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Nine buildings in Europe

1. Germany Capitol

Huge glass dome Lu top cover in this block was in 1933 part of burned building.

Inside the building, visitors can get a 360-degree panoramic view overlooking Berlin increasingly bagao skyscrapers. Visitors can also tour channel down to Assembly Hall.

2. Spain gugenheim Museum

The Museum is located in the northern city of Bilbao, Spain is the United States in the architect Frank-cover.

In many people's view, the Shine gloss, crooked modern architecture is the most splendid of the European continent. It was completed in 1997, Bilbao, Basque country port city has injected new vitality, virtually improves local construction industry standards.

3. the Museum of contemporary art, Graz

This multifunctional building was the nickname of multimedia as a friendly alien, 2003, the European capital of culture celebrations.

Part of typical architecture, namely the appearance of fluid streamlined or organic shape of modern architecture.

4. the Museum of Roman art in the twenty-first century

Looking from the outside, the Museum does not colorful, unique appearance.

But its internal spiral staircase, wavy walls and ceilings are very futuristic.

5. London Saint Mary axe Street 30,

This well-known by the United Kingdom architect Lord Norman-Foster designs buildings up to 180 m, looks like a very male genitals, was a nickname for small cucumber.

It's completed the birth of the surrounding a square miles range low antique marble modern high-rise building renovation.

6. National Library of Kosovo

This library if not shock your body and mind, is enough to make you feel terrible.

Outside covered with mosques, full of rich Turkey Islamic way of life of the Pristina District, the building looks like extraterrestrial visitors.

7. France Milo bridge

Unlike the European medieval masonry bridges, Milo bridge is an out-and-out cable-stayed suspension bridge structures, comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States.

8. Birmingham Bullfight shopping center

It is not only the United Kingdom's largest urban shopping centre, or a very seductive appearance of buildings, especially in Sergio foric department store in Birmingham branch location, the shopping mall looks very fluid style of architecture.

g alt="" src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0319/20100319045350996.jpg" />

9. the Paris Centre Pompidou

This 1977 completed the old building still makes first saw it in person.

Architecture seemed to be the one outside. The bright red, blue and green tube will this giant steel and glass structure for building packages.

Desert magnificence behind: looking for the source of the world's top 10 sandstorm

1. Salton Sea: located in the southeastern United States, California, is the largest lake in California.

Salton Lake is one of the major sources of dust storms, sandstorms are concentrated many occurred in Salton numerous regional bank Hunan.

2. the Gobi: located in the inland, East Asia is the world's largest desert in the world.

3. Patagonia: located in the South of Argentina and Chile, a 150 square kilometers of coastal grassland.

Patagonia most areas in the barren bleak, strong wind away the soil and the soil vegetation above, it is essentially a barren desert.

4. arthuis Plano is a relatively weaker, but persistent dust at the source.

This is a piece of the elevation of the water basin, with a diameter of up to 1000 km in the South Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile last entered. In the second half of the per year, reaching a peak of dust activity, September ~ November reached its peak.

5. the Taklimakan desert: located in the middle of the Tarim basin, is the largest desert in China.

This lasting dust activities started each year in February, March, April, may, Trajan, August, September.

6. in the Sahel: South of the Sahara desert a broad semi-desert, across Chad, the Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Burkina Faso in 7 countries.

7. the Sahara: world's biggest desert, located in Northern Africa, spanning 11 countries in Africa.

8. India Valley: located in India's Western is the world's most inhospitable environment.

Extreme temperature changes very close to the freezing point in winter, the summer is over 45 ° c, annual rainfall is 640 mm ~ 760 mm.

9. Isle lake basin: Isle Lake is Australia's largest salt water lake, is located at Australia's arid inland river basin.

Isle lake basin of dust storm begins in September, October and December to February the following year is the peak period, after the start.

10. the Namibian desert: Southwest Africa.

In this wide stretch of barren land, full of interlocking stones.