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Autumn and winter health SPA journey abroad recommend four hot springs

Fall/winter season--and is the best choice for relaxation, take advantage of the leave or business travel time abroad some have clean air, smooth hot spring place, to a leisurely tour of the SPA is the kingly way to recuperate.

-To the Jeju, a dip in the hot spring water is necessary.

Recommended: Jeju Island

Recommended reason: now the Cheju Island, is in the late autumn and early winter of alternating seasons, both red like fire of Maple can see, it is also possible to see as the first snow fall of the fog.

In addition, it is a season of health plans, especially for women, with domestic hot spring a completely different feel.

Recommended game: to Jeju, a dip in the hot spring water is necessary.

Mountain Fangshan Spa is oriented to the Jeju oldest hot spring is also rare in Korea, has good carbonate hot springs health effect. The seawater spa on the island has a slim body Detox Xiaoyan, beauty, elimination of fatigue, which crystal stone room sauna, sauna on the loess room, herbal steam health is worth a try.

In addition to the spas, Jeju Island is also a romantic place, especially the bunker-Misaki in marine and large Pu columnar coast, here you can look out over the coast line of the blue sea of the magnificent beauty of the coast, enjoy.

In addition to the temple water natural rest forest, along the FIR wood walk between the road and foot massage, a healthy forest bath. Across the rest of the distribution on Jiangchuan Valley by a temperate, warm and cold of various trees, autumn leaves, winter snow is very beautiful and worth a visit. This season also the taste of Cheju Island gourmet season. As nourishing the stewed chicken, genseng Jeju special black pig barbecue, hot pot, nutrition abalone porridge Jeju seafood hotpot, etc. There are also local specialties in Jeju (Cheju) island citrus, in addition to being able to eat the sweet juicy orange, you can enjoy authentic citrus SPA.

● Tips

Transport: direct flights from Guangzhou, Seoul, take about 4 hours and 15 minutes or so.

Then fly to Seoul, Cheju Island.

Accommodation: the hotel Cheju Island are mostly concentrated in Cheju city, Sogwipo city and Chinese tourist area, and facilities.

Especially recommended for Chinese tourist zone special grade hotel.

Gastronomy: Korea Cheju characteristics, such as the nourishing gourmet numerous stewed chicken, genseng Jeju special black pig barbecue, hot pot, nutrition abalone porridge, Korean BBQ, Korean nutrition bibim, Jeju seafood hotpot, etc.

New Zealand hot springs tour

Recommended land: New Zealand

Recommended reason: located in the Central Pacific volcanic belt in New Zealand, geothermal resources all over the country.

In this season, the most suitable while enjoying the beautiful lakes and mountains, spectacular fjords, while enjoying the relaxing hot springs, to a great experience for body and mind.

Recommended game: New Zealand North Island Hot Springs protection zones, the southern hemisphere's largest hot spring waterfalls and unique New Zealand mud baths mdash mdash;; Wai ora pool.

In addition, in New Zealand is also a hot spring town luotuoluwa named frog boiling pools of mud, mud and churning, like the frog jump. Visitors under the guidance of the poster to waiotapu watch rare sulphur mud fountain and seven color volcanic Lake. Mud fountain at 10 o'clock in the morning just in time from 15 minutes out of rock port, continued for half an hour. If you then move on, inside, there is a long stretches of constant volcanic Lake, blue, Orange, red, white and the seven color interlacing of the Lake, transpiration and found wonderful haze. Here a mud bath, mineral-rich mud-covered the whole body, and other hot mud dry after the pieces with a stripped when going to spas is a Supreme enjoyment.

In addition, this season spas, you can also visit Milford fiord.

Milford Fiord is formed in the ice age, the United Kingdom writer Kiplinger as the eighth wonder of the world. Calm, Milford Fiord is like a mirror, rain, everywhere are its torrent dashes down waterfalls. This will see 800 year old trees. Tourists can total length up to 500 km walk from the road crossing, exploring its every corner. There are also walking road, Milford, Kepler's walking road and a record of the walk, they are excellent within walking distance of New Zealand. For travelers who are rare leisure.

● Tips

Traffic: Guangzhou have direct flight to New Zealand flight, tourists can also choose in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore.

And in the local tourism, tour bus is a good choice, convenience and affordability.

Accommodation: New Zealand travel, whether it be a five star hotel, youth hostel or budget hotel, unique New Zealand KIWI spirit is to allow each to New Zealand's people are able to have a home-like comfort.

Cuisine: New Zealand is famous, rich and animal husbandry, known as the gourmet's paradise of reputation.

Production of fruit and vegetables, meat and seafood, fresh and tasty; such as lamb, game, venison, lobster, dairy PEAR, strawberry, Kiwi and salmon, etc., are New Zealand's famous cuisine.

Baden Baden Springs city

Recommended: Germany Baden Baden

Recommended reason: Baden Baden in Germany Black Forest on the edge of the North Valley, Osbourne is a famous spa town.

City stretch along the Valley Aass, proximity to the Castle, facing the silk, charming scenery. German in Baden is a shower or a bath, the number of hot spring not only here, and very good, is recognized as the best Spa in the world.

Recommended game: to Baden Baden, a must do is to soak the hot springs.

Here's the source comes from underground springs of about 2000 m, average water temperature of about 68 ° c water. Today, the town of Beach about a dozen, including Frederik Caracalla baths and the most famous.

Old Grand Frederiks bath was built in the year 2000, the ruins of the Roman baths, let the person you can soak Spa side of ancient architecture.

In contrast with the white marble of Caracalla, the more modern sense, an area of 1000 square meters, there are multiple indoor outdoor spa and sauna. Typically, people will start to outdoor two 30 ° c and 34 ° c hot springs soaking, to 18 ° c, cold water pool, antipyretic, and finally to 38 ° c thermal water pool for Sprint, so that you will all be exhausted body wash away. Here's the hot springs can not only achieve through soaking way, relax and get rid of rheumatism cool bone, stomach discomfort, and other diseases, it is said that drinking fountains can also ill treatment, ill health.

It is noted that the bathing, Baden Baden is equal to the pool.

In Caracalla you can wear a swimsuit-embarrassing, but came to the Kong Frederik is not allowed to wear clothes, bath so you can shower in this, you should see your guts and courage!

● Tips

Gastronomy: Baden Baden diet distinctive, as is the influence of French cooking, authentic cuisine with its high quality and creative.

Of course there are great Chinese cuisine.

Shopping: in Baden Baden city's romantic streets, across a wide range, large and small shops, the famous fashion, jewellery, porcelain, as well as toys and other stocks in this shopping is fun.

Go to Blue Lake spas

Recommended: Iceland

Recommended reason: because it happened in America plate and the Asian and European plate between fault zone, Iceland this natural ice and snow world in more owning a geocentric mdash mdash; passion; volcano and hot springs, a land of rare earth Arctic holiday choice.

Recommended playing: flower of the northern part of Iceland's Lake (Myvatn) region is a volcanic area, rich of geothermal resources, volcanic eruptions the landforms are the exception.

Here are the underground springs and sulphur Spa, driving a into this region will be able to smell the air with the smell of sulphur wafts. Karavla volcano in the northeastern part of Lake Mary flower town 20 kilometres, and still is an active volcano. The most recent eruption in 1980 to 1981. After the outbreak of the magma, continuous risk of smoke for five years, Martha flower town area in many places, you can see the white smoke from the ground or rocks slowly rise, sew all around haunts unique, mysterious atmosphere.

Enter karavla volcanic area, then into another world.

There are many blue-green small lakes, like gems, like embedded in colored volcanic rock, glittering. Walking in the meantime, from time to time, you can see still smoldering rocks. The most agreeable is his immersion in the hot spring flower town in the Lake, the blue and white wrapped in warm water, grab a mineral mud lake, in the face, everyone is a good natural beauty mask.

● Tips

Sightseeing: in Iceland to Blue Lake spas is the classic show.

From Reykjavik city 1 hour drive to the South East can reach, remember to take your swimsuit.

Cuisine: traditional staple food in Iceland is fish and meat, smoked fish and dried fish is the world famous specialties.

Salmon and smoked trout is recommended. Delicious fresh mutton meat, a must try.

Japan's most drugstore?-attract foreign tourists shopping sites


People's network, Tokyo August 26 (reporter Jia Wen ting) for foreign tourists, Japan's drugstore? presumably everyone will not miss shopping locations.

Japan's drugstore? why is there so much charm today to unveil the mystery of it.


1. quantity.

Drugstore? around the streets of Japan, their quantity can be comparable with convenience stores, so frequently appear in the eyes of tourists, want to be stopped is in fact very difficult in the shop.

2. species.

Shiseido, jianabao, high wire, such as the Japan brand ledun in major drugstore? are sold. Rack mount front is typically placed on trial, let consumers experience, and then select a suitable cosmetics.

3. reasonable price.

Many of the Japan brand products usually have a 7% discount, the beneficial price also become many tourists entering drugstore? to shopping.

Mecca visits the most mysterious White City worship

From 14 November to start from around the world gathered at nearly $ 30 million Muslims in Makkah Al-Saudi Islam, participate in the pilgrimage, the Hajj campaign will last 5 days.

During the pilgrims will gather in Makkah, pray together, eat and learn. Located in the desert, the climate is hot and dry Mecca city world-renowned, while here and there is nothing stunning natural wonders or humane miracle hellip; hellip;

First, the city of Makkah

Makkah city

Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of the West of the city is located in a 7 km long Valley, surrounded by hills, only four out of the contact, and Col like block, the strongest natural Castle.

From here, the city of Makkah and security. Makkah weather hot and dry, although no charming natural scenery, however Mecca fame, but no less than any city in the world. It's famous, also due to its religious status and legendary. Mecca is the Arabian Peninsula since ancient times on the fetishism of Center, Mohammed is heading here, clear the other idols, becoming the most important holy places of Islam.

In the Muslim world, Mecca known as mother of zhucheng.

Here four hills on either side of the peak of the crisis in East and West, is the Northeast, Northwest, West, South, with a p., leading to the field. Due to the mountain peak, roughly along the Southwest city past and stretching in the North. The old urban construction in Ibrahim Wadi River, together with the medieval character of religious buildings and palaces. Makkah city the most important and famous holy land is the big mosque, the Holy Temple. According to the Koran verse, in the prohibition of homicide, robbery, fights, so it is also known as no-ji Temple. It is an upper and lower layer promenade around the open-air courtyard. After several expansion and renovation of the world, especially in the era of expansion in Saudi Arabia, its area is 3 million square meters of extension to 16 million square meters and can accommodate up to 30 million Muslims at the Church.

China ancient times the alleged day party, is today Saudi Arabia's Makkah.

Mecca is the Islamic world's most sacred places. Muslim life at least been there once, and only Muslims can go to town. In order to facilitate the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, the traffic is developed. The highway and the airport to the main road to Saudi Arabia.

Due to the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca is itself, so here's the main breadwinner is established in the provision of services for the pilgrims.

In addition, each year a large number of visitors is enough to make the Mecca continued to prosper.

Second, the pilgrims

According to Islamic law, where there are conditions of Muslims, has to go to Mecca pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage was listed as one of the five lessons of Islam. Official Hajj rituals performed too, namely the identity with the pilgrims, called Haji.

Hajj is the world's largest religious pilgrimage ceremony, is the economic and physical condition of every adult Muslim believers as a religious obligation.

All Muslims, whether male or female, will do its utmost to fight for his life at least once travelling to Hajj. Millions of Muslims are clustered in Saudi Arabia's Makkah, participate in the annual pilgrimage. They come from every corner of the world, including countries, different colour, Muslims of all ages. Pilgrimage period, gathered in Makkah Al-Muslim believers of millions, to pray together, to have dinner together, learning together with the historical events of Islam, celebrate Allah's glorious achievements. Pilgrimage in the Islamic calendar year of the last month, the month is called Dhul-Hijjah, meaning the pilgrimage. Pilgrimage of various rituals in the last month of the Islamic calendar of no. 8 to 12 days during this 5 day.

50 years ago, the annual pilgrimage to some tens of thousands of people; 1984 has 3 million from top to bottom; in recent years, has more than 10 million people.

Makkah Al-Quds open only to Muslims. Each of the Islamic calendar December is worship, Mecca are everywhere. Pilgrimage to reach Mecca after a series of worship activities, these include: Office from meteorites clockwise direction around the Temple Mount 7 week: SAFA and Jimmy Silva from 7th: catch the bodies of Arafat mountain station to the mountain chant; by calling it hurmuz Dali method in the wilderness camp rest;-Mina shot stone exorcise; celebrate Adha; once again to the temple, farewell pilgrimage. It's become an annual International Grand religious activities.

Third, Heckel white

Kerr white is the world's Muslims worship toward and

Pilgrimage centre. Specifically refers to Allah. Chinese Muslims called tianfang. Qing Liu Zhi the day party at the "cloud: days of the Korean Church, Que and said tianfang, cover creator is set to make a million parties toward also. Located in Saudi Arabia Mecca City Guard was the Central Temple, Arab ancient genetic down important historical sites.

Makkah city Kerr white, hundreds of millions of Muslims worship, is the prayer toward, in the Centre of Islamic culture, its history, and must build the temple built and expanded from the Ma'dan, Ibrahim, to MU San era, stacked and Islamic Dynasties, today the two Holy Mosques, nbsp; Kerr white followers
Clothing question to King Fahd, regardless of the size from the building, or from architectural and art, are unprecedented, for attention, is the focus of Islamic architecture.

Is the world's architectural history, architectural area of a singular rake.

After entering Mecca was Muhammad, cleared the Kerr white the Temple of God in all the tribes, to retain only a meteorite (i.e. Xuan Shi), the Kerr white the temple mosque, and instead provides that every Muslim life pilgrimage must be here.

Kerr white the Temple of God with idols have been destroyed, leaving black meteorites as Islam's Holy things, and the prohibition of foreign teachers entering Kerr white the temple and its surrounding areas, this ban has been effectively. Every Sunday the Arab man to comply with the Arabs, gathered at the Church Center for Kerr white the temple meet Muslim ritual of photos, how to recite the Qur'an. nbsp;

The rise of Islam, both inside and outside the Hall of worship in front of the large number of idols, for Arab more sacrifice Baha'is worship.

According to legend the ancient Arab religious, this temple is human ancestor Adán built, after the flood destroyed, by Ibrahim and his son Ishmael, instrument for renewal. After repeated destruction of award-winning building. 608, Mohammed rumor also participated in the construction. 623 years Muhammad the temple for worship toward Islam. 630 years Muhammad captured Mecca, cleared the House and outside polytheism Idol. Since then, become Muslim pilgrims visited the Center. During the annual Hajj, led by Saudi Arabia's King high officials and religious leaders, to the washing and replace the drapery ceremony and invited foreign Muslims Hajj mission representatives.

Fourth, the large Bell Tower

In addition to the Kerr white and white building, now the city of Mecca has a Bell Tower, a landmark, Mecca; mdash mdash;

Makkah clock tower, the full name: Makkah Royal Bell Tower Hotel (Mecca Royal Clock Tower) is a Saudi Makkah area landmark building.

The clock tower building of the overall height of 817 m, is the Big Ben in London, only 6 times than Dubai, Halifax Tower low 11 meters, is the second highest building in the world. Makkah clock tower is the biggest highlights from Germany company design and manufacture of the great clock, this high-43 m, width 45 m four stereo clock is the world's largest clock.

The world's second tallest building in Mecca the Bell Tower is the biggest highlights from Germany company design and manufacture of the great clock, this high-43 m, width 45 m four stereo clock has become the world's largest clock.

The clock in the night of 17 kilometres away sees during the day may 11 km to 12 km away.

Take advantage of the young to ten sahuan infants: the global amusement park

Take advantage of the young to sahuan infants! adult can go back to childhood.

Six Flags amusement park, Alton Towers, Riise hellip this amusement park; hellip; take you playing all over the world top ten zuijin of amusement park!!!

Six Flags amusement park

1. Six Flags amusement park (Six Flags Great Adventure): truth or big adventure?

Location: United States, New Jersey

Fare: online booking 38.99 USD

Build time: 1974

The number of facilities: 45 seats, including 13 seats coaster

Six Flags amusement park is a named Adventure (Great Adventure) of private park, more than a decade ago was six flags Group acquired, almost every year to foreign expansion and new facilities.

Named Beijing Dhaka (Kingda Ka) of most new roller coaster is the world's fastest roller coaster, and its height reaches 139 m.

Start the hydraulic catapults visitors riding speed per hour of 206 km, passing through 270 degrees of toroidal channel, people have a strong sense of weightlessness.

There is a new project with 4.45 million square meters of the jungle, in the Kingdom of gold children can take the motor, watching the Tiger show.

Alton Towers

2. Alton Towers (Alton Towers): the most exciting rides

Location: United Kingdom, Staffordshire

Fares: adults over the age of 12 $ 40

Build time: 1980

The number of facilities: 28 seats

In 2004 the number of visitors: 240 000

Alton Tower Park is the United Kingdom's largest theme park, opened in 1980 when its spiral roller coaster was the UK's hottest new trend in mobile gaming.

In 1998, it opened up the world's first vertical dive's roller coaster ride, first day running, waiting for a whole lap around the Park, according to statistics, the day queue each person's average waiting time is 6 hours. Alton Towers popularity.

In 2005, it was a new item is the title of Queen for the speed of the roller coaster, RITA RITA launch speed up 372 km journey full of swirling and sharp.

Leave a message at the amusement park on a Web page that visitors feel eyeballs like flies from her head.

Riise this amusement park

3. Riise this amusement park (Liseberg): cardiac endurance challenge

Location: Sweden G?teborg

Price: per person over the age of 7 $ 8.5, free for children under the age of 7

Build time: 1923

The number of facilities: 35 seats

In 2004 the number of visitors: 300 000

Riise this amusement park is not boring, here is the world's steepest wooden roller coaster in the summer, visitors to the exuberant paradise often rife Hardy people do free fall campaign screams.

Here are often held a reception or a tea party.

Paradise has his own show star, but if you're lucky, you may experience like Edith Piaf, Birgit Nilsson, ABBA, Marlene Dietrich, Sammy Davis Jr or Jimi Hendrix these big-time performances.

Concerts, performances and theatre is one of the main attractions of paradise, here's the stage never deny any form of music, whether you are a heavy metal music or Opera lovers, both in its program to find on your taste.

Add up to the sky Park

4. da clouds Paradise (Gardaland): a surge of adrenaline line

Location: Italy plus up to Lake

Price: US $ 30 a day, children under 10 free

Build time: 1975

The number of facilities: 40 seat, average daily there are 40 performances

Visitors: over the past five years, the average annual number of 280 million received

Add up to the sky is an amusement park in Italy, actor, 2005 it was 30 years old.

New Sequoia adventure roller coaster is paradise the most exciting attractions, it's idea is to let visitors full speed adrenaline secretion, 4-seater car to high-speed fall air, completely finished circling slowly. Sequoia coaster reaches a maximum height of 30 metres, and the continuing 180deg; sharp, sitting in the car people feel repeatedly from high to low and high sense of irritation.

In 2005 a new bright spot is known as the robot on Mars 4D movies, content about three cute robot take on rectifying the arduous task of cosmic order, carry out their wonderful adventure.

High-definition 3D imaging effects make the person feel exception true exposure.

European theme park

5. the European theme park (Europa Park): Mini Europe tour finish

Location: Germany Roest (Rust)

Fare: adult $ 34, children $ 30, children under 4 years old free of charge

Build time: 1975

The number of facilities: more than 100 seats (including performances)

In 2004 the number of visitors: 370 000

Park in a picturesque setting worthy of the used to describe, it is located in Lake Forest, in a medieval style castle to attractions.

Park from 12 different countries in Europe as the theme of the small park, so tourists from microfilm of France, went into miniature Spain, then in the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and other countries.

Should not be missed include the Silver Star roller coaster rides (Silver Star), which is Europe's highest and biggest roller coaster, high 73 m, highly manoeuvrable with a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

The process of slowly climbing the roller coaster, with sufficient time to increase the body's stress, then instantly fall air, urgent and climb another gradient, the entire process is fast and weightless experience the perfect combination.

Indoor roller coaster, EURO-MIR is 28 meters in height with a speed of 80 km/h until fall into a black hole, and at the same time, the car will not stop on the axis, to flip the entire process from tantalizing, nearly 7 minutes.

The other exciting mobile games.

Tivoli Park

6. Tivoli Park (Tivoli Gardens): inclusive all forms of pleasure  

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Fare: adult $ 11.5, 3 years old to 11-year-old children $ 6, children under 3 years old free of charge

Build time: 1843

The number of facilities: 23 block

In 2004 the number of visitors: 424 000

Tivoli is 1843 in Paris, Tivoli Gardens (now non-existent) and London worth superba (Vauxhall) Garden modelled.

Here is a very elegant environment, under strict protection of the Lake and garden, a music hall, a picturesque small village, there are amusement park.

Here you can enjoy crazy in the Carnival, or you can comfortably on a tree to eat the hot dogs; can be a good drink in the garden of fresh beer, you can sit in the restaurant you can enjoy elegant dining; a concert or seasonal flowers in the Park to enjoy 11.5 million flower sweet breath.

Although full of avant-garde and crazy rides, Tivoli has always been a tranquil atmosphere.

Adventures in Hong Kong

7. the adventures of port (Port Aventura): adventurer's paradise

Location: Spain Salo

Fare: adult $ 45, $ 36 children and the elderly

Establish date: 1995

The number of facilities: 33 block

In 2004 the number of visitors: 310 000

Adventures in Hong Kong with more than 100 million square meters of people passionately of landscape, more than 3 million different kinds of plants.

Scenic area is divided into Mexico, Polynesian region, China, Eastern Mediterranean coast and the United States and western part. In these different areas, you can moderate Eastern Mediterranean climate navigation to Polynesia's tropical climate, the great wall of China and then arrived at the ruins of the Mayan Mexico, to experience the cowboy life of stimulation. Just open the project the hell divine, tourists from 96 metres in height, the pad is inclined to let people have a sense of free fall.


8. Disneyland (Disneyland Park): Welcome to the fairytale world

Location: Anaheim, California, United States (Anaheim)

Tickets: 10-year-old and above US $ 53

Build time: 1955

The number of facilities: 60 seats

In 2004 the number of visitors: 1336 million

Welcome to the magic, this is Disneyland on all tourists welcome message.

To date, the happiest place on Earth has been released by 50 years of magic. The Park store too many beautiful and fantastic fairy tales. To enter Disneyland, imagination wings, amazing thing happened. Here, people can sit on Mark Twain middot; rafting, and Peter middot; pan to fly, and Star Wars unit in space exploration, or sit on the Aladdin's feitan, Wonderland with Alice roaming. Disneyland attraction, for anyone with destruction.

Lotte World

9. the Lotte World (Lotte World): indoor Carnival

Location: Seoul, Korea

Fare: contains all project block adult $ 30, $ 23 for children

Build time: 1989

The number of facilities: 41 seats, including performances and a separate children's Park

In 2004 the number of visitors: 800 000

Lotte World is the world's largest indoor amusement park, the comments to describe the mysterious beauty.

Because of its popularity, is English-speaking world as Korea's Disneyland. With Chamber music days world adventure and outdoor Magic Island, a quarter of all the experience of Lotte skating rinks and Korea culture and life of Lotte World Folk Museum, Lotte cinema, etc. There are many items in paradise with lighting, presentations and animations, and other special effects make happy. If Yate Landis venture visitors instant upgrade to 21 m in height, through technical means making movies.

Bush Park

10. Bush Park (Busch Gardens): wild just released

Location: United States, Florida, Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay)

Fare: adult $ 55.95

Build time: 1959

The number of facilities: 29 block

In 2004 the number of visitors: 410 000

Park of wild natural environment, makes people feel full exposure to the African continent, follow Park Wizard, you can walk into the Hippo, Hyena, vultures, crocodile, baboons, and other wildlife habitats; and through waterfalls and shrouded in the mists of the original forest, you can even see hiding in the dense jungle of primates, such as gorillas, chimpanzees, etc.

More exciting is that Bush park rides, the newly launched SheiKra pick world's best diving roller coaster of Laurel, it immediately after the continuous turnover of about 42 m a big dive into an underground tunnel, and then at high speed across the channel, close to the ground, splashing water, causing a severe peripheral tourists all wet body, caused screams.

It rises to around 61 meters starting height, in the speed of 112 km from gravity, for 3 minutes of weightlessness, full length about 800 m.