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Tracking or visit the Temple of God, Angkor Wat

Angkor VAT

Cambodia, the jungle, a hidden secret of the fourth century; hellip hellip; Angkor Wat, smiling, one lasted for one thousand years of smiley hellip; hellip;

All of this is attributed to a remarkable dynasty, a remarkable personalities, historical upheaval, gloomy, years of baptism to Angkor miracle continues today, that moved and shocked, not at its borders is not enough to feel.

However, witnessed this across the ten more than one century of human miracle, the impulse is almost words cannot describe.

Green moat River, Angkor VAT is just standing stands, years of baptism to he put on a layer of black rust, like the officers of armour, expedition generous Johnson and solemn.

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Angkor Wat is perhaps one of the few in the many temples of Cambodia's door towards the West of the temple, it is said that when the King Sulu-Balmain II is dedicated to the Hindu religion Vichy slave of God.

Since the Vichy slaves of God is in the direction of the representative of the western gate of Angkor Wat, it is designed to be toward the West building, stands on the Vichy slave worship of God. Because the West also represents death, who also put the Khmer Angkor Wat temple known as the burial. Standing across the moat at the end of a long corridor, in front of it is the flag of Cambodia, Angkor Wat and three tower pointed pattern, this is the heart and minds of the people of Cambodia.

Stone Road

Through the long Stone Road, then it is the main gate, and narrow is short of channel and this magnificent architectural proportions seem very inconsistent, however, it is because of the huge difference when you walked through the channel, Angkor VAT Centre buildings like the steady rise of bamboo shoots like, through channels that are springing up in stone, that feel what is been shocked to blank.


Side through Angkor VAT the Typ of long corridor, enjoy the pictures on the wall, which is a giant mural to explore various important according to the legend of the temple, the frescoes of the temple more highlighted bright and powerful people in the present and historical feel its accumulation in staggered down the massive cultural.

Walking in the temples, you can see exquisite delicate characterizations, pole, roof top, corner, as long as you pay attention, you can see the graceful curves into a beautiful sculpture, carving, extrude, and inset, or even both, alternating work are not difficult to find. Even the corridors of the window, but also to small stone pillar as a fence when sunlight shines through the window into the Gallery, and dark dovetailing, Fusion a humanistic and natural beauty of staggered.

Angkor Temple corner

Walking through the dream of a cloister, rendered in the eyes of the Lord is the Angkor Wat temple, that is, we are very familiar with five Stone Pagoda.

Angkor VAT in construction based on Hindu religions of the world, it is said that, in the center of the world is a seat of mountain lonely. This mountain is called xumeshan, is all the fairy place to live. Xumeshan around four-Dake, day and month in the mountainside room to run. Xumeshan is surrounded by four continents, this is Angkor Temple block 5 blueprint for the design of the pagoda. To this end, the five stone is known as heaven, they establish the overlapping stack on top of the stone, stone pagodas to Ascend, you must order from the narrow, Cascade and high hands and feet of the stairs to climb the slope of, because they had reached almost 70 degrees, even if there is no fear of heights of people climbing up knowing probably surprised bile jump! no wonder this is known as a paradise of Cambodia, a climb to the top of the stone, as if to a belief, not a mere visit to a building.

Angkor Wat, left humanity too much a so complicated reverie: huge buildings, is how to build up a once vibrant dynasty, why suddenly disappear in the long history of? the mysterious smile, is taken from where? hellip; hellip;

Mystery: searching for the tracking, the heavy history and culture, say goodbye to heavy Angkor, he shocked the soul back to reality.

Angkor miracle, is calling on you and its the next appointment.

2010 summer twelve constellations make an inventory of the recommended place for tourism


Aries to look at the World Cup in South Africa

To look at the World Cup in South Africa

Believe that the white sheep hear World Cup all these three words of athletic immediately clear.

World Cup for any a favorite around the world of football, is a most worthy to enjoy summer dinner, let alone was born on the movement of sheep in particular enthusiasm. Even if you're not so fond of football, this summer to experience South Africa about four years to have a feast of World Cup, take a look at those valiant's star, is exciting.


Taurus to Hokkaido attempt

In an attempt to Hokkaido

Japan Hokkaido is famous for its charming landscape, while winter is the best season to visit Hokkaido, but summer to Hokkaido summer is definitely a very good choice, love nature of Taurus there can easily feel the nature brings to the cool summer.

In Hokkaido have indoor ski resort, where you can experience the fun of skiing. In addition, fresh and delicious variety of seafood will lawmakers large buds!


Gemini to Shanghai to see Expo

To look at the World Expo in Shanghai

A single means of travel case for greedy Gemini will be monotonous, but also think summer vacation have not been able to take full advantage of.

It seems that only the World Expo in Shanghai will best bring satisfaction to Gemini. Where you can experience the world's top science and technology, to feel the world of culture, taste to the world of cuisine, but also can enjoy a variety of performances, if luck is with international superstar to intimate contact. In short, to a World Expo is like a trip around the world, the absolute value.


Cancer to walk around the Lake of Geneva

To walk around the Lake of Geneva

Cancer of people away from the most care is safe and comfortable, so travel must choose a beautiful environment, little noise area comparisons.

Lake Geneva is a beautiful scenery of the city, the headquarters of many international organisations are located in this, but also on a humane environment are very peaceful, elegant international metropolis. In summer the lakeside Park in Geneva will be thousands of flowers in full bloom, the Lake geyser stands, flashy!


Leonid Hawaii vacation

Hawaii vacation

We all know, Hawaii is an excellent holiday destination, although Hawaiian tropics, but under the influence of the oceanic climate, summer here will not be too hot, especially sea breeze blowing time there will be a bit cool.

White, blue sea, beaches, banana, coconut is your idea of a natural paradise. Combined with the hospitality of the residents here, warm and cheerful Lion can wear gold grass skirt swaying body with them, I can spend an enjoyable vacation.


Virgo to Venice to underwater

Go to Venice to underwater

Good things always touches the hearts of Virgo, many people see

To Venice is a magnificent city. The city of Venice with water, the building was constructed in the stalls in the water, when you take a boat along the river and enjoy the scenery, it is like falling into a poetic dreams like that. Summer is the best season for tourism in Venice, damp climate make people feel a little summer dry heat, it can make people feel very comfortable. Therefore, the absolute right to Venice during summer vacation!


Libra to Hong Kong Florida trend

Go to our Florida trend

Amy is a pair of nature, the pursuit of fashion is fun and a pair of unchanged.

So the bustling metropolis mdash mdash;; Hong Kong, the scales and the least able to attract attention, to bring you the fun of infinity. Port of Hong Kong as free trade, economic prosperity and a shopping paradise. Dust influx medium make the clothes, gathering the multinational features of cuisine here is everything that will make you giddy, thrilled. Hong Kong Disneyland can turn you into a dream fairy, Ocean Park can take you into the marine world.


Go to the felt Korea Seoul

Go to the felt Korea Seoul

Particularly vulnerable to the effects of television drama, the drama of Scorpio's toxicity must also not talking.

Take advantage of summer vacation can go to Korea to experience the power of a Korean wave. Sitting in the bus around the city of Seoul, you can go on to enjoy the scenery of Seoul, while having some Korean essential authentic Korea pickles, spicy rice cake, a refreshing cold one. Go take a look at some of the places of interest. Remember, Seoul is the most prosperous Myeong-dong Street, don't miss yo, this is Korea Idol appears most often in the viewfinder, you will be able to hook up to the play fragment memory.


Sagittarius to Maldives too cool summer

Go to the Maldives have cool summer

Yearning for freedom of the shooter as summer approaches, finally able to put aside their heavy books, running in the summer sun.

But in the dry air vacation is not the kind of enjoyment, to have a blue sky, cool sea breeze, soft sand beaches of Maldives to fully appreciate what is liberated. Put on a sense of swimsuit unfettered, let cool waters slapping your body; lying in the cool chair a suction on the expressions of coconut, carefree feel pleasant summer rare.


Capricorn to Athens to witness the myth

Go to Athens to witness the myth

Athens is the world's oldest cities, since it retains many historic sites and a large number of works of art, is also the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

The 6-9 months, the Aegean island of flowers, is the best time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. For traditional culture and customs of the Zodiac are interested, you can use this summer to explore Athens Greece ancient civilization, to hear the tale of romance, the Aegean Sea to feel arrogance of Mount Olympus.

Unveiling the mysteries of the world's sixth largest Bermuda triangle top

Our planet gives people the feeling is getting smaller and smaller, like a small village, scientists on Earth and more in-depth knowledge of, but there are many on the Earth where happened let them confused.

Bermuda triangle

Bermuda triangle: Atlantic aircraft and ship's mysterious disappearance

Puzzling mysteries: 1945-5 December, five frame contains the torpedo bombers of the US Naval Base at take-off from Florida for example often training, but since then no dark cave.

In the Bermuda triangle, the mysterious events like this happen approximately 70 onwards, this is located in Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico between approximately 45 million square miles of the waters has become synonymous with the mysterious, the pilot and the navigation personnel are scares hit here e-mist, legends will bring compass pointer malfunction, radar signal disappear until the end-to-ship machines are gone.

Fact: according to the United States Navy seaman says, relevant statistics and investigation of coincidence, do not think that the existence of the so-called Bermuda triangle.


Mexico City: UFO frequented place

Puzzling mysteries: Mexico City will become the international astronomy lovers destination? July 1991, the city had a total solar eclipse, when many people claimed to have seen in the light of the Sun was not seen next to a UFO UFO, since then, Mexico City, as well as in all of Mexico have become astronomical observations were longing for the place.

In 1999, a nearby town residents about six percent said that seeing UFO, on YouTube is also more than 3 thousand video recorded over Mexico City.

Facts secret: this phenomenon may be caused by a visual illusion, the so-called auto kinetic effects, make a dark sky stationary optical point appears to be a mobile.

According to the UFO enthusiasts that Mexico City is not a real alien frequented locations.

California Death Valley

Death Valley: California Valley rock formation automatically

Puzzling mysteries: Death Valley is a vast, flat desert, there are many giant-gravel, each have up to seven hundred pounds above, looks are your own campaign here, none of the bulldozer of imprinting and other mechanical device for tire marks.

Moreover, these rocks in sliding, behind which produces a deep scratches, take 7 years or so to calm down. Here, a fundamental principle of gravity seems to have no effect until the recent studies have shown that these boulders are documented.

Facts secret: a survey conducted recently with differential GPS location, on the rocks of trajectory tracking analysis, results show that the cause may be due to local wind and rotate the dust of interaction, Pebble smooth surface makes it possible in the desert surface on slow-moving.

Top Leeds l.

Top Leeds Lake: located in Austria's Nazi mysterious sinking Po Department

Puzzling mysteries: the Lake is located in Salzburg, about 50 miles southeast of the hills of Woods, Lake legend appears to be calm, but retaining the Nazi's least-known secret--is the Nazi's secret sink one Po locations.

Hitler had used here is as deep as 350 feet above Lake test used by the underwater missile submarine, but as the war has passed, the Waffen SS to be worth millions of dollars of looted goods packed in wooden sink to the bottom.

Facts secret: the summer of 2000, the 60 minutes II "obtained from marine engineering technology organizations help, which had to participate in the challenge and TWA800 flight crash rescue, after four weeks of work, they found a bunch of pounds of counterfeit money, nothing more.

Texas sky sunlight

Marfa: Texas sky sunlight

Puzzling mysteries: every night, in the United States National Highway 90 in Quesada

Texas in a particular area, see the night sky in a faint light, sometimes one, sometimes two, each appear in the Visual level, as well as a disco as flickering of Flash. About these mysterious light beam of the earliest records from the late 19th century period, at least 75 species regards its legends and allusions, consider these bright and Saint Elmer Hill surrounding small volcanic eruptions and residual.

Facts secret: in 2005, from Dallas Texas State University, physics of a group of students found that its observation period all visible light is the car headlights.

This conclusion on the today seems to be very convincing, but how do you explain it initially appears in 1883?

Area number 51

51, region: located on lattice Roma Lake, Nevada Government control of aliens crash control district

Puzzling mysteries: in conspiracy theory ', 51, the region since the 1950s become U-2 reconnaissance aircraft development and has been the US military since the secret military project research and development; however for most science fiction fans, it was in 1947 unsubstantiated UFO alien driving to Earth and mysterious crashes, exact location should be near Roswell, New Mexico.

Over the past few years, several ex-51, area staff sued the Government they have

Exposure to toxic substances, (should not be inferred from Mars), but since the President's ordering restrictions, for the protection of the air force secret needs, their prosecution could not be made public.

The secret of UFOs visiting to find traces of the "alien"

7 July night, Hangzhou Xiaoshan discovered UFOs caused airport emergency flight 56 minutes reports caused a series of guessing, the major media follow-up tracking, the sector is also the first Interventional investigation.

However, to date, the UFO identity remains a mystery.

Mysterious UFO event has always been a mystery

Some say is the United States for tracking missiles, some people say that is alien UFO.

In recent years worldwide UFO events abound, these places on our guess what the aliens in attracting? let us follow the UFO events together to explore the mysterious locations, go to the search for alien trace hellip; hellip;

United States Stephenville

Stephenville town located in the United States, Texas, January 8, 2008, United States Texas town Stephenville, dozens of local residents claimed that saw a huge UFO (UFO) from small town.

UFO had nearly a mile long, half a mile, the volume is huge. His flight speed is slow, when fast and with a dazzling light.

Steve middot; Alan is a town of Stephenville retired pilots, he noted that according to his estimation, the UFO speed reached 3000 miles, it is likely to come from another planet or universe.

In addition, in October 2008, where many residents once again witnessed a UFO appears, and in subsequent years, today the UFO reports. Therefore, Stephenville town has also become the United States in the territory of a hot spot for observing UFO.

Russia Sochi

Russia Sochi 2014, will host the winter Olympic Games, but now it has generated a new mdash mdash; sports; looking for UFO.

The local has happened hundreds of UFO witnesses to the event. Once a member of the local residents also used camera a UFO speed leaps over the entire city. Many people even think, Sochi near Bytkha mountain range is in fact the alien established bases on Earth, the alien to base the Earth and other planets.

For the month of December, 2009 a UFO enthusiasts shooting into a pyramid-shaped UFO hovers over the Moscow Kremlin.

Some witnesses said pyramid bulky, length may reach about 1.6 km, resembling the movie "Star Wars" of an empire starships.

Related reading: Hangzhou Xiaoshan UFO investigations nbsp;

July UFO China tour

In the world of UFO event

Puerto Rico

2010-1-23, two Puerto Rico people drove to the air on the way to find a strange aircraft.

There are four aircraft belly similar to rocket booster of the power unit.

Puerto Rico because of the continual emergence of UFO UFO event has become researchers and enthusiasts will go in the eyes, especially in the clouds rain forest region, UFO frequency has attracted many people who take risks.

Global many UFO investigators are personally went to cloud cover rain forest, want to be able to witness the emergence of UFO.

England Wiltshire

According to local residents said the Wiltshire during the past 50 years, the evening often dazzling light and mysterious Thunder sound.

These strange event has also been attracting UFO enthusiasts moved to live here. Volodymyr Westminster area is Wiltshire UFO has the highest frequency. Many UFO enthusiasts often during the night together in Vaux southminster nearby kreberg, waiting for the emergence of UFO.

2010 20 February, Wiltshire a residents saw a giant low-level aircraft from flying over.

Eyewitnesses described the aircraft, then open two white lights, routes, and extremely fast.

Mexico City

July 1991, Mexico City had a total solar eclipse, when many people claimed to have seen in the light of the Sun was not seen UFO next to.

Since then, Mexico City and evenThe entire Mexico have become astronomical observations were longing for the place. In 1999, the town in a nearby town residents about six percent said that seeing UFO. 11 April 2005, Mexico City, thousands of people observed hundreds of frame UFO formation flight of fortresses. Currently, there are other videos for more than 3 thousand video recorded over Mexico City.

2009-12-13, the Mexico City City residents have seen the UFO leap over the city.

United States Washington Adams Hill

Since 1986, there are many UFO enthusiasts to Adams Hill, trying to find traces of UFO.

It is alleged that these adventurers have never been to the disappointment, of which there are enthusiasts even found a great UFO flying in formation.

Jul. 4th, 2009, in a mountain adventure activities in Adams, all participants witnessed a triangle UFO flying over the top of the mountain.

Russia Sochi pyramid shape UFO

Chile Clement

Clement is located in the South of Chile in Santiago, the capital of approximately 150 miles, here is the official description of Chile UFO with frequent.

Since the 1990s, the region has happened hundreds of UFO event. In addition, this area of the large flat plateau even for UFO landing. Here was a UFO enthusiasts in the eyes of the Holy land.

2010 February 27, Chile earthquake before Moore residents discovered Aurora anomalies.

Perhaps the same UFO-related activities.

Scottish Falkirk Delta

Falkirk Delta near a Bonnie Bainbridge town is a lot of people called UFO capital of Scotland.

Since the 1990s, more than 2000 local residents claimed to have discovered traces of UFOs, including UFO hovering in the sky, or the mysterious luminescent bright spots.

2009, 29 November, one local resident at night shooting meteor shower, see a red and white giant luminous body to linear manner across the night sky.

The Himalayan plateau Ladakhi region

All along the Ladakhi area residents continue to discover the mysterious flying objects in the Sky Shuttle.

They also claimed that in practice the Government of China and India have been found in the region there are aliens built UFO underground bases, and also sent troops to the area for the guardian, to avoid too many people know the secret.

In 2009, La Dake area of a school in the tug-of-war, hyper-more than half of the students found a strange flying objects flying out from the mountain, and in an extremely rapid leaps over the crowd.

Many countries around the world all have found reports of UFOs

United States Texas Erath County

January 8, 2008, Erath County, there are dozens of residents on the ground that the air has a width reaches a mile of UFOs flew through the air.

Then in October that year, Erath County appears again as a UFO.

2010 March 3, eyewitnesses claimed to see a trapezoid flying objects lit four light orange lights, up from Las County wallby.

Australia Wickliffe Weir town

The small town of geographic remoteness less air pollution, and therefore very suitable for observing the sky.

As a result of Wickliffe Weir town UFO event swimmers, local restaurants are also on the door with the recent UFO event related pictures. There has been a lot of people identified as UFO capital of Australia.

For the month of July 2009, the two witnesses on the horizon found a constant Flash of flying objects.

The Nevada desert in East

The UFO HotSpot locations at Nellis Air Force base and Hill air force base.

Local a White Plains town residents said that the region had many UFO event. Today, many UFO research institutions and organisations are concerned about the fans focus on this area.

For the month of December of 2009, the air force base one pilot in driving military aircraft leap in this area, he found two UFOs flew from her eyes quickly.

The recent occurrence worldwide UFO incident, give them the original ordinary place covered with a veil of mystery, what is the number of true and false, if there is extraterrestrial biological existence, the mysteries of what will be the answer to the final, only to wait for it one day of uncovering the hellip; hellip;

Waimei United States seven wonders award

1, Illinois, Locke Verde, Coronado Performing Arts Center

Illinois, Locke Verde, Coronado Performing Arts Center

Coronado Performing Arts Center was built in 1927, is a magnificent movie palace and Opera Hall, with a Spanish-style castle, China and Italy villas.

Coronado Performing Arts Center annually organizes a number of high-quality performances, including the Broadway musical, Symphony performances and lots of entertainment.

Improvement: the theatre walls is modelled on the walls of the Castle and built, with balcony, dome and turrets.

Tourists sit in the Red Velvet cushion seat feel like staying in twentieth-century theatre.

Cost: theatre talent is free but tickets for the performances.

2, South Dakota, Mount Rushmore National Monument

South Dakota, Mount Rushmore National Monument

In Montenegro National Park lush jungle and the murmuring of a stream is located between Mount Rushmore National Monument, Memorial United States history, the great four Presidents George Washington, Thomas middot; middot; Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham middot; middot; Lincoln and their contribution to the United States.

Highlights: Thomas middot; Jefferson statue has just started in Washington right, after 18 months of carving, Jefferson statue had to blow up the left moved to Washington.

Cost: Rushmore is free, only the parking fee.

3, Illinois, Rock Islands, bridge (Government Bridge)

Illinois, Rock Islands, bridge (Government Bridge)

Completed in 1896 it has been 100 paragliders for years without any changes, this article is double track, you can load the train can host highway traffic.

This is the world's first 360-degree rotation can be two-tier bridge.

Highlights: 1856 began construction of this bridge was the first railway bridge across the Mississippi River.

Cost: free

4, Ohio, Newark City, Longaberger Ministry of the Interior

Ohio, Newark City, Longaberger Ministry of the Interior

This building was built in 1997 has been a large number of design enthusiasts and world media attention to objects.

Seven-storey building in a reinforced structure that looks like a basket.

Highlights: building next to use heavy 725 lbs weight 25-foot gold decoration.

Cost: free

5, Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park was the United States is the largest National Park, nourished 60 kinds of mammals, more than 200 birds and half a dozen of fishing fish.

Improvement: you can go to Lamar Valley to see the Wolf, the spring is the observation of wild animals and plants of prime time, but the wolves generally found in winter.

Cost: $ self-driving tour 25 per person, 16 years of walking tourists 12 dollars per person.

6, North Carolina, Asheville, Bildt Morris Manor

North Carolina, Asheville, Bill

Terry Morris Manor

Since 1895, George middot; Vanderbilt and Edith middot; Vanderbilt built this manor, Bildt Mo's brand fame.

In addition you can visit here outside of the building and garden, Park now also has the United States visit the greatest number of wine-making factory and a 4-star hotel and mythical restaurant, there are other numerous activities.

Highlights: Bildt Mo's garden is the United States by the design of the most important gardens--Central Park designer Frederic middot; Lao middot; Olmstead.

Fee: adults 60 dollars each, with a child under the age of 9.

Sometimes tickets will also change as a result of the season.

7, Missouri, Saint Louis, arched doors

Missouri, St. Louis, arched doors

The arched door is highest in the United States national monument, 630 feet high, is the city's most famous landmark, attracting many tourists come to visit.

Improvement: the monument has an oval track, you can put one end of the tourists from the arches to the other end.

Cost: adults $ 10 per person, children $ 5 per person