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Shopping in the city of Angels is the perfect shopping in Los Angeles Raiders

A Los Angeles night ablaze

Los Angeles is the perfect shopping heaven; the reason why we provide you with a will to the travel guide, this is also the reason.

If you want the most reasonable price in a variety of top-level items in the selection of the best, without hesitation, Los Angeles is your choice. City of Los Angeles has more than 280 different brands. Whether it is a solemn and elegant or casual fashion, you can find their favorite dress. Many world famous shops are in the Seventh Avenue and 9th Avenue between (but this is not a shopping center), sports and leisure clothing stores are located in Santi amp; Los Angeles, 14, 15 and 16 Avenue. Nearby areas have a large number of children's clothing store, and the price is very reasonable.

La fashion district

Los Angeles fashion district, also known as the woman in the street, is the world's second largest fashion area; 80 multiple blocks in all over the world's best known fashion brand stores.

Blocks North 5th Avenue, South to the 10 Freeway (Santa Monica), and Main West Spring, East San Pedro Avenue.

Commercial property owners Association have launched a special programme, is responsible for commercial upgrade; since then, the fashion district became the most popular shopping locations.

Fashion streets nearly 80% of the clothing store for women fashion, all the more than 700 stores.


Rodeo is a Los Angeles City's most luxurious and most beautiful dress shopping street, this brings together world-renowned, most public welcomes international top masters of design works.

Rodeo takes up the most favourable terrain in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills nearby; here are the most upscale clothing store: Armani (GiorgioArmani), Chanel (Chanel), Ka Na (amp; Dolce Gabbana), Bart Lisa tight race card (Badgley Mischka amp;).

Lattice Diann

Lattice Diann opened in 2002, is located on Third Avenue and Fairfax Avenue, has now become the preferred sports apparel shopping enthusiasts.

Arnold stron is a company owns 14 show screen theatre, is the shopping dining Center signs shop. They also for international travelers initiated a special project assistants are able to use more than 25 languages with customers smooth communication.

Hollywood style of duty-free shops

In Los Angeles was also in duty-free shops to purchase method.

DFS (duty-free shops) company recently in Hollywood heights Recreation Center opened a store; all in airport shops will be able to find the products you can see here, and more complete varieties, and you don't have to be delayed the departure time and worry. When you intend to depart from Los Angeles, you purchase the merchandise will be transported to the airport on time, on the plane of the gate first.

Shopping together with star

In fact, in Los Angeles not all commodities are thousands of glittering, value for money.

So, if you do not intend to spend in shopping too much money, you can dine in the streets of Los Angeles flea market or Bazaar, where you can enjoy the fun of shopping, or you can buy a lot of high quality low priced products.

Thus, in the face of such a diverse selection, anyone have no reason to refuse the shopping in Los Angeles.

Whether you are willing to spend money here, you can buy the most fashionable goods.

In Los Angeles, you might inadvertently be met a great man.

However if you go shopping, meet with the stars will significantly increase opportunities. Here is a copy of their regularPatronize stores list, but nobody can guarantee that they will desire to go to the store and when shopping.

Booker Bookstore (8818 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood,) is located in the heart of the Sunset Strip, many celebrities are like walking around here.

Drupa Primor, Madonna, Alex middot; Baldwin often come here to see the book listed there. Here also is the author of new book issued preferred locations.

Bodi tree (Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, 8585) is a new age Bookstore, Alain nice middot; Molly Seth frequently look to stimulate new song writing books, Leonardo middot; di Caprio is here to buy the latest release of writer.

Fred middot; Siegel (Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, 8100) is a company that sells fashion boutique shops, style or casual or elegant, Meg Ryan, Leonardo middot; middot; di Caprio, Sha format middot; huyck, passion nisi middot; paltro, Nicole Kidman, middot; Chris Locke, Cameron Diaz Fritz middot;, Claire middot; Dennis, Matt middot; diamond, Ben Affleck middot; and Robin Williams to purchase new middot; fashion preferred.

In the go shopping, you must open your eyes; for in Melrose Street, Christina middot; Aquinas Laila maybe is selected the most fashionable boutique fashion.

Claudia cell master from Melrose Avenue, only a stone's throw away (Racine Niagara Falls Boulevard, 440 N 1/2, Los Angeles), here is the shoe crazy paradise, Sandra Bullock, middot; Hu pyrene Goldberg and Sarah middot; Jessica middot; Parker often here a long time to return.


Chinatown is located in the Los Angeles City Center, the Chinese population, has the rich Chinese culture.

Most people praise than tea and dinner of Chinese restaurant. However, attention should be paid to the best use of the taxi at night.


Little Tokyo

United States largest Japan's streets.

Which American descent Museum is worth a look, a small South of Tokyo regional insecurity for Los Angeles, do not randomly.

Europe Huila Street

Europe Huila Street is the birthplace of Los Angeles, Mexico-style restaurants, arts and crafts shops.

Nearby is designated as the State Historic Park, the park holds 27 building old buildings. Street but 200 m, but set a lot of silver, glassware, leather products, national costumes and other stores, very busy.

Griffith Park

Griffith Park is the largest city park.

Located in North Hollywood, an area of 16 thousand square meters. There is a golf course and tennis courts, horse-riding road, Observatory, Zoo, etc.


1, smoking regulations

Los Angeles is tough against smoking.

In most of the buildings, restaurants, businesses, and are non-smoking bar, generally only in the wild can smoke.

2. the security situation

Los Angeles some blocks of poor security situation, in travel, please note the following:

Night use automated teller machine, be careful around, confirm safety after use (many of the Los Angeles Police Department is equipped with an automatic teller machine that can be directly used in the car).

Don't carry large amounts of cash long stay in one place.

Try not to take to the streets at night.

In the hotels do not open the door to strangers.

Shopping, try not to let your luggage left side.

Car inside are not secure, so do not leave valuables in the car.

Los Angeles police in recent years has been significant improvement, with the Renaissance of urban blocks implementation of the plan, the city and the surrounding areas of law and order and gradually go well, most of the day is more secure, but the region is located in the Centre of the Southern District of Southern California (USC) nearby blocks it is best not to walk alone in the street, especially at night to pay special attention.

Look at the four star love to holiday paradise

The South coast of France

Stars and celebrities are the most groups will enjoy life, world renowned resorts will become their enjoyment of holidays and enjoying life.

There are also tourist destinations because they sought after, and become hot holiday resort. But different from the usual tourist spots, which typically have let the irresistible charm, let's look at the stars are gone on vacation.

France South Coast: Regal pleasure paradise

Star Spotlight: became the Princess of Monaco's star green silk middot; kaili and France star bi Kyi middot; Alba duo, has come to France's southern island holiday, this is located in the nice little island in the upper strata of society most word of mouth, Johnny middot; Dai Pu and middot George; Michael and Elton John middot; have in here with your partner love.

David Beckham and wife Victoria had brought his two sons went to France's southern island holiday, try to stay away from paparazzi harassment.

There are a number of stars like here enjoy a pleasant holiday: chocolate beauties biangsi, "kill Bill" actress Umma middot; seman, Supermodel Naomi Campbell has been middot; and their boyfriends in this small island holiday.

In addition, located in the Provence in southern France is Star beloved holiday attractions, from the Eastern Mediterranean extends inland Hills region, there are many historical towns, has a beautiful Sun and blue sky stunning! the world region throughout the Provence very changes that have unusual charm: the ups and downs, plain terrain, peak Ridge steep; lonely canyons, ancient fortress of desolation, meandering mountain hellip; hellip; all in the South of France on deductive million.

Italy Florence

Italy: Hollywood Star Center Florence beautiful night scene

Star Spotlight: summer often in Italy ran into the big star in Hollywood.

Like Brad Pitt, Matt middot; middot; diamond, Catherine middot; Zeta middot; Jones and Julia Roberts are middot; in Rome near around too. George Clooney been named middot; in wood Lake (located in the northern city of Italy, wood) edge also bought a $ 7 million of the Villa.

It is no exaggeration to say that Italy was a Hollywood stars back garden, no matter which season you can see many stars Italy.

The sex and the city of actress of Sarah middot; Jessica middot; Parker and star husband Matthew middot; Pluto Derek took his son in Rome South Beach enjoy enjoying family, romping about Chase, swimming, boating, sand dunes, a family of three of its cheerful. Italy: Hollywood Star Center Florence beautiful night scene.


Caribbean: suitable for both winter and summer's unique charm

Star Spotlight: Star Everton, Latin Diva Jennifer Lopez middot; love the Sun and the beach here.

Caribbean is suitable for both summer and winter, although most celebrities prefer the Caribbean in winter, but the Caribbean's own in the summer it irresistible charm, long coast, white beaches, turquoise waters and colorful to cocktail is not dead; supply; hellip hellip

United Kingdom star Everton in balado DAO alone play a better time; United Kingdom Prime Minister, Madame Xie Li middot; Blair was there was a United Kingdom Elvis of Crieff middot; Richard's hospitality.

Latin Diva Jennifer Lopez in Saint middot; Bart church alone stealing Huan, Jude middot; LOMA's ex-wife Sara Te foster in Bermuda fun.

Spain balia, Islands

Spain balia, Islands: star celebrity's paradise

Star Spotlight: Claudia Justitia middot; West Flores was visited Spain balia, the largest island in the archipelago Mayo Islands, she even as the gravest also along with her husband and sons together came to this beautiful island again.

Star Richard middot; Branson and F1 racing driver Michael Schumacher had to this tour. Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta middot middot;; Jones even here and Douglas ex-wife jointly enjoy the sea view.

Tourists like in balia, Islands, select a bunches of small islands, to a game of beach volleyball, barbeque party, even the bonfire party, forget all worries.

Known as the Teana Bel Canto singer title of young girls Charlotte middot; Hill, spent ten thousand dollars, invited a group of sisters gathering here.

However balia, islands of benefits not only the appropriate party, here is favored by stars, because the quiet atmosphere to temporarily forget the noisy world, such as Utopia.

Supermodel Isle middot; Mike Epperson and famous fashion designer Valentino in the enjoyment of leisure time.

Indonesia has been a haven here

Volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, earthquakes, natural disasters, continuous about Indonesia have to shake off the feeling that perhaps the nearest place of hell; hellip hellip; God's anger, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the country, have been accepting of nature rich patronize, a beautiful day here, and is also an enviable haven port hellip; hellip; light lift, these names are all so fascinating! remember, after natural disasters is still here.

First, Bali


In Indonesia has a long history of tourist destination through the night revelry, here is a tourist favorite Indonesian trip departure station, is full of glorious India culture, beaches, surf and rave party

Second, Brama mountain

Gazing at the magnificent crater of Indonesia

Brama volcano on both sides is perfect cone volcano Batok (2440 m) and more great Kursi (2581 m).

While the farther to the South is dominated this moon-like landscape of Cypriot semeru (Gunung Semeru; 3676 m), the highest mountain of Java, is the high ground and the most active volcano.

Third, Gillette Islands

This year's summer, with the East Bali with the highest quality beach

Fourth, Central Java

Watching from Borobudur rises above the ancient pagodas of brilliant Sun, to Yogyakarta noisy batik market wanderaround

V. Comeau multi-island

Here is endangered at the world's largest, is said to be relatives of dinosaurs, here you can with dinosaurs, or at least to the Dragon, through Indonesia most uninhabited areas

6. Valle El Valley

The secret world of beautiful in-depth: Papua's Valle El Valley, in the dense jungle and mountains, visit the hidden tribes

Life and journey to the Earth's little corner of static enjoy warm

Monaco back against France, facing the Eastern Mediterranean


Monaco is second only to the Vatican's second small, throughout the year there are over 300 days of sunshine, just a few hundred metres of coastline has a rich cultural heritage, such as the Royal Palace, Church, Maritime Museum, Whitehead, tourists can go to the old town during the day a typical medieval streets watch Monaco Royal Palace and the changing of the guard ceremony.

The Monte Carlo Sporting club night, party, Casino Club performances, fantastic nightlife will let you energized again. And every morning, watching the Monaco's port, the vessel's busy are has nothing to do with you, you're just a couple of free small leisure.

How to arrive: in France the nice city, long-distance bus station No.100 every 15 minutes with car to Monaco.


Folegandros Greece

This is located in Greece-Clardy calm is located on the Islands and adjacent to the other towns have nothing in common, there is no more than two-storey buildings, not hiding in Yacht Harbour Terminal, no shops or fancy restaurants.

You can see just the waves beating the Pebble Beach, goats chased each other in the hillside, an old wooden windmill in Breeze by still turning. Wishing to avoid the noisy couple, folegandros Greece most of the few original ecological Island, is a wonderful quiet.

How to arrive: fly to Santorini and from Athens city of Pireaus Harbor ferry travel.

Germany Oberstaufen

Germany Oberstaufen

This Office closed town located on the edge of the Southern Black Forest Germany, leading to the commercial market Street sides are pink houses, market center town hall front engraved with the year 770 years theme of Gothic inscription.

Everywhere along the main street of open-air bars, can readily find a outdoor bar to sit down and talk to local people their lives. But be warned that the legend of the local one, who had accidentally dropped the irrigation channels, he was doomed to and a local person to marry. So the wedding couple who walks can be bound to seize each other.

How to arrive: 75 minutes drive from Strasbourg to arrive.

In the fall of France

France SA signoles

Sand signoles mdash mdash;; as is located in France's largest national park in the altitude of 1000 m above the village, is entirely for their honeymoon, to lazily sent time.

Cows on the grass to eat leisurely, farm near hay into various shapes, roadside wildflowers spiced competing in full bloom. Sitting in the renovation of a new small Inn, the window is built in the 12th century Romanesque church hellip; hellip; so beautiful you will want to under?

How to arrive: from the Clermont-fee lang to Le Puy-en-Velay in the midst of the access.

Romantic love Island walk

Seychelles paradise lost in Africa


To the Seychelles Tourism without visa, as long as a valid passport, valid for 30 days.

More than 50% of the territory of Seychelles areas have been designated a nature reserve, Mahe on Russell reserve has a broad line of tropical fruit trees and crowds of like turtle.

Up to 4 km of beauvallon white beach resort offers such as mud, sand and blue as the crystal clear waters every year attracting 10 million tourists to this. Lovely child clumsily used sand shovel stuffing Castle, honeymoon couples who in the BGM hot sunshine, haired old men holding hands with a sunset walk on the beach; hellip hellip; visitors can be accompanied by a professional diving instructor, you can also hire a boat to go fishing, sea anglingThe red spot on fresh or boss fish can immediately enable local chefs bake delicious fish tale.

Tips: Seychelles Creole dishes both authentic and fresh, very strong, spicy taste, the most famous lobster and grouper.

Located on the island of Fiji's Dr Sarah


Chinese visa for a period of 4 months.

Fiji is located in the Centre of the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia to North America only, General of the sea is blue, but Fiji is the color of the sea.

Fiji has over 300 islands, each was exquisite, many big-name stars would choose to come here on their honeymoon. Tourists on holiday in Fiji, tend to dress casual, carrying his whole case of beer and tents, in white beach, enjoy sunset. Here there are wearing flowers, it is said that the flowers to wear on the left represents the unmarried, the flowers to wear on both sides of the married, so there might also do as the Romans do.

Tips: Fiji has two great national treasure, a whale with, called the Tabua, the second is local a native drink 1850s.

Fiji is a free port, with the Government of Fiji Visitors Bureau tag duty-free shops, passengers can safely buy diamonds at low prices, jewellery, perfume, silver, Crystal and other world-class products.

Maldives Beach


Although the landing check, but the basic and visa is for a period of 30 days.

In the blue waters of the Indian Ocean wide, there are a bunch of like being a green island surrounded by white sand mdash mdash; Maldives;.

Westerners prefer to call it the lost paradise. 99% of the glittering and translucent sea 1% pure white beach = 100% of the Maldives, with thousands of fish, each island is an independent hotel, so when privacy honeymoon can rest assured.

Tips: nude swimming and swimsuit in the restaurant are prohibited.

Some hotels do not provide toothbrushes, slippers, etc., it is recommended that visitors bring their own. Almost all shops are located in male ', inter-island transport depends on the island by boat to travel in a motor vehicle.


Other islands

Mauritius: dates expressly held a valid airline ticket can be in Mauritius airport arrival for stays up to 60-day visa upon arrival.

Jeju to tourism for the purpose of the visitor to go to Korea Cheju Island, can stay without a visa for 30 days.

Sri Lanka: tourist passport and ticket you can travel to Hong Kong flight, without the need to take a pass for Hong Kong and Macao, can stay visa for 30 days.

Bali: you only need to have a round trip ticket and hotel reservation information, at the airport you can get a visa.

Tuvalu: immigration visas can be obtained for a period of 30 days.

Edge play side SHOPPING

Dubai 7 star hotel Yachting Hotel landmark


Has been pursuing low import duties and no sales tax policy, so in Dubai shopping cheaper than domestic many, especially the perfume, cosmetics and brand-name clothes, without discount is cheaper than at least half of the country.

Like Dubai, shopping malls, such as CityCentre world famous here, it is said that you can bargain him down.

Washing cargo focus: high card and not all of the Dubai shopping, walk into the old traditional Arab markets everywhere, you will find in these neighbourhoods full of life, the taste was a lot of interesting souvenirs.

You can in the neighbourhood of modern Villa reconstruction shops find designer brands accessories; even in the industrial park of warehouse, find treasure like Alibaba.

Play: apart from Halifax Tower, eight star Palace Hotel, luxurious attractions, long Merah Mosque is Dubai's largest and most beautiful mosque, the entire caused by stone temples which can be seen as a modern Islamic architectural style typical representative.

New York Fifth Avenue

New York

Explore the world of players know a secret, that is in the United States shopping is the No.1.

This is one of the most representative, New York. Whether it's luxury high card or creative new products that can meet the Shopaholic's desire, the materialization of city travel, you can do to prepare, in addition to a brush burst of credit card, which is a sufficiently large luggage compartment.

Washing cargo focus: Fifth Avenue's channel Cardiff middot; Goodman is a real luxury paradise, where the window show even better than T platform model show more eye-catching.

And SOHO are both commercial and artistic, where the shop can buy big-time limited edition merchandise, but the price is very expensive, but also never discount. Housing Cedar Rui in Chinese tourists in the most famous, in addition to LV, others you can think of the big brands are found, the price is very low.

Play: whether so-called overlooking Manhattan night million, the Empire State building or the New York Knicks at Madison Garden, or the hand carry some exaggeration shopping bag fashion beauty that is New York's most eye-catching landscape.


Other Taobao to

Las Rozas Madrid Spain: Spain famous home brand shop in this 3 Decoradores has shops, its Asian style boutique household products are suitable for decorating a new home.

Italy Florence Mall: here's The Gucci shoes from clothing to the package, all series discounts are low to the scary, a pair of leather, work fine leather shoes that 100 euros, very suitable for newlyweds buy back to both parents when present.

Switzerland: dead 10 years moved times

People often say that God bestowed her preference for Switzerland, the majestic mountains, placid Lakes and beautiful garden, is the national tourist flock to the tourism and leisure destination.

Many of the world's political, cultural and Sports Hall of Fame during his lifetime, not only in Switzerland living, working, also Switzerland elected permanent resting place.

In Switzerland around the interviews, visited many cemeteries.

According to the journalist, Switzerland's grave, irrespective of size, are blooming flowers profusely throughout the year.

If not the shape of the tombstone of a reminder, it really feels like a walk in the Park, not ghastly terrorist.

Just imagine, where all the dead, how many can alleviate feelings of grief of relatives.

Cemetery in serene and tranquil, the same is aged for a walk and a good place for leisure.

Once reporters to Geneva cemetery Memorial was killed in the bombing of the United Nations Special Representative for Iraq de Mello's grave, a lady active with journalists.

She told reporters that he was 80 years old, lives in the cemetery, not far away, and every day to walk two cemeteries.

Here you can quietly remembers the good old days in the past, the old man said.

In some towns and villages that most of these places of burial grounds in the Church.

The Church is a religious wedding, christening, celebrations and other festive events, is dead at the last stop before the daisies, let the relatives who misses.

According to friends, Church of the cemetery surrounding the were rented, depending on the term of duration of burial of the deceased, generally within 10 years.

Period, the deceased's relatives to remove additional optional land remains buried.

Switzerland is also a cemetery significant characteristics: they all have a tombstone, is only the size is different, tombstone of the decoration.

Switzerland's grave on the tombstone of meaning, let the tombstone content close to the deceased's love and hope.

Generally, tombstone carving on the deceased's life, also accompanied by photos.