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The bile fibrillation heart shocked face penetration performance

Phuket Thailand mdash mdash;; pearls, Pearl luster and early rich, comes from its five hundred years long history of tin ore production.

Thailand has become the world's third largest Tin exporters, the largest production area of Phuket is. Its surrounding area, rich undersea creatures. Phuket city, everywhere to disseminate the European style of architecture, Arcadian past. The beauty of it, covering the picturesque Beach, odd-shaped reef Allo-lime and the jungle around the hills, like a magnet attracts numerous visitors.

And beauty to the extreme foreground color contrast is to let the white-knuckle cheeks pierced, bloody horror pictures let you difficile and false, you will hardly ever have such a terrible way to celebrate the holiday season.

Devout believers

Phuket Island is the most solemn Festival, early start in 1825.

In this mining Tin miners intermediate burst a strange disease, in the longterm is invalid in case people are vegetarian, over time, this strange disease had miraculously disappeared, the locals think must be gods blessing. So after one lunar year to ninth trigrams in September, it is a solemn ceremony of sacrifice and a blessing to the answer.

The day before the Festival began in the afternoon, in the Temple will be erected a tall broom, in the middle of the night, the bar will hang the nine lanterns, declared vegetarian Festival begins.

During the Festival, people wearing white clothes, vegetarian food, drinking alcohol, and participates in many celebrations, Fireworks. Pregnant women and mourning period cannot participate in this event.

Terror in the extreme

In addition to these, there are even getting scared of what awaits you, devout believers will use hard metal objects such as Pierce his cheek, barefoot through the combustion of coal fires, to exercise and test of loyalty to God.

Last seen Fireworks, Grand Parade.

Cheek perforation

In addition to these, there are even getting scared of what awaits you, devout believers will use hard metal objects such as Pierce his cheek, barefoot through the combustion of coal fires, to exercise and test of loyalty to God.

Last seen Fireworks, Grand Parade.

In addition to these, there are even getting scared of what awaits you, devout believers will use hard metal objects such as Pierce his cheek, barefoot through the combustion of coal fires, to exercise and test of loyalty to God.

Last seen Fireworks, Grand Parade.

In addition to these, there are even getting scared of what awaits you, devout believers will use hard metal objects such as Pierce his cheek, barefoot through the combustion of coal fires, to exercise and test of loyalty to God.

Last seen Fireworks, Grand Parade.

Access to the world's top ten unexplained strange "ghost ships"

The Sea you might encounter a lot of unexpected situations: Pirates, riots, murder, and bad weather, let alone have abducted, encounter sea monsters or Bermuda Triangle area of strange phenomena.

As such, many without the crew's Ghost ship appeared in the sea is not surprising. The following gives you the top 10 ghost ships have one thing in common: the magic and has appeared to make people cannot explain secret.

Mary Celeste, middot;

When it comes to 1872 was found in the Mary Celeste, middot;, ghostly and restless, and other words to describe it seem appropriate.

The double-mast commercial sailing is found, the ship precious goods and valuable things that no one ever, food and drinking water are sufficient crew insisted 6 months, but it was even a crew or passenger figure. Although the hull some old and broken, but the ship was found a month later still sailing.

All reasonable explanation, the pirates attacks or getting caught in a storm, etc are excluded one by one.

The last one has to imagine the crew is not been abducted, or suffered a sea monster attacks. Until today, Mary middot; Celeste, what happened to what remains a maritime history of the most famous mystery case.

Carol middot; Deering,

A rebel, piracy or Bermuda Triangle area strange supernatural forces let Carol middot; Deering, the crew were all on the disappeared? 5 mast sailing ship from the Virginia Department of transportation to Brazil Rio de Janeiro, coal is still Barbados added provision.

It is said that the ship's mate has been in conflict with the captain, and a threat to the latter, the first mate while being arrested, but later receive forgiveness and released. Carol middot; Deering, continue towards their destination of Norfolk, Virginia.

Since then, it has one of the North Carolina coast to see the ship, then overlaid with a foreign accent fuck a man called the ship's anchor.

Later, in another coast to see the ship, crew members, their items, as well as all disappear davits. The crew from such as tops, the United States Government has failed to give an official interpretation, although they suspected that the trafficker or Pirates hijack the ship United States. Until today, conspiracy theories are still with Carol middot; Deering, as an example to describe the Bermuda Triangle area.

Bayer middot; Ami card number

Bayer middot; amika, the classic schooner and in Italy common boat.

When it appears in the northeast coast, people find it a crew, like the other Mary middot; Celeste yacht. This ship in 2006 was Italy coast guard found that Ghost ship has to eat the rest half of Egypt food, annotated with French North Africa sea maps, a pile of clothes, Luxembourg's banner and a piece of writing with Bayer middot; amika tablet. Italy experts found that the ship is not registered in any country. As from the media coverage, people think that this is an ancient ship, the public interest on which rose overnight. Later, people knew that the ship belongs to a Luxembourg man, in order to evade tax he didn't give the ship is registered.

Ambitious goal 6

In 2003, in Australia have been found in waters from Taiwan's ambitious goals, vessels, however, did not find any crew member, only to find a lot of fuel and food, the crew's personal items, as well as several tons of rotten fish.

It can contain a maximum of 12 crew, but the crew now missing, the ship also found no traces of fighting. Life seems to be from a ship is left. Australia police said that a joint search and rescue team sea air on the suspicious vessels around 7300 square nautical miles (1 mile around 1.852 km) to inspect the waters, but found no crew and passengers may be. However, the ship was found 10 days later, the vessel had been missing for engineers phone still receive calls from Indonesia. Later, they finally found the ship's crew, he called the master and the engineer were killed; therefore, the crew had their returned home, but he did not say why the murder.


Illegal activities at sea are rampant, and population from illegal fishing to trade, so when the unidentified vessel appears, they always seemed suspicious.

Chien, is a boat, in 2006, it appears in the vicinity of the Queen's Island Australia a map is not marked area. Australia Customs officials found after boarding, they simply can't find a recent human activities here. The spokesman said: under search results, the ship had been towed, ship name and feature also be altered too. Boat only lots of rice, no other items. Finally, because they can not get the ship's master, the ship sank by people.

Joey Tower,

Joey Tower, perhaps a never sunk ships, but it's dangerous to others.

1955. Joey Tower, together with the ship's 25 passengers and crew together and they disappear in the South Pacific. Disappeared after 5 weeks, it has been found, the hull as we can see in Figure leaned, half of immersion in seawater. The ship including drug supply, wood, food, etc., 4 ton cargo also disappeared after the lifeboat was gone. However, it was discovered on the ship with a bloodstained bandages, people assume the captain may have been wounded or killed, the crew and passengers feel they have no choice but to abandon ship. However, this does not explain why the ship's cargo as well.

Kaz II

April 15, 2007, 3 men take Cazes, sea, intended to travel along the coast of Australia.

3 days later, the ship drifting in the sea, the great barrier reef the sails spread, engines, is missing. Australia police immediately dispatched police in 700 miles to search within. The ship found that people of disbelief: the engine is not flame; on the table there is a portable radio to continue to operate; and no exceptions, all of the emergency devices work well; life neatly hung on a hook; table tableware and food have been laid, as if waiting for people dining, unique unusual is a figure on the boat.

Peter BRINA,

Peter BRINA, is one of the three masts barges, October 1917, it is full of coal from a port in the South of England, travelled to France Saint Brieuc (Saint-Brieuc).

2 days after it was discovered that the ship ran aground on the coast of France and abandoned, the ship also intact. People guess the first world war is the culprit, just like the picture above, Germany submarine fire on ze BRINA, poses a threat. Perhaps Germany found the enemy submarine ships, submarine force all crew to enter and leave. Some people believe, and later the ship Germany submarine sank, Peter BRINA, all crew members on this completely disappear.

Jenny numbers

1823, 4 may, has 71 days nothing, I was the only survivor of the ship.

In the navigation log write this passage of Jenny yacht captain was found still sat in his chair, pen in hand, this scene until 17 years later was found. He and the other on board 6 crew's body was Antarctic waters, extreme cold weather survived. Jenny yacht is trapped by ice, eventually causing cannot escape this tragedy. Years later, a whaling ship found still at sea such as ghostly drift of Jenny numbers. The crew were the remains of the victims were buried sea.

Becky friction,

Becky friction, is the Ghost ship of the most amazing one.

The ship was abandoned, the Alaska Sea alone spent nearly 40 years. In 1931, Becky friction, experienced Blizzard, trapped in Alaska in the vicinity, multiple attempts to rescue a deal, all crew members were safely flown out Becky friction number. After the snowstorm, people tried to ship back from difficulties in drag, but because the hull was severely damaged, the Hudson's Bay Company had to make the decision to abandon ship. But the surprising thing: the nextFor 38 years, the ship has not sunk, contrary to own floating in the sea, seems to have any power in have always been the protection of it. Becky friction, in 1969, the last time appear in people's eyes, after Alaska sea ice, the ship will disappear. Some people say that this ship has sunk in recent years, there are those who advocate for the fast 80-year-old Ghost ship.

Medical tourism popular five high-end medical tourism destinations in the world

Medical tourism mainly refers to people who settled in the medical service is too expensive or not too perfect, to foreign or foreign to seek more affordable health care, and combined with leisure tourism developed a new tourism industry.

In recent years countries need to seek medical attention of visitors of cross-border hot pursuit. Here as you recommended global top 5 most high-end medical tourism destination.

Panama Boca-del-Drago Beach


Located in the United States South of Panama as a cheap source of medical expenses incurred by patients.

According to the National Center for policy analysis, the report displays the same operation in Panama than in the United States by about 40% to 70%. Panama is protected by United States affect the huge city facilities developed, relatively safe, which attracted many visitors and want to experience the patients to the medical travel. The dollar is the currency of a currency here, and many doctors are in the United States for the education and training. Medical tourism had contributed significantly to the economic development of Panama, since the city's economic pillars of service industry. Tourism boom has led the labour market, for nearly 15 million people solve the employment problem.

Brazil Rio de Janeiro


Brazil has become one of cosmetic surgery, is the world's second largest cosmetic market, second only to the United States.

Mainly attributed to the high quality service and low prices. In terms of overall health care level, Brazil. Their number second only to the United States in hospitals. Most hospitals have been United States Hospital Accreditation Board of certification. Brazil's largest city, Sao Paulo has a number of conditions of the best hospitals in the world, not only the high-end medical equipment, medicine and experienced doctors.

Malaysia Gemini


Malaysia medical tourism industry has made great strides in recent years.

Malaysia receives medical tourists from 7 million in 2001 to 5 thousand in 2006 of more than 29 million. Only in 2006, the national income reached 590 million. It is estimated that by 2010 the number of horses to medical treatment would increase by 3%. Malaysia offers a full range of medical services including dental, cosmetic surgery, cardiac surgery, medical costs are far lower than the United States, but provide a more personalized service. In addition, there are medical tourists attracted favourable exchange rates and local stable economic and political situation. And, the establishment of a comprehensive health care system, the people of 88.5% to enjoy the 3 miles of home health care services.

Costa Rica Tropical scenery

Costa Rica

As with Barnabas, and Costa Rica are also affected by the North American patients of all ages.

The service here to low prices and high standards of care. 2006 reception of medical tourists will reach 15 million, mainly for dental and cosmetic surgery. Overall expenses than low half of the United States. The country's political stability, good education level and favourable policies to encourage foreign investment.

Taj Mahal India


Although controversial, but India is all medical travel destination in the lowest price, best quality.

There have received a good education of doctors and highly sophisticated medical techniques. In recent years, India's medical tourism is booming, 05 medical tourists up to 50 million, an increase of more than 02 35 million. It is estimated that by 2012 will be medical tourism India brings 22 billion in national income. India most smell out of the medical service with heart surgery and orthopaedics. But since India overpopulation, environmental degradation, poverty, race still exist and religious issues, medical travel is not a small negative effects.

Five beauty abounds in countries in the world ranking list

First name: mdash mdash; Venezuela; Miss world abounds with

The origin of Miss World

In Venezuela, the beautiful is not natural, is a lifelong goal, is indispensable to everyday life.

Girl teens, you know breast augmentation as their 15-year-old traditional adult Festival presents. Three world class beauty contest, Miss Venezuela win Miss Universe 4 times, 5th Miss world and Miss 4 international.

More shockingly, Venezuela's beauty has come to start young Elvis.

Participation in the activities of persons age beauty become smaller and smaller, 5-year-old sea-Berlin middot; Sanchez at least have participated in Venezuela small model of the three above a beauty contest. She and a classmate in Caracas Jiabao and crass model schools not only practice go t-Taiwan, receive training, and even helped sway to learn even the most mature woman will fall dance performaces.

School founder Alba middot; Ashik not only denied that they give pupils the appearance is more important than the wisdom of thought, but beautiful as a career.

Here, their own career Foundation. Here are the stars of the cradle.

Second place: mdash mdash; Latvia; unrestrained sexy beauty everywhere

Blond beauty

Walking in the street of Latvia, glide is single blond female college students, this can be known by a man to dream of paradise.

Cheerful and lively Latvia in order to escape the single girl who could be said to be spared any opportunity, so often someone is cheating and forced to engage in sex industry, how to protect unmarried women have become the most eager to solve the problem. Lovely Latvian girls still pursue their own happiness hard wishes they have a better future.

Third place: mdash mdash; Italy; Venus-like beauty

Venus-like beauty

Italy's fashion capital, nature is beautiful, it's winning say has then point unfair, because no fashion, naturally more beauty.

They were tall, slim, small, high nose, deep blue, white and delicate skin, cosmetic Eau. Dress fashion, but also inherits the classical, the beauty of the great charm, who through out a holy and elegant temperament, no upstart that vulgar and showing off flair of evil spirits.

These beauties, in the name of album in the world to see: Venus, Athena, Notre Dame, Saint middot; Anna, Lida, three American gods, and so on hellip; hellip; can the beauty of Italy today find their figure.

Have to sigh: God is Italy.

The fourth one, mdash mdash; Denmark; Mermaid-like passionate temptation

Mermaid-like passionate temptation

Denmark Belle tall slender figure seems to be their cautious manner some disproportionate.

Their gentle and affectionate, a pair of dream as magic eyes even more compelling. In any event, Denmark beauty always polite to say softly. In men with identity, they would side with Shi curtsy, will hand to each other, so that each other a kiss hands ceremony. fertilizer

Section five: mdash mdash; Czech Republic; Princess-like quiet sweet

Princess-like quiet sweet

As the Czech capital, Prague, woman's romantic and gentle seems to be rooted.

Some say that Prague romantic elegance is blowing from the depths of history, or the Bohemian man's romantic character. Some people say that is not a woman not gentle, but not to Prague. Visible Bragg woman is moving, to heart. If you still do not know, you look at the faces with the quiet, elegant appearance, fightingFixed numerous brand designer heart of Renesas middot; Mo laxova. Although she will also have some modeling was wild, but in her eyes, you still can feel her heart like Prague evening of arawata, quiet and sweet.

Bubble-the world's most beautiful spa Turkey cotton Castle

Turkey cotton Castle

Pamukkale, Turkey-Denizli city in the Southwest, is the world's most famous hot spring resorts, here not only thousands of years of natural hot springs, this weird like cotton-like hills.

Nature's Ghost hammer along the manufacturing out so wonderful fairyland.

Text of Pamukkale Turkey by Pamuk (cotton) and Kale (Castle), consisting of two words, cotton is one whose color is white like wool, cotton, it looks as if it was a hard limestone terrain.

The castle is that it consists of the entire hillside, a layer is a layer, the shape is like a castle, it was named Fort cotton.

Here many hot springs, hot springs since the cave roof shed hillside erosion into strips, platform, spring water and ponds, accumulator can sit inside a dip in the hot spring water, both from tiredness, and health; spring mineral precipitation over the entire Hill dyed white, like open lava.

From top to bottom, a side like a hot spring platform surface mirror, maps with blue sky and white clouds; bottom-up, just after the volcanic eruption, white lava covering all of the hillside, quite spectacular. Cotton Castle opened the hotspring area, however many visitors bikini into spots, so beautiful, slide into the Spa, that is, how to enjoy it.

The spa area of cotton Castle

Starting from the Roman Republic, Ephesus was the Asia provinces (Asia minor Western) of the provincial capital, known as Asia's first and largest city.

It to Asia-Demetrius Temple (goddess Diana's foremost shrines), libraries and theatres. The theater can accommodate 25.000 audience. Here, like all ancient theatres, is open; mainly used to show the drama, the gladiators in Rome with advanced performance also held in the theatre. Ephesus population owns 40 000 to 50 000 residents of 100 years, then one of the largest cities.

The 7th century b.c., Xin Merian (Cimmerians) attacked Ephesus, burning of the city, including the city, near one of the seven wonders of the ancient world of ' ear Themis Temple.

6th century b.c., Lu bottom-King Croix Fong (Croesus) rate forces captured the Ephesus, ordered the reconstruction of the city.

Before long, the Persians off down to bottom-Kingdom, continue to expand Ephesus, dredging of port, opened up from the bottom by Lu Ephesus-old all SA-Persian ' lease DIS Achaemenid dynasty capital city of Susa (Susa) of trade routes.

Its beautiful palaces are just keeping the ruins of the irati

4 century b.c., the Macedonian King, Alexander the great conquered the Anatolian donated to stimulate the Ephesus city business, its operations will Leach Marcos (Lysimachos) stationed in the city, the promulgation of the decree to encourage trade, so that the city became the Centre of the Eastern Aegean sea trade, while along the city fortifications, constructed in the surrounding areas of the city area of 90 square kilometers.

During this period, the city first have theater, race and the Colosseum.

A.d. 17 years, Ephesus city destroyed by a major earthquake.

The second Emperor of the Roman Empire to more than a brief (Tiberius), ordered the reconstruction. Hadrian (Hadrian) period, the city's main building style characteristics from Greece to Rome. Because Jesus ' Mother Mary has chosen the Nightingale mountain near Ephesus, Twilight, the Christian is introduced into the city.

Ephesus gave the deepest impression is the port Street, the street this street is located between the port and the theatre, approximately 500 m long and 10 m wide.

The streets are inset in the back of the Colonnade, the colonnade is homes, shops, toilets, some public facilities, such as a bathroom wall, library, meeting room and even a few brothels, etc.