom are from outside of New York; many people come to New York is one of the aims of to enjoy Broadway Opera, otherwise it is not.

Brazil slums make up the beautiful work of art

Netherlands two artists Koolhas and Dre Urhahn Jeroen and cooperation began in 2005, 2006, they started in Brazil for community-oriented conception of art.

They are the most notorious slum baxiliyue, in cooperation with the local youth, two large murals. Two murals finished, they started the third item: O Morro.


Picture fills the entire hillside slums, all residents and visitors can see.

Portuguese ' o morro ' mean mountain, also as a synonym for slum or slums, artists select the vocabulary as slums painting project name of the third stage. It was the beginning of 2010, and has recently completed.

Beautiful Brazil slum

Beautiful Brazil slums, nbsp;

Beautiful Brazil slums, nbsp;

Beautiful Brazil slum

Cool people carry open California! revolver

With a gun is nothing, is enough to carry a gun, to trendy; let you see.

A recent California open carry guns are more and more, has become a new fashion. As the 1990s, China Mobile phones only don't waist really reflect the value of it. Although anti gun were everywhere and energetic activities, but the California Court reaffirmed the people can own firearms this basic policy will N years will not change.

This exposes gun new fashion first originated in March this year hold a gun to send Web site initiative, aimed at expanding holding guns were influential, but there are a large number of people actively corresponding, worsening: part of the gun ' reason for this is only because I feel cool.

According to statistics, the United States possesses firearms, family in recent downward trend, but firearms sales soared attitude is, indicating that the United States holding a gun forces still prevail.

Most public support gun guns and cartridges from carrying

2 persons for lone lady foot care, they feel very excited: I do not know whether or not we can use it to hellip; hellip;

A gun nurse, she said: as a nurse, I often take drugs.

I think I need more protection.

Cool people carry open California! revolver

Cool people carry open California! revolver

Cool people carry open California! revolver

Cool people carry open California! revolver

Cool people carry open California! revolver

Global high-temperature heat caused tragedy (photo)

Bus to spontaneous combustion

2010 July 6 in the morning, a bus in Warwick bridge 50 metres on fire, no loss of information.

Burning could be caused by high temperature fire engine, and the continuous high temperature.

  Heat wave hit Russia within a week of nearly 300 people to enjoy the cool drowned in the River

July 2010, Russia suffered heat waves, there are nearly 300 people in search of cool, unfortunately the drown.

Russia, representatives of the Ministry of emergency situations in a recent interview with Russia news service, said: in the last 7 days, Russia has drowned in the River 285. The main cause of death is no protection of waters to swim, even drink and swim.

  India suffered nearly 50 ℃ temperature has led to nearly 300 people are hot

India Northwest District 2010 rmb666 high temperature, maximum temperature close to 50 ° c, resulting in nearly 300 people were hot.

High temperature not only makes people can't stand, wildlife and domestic animals are also suffering from the effects of torture. Sustained high temperature already living in India's largest State Uttar Pradesh forest zone of bats, Crow and Peacock mass mortality.

  Argentina suffered heatwave parts break 40 degrees c

January 2010, the most recent country Argentina suffered a heatwave, part 27 of maximum temperatures broke 40 degrees.

To this end, Buenos Aires, and publish high-temperature Orange warning.

  A high-temperature result in Henan Puyang chemical Enterprise fire

25 June, 2010 in Puyang city, Henan province, the highest temperature reached 40 ??, high temperature to flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals manufacturers a great threat.

At 18 o'clock, located in the city Qing Feng KBA Tin Shing village of Henan chemical industry co., Ltd. a production workshop because the temperature is too high, causing fire. 60 officers and soldiers rushed to the scene of rapid fire extinguishing, accident did not result in casualties.

  Reservoir temperature hypoxia suffocated fish tens of thousands of tail

In the past, is located in the territory of Datong County cetian silver carp and Bighead carp in a large number of deaths, 2010 on 1 July, there are tens of thousands of tail dead fish floating in the water.

2 July, the sector-related testing, initial determine cause of death for the continuous high temperature and planktonic fauna and flora blooms caused by water and hypoxia.

  Egypt five college entrance examination invigilation officer dies in hot weather

Egypt hot summer climate, especially in the southern region average temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

Egypt the entrance examination to take place in June each year, the implementation of the examiner Exchange proctored offsite, supervisors usually need to travel long distances at high temperatures. 2010 June died the proctored may from Luxor accountable to take proctored schoolThe train on the way back to Aswan by high temperature sudden heart attack, was sent to hospital for treatment after death. Previously, Egypt has four supervisors because of high temperature induced disease mortality.

  Chongqing even fine high temperature weather day starting fires caused 28

Chongqing 2010 appear even fine hot weather, March 21 rizhu city maximum temperatures of up to 32 degrees Celsius.

From 119 command center, from yesterday's midnight to 6 pm, the fire department received a fire alarm 28 onwards.

Hangzhou consecutive multi-day high bridge 1 17 car tire

2010 July afternoon, Wenzhou Mr. drive cars driving in the Hangzhou Bay sea near sections in the platform, the vehicle left the front wheel suddenly punctured tyres.

With the coming of summer weather, heavy highway vehicle breaks down due to a puncture caused by the increasing number of vehicles. According to the jurisdiction of the Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge of Ningbo high-speed Fifth Brigade to statistics, only 1 July, a total of 17 cars in the Hangzhou Bay Bridge Road tire failure event occurred. While June bridge on the puncture event to 98, 1 July of the few puncture or about 6 month and one-sixth of puncture.

 Changsha Zoo 1 red deer from high temperature hot water shortage

For several days, the Changsha scorching heat.

Changsha eco Zoo has been shut off for three days, high temperatures and water shortage, a red deer heat death yesterday afternoon, unfortunately. 2010 July, Changsha water company's staff are on the water supply system of eco Zoo for repair, Park animals heatstroke prevention. Eco Zoo at Changsha also attempts to provide a fresh clean animals and care of food sufficient to ensure their drinking water, summer smoothly.

Men love world eight celestial Beach

Paradise Beach

The most famous beaches of celestial bodies: Paradise Beach (ParadiseBeach)

Greece has been one filled with the love of country, at the foot of the statue of Venus, the blue of the Aegean Sea shore distribution with a lot of celestial beach.

Located meters Kronos Island (Mykonos), Paradise Beach is world like celestial bath tourists will come to the Office. Both homosexual and heterosexual cannot miss the complete liberation themselves. Build good, grasp the experience the thrill of celestial camp is a major focus.

Landscape quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Greece is the world's most beautiful island, and the Mykons ParadiseBeach island and is famous for its unique Magic qualities in one second to none.

Congestion: ★ ★ ★

ParadiseBeach and another celestial body beach not far apart, SuperParadiseBeach so between share the amount of tourists, just SuperParadiseBeach is also an attractive place for homosexuals.

Bare index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Previously here is purely astronomical camp, but in recent years to a lot of tourists, feel that some uneven.

Miss Bay Beach, Australia

The most photogenic Beach: Australian Lady Bay (LadyBayBeach)

LadyBayBeach (Miss Bay) is announced by the Prime Minister, 70 's, legal bodies in one of the beach, it hiding in the busy tourist attractions WatsonsBay (Watson Bay) of shady, backed by the rocks and cliffs on the yellow blooming flowers, white sand beach small slender.

If you want to visit and not difficult, from the Sydney Opera House front ring terminal bus direct to Watson Bay, get off after Watson's Bay Hotel, the coastal side of a narrow from North to South along the roadside, saw a wooden signs along the direction of stone steps, simply walk down a dozen little wild ride to get there, where all can see celestial swimmers.

Here the most popular is the No. 1 hold nude Olympics and November of each year.

QLD Southeast AlexandriaBay nude Olympic competitions including the frog jump, discus, tug-of-war, final comments on the most beautiful buttocks of sportsmen and women. Participation in the Olympic Games in person to nudity is sufficient to expose to the public of courage, because in the nude during the Olympic Games, often have a television interview, the naked face of a lens with fervour, don't mind if the majority of TV viewers in front of you remarked that this practice was home.

Landscape quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Covered with Wildflowers of the cliff below is the reef and slender Beach, from the blue sea, looking forward to the Sydney Tower in the distance, such as Sydney Juejing screen.

Congestion: ★ ★

Australia's small population, natural Beach, beach activities, a relatively small, several hundred, who will be able to get there crowds.

Bare index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Here are all authentic objects, conservative Australia does not apply here as tourist attractions, so no tourists visit.

Brazil Rio de Janeiro

Most youth Beach: Brazil Rio de Janeiro

There is no doubt that this is the world's most famous beach, it's in Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods across 4.5 km ahead.

Gray road, white beaches, blue sea is a city on the edge of the RGB. Local summer is from December to February of the following year, the temperature is 25 degrees to 35 degrees. This is one of the most seductive Beach, just a walk, you will find beach activities in many beautiful tall and beautiful face. The street to the Mall of the local people are also dress up, bikini from so close to the beach, say a happy go straight to the beach to go swimming.

Landscape quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Here is the world's beautiful coastline.

Congestion: ★ ★ ★ ★

Tourism season, you will first-hand experience to what American leg as forest, then I'm afraid you plug the umbrella is not found.

Bare index: ★ ★

After all, too close from the town, exposed too much less fit.

Summer beach, bring your girlfriend, and she courageously indulgence, naked lying on the beach to enjoy the feeling of harmony between man and nature.

Canada shipwreck Beach (WreckBeach)

Most boiling Beach: Canada shipwreck Beach (WreckBeach)

Canada's most famous Heavenly beach is Vancouver WreckBeach (shipwreck Beach), located at UBC (British Columbia University) campus Southwest not far away.

Facing the Pacific Ocean and the Strait of Georgia, there are Woods do barrier WreckBeach, quite secretive, go to the people at the beginning is not easy to find. Even if you find the entry, but also through a long stone steps, there is a feeling of isolation.

WreckBeach and other similar beaches in North America, this hilarious, boiling and very busy.

Brown, black, white skin with heap together with ligation. Old pale lax skin, middle-aged fat bloated bellies, skeleton, jagged thin men be candid.

Landscape quality: ★ ★ ★

Truly there is famous for its beaches, but is a celestial body, one of my friends had purposely brought Chinese in his 10-year-old son here for adolescent first sex education.

Congestion: ★ ★ ★ ★

If you have been to several other celestial bodies Beach, you will be here soon silly, this hilarious as a bathhouse, also crowded like a bathhouse.

Bare index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Here, even the cleaning and sell things are true naked.

United States-Hawaii

The most romantic beach: United States-Hawaii

Hawaii beach is almost synonymous with romance and honeymoon.

Here, you can fully experience the features of the island in the world with charm, each colour, of various languages together, maybe you don't see Kim Hee Sun or Nicolas middot; catch. The best time to visit Hawaii is from mid-December to the second year of the end of March, but a different month prices are more expensive. Hawaii summer temperature is maintained at 30 degrees.

Landscape quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Countless movies preferred location, beautiful and without discount.

Congestion: ★ ★ ★

If there are light bulbs, who will come here on their honeymoon?

Bare index: ★ ★ ★ ★

I have seen several build excellent no jacket girls lying on the beach in the Sun.

Summer beach, bring your girlfriend, and she courageously indulgence, naked lying on the beach to enjoy the feeling of harmony between man and nature.

Orient Beach (OrientBay)

The most friendly beach: Orient Beach (OrientBay)

In France and the Netherlands share Caribbean St.Martin/St.Marteen Island, there is a famous and popular Oriental Beach, is also the celestial Beach, clothing-optional beach with local residents to provide lodging, restaurant with authentic lobster dinner, live band.

When you have finished beer drinking, you can dive with sea and nature, you can rent a boat, motorcycle and aquaplane, experience the thrill of surfing; if you prefer a flexible point of activities you can participate in the local cat contest.

Landscape quality: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Aquamarine, handsome beauty, nature and man, what could be more wonderful?

Congestion: ★ ★ ★ ★

Many tourists and local residents, and certainly not too loose.

Bare index: ★ ★

Because there is no hard and fast rules, so many tourists prefer the shy to wear.

United States California SanGregorioBeach

The most spacious Beach: United States California SanGregorioBeach

In the United States California SanMateo, there was a United States oldest celestial camp Beach (from 1967), called SanGregorioBeach, with nearly 2 km long white sand beach, the beach has many caves, cliffs and sporting venues, fees, and can not wear and wear.

However, it's a bit of a small car park entrance marked, on the way in going to pay attention to it.

Landscape quality: ★ ★ ★ ★

Long stretches of white sand beach as far as the eye could to edge, due to the sunny, will make you feel a bit, but if you're energetic, to a nude beach volleyball!

Congestion: ★ ★ ★

Not wearing all have to pay money, so be

To that their professionalism.

Bare index: ★ ★ ★

No drop, so why not go to the indulgence.

Brighton Beach (BrightonNudistBeach) of celestial bodies

The most gentleman's Beach: Brighton Beach (BrightonNudistBeach) of celestial bodies

Brighton Beach is located in the United Kingdom of celestial bodies in the South of London, you can take to arrive, the beach VolksRailway is part of the official accreditation of celestial Beach, belong to clothingoptional beach.

General in tourists will take a shirt.

There are many tourists visiting on weekdays, holidays are women and a high proportion of the family, Sunday at around some of the Bazaar, you can enjoy up to go after sunbathing.

Landscape quality: ★ ★ ★

Even shy United Kingdom Government has recognized the value of this place and see the beauty, not to go? mdash mdash;; scores!

Congestion: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Transportation is very convenient, so often overcrowded.

Bare index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Even the United Kingdom ladies are liberated, we still waiting!