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So! United States revealing the inside of the statue of liberty

The famous statue of liberty

Freedom stands in New York Harbor on the island made the statue of liberty in 1886, weight 45 million pounds, high 46 meters, feet high, the full name of 45 meters for the statue of liberty national monument, the official name is the shining world of the statue of liberty.

The whole statue to 120 steel skeletons, 80 copper tablets for peeling, 30 million rivet assembly fixed on the stand, the total weight of up to 225 tons.

Statue of internal steel frame is made up of Architects about dimensional Lei Bo Duke and the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris France Eiffel is famous for its design and production engineers.

The high standing of the statue of liberty

Lady lips pursed, wearing a Crown of rays, dressed in a robe in ancient Rome, right hand holding up to 12 m torch, left hand hold a symbol of the United States Declaration of independence of book plates, carved with the Declaration of date 1776.7.4 typefaces.


Feet survive earned broken chains, symbol of tyranny have been reversed.

Granite statue on the plinth of the building, engraved with United States woman poet Emma middot; na Sarotti of a famous poem. Sightseeing of visitors from the statue at the bottom to the top of the lift directly to the base, and then along the inside of the statue of 171-circling-step climb to the top of the Crown Office. For the convenience of visitors, every III cockle would set some rest seat for cannot rest of tourists at the top.

From the statue of liberty inside looking out

Crown Office can accommodate 40 people viewing, surrounded by open 25 small behind bars, each about 1 m high.

Sightseeing of visitors from the statue at the bottom to the top of the lift directly to the base, and then along the inside of the statue of 171-circling-step climb to the top of the Crown Office.

A circular staircase in the Crown

For the convenience of visitors, every III cockle would set some rest seat for cannot rest of tourists at the top.

Crown Office can accommodate 40 people viewing, surrounded by open 25 small behind bars, each about 1 m high. Sightseeing of visitors from the statue at the bottom to the top of the lift directly to the base, and then along the inside of the statue of 171-circling-step climb to the top of the Crown Office.

The base of the statue of liberty Hall at the entrance of the torch.

Internal tour visitors

Overlooking the statue of liberty

Top Crown

Near the top of the statue of liberty has

From the Crown of window with view

The world's top 10 scary day pits: Guatemala City three years was hit twice

Guatemala Guatemala City District of the capital on May 30, there is a depth of about 100 m in giant pits, shocked.

A strict interpretation of the geological terms, tiankeng (sinkhole) refers to as the water continuously eroded solid bedrock, surface formed by collapse occurred a huge pits. United States and many parts of the day the chance of the pit. The following is the world's most famous day pit.

1.2010 year Guatemala tiankeng

Guatemala tiankeng 2010

Guatemala giant hang the tiankeng further expansion of the term, that is, the ground suddenly collapse.

Guatemala City is part of the urban land is not in the solid bedrock, but rather a layer of relaxation, the composition of the volcanic pumice stone, usually several hundred feet thick. At least one geologist, Guatemala City's latest tiankeng is raised by a pipeline leak, not natural phenomena. Overall, Guatemala recurrence of such events more likely, but it is very difficult to forecast.

2.2007 year Guatemala tiankeng

In 2007, Guatemala-day pit

In 2007, Guatemala City has seen a similar distance from the tiankeng, and the recent emergence of the tiankeng also not far away.

Under photos, this two-day pit of diameter approximately 60 feet (approximately 18 m), depth of about 300 feet (approximately 100 m). Typically, the Administration will use large blocks of stones and other debris will pit fill the day. Over time, the water erosion and air drying effect, also cause tiankeng tilt.

In the United States, Florida, Winter Park tiankeng, for example, it is identical to the gradient of Guatemala tiankeng, depth of about 100 feet (approximately 30 meters).

However, the Florida Sunshine State of reputation, adequate lighting, making day hang in approximately 24 hours slowly tilts. United States Missouri State University geologist come down cell-cell Wu Ze (Doug Gouzie) said: I think around Guatemala City days do not so hang quickly collapse.

3. Florida Winter Park-day pit

Florida, Winter Park-day pit

According to Peter describes jigau, Winter Park-day pit formation in 1981 in the city, a public swimming pool, the swimming pool is leak, I've never seen a full report.

He said that water could pool bottom of small cracks seep into the soil below. As Florida's sandy soil, even swimming pools surrounding aquatic plants may slowly enough soil washed, erosion following solid limestone layers. Jigau Peter pointed out that the United States Geological Survey Bureau draws throughout the entire us rock type. Scientists still need to underground cracks and water flow through the cracks of extensive research, so that they occur-day pit sites for prediction.

4. Florida Marco Marbury tiankeng

Florida Marco Marbury tiankeng

This deep about 185 feet (about 56 m)-day pit in 1994 in Florida in the city of mulberry, collapse of dumping in mining enterprises IMC-Agrico stack wastes.

The company was to extract phosphate rock mining. Phosphate is a chemical substance is a major component of fertilizer, mainly used in the manufacture of phosphoric acid, as well as enhanced soda and various food taste. However, in phosphate extracted from the rock, the main ingredient is gypsum waste is treated as a slurry filtered out.

As the layers of gypsum is dried, formed cracks, as appears in drying mud crack.

Subsequently, the water flow in the crack in the ground substance volumes go to tiankeng formation. United States regulatory agencies that IMC-Agrico company should bear management responsibility of the tiankeng, avoid harmful underground drinking water supply.

5. Belize City, Blue Grotto hang

Belize City, blue

Dongtian hang

According to the Missouri State University geologist jigau Peter describes, what, as long as the water erosion connection vertical horizontal drainage system, which might happen day, because in this case, a large number of solid substances being washed away.

If the tiankeng in near the coast or in the sea mdash mdash;; such as Honduras Belize City coast lighthouse reef, the famous Blue cave, seawater rapidly after the collapse into a deep see bottom of the pool.

6. Oklahoma skin Sher's pit

Oklahoma skin Sher's pit

Long-term exploitation of zinc and lead mineralization to Oklahoma and Kansas leather shell near the junction of the ground full of pitfalls, including 2008 photos of the pit.

Some of mine in the mining process too close to the surface, above the top could not support the weight of the soil, eventually leading to collapse. Missouri's jigau Peter said, Missouri and Pennsylvania's coal mine near West also had a pit. Our technical building mine, above the top is sufficient to support the weight of the soil.

7. Iceland pit

Iceland pit

Adventurer Mick middot; coiner and his kayak along the River II, Iceland; mdash mdash; Joe coursat River a pit in the pit wall.

Joe coursat River River water from a glacier melting, the depth of 150 feet (45 m approximately), flip the funnel-shaped pit from below the geothermal vents of the rising steam.

8. Mexico Iqbal middot; Kiel natural wells

Mexico Iqbal middot; Kiel natural wells

A group of swimming enthusiasts in cuijk middot; Kiel natural wells Sapphire color of the water to enjoy swimming fun.

This natural wells are located in Mexico Yucatan Beach Itzá in ancient Mayan ruins nearby. At sea level the pit depth will be filled with water, and groundwater, forming the famous crystal clear blue water. Maya Royal will relax in the pool inside and hold sacred ceremony.

9. Portugal Lisbon's pit

Portugal Lisbon's pit

The 2003 shooting in Portugal Lisbon, a sad bus to become a big streets pit lunch.

Missouri's jigau Peter said to cause water flows underground soil of any factors that can accelerate the pit formation. In many cities, sewer, cable and other public infrastructure in fill in loose material, the trench backfill will over time be eventually washed away. In some cases, the road will eventually become a below basically empty concrete bridge. Jigau Peter said: you are now on the road could not bear the weight of the truck passed over.

10. Alabama never sunken pit of

Alabama never sunken pit of

Photo taken in 1998.

Alabama never sunk the hang is a limestone pit depth approximately 50 feet (approximately 15 m) or so, there lived a rare fern. The 1990s, a group of exploratory tunnel users into buying the pit, in this way for generations to protect this natural wonder.

Karst limestone or dolomite usually Shiyan bed dissolved form.

United States of karst landscape is mainly located in Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, and northern Florida in most areas. These areas of the landmark features for sinking streams and underground streams, springs, caves and pitfalls.

2010 World Cup six most watched country of different style

Looking forward to four years of World Cup event in July summer behind the curtain, the World Cup to the fans too much surprised, France, Italy's early exit, Argentina, Germany win after failed, let the people have to sigh: football is a laugh laughing at last is the best game, this golf course not winning General, there's a failure, as long as it is in this arena sweat team, the team are country will be a focus of world attention! because their brave, never give up!

2010 South Africa World Cup ends, whether it is the victory or defeat, but these ten countries will always be remembered in the hearts of every soccer fan, let small taping you walk into this country, to feel their passion for football, feel their different style!

Mdash mdash; Spain; make people mad King Kingdom

Exalted Titan Cup in Spanish

2008 Spain won the European Championship Champion, won the World Cup 2010; mdash mdash; this team brings to the fans of the four-character magical mdash mdash;;! and this country as the singing of the Madrid Jolin is mystery, not just the Madrid not mystery, this country is a mystery, nationals of the State, he is not a group of madmen mystery!

The world's most insane game mdash mdash;; Spain Bullfight

Dangerous stimuli Bull

Spain is the world's famous Bullfight Kingdom.

Some people say that in Spain there is no bullfighting Festival, nor does not love to see bullfighting. In recent years in each of the 50 million foreign tourists into Spain, but most of them are rushing to see bullfighting. This stimulation of activities is the coexistence with danger, thus it is not difficult to find Matador have good mental quality and amazing courage and perseverance, maybe this is Spain national character that makes Spain King team!

Mdash mdash; Netherlands; making you crazy fairytale Kingdom

Orange Legion mdash mdash; the Netherlands;

World Cup matches won first runner-up in the Netherlands although, but also the Carnival, the doomed them to at least have to be a testimony of hat on 4 years! on the pitch more than them, it seems that most non-Netherlands fans criticized, is defined as the most ugly the most utilitarian of the team, however defined, they won first runner-up in the fact that Robben's superb skills is also convincing! down lvyinchang, we have to lament the Netherlands Kingdom fairy-tale scenery, there are great ethnic and artistic color!

The capital of the world's literature; mdash mdash; Amsterdam

Mdash mdash; Netherlands; windmill Kingdom

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, the golden age of the original number of reservations, almost is a living museum.

Beautiful canal cutting water is full of museums, covering all the famous painter of the Netherlands. Classical music halls-National Concert Hall, Opera is not to be missed. Amsterdam look old and there is taste. All three-and four-storey building is blue, green and Red carefully decorated with lovely as false. These toys general building door is so small that only had room for one person walking into. In ancient times this place has a strange laws, the greater the tax paid in the door, the more helpless people had to do a small door, but the window is very large, furniture or anything that was being lifted out of the window. All small at the top of the building, there are several out of iron hooks to the fixed handling goods. Dense waterways turn these lovely streets and lanes separated from a piece of land, flocks of seagulls in watercourses and floor room air, water, feeding the ducks, the Venice of the North. Style and unique architecture and beautiful coastal scenery, make this city is undoubtedly the world's greatest art capital of the pitch!

Mdash mdash; Germany; awesome leader country

German forces nouvelles mdash mdash;; Muller

2010 South Africa World Cup, the German team of steady shot image stabilization performance should let all the fans that the team was supposed to be the champion of the most popular, they have the most perfect players meet, have let the other team cannot drill empty defense, this is a disciplined and rigorous team, this is also the style of the entire German nationality! let people AWE! but the nation has a collective Carnival time!

The most typical mdash mdash; Germany; Beer Festival

Germany Beer Festival

1810 year Germany Munich Ludwig Prince's wedding and ceremony, gradually evolved into today's Germany Beer Festival.

Different international from around the world, a different colour of people gathering together. In blue and white as the color of the beer tent, people sat on a long bench, drinking, dining, and Germany the band play and enjoy the unique Alpine traditional musical instruments and enthusiastic Germany Bago Leah music, enjoy the taste of Germany and exciting scene.

Under the leadership of the band, guests can also take part in some simple dance, with a long history of Germany cultural feel.

Artistic temperament, Germany in this Carnival on not to be missed are the music of embellishment, Germany civil band in Beer Festival sing Germany folk songs, cheerful blond girl dressed in colorful costumes and dancing will you right into the zone of the Munich Beer Festival scene, large chunks of meat, big mouth alcohol, the loud singing aloud.

Mdash mdash; Paraguay; fascinating beauty Kingdom

World Cup a hotspot: Paraguay Belle

Top 8 in killing into, maybe except for true fans, the majority of fans do not know that Paraguay is Holy! this is located in the South American nation of surprising not only its world-class football defensive techniques, and shocking Paraguay Belle! the phone in the chest should make her eggs for Paraguay the eye, in fact, Paraguay is indeed a rich beauty of transition, South American style of Latinos have not only of Europe and bigeye high nose, there are tropical beauty and free sexy!

Mdash mdash; Argentina; the Enchanted land of romance

Massey: don't cry!

Madonna's song "Argentina, don't cry for me Argentina" has become a highly romantic country life romances, Mrs. Beilong also became the legendary country most representative stories, World Cup 2010 mesmerized, Argentina is elected as the best cup of colourful country, 0: 4 defeat of Germany, all of the Argentina football fans are heartbroken at Massey lonely left figure, fans can only heart whatmore: Messi Argentina, don't cry!, don't cry! "in fact, Argentina is not a fragile state, a passion and dreams coexist countries!

Most Argentina temperament attractions: Iguassu Falls

Iguacu mdash mdash;; Devil throat

Mdash mdash; Korea; the stigmatized very country

Zhengda Shi and his team-mate touched fans around the world

South Africa World Cup North Korean is clearly for the attention of the world as one of the team, not because of the title, not because of how exquisite skill, but Korean football that can-do spirit it! to become an awesome team! AFC with a cheer from the desert to describe the rise of Korean Football! for Korean this country, we do not know, nor do I know the economy is not rich or poor countries that have such a powerful national consciousness! if you want to explore why! the best approach is to the very countries go for a walk around!

South Africa with sharks eat "restaurant" wreck

Warehouses are equipped with huge Windows of the restaurant

Recently, South Africa, called a warehouse (CargoHold) theme restaurant opens for business, and it is being built in a sunken dining within! to the people you can taste tempting cuisine and enjoy through the huge glass windows of the wonderful underwater world.

To watch the World Cup in South Africa, may wish to Durban city of this theme restaurant sit, will find it.

Sharks swim

When you are in the stern and the cool dark corner munching live seafood, this marine paradise famous shark, will form from your dining and outdoor travel.

Side strip oyster, looking shark

Warehouse restaurants built in a large marine park, the entire restaurant is a boat that sank the ship most colorful fish, sinking to swim around tour, Lucky's customers also witnessed the famous Durban great white shark.

Here's cuisine is dominated by seafood, most unique is the oyster meal. Get round, people can also go down the stairs to the rusty deck for a walk.

Legend of the Ghost ship

Nbsp; in addition to being fun to enjoy seafood of the seabed, the story of the sunken itself is also a lot of tourists, it is modeled on the beginning of the 20th century South Africa legend Ghost ship looks to build.

Legend has it that day, Twilight, people see a flashing blue light of the ship from the South coming to Durban harbour, just like a plug in to the mast of a dark red funnel, dock workers waiting for the boat, but left no wait, right, etc. A few weeks later, the ship in port see no name, no plug flag ship, but no one knows where it finally reached. Some speculate it lost sank, there was speculation about it in a secret task performed. In short, then the local people lift the boat, it is called the Ghost ship. In Africa, Durban, port like this much legend. In any case, warehouses for the pursuit of unique dining restaurant style restaurant, is a good choice.

Novelty! Watch Japan farmhouse playing what fields repair Earth ""

Japan farmhouse

If the weather is better, in Japan a peace peaceful small village nearby, you may stop at dozens of cars.

Fields, a group of people formed a team of Japan or square, in the mood for wildlife to repair the Earth.

Japan's digging potatoes

This is the Japan traditional farmhouse project mdash mdash mdash;;; taro excavation, using words, is to dig potatoes.

Dig the sweet potato

Japan land is scarce and, of course, impossible to get a half acre of land to plow, but to a large crowd huddled together, open up the collective work.

-Sweet potato Organizer will teach you how to line-up team will send brochures to you and will teach you how to dig will not break the sweet potato digging. Japan's seriousness in this case are fully reflected. A participant in such activities in the sweet potato but three or four blocks, but tired of it.

Dig the sweet potato

It is said, because to have a collective sense.

Japan's seriousness in this case are fully reflected. A participant in such activities in the sweet potato but three or four blocks, but tired of it. It is said, because to have a collective sense. Sweet potato fields not everywhere, some parts of sweet potato activities also affecting potato, Yam, and other plants, only the name but still taro digging.

Japan farmhouse

Dig the sweet potato is so prevalent, and costs less, the four seasons can be relevant, but Japan a teacher from a historical perspective that Japan ancient because fewer people TADA, food shortage, with high-yielding crop introduction of sweet potato, maize, the situation improved.

Japan sweet potato

Sweet potato even after the harvest, the remnants of tuber will still continue to grow in the land.

The poor will have already harvested land digging, sweet potato, which is barely enough to dig potatoes and he is feeling. In Japan's legendary one dig sweet potato vine Goro's story. Togoro originally was to rely on the lives of poor people to dig potatoes, but therefore found the golden sand, rich. Gold red sweet potato became dispossessed of markers.

In addition, digging potatoes as a travel project was 1972, digging up sweet potato, in Japan the hearts is finally moving towards stability and life after the war.