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Go to Paris to witness the power of beauty

Ask one of the boys to Paris, I have studied, according to him, there are several beautiful Paris-intensive areas, among which the most representative of two, one is the Champs, and the Louvre.

Champs built since 1616, several changes, and now has by virtue of his manner of leading the fashion trend.

With this attractive, beautiful girls love to hang around the Champs, as well as the scenery here.

Walk on the Champs, you not only see the elegant tranquil France girl, elegant United Kingdom women, straight elegance of Germany girl, sexy and lively girl in Russia, you will also see shy of Oriental women hellip surfacing; hellip; various contestants gathered, not to mention the man who even girls in this city still stood.

Paris another beautiful aggregation is located, is in the Louvre.

The Louvre visited girls mostly some art, exquisite, good temperament. It is said that to see the beauty in the Louvre, as well as tips, the liveliest place often seek not to their body, such as the Mona Lisa, the Venus, the goddess of victory in front of you it is hard to find. They generally stand close to the booth is distant, and the crowd at arm's length, cozy and appreciate these art treasures.

Although food mancheng, Paris women always have a way to maintain the charm of consciousness, even into old age, also has a slender figure of self-control and pressure.

Just a point that the us to study hard.

But more important is the inner beauty of woman, Paris is their self-confidence.

They dare to mentally or different, magnanimous and down to live your love life. This kind of style and traditional Chinese women quite different, there is no need to completely follow, but for our reference of a second.

Recently, France's first lady brugny with a tight-fitting dress meeting with visiting Russia President and his wife, graceful body seen leaving.

Although the West and Russia media on the President's wife did not wear a bra place guests have many arguments, but brugny who special Paris beauty of pride and rate of seen leaving.

In the romantic Paris, famous for its numerous attractive labels, perfumes, designer, art hellip; hellip; of course, there are beautiful.

Which city in the world of beauty up? top always around Paris. " Even the world's women as long as you stay in Paris for some time, you will learn to taste in clothes woman of Paris, has become fashionable.

Los Angeles this multicultural fusion city, never cover up babes in their beauty, but also will not miss any opportunity to showcase the sexy; Milan is another

Department of beauty to the extreme, Italy women a makeup and perfume, hung with necklace, wearing bracelets, of course, also dressed in colorful skirt; remember the tale of the beautiful Sicilian? Spain girl hot heart of warm beauty, Southern Sun, wine does not intoxicate.

I-sphere Maniac: Real-World Cup in South Africa beat crazy fans!

South Africa World Cup are well underway, the Group has entered into the competition is heating up, despite the fact that the first round of the game is somewhat disappointing, but the second round started scoring, red card wars were, let the fans were ecstatic.

Players on the pitch for the national honor, we as fans, you need to do is to support the team at.

Person year, real world Cup year special, fans among them are Lei people move, I'll check out below for the World Cup starts today in some crazy Ray's fans, who has more than than mine?

Three little Switzerland cow came to cheer

2010-June 16, Durban Moses Mahbubani Haida South Africa World Cup Stadium, H group match Spain 0-1 negative in Switzerland.

Uruguay fans with duck head qiangjing

2010-11 June, green point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa World Cup group a games Uruguay France 0-0 draw.

Stand of Uruguay fans than farm players more creative.

Japan fans modeling strange

2010 14 June, romblon Fontaine free State Stadium, South Africa World Cup group e match Japan 1-0 victory over Cameroon.

England small fans handsome cool

2010 June 23nbsp;, Nelson Mandela, Port Elizabeth, South Africa World Cup Stadium C groups contest Slovenia 0-1 negative in England.

Uruguay fans throw soccer do Cap

2010-11 June, green point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa World Cup group a games Uruguay France 0-0 draw.

Stand of Uruguay fans than farm players more creative.

Uruguay fans a cotton swabs

2010 16 June, Pretoria loft Sven Southfield South Africa World Cup Stadium, A group competition South Africa 0-3 negative in Uruguay.

New Zealand featured animal skin warm for fans

2010-June 20, NaReS Leprette El bobela Stadium, South Africa World Cup group F match Italy New Zealand 1-1 draw.

United States soccer fans wearing underwear

Jun. 18th, 2010, Ellis Park, Johannesburg, South Africa World Cup Group c game Slovenia 2-2 draw United States.

Germany's largest beauty beer

2010 23 June, soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa World Cup Group d matches Ghana 0-1 negative in Germany.

src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0709/20100709024541429.jpg" />
Portugal fans like Super Mario

2010 21 June, green point Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa World Cup Group G match Portugal 7-0 win over North Korea.

10 to regain love can rescue the love of an inventory of the tourist destinations

New Zealand

TOP 10: beyond the limit of the twin challenge mdash mdash; New Zealand;

In the northern hemisphere, outdoor sports and love might simply take the half-hour, but rich in outdoor sports, your romantic New Zealand can be passed through to action: bungee, rowing boats, playing SAX sailing, horse riding, diving, fishing hellip; hellip;

New Zealand's extreme sports and adventure travel.

In 1988, Queenstown has established a global extreme sports will be the first commercial bungee jumping. Mountaineering is also quite popular movement, the most famous mountaineers is Edmund middot; Hillary jazz, he is the world's first landing on the successful climb Mount Everest fengfeng top.

Bungee's birthplace in New Zealand extreme sports nearby pickaway Lao bridge (Kawarau Bridge), the old wooden bridge has 43 metres high, look who had already, bridge is a deep canyon, a steep exception, pickaway Lao River flows through the end of the bridge, river water is gentle emerald green, extremely attractive.

Standing on the bridge looking down, people have jumped from the body, even end up in the mountains, death and regrets. Although, bungee safety is extremely high, but have the courage to jump a jump after all only a few people, but every now and then I saw a man and a women's doubles people bungee, scenes soul-stirring, spectators could not resist to love and courage.

New Zealand has ranked 14th Home Holiday Manor is small and beautiful hotels in the world rankings (Small Luxury Hotels of the World).

In addition, there are many throughout New Zealand exquisite hotel offers high quality accommodation, usually on a densely seldomly-areas. Now more and more Spa accommodation offers.

Because New Zealand is located in the Pacific rim of fire (Pacific Rim of Fire), geothermal hot springs are everywhere.

For centuries, these hot springs are local Maori love, when Europeans began to focus on the effectiveness of the health spa, are starting to pop here. Rotorua to geysin and boiling bog, is famous for its New Zealand's most famous hot springs. Rotorua many hotels and motels with its own natural hot spring pool, hot springs in French Polynesia (Polynesian Spa), you can also choose from several pool, choose different temperature and mineral composition of the pool. Located in the North of Christchurch Hanmer Springs (Hammer Springs) is New Zealand's main plateau spa resort. Chinese spring-spring offers a spa pool, Spa and a variety of adventure and leisure activities.

Romantic index: ★

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Index: ★ ☆


New Zealand's official holiday is not very much, but each has its own different places of the anniversary celebrations, such as advance information.


TOP 9: taste the flavor of love so many; mdash mdash; Switzerland

We all know, Switzerland chocolate is the world's most top-of-origin chocolate.

But this is not suitable for the growth of the cocoa tree, it is the world's first chocolate producer, now all of the chocolate production methods were invented in Switzerland.

But why did Switzerland so loved chocolate? modern scientific study found that chocolate can be romantic, food, and its chemical action.

Spirit of experts believe that when a man and a woman fall in love, they will be in the brain called phenethylamine material, resulting in a better mood, and chocolate coincidentally containing this substance, and therefore can contribute to produce a romantic feeling.

In addition, scientists study finds that people go through particular women love to eat chocolate, mainly because of the chocolate can improve brain called Marcelo of Aaltonen chemical levels.

It can give people a feeling of peace and a better ability to cope with stress, stress.

Germany nutritionists also says that chocolate can make people feel happy, this is because the chocolate in the middle of the composite amines released, after a series of reactions to people's emotions have a positive impact.

Here you can taste in addition to hand-make your own love chocolate, and suddenly no longer a simple sweet or not very sweet to describe, but started using nuts like mouthfeel, caramel flavor, with orange flowers gas or plum sauce like fruity of such statements, it seems that every time the taste of chocolate are born after a romantic poets exquisite.

Want to express love to your partner, you can select a distinctive chocolate, when it melts in the mouth, sweet nature overflowing heart.

Romantic index: ★ ☆

Interactive index: ★ ☆

Index: ★ ☆


Sprungli,Lindt, Nestle,Fr

Ey, Villars, etc., are all famous chocolate brand, airports, shops, supermarkets and most can be bought, but the airport duty free shop may not be the cheapest. Lausanne has several chocolate shop in Switzerland are very famous, such as BLONDEL and tony, it is important to note that it is not open on Sunday.


TOP 8: the love of responsibility should be so simple mdash mdash;; Ireland (Ireland)

In most people's eyes is a synonym of Ireland, is a whiskey and tap dancing Bailey is sweet, U2, but few know that Ireland is the world's lowest rates of marriage.

In Ireland's marriage registry is self-service, and only for marriage registration formalities not divorce proceedings, but this does not mean that each citizen can only Ireland and its own unique spouse being life, because the duration of the marriage system country, both men and women in marriage can be the basis of a number of factors into consideration, the consensus decision of the marriage, marriage term from 1 year to 100 years.

For the record in the registry take effect after the expiration of the period, a marriage is terminated, the parties who have the desire to continue living together, you can register for continuation, continuation of the marriage relationship.

If you select the year, the marriage certificate cost will reach 2000 pounds, about RMB 26000 and receive a copy as a concise, thick marriage certificate, inside which one itemized both rights and obligations, is a perfect family along with Bill, the marriage certificate is not in accordance with the obligation to bear the adverse consequences.

And 1-year period renewal fee would also be very expensive.

But the 100-year marriage certificate of production cost only 50 pence, approximately 6 Yuan RMB, the marriage certificate is a page of thin pink paper that reads this few lines of text: Dear Sir, wife: I don't know my left hand to right hand and right leg on the left leg and left eye for the right eye and the left brain right brain on what should have the right, how should assume what obligations.

In fact, they are a whole, due to the presence of each other, because of the existence of each other's happiness and joy. Finally, let this one go pink small paper I century marriage best wishes!, wish you happiness! Dublin Chief Justice: XXXX.

Ireland Dublin as a capital of 100 million people in the cities, Dublin has 800 bar, people often gather at a bar, restaurant, accompanied by music and laughing, enjoy life happy.

Dublin entertainment: Theater, cinema, art and History Museum, live music entertainment everywhere, in many places you can enjoy the onsite to rock and roll performances. At the same time, Ireland's fishing, golf, sailing and mountain climbing, and other sports are also very famous.

In such an entertainment and night life in highly developed countries, even such a simple way to make people understand the true meaning of love and responsibility.

The longer the more simple wedding, long marriage is not required and no clear rights and obligations, because love is left you are right, you shall be my me is you.

Romantic index: ★ ☆

Interactive index: ★ ★

Index: ★ ☆


Ireland's public transport system is both more secure and efficient, and economical.

Bus, coach and train is Ireland's most common transit, highway development very slow; domestic water transport; domestic shipping more developed and efficient, affordable. Ireland national is too small, air travel is not recommended, except for the Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Belfast 4 large airport, there are many areas of the airport; the airport has regular flights to London (1 hour flight time), many have direct flight to the airport in other European cities, most major European cities are within 2 hours, arrived by plane.

University of Wales Swansea

TOP 7: Swan waterfront private appointments mdash mdash;; Wales Swansea (Swansea)

Located in the United Kingdom in the West of Wales is the home of the Dragon and the mountain.

Here the mountains meandering, aquamarine, picturesque, and also the United Kingdom first be known by a stunning place, is the country's consumption level one of the lowest. And China is very similar, the Welsh Dragon is also used as the local culture and national symbol, while Chinese is the second largest ethnic minority in Wales, as early as 16 years ago, Swan taking it and China Nantong knot as sister cities. Therefore, there is also a quiet NaN road.

Swansea literal translation for Swan sea.

Beautiful beach blue such as washing, Gulf quiet elegance. Also worthy of a White Swan in sea cruising, fly, Gulf is the serpent of mountains, hills with purple flowers, there are many walking paths in the hills between tortuous meandering. The entire area as a color harmony of Western painting.

Mumbles (Mumbles) is a well-known area of Swansea, the reef stretching from the Gulf Coast, and the inner Bay calmer

The Bay was rough, the lighthouse was built on the outermost rocks. Mumbles is Boat Harbour, with a wide range of shore stack boat sailing during the summer there will be another scene. If you have prepared, be sure not to forget to take camping tents, while the United Kingdom in February, but the cold weather in the fjords, find a safe haven foothold, duck down sleeping bags, Pamela far fetched after all.

It is said that local people here say for poetry sea (Poemsea), because there had been a famous poet wears blue. Thomas (Dylan Thomas), he is beat generation poets representative figures.

Therefore, after the end of the cold war 30 years, there has been a way with words and a literature lover's dream, it can be said that each of the Swansea Valentine's day are accompanied by poetry recitation and instance of the pen, on Dafa myterious everywhere graffiti, hotels, sea, mountains or even the station licensing and Church walls, can read to them about love, about life, about Valentine's motto and epigrams. Swansea will these graffiti collected published a joke version of poems, title called the Poemsea ", only in this town cafés, hotels and bookstores, as to the degree of two of the world's best lover.

Swansea is the world's knowledge is due here out of a beautiful White Swan mdash mdash;; Catherine Zeta Jones, she demonstrates the ease of small city bred many beautiful and romantic.

Romantic index: ★ ★ ☆

Interactive index: ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ☆


Swansea hotel, half-yearly in advance, especially for Valentine's day.

From London, arriving in Swansea's line can fly to Cardiff and riding the bus or train, you can also take a boat from the rest of the world reach Swansea port. Of course, Swansea also has its own airport, however small, will not be able to fly down large passenger aircraft.

Italy Siena

TOP 6: corner found happiness mdash mdash;; Siena (Siena) Italy

Siena is located in the Southern Tuscany region, approximately 50 km south of Florence, with its winding streets in the old, in with the art of breath and life's pleasures, every corner is a style.

In every corner of the store, interesting and romantic hotel are very small, but they are like the exquisite museums in General. Open wood Windows is just after a rain, clean air and wonderful scenery.

The idyllic square (also known as Campo square, THE PIAZZA DEL CAMPO) is the soul of Siena.

Its unique shape of the shell is a masterpiece of architectural history. From a height overlooking the square is a huge fan, a total of nine parts, representing nine Siena Government members. Square of the altar there is open every day, since the mass housing and shops are facing the square, so the residents and craftsmen having to get out of the House or to stop work can be heard mass. Siena life of important events on the square.

Every summer of 2 July and 16 August, the famous Palio horse-racing Festival is held on the square, at which time all parish residents are clustered to the Plaza to Siena, it is the oldest lively festivals.

This a old Jockey have also appeared in the Tuscan Sun "movies under the 007 (quantum crisis) and spies lurking in the North Africa also in Siena.

Joy Fountain (Fonte Gaia) built in 1081, top mosaic animal-shaped gutter spout, fountain consists of three solid Gothic Arcade, lovers love to come here to make a pledge of love.

Located in the Cathedral Museum on the right side of the Opera is another of the attractions worth visiting.

Along the narrow spiral staircase landing on the Museum's balcony, view of the entire city of Siena is a presentation in front of you: the idyllic square bitch, but across multiple layers of roof, you can enjoy the nearby secluded away from the deep beauty of Tuscany countryside.

Also mentioned is the origin of one of the legends 提拉米苏 is originated in Italy in the West, South of Siena Tuscany region, and subsequently passed into the North-Eastern Italy passed into cities Cui viso (Treviso) and Venice.

Romantic index: ★ ★ ★

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Index: ★ ★ ★


Painted pottery and wine are local specialities.


TOP 5: let us hand in hand; mdash mdash; Tibet

Tibet is a unique plateau snowy scenery, and the charm of southern charm, and the integration of nature and cultural landscape, but also to Tibet in the traveller's eye with a truly unique charm.

Mysterious religious culture, but also makes Tibet is so sacred and thick.

> Tibet not just snow and Hazel, gorgeous and blooming flowers. Each year the peach bloom in the mountains, 5-6, eagerly open plateau cuckoo, Cole July and covered with Earth, pure and beautiful, the spread is King, is everywhere.

However the Sichuan-Tibet line has always been an important channel of Tibet pilgrimage, through a variety of ways for people to go over and over again, despite all the way is hard, but still has some challenges that Sichuan-Tibet line was out of the way of love.

Someone once said travel makes love this sentence in Sichuan-Tibet line were well reflected.

The way of mutual concern and care, mutual trust and rely on, already exceeded the love itself.

In the heart of the Holy Land, to experience all these hardships, is the biggest challenge to feelings, and emotions of the biggest driving force.

Romantic index: ★ ★ ★

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Index: ★ ★ ★ ☆


Men in high altitude may be more prone to high altitude reaction, peer partners need to take drugs and sun protection.

Fiji stava Malua

TOP 4: put each other in mdash mdash; heart; Fiji stava Malua (Tavarua)

2005 Pepsi company launched at that time, the form of Real Madrid's big three appeared in advertising, the advertising setting is in the Fiji Islands of Poltava Malua Island, the advertising for the first time, let us know about this island of surf culture.

But in the recent GOOGLE maps, we also have a new finding, this small island on the map to view turned out to be a perfect heart-shaped.

Fiji Islands were numerous, but there is such a romantic sense of the island, this really is the only one.

The issue of a publication, countless tourists consulting requirements to Poltava Malua holiday or honeymoon, are struggling to understand the nature of romance.

In fact, heart-shaped island and more than this one, as well as Croatia's Galesnjak island and Australia's coral reef Island, but the island called Galesnjak Island nothing, visitors upon arrival only DIY clothing, while Australia's heart-shaped island nor stava Malua so mature tourism services and surf destination name.

Fiji in the South Pacific island economy is stronger, faster economic development, transportation hubs, water, land and air transport more developed.

Recent and on Chinese tourists to take a new visa.

Romantic index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Interactive index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★


Fiji is free, so the duty free shop, diamonds, jewelry, perfumes, silver, Crystal and other world-class merchandise can be purchased tax-free prices.

The Government of Fiji Visitors Bureau tag duty-free shops, visitors can feel at ease of purchase.

The Maldives's Island

TOP 3: the most romantic cruise diary mdash mdash;; Maldives's Island (Dohni Mighili)

Many island Dhoni Mighili is the short name, is the most noble of the Maldives Islands, the most romantic Acura island.

Adhere to meet the guest A very private affair, Whenever and Wherever.

Many island small some terrible, it probably only less than a square kilometres, even if slowly walk around the island are however available for ten minutes, the eye can see, apart from the white palm is the ocean.

This boring a small island, why the world of lovers shit? simple reason mdash mdash;; here is the world's first luxury Oneamp; Only lifestyle. There were vidoni Island Beach House 6 sets, each House has direct access to the beach of the small Pier, Pier dock with multiple belonging to lovers, ship, this pure wooden hand-made luxury master of 65 feet, the speed of 30 knots in each section, each boat is equipped with one master and two assistants, a maid, and a lover living journey and so on various issues of Butler.

The next Festival, the ship's boats as well as the five officers have vested jurisdiction scheduling a lover.

Do ship in three areas: the bow upwind part lover Sun solarium and playful flirting in a restricted area; the second part is the main cabin luxury suite, a large water-bed outside, on the left is the free roll scene sofa area, the right is not limited by drinks and desserts; these two parts, no girlfriend, including housekeeping, anyone not rashly intruder. The third part is the stern of the driving area.

Ride's boat in fact does not have a fixed place is drifting in the sea, sleepy sleep, sleep and eat, Dhoni Mighili Valentine stress Wherever and Whenever, if they so wish, Butler will be ordered on your lover-Italian restaurant.


Every year around Valentine's day, is the Southern Cross constellation and China's recent Galaxy distance of Maldives, the lovers can lie in the deck watch the night sky.

In the Dhoni Mighili on tired, take a boat to adjacent Rangali Island, island at the end of five meters in Shanghai is the Hilton Hotel newly-built Ithaa undersea restaurant, restaurant in only six table, Dhoni Mighili exactly and beach house number, here for dinner although expensive, but this is Valentine's day, eating is a mood, atmosphere, and is also is an unchanging promise.

Romantic index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Interactive index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


From the main island of the Maldives to the Dhoni Mighili-seaplane only daytime, night time grounded, there is no fixed flight, depending on the lover reservations interim arrangements, the price to $ 280 per person round trip.

Do ship only Dhoni Mighili Ari Atoll area which, once you exit the scope, the additional cost of $ 300 per day. Ithaa undersea restaurant meals for consumption, beverages, appetizer, aperitif, main meals and desserts all successively 28 road, fees of $ 200 per person, plus 15% service charge. Dhoni Mighili Beach in housing has made a reservation for a full meal, Ithaa only $ 170.

France South

TOP 2: flowers with love in; mdash mdash; France southern

France South is a perfect romantic area, Provence's flowers, Grasse perfume factory, there are large areas of vineyards.

Provence was already familiar with couldn't be familiar with the name, it's the most breathtaking remains the flowers, the air is filled with the fragrance of lavender.

This unique natural odor is in other places not easily experience.

Therefore, you can see not only in Provence Lavender purple flowers throughout the churning of the charming scene, and in homes is also common hanging various Lavender sachet, the shop also adorned by Lavender made into various products, like lavender essential oils, perfumes, SOAP, candles, etc., in a pharmacy and a centralized traffic in the city is divided into bags wrapped Lavender flowers and tea.

Let people couldn't help but wants to know more the aroma of Provence charm; mdash mdash; Lavender.

Provence life simple and noble, bring you a long time not heart feel, here the rhythm slowing down and get a breath of forget grass fragrance, a taste of delicious cheese, but also life rare romantic and cozy.

The glass area is also very suitable for the growth of flowers.

Here the flowers yield is not the highest, and the quality of the flowers is the best, go into the glass and smell good. Winter after Christmas, from Australia's yellow ronghua (mimosa, Mimosa class) glass and the entire blue dyed yellow gold coast; spring, dye wood yellow instead of yellow ronghua; summer, Tanaka is a purple lavender; 5, 6 months is the rose of the season, 7-9, jasmine flowers. In addition, tuberose, lemon, Orange, mint, zygomatic grass, yellow ground cents, violet hellip; hellip; because all Hollogne, located on the slope, the variety of flowers are finding themselves in need of altitude and his music.

Bloom season each year, the world of perfume Division are to discover new flavors.

Around the town of no less than 30 factories, almost all perfume Paris sale are from Grasse. Most of the flavor Division also comes of this, is the world capital of perfume.

Romantic index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Interactive index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Take a small train tour itinerary around Grasse, 40 minutes.

Grasse Centre will render in your eyes. Departure place: Honore Claes Pres square. Price: adult: 5 Euro; 3 to 10 years old children: 3 Euro; 15 to 35 people team: 4.5 Europe.

Tahiti Bora Bora Island

TOP 1: love maker mdash mdash;; Tahiti Bora Bora Island (Bora Bora Island)

In October of 2009, a reflection of gender relations of the United States comedy film "partner resort" release, is four issues more couples how to return, to resolve contradictions and close as lambs.

The film apart from numerous star comedy show, the biggest watch point is a film shoot, Tahiti Bora Bora Island.

The world Islands, I'm afraid there's no place like Tahiti in Pola Pola island so stunning stunning!

The island consists of one main island and surrounding atolls, main islands and atolls has large tracts of the clear shallow water, where the color as fantastic Blue Lagoon (Lagoon), full-color

Color colorful live coral and tropical fish during countless tour, shore beach meticulous, as white as snow, sometimes Equatorial breeze, bright sunshine in the South Pacific, different levels of the sea and the top holiday hotel white umbrella, Pola Pola Islands become Europeans heart most carefree tropical paradise.

United States writer James middot; Amiddot; Michener called the Society Islands in Pola island is the world's most beautiful islands.

His novel "the story is in the South Pacific to the island as a background. Then also under a novel made into a film music. For many people, Pola Pola island is a paradise on Earth. The first group of island residents to 2000 years ago here from South-East Asia.

From shore easily jump into the water, it is able to view over 500 species of sea creatures.

Took to deeper waters to see great color coral reef, the world biggest of glycosaminoglycans; 8-10 each year to the end of the humpback whales migrate to Pola Pola Island, season, with luck, and humpback whales in the South Pacific total bathing.

This place seems to be all inclusive have troubles and unpleasant, in the face of the vast ocean, transparent underwater world hellip; hellip; here will be born of love.

Romantic index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Interactive index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


All year round tourism, 3 month to October is the dry season, from November to February is the rainy season; only 12 months to 1 month more rain; 7, August the cooler around 20 ° c

Most "femininity" of national

Men's and women's issues, is the eternal theme of human history.

In human history, though experienced long matriarchal commune, but stay in the us in the deepest sense, or by the man-dominated society's full suite of social norms. But there are some countries in the social, cultural, historical, showing some of the more salient characteristics of femininity.


Sweden: this is a truly national women's rights.

In 2000, Sweden and Finland its Nordic neighbours is the United Nations as a model of equality between women and men in the world. Sweden's Parliament, the proportion of women members of about 40%, Sweden in 1986, the Minister of 32 once occupied by women in the 16 seats. Whereas Sweden women in social activities more active than men, according to statistics, foreign trade activities in Sweden, women create value accounted for nearly 60%.


Norway: with its Nordic neighbours Sweden, the share of women's rights national reputation.

In addition to the Parliament, at the negotiating table and a higher rate than men, they brewed in other areas. Norway women's smoking rate equaled with men and women of registered member or even more than football. In the Nordic travel, often will issue an exclamation: their men are gone?

New Zealand

New Zealand: 2000, the New Zealand Constitution's five most significant positions: King (who by the Queen of the United Kingdom), the Governor, the Prime Minister, the speaker of Parliament, the President of the Supreme Court are all women, as well as the world wonder South Pacific on a women.

In fact, New Zealand feminist history, 1893 New Zealand women get to vote, is the world's first country to give women right to vote.


Latvia: 2000 census showed that Latvia's female population than men out of 17%.

Some experts believe that the Baltic country's soil and the climate may be more appropriate for the female fetus and infant survival and growth. But the Latvian's Eve are likely to face when compared to other more narrow country girl.


Netherlands: Netherlands accumulated in the history of the Queen who time than men King also long, which is unique in world history.

Netherlands State formation in the 16th century preceded the Principality era of Burgundy, the Netherlands, there have been continuous consists of three female Governor rule, from 1890 onwards, the Netherlands and continuous three Queen's reign and continued until now. This nation is the world's most used by women rule.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom: United Kingdom history many female heroes, King in three is Queen Elizabeth I, Victoria and the current in the reign of Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom is a country with a complex of the nation, they like the Queen of the kind of gentle feeling, the feeling may be the infancy of the Oedipus complex.


Venezuela: this is the most famous is rich in beautiful country.

She's only 24 million population, each year always in world class beauty contest with Craig Clunas. On the contrary, the charm of the South American man is to appear in the football field, but Venezuela's football but in South America's game package.


Iceland: some recent research that, in the South of the 20 degrees north latitude and the lowest on the status of women, while the higher latitudes, the higher the status of women, this analysis is somewhat reasonable, in climate and warm places, often agricultural civilization developed earlier, patrilineal system of patriarchal society has more entrenched.

While in the Arctic circle inside prominently Iceland, female is one of the characteristics of her, after all, the historical long-term to fishing, gathering, processing is the ice Fire Island, who are better than one?


Canada: the same is a high-latitude countries, Canada's women's rights movement in scope is alarming, 10 years ago, Canada had also been together since the protest against the man can bare footed, and women will not be launched by the feminist movement.

Canada and Scandinavia, Netherlands, belongs to the world's most robust national physique, which may have their feminine high have a certain relationship because mothers towards their children's growth is huge.

Viet Nam's lover Mart rodao people blind to

Viet Nam Belle

Color, men and women together, first looked at each other, and have a chat, feel like, quickly fell in love.

Some even convoluted to dawn. However, this can only be said that the eight-character just got a skim what could marry also have parents that hurdle. Chinese girl boy must ask their parents to marry the woman's family.

Viet Nam: Blue Man market selected bride

Viet Nam (Vietnam), up to Austrian ethnic groups living in northern Viet Nam 1500 metres above sea level with the normal love wearing blue blouse, people used to call them Blue Man; and because they live in the terrain is relatively high, it was also called the inhabitants of their cloud.

Market inside selected lover

Rodao people a lover market, attracting many young people from various villages, they are mostly unmarried men and women.

According to Austrian customs, the girls over the age of 15-year-old is married. If the girl after age hasn't found her in-laws can only show she didn't, or that she is not pretty, and even then the girl's family face, in half the folks in the dwarf. Therefore, rodao girl wish I could find in the 15-year-old lover when everything. But the lover market provides opportunities for them.

The Saturday night, when the market opened a lover.

Night, men and women together, first looked at each other, and have a chat, feel like, quickly fell in love. Some even convoluted to dawn. However, this can only be said that the eight-character just got a skim what could marry also have parents that hurdle. Chinese girl boy must ask their parents to marry the woman's family.

Get married in the eyes not rodao is a sloppy thing, at number must not be less.

Both parents must respect the dowry of negotiations. Gifts and presents most of the animals, is also useful for cash. Only the amount of things settled, the marriage is considered successful. If the dowry of things about the collapse of a regardless of how the two young women and men is successes have not clicked with marriage.

Apart from Saturday and Sunday is unusual.

Sunday up to Austrian people don't work, they put on festive costumes carry bamboo leaf bags to go to the fair. In the East of the dam near a place called Baha'i, every Sunday there is lively marketplace. Droves of people rushed to rodao, for a moment there is merged into a colourful ocean. They can be sold in the marketplace both their own agricultural and livestock to buy tobacco, horse, farm implements and wine, will be relatives and friends. Mart is village Tadashi refers and Barber to make money.

Mart not only by the locals, even some foreigners are interested in, if by luck, you can buy one or two people who made up Olympic crafts.

Gentle flowing

In leaf bags grew up national

Rodao uninhabited area distance not far from Sino-Vietnamese border.

People from Hanoi, take a 12-hour train to the Shaba, got off the train and walk along steep mountain climbing, soon will be able to see the layers of the terrace extends from the bottom up, new planting rice fields like a slab of mirrors reflect the blue sky and white clouds, in the heart of the mountain was cut so colorful, everywhere is the Emerald color. Rodao people living in this picturesque world.

Rodao people is not high, lean, always carry bamboo leaf bags.

It is their baby, to work with, go shopping, visit relatives and friends also carried behind. Bamboo basket not only put things, but also with kids, rodao is in bamboo leaf bags grew. Rodao people to grow rice for a living, all are terraces. Terrace in irrigation, the trend on the lot. Thus, rodao people goes to the mountains of bamboo cut down and then into conveying pipe spring, the spring direct spinning the child into rice fields irrigated.

Rodao men although zhuanglaoli, woman's work is not less than they, the children, doing farm work, back weights, stocking animals everywhere can see head wrapped flowers towel, as pretty, ears of flowers to wear big silver ring, pedal thatched shoes, wear a gun with lace dresses of mast, curvaceous rodao woman.

They are practical, not only their own sewing dresses, with chain also herself. Up to Austrian woman beauty, but because the hot weather and hard work, they mostly seem tired old face wrinkles appear early, from look very difficult to guess what their actual age.