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The three most tempting pocket-sized country

European town

Europe almost rare in the vast expanse of the country, but does not prevent its charme.

Even though dragonflies-like walk, that sort of sentiment in Europe will still be unforgettable, even if the following three small compact yet again.

St. Peter's Cathedral

Vatican: exquisite Taoyuan

As in all directions have been encircled in Italy so that a small, very small special country, Vatican radiates atmosphere is distinctly different and neighbours to Rome.

By contrast, it does not have heavy traffic, nbsp; Fly of confetti. Here's everything looked so cool and pleasant, and in order. For like life busy traveller, the Vatican really is a paradise. Of course, while the atmosphere of ease, but it left idle or are we the world crowded a tourists around. And many others, I also went there the small post office, exclusively from it sent out a unique Vatican postcards.

From crowded small post office, we went back to the Vatican's circle of St. Petersburg big square.

This place, the original from the television has seen countless times, but I never imagined that one day, he could really set foot in this piece of real land. Experience this kind of out of nothing to change seeing is a wonderful and unique experience. From here you ascend the Cathedral of St. Petersburg, then you can overlook the whole Vatican. Unfortunately, to catch a plane, I and my partner have no time to drain that surround the square for a whole cycle.

At that time, the queue a senile United States tourists advised me to say, and then have to wait a long time, after all, your life and to several Vatican? what he said is correct.

But precisely because of this, even just to make up for it did not go into the Church, at the world's most complete picture of the small States deplored, my life at least twice to go to the Vatican.


Monaco: pleasant plain

From the South of France Monaco city nice only less than half an hour's train ride.

Even in the South of handonglayue small country still sunny. Two years ago, we first experience the Monaco. Previously only heard of this famous F1 track and luxurious Casino, and the station, to the capital city of Monaco, only to find there is not a brilliant magnificence, Golden everywhere. Monaco is really beautiful and rich, but walking in the city, we feel it coming out of the atmosphere is warm and soft.

In the mountains and surrounding Monaco, many buildings not appearing, but built on high ground to stand on the root window, you will be able to face the sea.

Here the road meanders to climb up along the ramp, go to the top of the Hill, the castle is located. If it is to catch the Royal soldiers paraded ceremony, we guessed that the eyes so ordinary Manor building, actually is Monaco Royal Castle. And the United Kingdom solemn huge Buckingham Palace as well as dozens of metres in front of the building up of a large heavy tall iron bars, little shade of the Palace of Monaco, the European second small country looked dapper and approachable.

Visit out slightly sloppy guard ceremony, we follow the road down the Hill.

On the way met a group of students of Monaco, I do not know what they have just attended performances, everyone is wearing a bloated exaggeration, colourful performance clothing, were all turned into a pumpkin, fresh tomatoes and carrots. It also has a beautiful green peppers should proactively to ran, requires us to take pictures. Chat, we learned that the teenage boy is a native of Monaco. To conclude, he felt his life is happiness. As from the vast land of the visitors from afar, we saw the lifestyle and range and their stark, cannot help but wonder of wonders of the world. In the subsequent journey, a help us the way of local ladies can't help summed Monaco small mdash mdash mdash;;; in Monaco, you may not want to get lost.

Nbsp; Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein: chic ambience

Close to the Liechtenstein or Switzerland

Is a very interesting small States of Europe. Handbook of tourism here, above a short information, to our shows this land and how small mdash mdash mdash;;; driving a car to travel around the country with just two hours. It's the capital Vaduz is a small town architecture is the way a three-dimensional drawings are received into the map, and detailed to the window and roof are traced out. If one lives in Vaduz, you go to his house, it is estimated that the map can be directly indicated their home in either House. The city centre only a commercial Street, take a round trip is also not take 20 minutes.

It is interesting to note that such a small country but there is also a Pocket so-called Visa Office mdash mdash mdash;;; as long as you want, you can indeed run to spend 1.5 Europe in passport cover a small stamp above as a Memorial.

And Liechtenstein visa pattern ingenuity, it is not a simple circle or square, but a wonderful red small Crown.

In addition to stamp to mark the occasion, Vaduz and one should not miss the bright spot is the Royal vineyards and wine cellar.

This accounted for approximately one-third of the capital of the vineyard in fact not yet an orchard in the suburbs of Beijing, but looked up from here is the Alps. Feet pounded the orchard, the top of cloud-covered mountains, feeling really flying science and magic, beautiful as a myth. Passing through vineyards, went into the Royal wine cellar, found inside decoration is how simple romantic, low ceiling out of soft orange light, at such an atmosphere, which neatly laid on the floor of the renowned wine barrels are increasingly looked around for EMI, a long history. Tour, I and companion also tasted here free red wine, come to think of at that time, it seems also to recall the faint aromatic grapes.

Let your heart beating fast adventure travel

Camp of Mt. Everest

Hiking mount is located in Nepal in the camp of Mt. Everest

Hiking climbing Everest from Nepal in the camps will be a return to make you turn this life adventures.

From Kathmandu ready, then passing through robust carat, then boarded the last kelp Valley, towards the South camp. Along the way, in addition to his spectacular snow-capped mountains Wei, you also can enjoy robust Carat glacier, Charles-family village, South of Bourguiba RĂ©gion mountain town, and into a Buddhist Center.

The Sahara desert

Travel in Morocco camel riding

In the Sahara desert experience to turn this raw adventure mdash mdash;; camel riding.

From Marrakesh (Marrakec), follow in the footsteps of ancient Camel Caravan across the desert to the Saghro mountain (Jebel Saghro), climb than sand dunes (Erg Chebbi), every night camping in the Palm of a small piece of OASIS, surrounded by a crackling fire out snapped.

England twin skydiving nbsp;

England twin skydiving

Twin base jumping refers to you and a coach tied together, from an altitude of 10 000-12 000 feet above the plane on a jump-down (3048-3657 m), while having to worry about their own ability to timely open the parachute.


Zimbabwe bungee

Go to Zimbabwe bungee

In Zimbabwe, you can walk and enjoy the beauty of Victoria Falls; mdash mdash; or, for more guts, you can select the bungee, from nearby Victoria Falls Bridge plunged to admire the scenery.

Not long ago, the seat and Zambezi have 364 feet fall bridge also has is the world's highest bungee jump. nbsp;nbsp;

Nbsp; Canada ice fishing

Ice fishing in Canada   

If you have been looking forward directly from a hole in the ice in the fish catch, you may wish to go to Canada by the Ontario experience.

There lies a quarter of the world's freshwater resources, salmon, sea bass, dogs, fish production is extremely rich. First of all to the superior surface of AI Ma County, Hubei Province, then you can place the line on the bait, and then waited for the delicious juicy guys hooked, at last use a pile of firewood cooking your food.

The most beautiful sunset Red October gave the best gifts for parents

Australia: a breath of fresh air


Recommended reason: pure air, no pollution of agricultural crops, gentle pace of life, friendly people, September Australia climate is warm and cozy, cultural landscape and the natural landscape hellip; hellip;

Lift Australia let people think and carefree life.

Elderly people choose to holiday in Australia, in addition to enjoy her pure air, sunshine, you can more fully enjoy the local way of life. In Australia, residents live independent residential, but few wall between the House. Residence surrounded by lawns and flowers everywhere. Elderly people may choose to stay local Indy-style, experience and Australia neighbor intimate contact frequently better out of grass in the Park you can stamp, trim window lush plants.

Melbourne's biggest national nature reserve mdash mdash mdash;;; Danny Lennon National Park, surrounded by original forest surround, birdsongs.

Like the local people, in the fresh air, enjoy excellent architecture attractions, and Australia's unique colorful Parrot close contact. Crowds of parrot not only colorful, exciting fun and not afraid of strangers, like loose themselves in the hands of the dance and play the tourists to enjoy the culinary tourists gift. Or bring a picnic of dry food, in the Green Park, enjoy the moment on threes. A hundred years old house mdash mdash mdash;;; I believe than anti-many Manor old heart to love, renowned China Le than Manor collection of furniture, works of art are the works of 19th-century period, the entrance of about 5 hectares of the rose garden in full bloom at 4500 many rose, elegant Victorian flower beds filled with thick Australia.

Intimate Tip: it is recommended that you do not choose a product with great barrier reef, as the back and forth to the great barrier reef, take a boat for three hours, the sea of turbulence that elderly dizziness, vomiting, and activities in the great barrier reef is mainly a helicopter, scuba diving, swimming, etc., are not suitable for the elderly.

Russia: recollection red years


Recommended reason: for the last century, 40 's and 50 's birth, the acceptance of foreign culture mainly Russia culture.

The fields in the silence of the code, the suffering of course, the Moscow suburb of night, the suffering of course "hellip; hellip; world perhaps no single country, as Russia did so brought old nostalgic feelings.

Russia says Moscow is not a city, Moscow is one of the world.

A song of the night at Moscow suburb, with several generations of youth, Moscow in elderly minds the impression may have more than just a city, but a symbol of the past years.

Moscow is known as the forest city, autumn is her year most beautiful season.

High Spire towers stand, the deep forests of Yin path is a land of golden yellow, Golden Palace, stepping up the soft carpet and leafs bursts. Moscow streets, most of the older, but the pavement spacious, close to the Western European architectural style, elegant and magnificent, Roman's wide macro, Gothic, very steep. Residential streets and green grass, the title of those doing the things on the street food of pigeons and sparrows; that the bench in the Sun of this incredible man, everything with a special charm.

Guangdong travel agent in Russia there are specialized on the line against older people relaxed trip, and on the road to play the old people love to hear classical songs, as well as Russia and local elderly people for the Gala, participate in local activities to celebrate the victory in World War II.

Intimate Tip: Russia climate and Harbin in much the same, but the temperature changes, should pay attention to keep warm; Russia popular drink vodka, this wine easy entry but jiuxing staunch to moderation.

Japan: Oriental fine products

Recommended reason: light diet, mature destination sound infrastructure, Japan tourism has always been relaxed.

To Japan can experience and Chinese Yimaixiangchuan Oriental culture, guxiang lanes are also very suitable for elderly slowly.

More and more developed countries are endemic slowly fine products life taste's way of life, the inheritance of 1200 years of Kyoto style (kyotostyle) is an enchanting slow way of life, in fact, such a slow life, apart from the benefit of young people to relieve pressure, is also very suitable for the elderly in the exertion after careful half my life to enjoy life.

Kyoto is an ancient place.

Old lane, guxiang, ancient traditional way of life. Kyoto lives as though a thousand years, the streets and lanes, the shops, fabulous broom, tatami, Miso and fruit, pickles, seemed never changed, and the 1200 years seriously making, using, their people, though not too noisy urban culture change too general.

At present there are travel agencies for the elderly in Guangzhou travel Japan, launched some new game: live in and the type of Villa, sleeps in real tatami, you can choose to go to the supermarket food back to the Villa water heart own cooking, full of the joy of life.

Sunset, a group of people sitting in the living room sofa, take turns doing guest chef, together with their own speciality, laughing room serving well, noticing all finished, what kind of journey more leisurely hellip; hellip;

Intimate Tip: Japan's voltage is 110 volts, socket for feet flat plug, so bring a camera, video recorder, battery charger, if not a 110-240 volt compatible, well-heeled converter; to Japan, airport or hotel or on the street, there will be a variety of colorful, modeling chic, beautifully packaged snacks sold, but the taste is sweet, it is recommended that the General taste before you buy; Japan adopts independent mobile network, China Mobile phones even for international roaming in Japan are not available.

France: feeling romantic autumn


Recommended reason: golden leaves, vermilion flowers, blue sky, and the air without bulk coffee aroma.

About autumn romance, all you want, can be found here.

The taste of autumn, need to slowly.

Old friend can strolling, view autumn scenery. BA Concorde and the Louvre between tuilerie gardens known as atmospheric founder. The Crown of the trees in the garden by France Royal tradition trimming cube, neatly arranged, you can feel the Royal grandeur of autumn grace. Whereas Luxembourg Park is different, it is more quiet, elegant and clean. Forest wood benches scattered around, in a cool autumn day, you can sit down and rest. The dove in the sand wirelessly leisurely pecking crumbs from people planted.

Early autumn is suited to Fontainebleau, it is about 60 km south of Paris, in a small town.

The town's residents often in warm and dry in the early autumn to the countryside picnic, people find a forest entrance trail, parked car back into the camping equipment, walking, enjoy rustic charm of nature.

Intimate reminder: France weather vagaries, often white celestial pole hot and the nights are still to be covered.

Autumn is taking a long-sleeved clothing.

Envy! stumble across a three-minute beauty of Montreal

Once, a world famous tourist magazine published the tourists Digest "in the eyes of the male visitors have the world's most beautiful cities in the ranking of the top ten, of Montreal, Canada ranks second runner-up at Subversion a high calorie food lsquo; maiming rsquo; under the North American girl image.


Montreal is Canada's second largest city.

In addition to the North American city efficient and convenient features, it also to European style and is famous for its romantic feelings, but also known as Belle. Tracing, Montreal was a nobleman of France, the French taste of the world, Frances of Yung NGA already deep into the city of bone marrow. As times change, today's Montreal already Wikipedia, accommodate more than 80 countries of immigration, national civilization and culture in the collision and fusion with each other, forming a Montreal's unique charm.

Walking in the street, ear floating comes in French, see, Montreal beauty despite the colour difference, temperament, and is the Central fertilizer-thin digital.

Some say that enjoy Montreal beauty and the best place in the University. Indeed, the most intriguing beauty always temperament, and Montreal just consist of Canada, or even the world's leading universities, such as academic and research level famous of McGill University (McGill University), ranked Canada's most innovative University of Concordia University (Concordia University), the world's largest French instruction school mdash mdash;; Montréal, etc. These schools will undoubtedly continue for beautiful city with a fresh charm. Young and beautiful, vibrant beauty College for boys, and girls make their dispute brilliant envy. Some people describe as long as the station at the school gate, an average of three minutes walking through a beautiful woman.

After all, beauty is full of attractions for Montreal, Montreal's unique urban personality like magic, it makes in this place of beauty is not a stay on the appearance of beauty, but also their charm from the inside out several series atmosphere intensifies.

Beauty and the cities of interdependence and mutual benefit.

The magic of Montreal? perhaps, design of the city of high reputation are available under make us a glimpse of what connotations.

Do the first UNESCO City of design awarded Beecher city, Montreal is no doubt there are many worthy of applause, art, design and creative elements into the soul of the city:

Royal mountain highlands (Plateau Mont Royal): creative Cutie

Royal Mountain Heights

Royal Mountain Heights in 2005, was named Canada's most innovative regions, based on very simple: artists representing regions population ratio is the highest in the country.

As a world class French community, the Royal mountain highlands is the traditional method of ethnic communities, and the entire Montreal, even the most fashionable trendy in Quebec. Various Studio stealth, inadvertently hit a little surprise small and lovely small creative make exciting, diverse culture, from time to time to demonstrate a friendly smile: a Jewish love baked fruit (bagel) Donuts in Royal Mountain Heights Northwest corner have two flagship: St-Viateur Bagel and Fairmount Bagel, as communities with the people of color; the Southwest is the prestigious McGill ghetto (McGill Ghetto), McGill University students and faculty Shuttle, the air seems to be drifting a ray of Ethereal hellip; hellip;

Entertainment area (Quartier des spectacles):: culture of beauty

Montreal's entertainment district Quartier des spectacles has about 30 Concert Hall, near 28,000 seats, world-class cultural activities to enjoy in this bloomed! covers one square block only two keywords mdash mdash;; culture and entertainment.

Art galleries, performing arts center, let festivals and cultural events in the city of joy has attempted to base. Now, the Quartier des spectacles of festive square (Place des Festivals) has become a major Montreal traditional festivals in one of the principal venue. Here, the building's award-winning landscape lights, let the night of the Quartier des spectacles a bright, charming. Light magic power that contemporary art museum (Museacute; e drsquo; art contemporain) and new housing estates Theatre (Theacute; acirc; tre Maisonneuve) as been given a sharp vivid life in General. The magnificent night behind more than 400 energy-saving light sources, not exceeding 34kw consumption make the mengcheng green life better.

International District (Quartier international): the art of beauty

The international zone of tension cannot be underestimated in art, named LaJoute public sculpture works quite representative: bronze texture, supported by the manifestation of the fountain, water curtain, mist turns show, dense clouds and flame.

As the most exciting scene above the surface of the combustion flame as the nationalities of harmonious blend, properly interpreted the creation to the human mind and the impact on refresh. The international zone various monuments, statues, sculptures and historical relics collection a tendency, not so visible to build a Creative Assembly number.

Dungeon; stylish Cutie

Montreal's underground city was founded in 1962 and consists of 32 km long and covers an area of 12 square kilometres of road, City Centre, 80% of Office and 35% of the commercial area situated here, including a large number of shopping centers, hotels, offices, banks, museums, and seven of the Metro stations, two railway station, a bus terminal and a Bell Centre (Montreal Canada hockey arena of people).

Someone may ask, why is so cute, streetscape should live in the ground 6 feet following? many reasons, one of the major reasons is the weather! goodbye, heat waves, cold fronts! forever! rain and snow and the fascinating world of insulation, user-friendly design and layout of the science that the sunlight and fresh air is still attached to the past. There is no light, no messy fast ass and you have free Super row right in the shop. Now Montreal's underground city has become the world's largest underground shopping mall, and numerous fashion Daren came here to follow the trend, warm and shopping.

Hot chick gathered in F1: passion for beauty

Montreal in the fashion of the seats, making it a model, tourists and students number presses two million.

Travel to Montreal to learn one or two people are saying in French, in case of need. It is said that Montreal beauty big out of time is the F1 race is held each year, many men apart from look at racing, but also to appreciate beauty, killing two birds with one stone. During the summer, babes F1 will not only gathered for improved Parks Foundation, bull; Villeneuve race track, the city centre of PIR Street (Peel street) and Crescent Street (Crescent Street) will also be because the arrival of the high season and to the extreme. Simulation games, open-air concerts, cool tuning cars Festival hellip; hellip;, what kinds of activities are quite beautiful. Carnival is now!

Fashion design: amp; avant-garde Belle

As the North American continent had fur trading hub, Montreal was a nobleman in the minds of France occupies a special position.

Today, the Montreal remains Canada's fur, outputs a-like original top-level design. Harricana is one of the typical representative: designers Mariouche Gagneacute; to contemporary hand, eco soul fabrics such as recycled fur and silk manufacturing items such as Quebec, let mengcheng winter dress with green light carbon footprint, but the level of impressions of fashion. While wearing a coat of MM, naturally also probably be appreciated luxurious fur, but also has a low environmental awareness of new women. Are there extra points?

In the spring system with creative inspiration design city encounter beauty, that sounds really wonderful; but this is the way of the real scene is likely to be in Montreal so a blowing European fashion center of North America.

I solemnly, to Montreal affix the label of the creative and beautiful women!

Boost global cities of Halloween and ornate Carnival

Then after a period of time, the most popular with young people's favorite Halloween is just around the corner.

The theme of this Ghost Festival, with its unique pumpkin lamp, terror of was rigged and smash, all kinds of fun and exciting games have become the best vacuum revelry. This time we recommend to not only the traditional Halloween birthplace of United Kingdom, United States of Halloween emigrated to New York, East to absorb this unique Festival elements and gorgeous make up of Korea and Hong Kong's Carnival, let your foot Carnival addiction!

Recommended sites: United Kingdom

Yorkshire (network information pictures)

Recommended reason: the United Kingdom is the origin of Halloween.

The fifth century b.c., was resident in Ireland for Celtic to 31 October for late summer, the symbol of the end of the year. Celtic for fear of becoming a ghost goal for the evening off home fire, wear a mask and the shapes of the terrible, and dress up as a ghost like walking into the Street Parade, to drive away those who swim soul ghosts. Gradually, these traditional practices evolved into today's celebrations of young people, and we enjoy in this evening dressed ghosts play horse, a happy holiday.

Recommended game:

Halloween is a traditional holiday in the United Kingdom, each place has its own special activities.

Every year in late October, London's streets are filled with supernatural atmosphere. Halloween in the Tower of London to restore a lot of the scene, the penalty applied to bloody Tarjanne seemed to feel the sightings. Seone is London's biggest nightclub, its Halloween party on October 31, round-the-clock revelry.

Yorkshire is the United Kingdom, the famous ghost County.

Visitors to the South of the Schaefer see here Halloween fun. Halloween day each year, the city centre along the roads will be blocked for staging FrightNight. This scale Crown absolute immersion of Halloween celebration, each year, more than 4 million people, participants in terrible shape comes about demons, and the streets together, well…you ghost scary to make the whole city. In addition, there are many activities for visitors to participate in a nightmare on Elm Street Theater, mobile games, talk fashion show, supernatural guided tours, bands, panic refreshment stall hellip; hellip; whatever you bold timid, may also wish to see.


1. in Western countries, every year on Oct. 31, a Chinese translation of Halloween, Halloween night.

Halloween is a traditional festival of Western countries. This night is the most haunted night, also known as Halloween.

2. direct flights from London to Hong Kong, the flight time is about 14 hours; the United Kingdom than China standard time slow 8 hours.

Recommended: Hong Kong

Hong Kong Ocean Park (network information pictures)

Recommended reason: Hong Kong Ocean Park 10 years ago, the introduction of the concept of Western Halloween and Halloween took an interesting road name Hello Hello.

September 23-October 31, the Park will become one of the world's largest Halloween show stage, more than 25 to frighten the theme of the key projects, 444-wearing dainty and fantasy costumes creepy Ghost will bring for visitors with Visual and auditory stimulation of entertainment.

Recommended game:

This coincided with the Hello feed of tenth anniversary, Ocean Park October city Hello Hello special join more ghost interactive elements, so frightened index record high.

From the first year only 39-performing staff development to this year's ghost-like variety of 444 only WA Ghost, has increased by 10 times. In addition, from blue-Mei, the spectre of beer presents amusement park also added more interactive elements. At the same time, the Park has introduced more new high technology, including the effect of laser equipment and global latest expansion reality sets in, allowing visitors to feed the whole Hello anytime, surprise in a joyous event.

During the event, the world's most popular stars flurry Carnival will be held in a wide tree Bay, the facilitator will lead the visitor find 12 constellations in lost Super surprise stars, then expand an unprecedented, ghost of a musical sound of ghosts.

It is worth mentioning that, following last year's first marine park and filming was the Director of the film fame