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Nine buildings in Europe

1. Germany Capitol

Huge glass dome Lu top cover in this block was in 1933 part of burned building.

Inside the building, visitors can get a 360-degree panoramic view overlooking Berlin increasingly bagao skyscrapers. Visitors can also tour channel down to Assembly Hall.

2. Spain gugenheim Museum

The Museum is located in the northern city of Bilbao, Spain is the United States in the architect Frank-cover.

In many people's view, the Shine gloss, crooked modern architecture is the most splendid of the European continent. It was completed in 1997, Bilbao, Basque country port city has injected new vitality, virtually improves local construction industry standards.

3. the Museum of contemporary art, Graz

This multifunctional building was the nickname of multimedia as a friendly alien, 2003, the European capital of culture celebrations.

Part of typical architecture, namely the appearance of fluid streamlined or organic shape of modern architecture.

4. the Museum of Roman art in the twenty-first century

Looking from the outside, the Museum does not colorful, unique appearance.

But its internal spiral staircase, wavy walls and ceilings are very futuristic.

5. London Saint Mary axe Street 30,

This well-known by the United Kingdom architect Lord Norman-Foster designs buildings up to 180 m, looks like a very male genitals, was a nickname for small cucumber.

It's completed the birth of the surrounding a square miles range low antique marble modern high-rise building renovation.

6. National Library of Kosovo

This library if not shock your body and mind, is enough to make you feel terrible.

Outside covered with mosques, full of rich Turkey Islamic way of life of the Pristina District, the building looks like extraterrestrial visitors.

7. France Milo bridge

Unlike the European medieval masonry bridges, Milo bridge is an out-and-out cable-stayed suspension bridge structures, comparable to the Golden Gate Bridge in the United States.

8. Birmingham Bullfight shopping center

It is not only the United Kingdom's largest urban shopping centre, or a very seductive appearance of buildings, especially in Sergio foric department store in Birmingham branch location, the shopping mall looks very fluid style of architecture.

g alt="" src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0319/20100319045350996.jpg" />

9. the Paris Centre Pompidou

This 1977 completed the old building still makes first saw it in person.

Architecture seemed to be the one outside. The bright red, blue and green tube will this giant steel and glass structure for building packages.

Desert magnificence behind: looking for the source of the world's top 10 sandstorm

1. Salton Sea: located in the southeastern United States, California, is the largest lake in California.

Salton Lake is one of the major sources of dust storms, sandstorms are concentrated many occurred in Salton numerous regional bank Hunan.

2. the Gobi: located in the inland, East Asia is the world's largest desert in the world.

3. Patagonia: located in the South of Argentina and Chile, a 150 square kilometers of coastal grassland.

Patagonia most areas in the barren bleak, strong wind away the soil and the soil vegetation above, it is essentially a barren desert.

4. arthuis Plano is a relatively weaker, but persistent dust at the source.

This is a piece of the elevation of the water basin, with a diameter of up to 1000 km in the South Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile last entered. In the second half of the per year, reaching a peak of dust activity, September ~ November reached its peak.

5. the Taklimakan desert: located in the middle of the Tarim basin, is the largest desert in China.

This lasting dust activities started each year in February, March, April, may, Trajan, August, September.

6. in the Sahel: South of the Sahara desert a broad semi-desert, across Chad, the Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal and Burkina Faso in 7 countries.

7. the Sahara: world's biggest desert, located in Northern Africa, spanning 11 countries in Africa.

8. India Valley: located in India's Western is the world's most inhospitable environment.

Extreme temperature changes very close to the freezing point in winter, the summer is over 45 ° c, annual rainfall is 640 mm ~ 760 mm.

9. Isle lake basin: Isle Lake is Australia's largest salt water lake, is located at Australia's arid inland river basin.

Isle lake basin of dust storm begins in September, October and December to February the following year is the peak period, after the start.

10. the Namibian desert: Southwest Africa.

In this wide stretch of barren land, full of interlocking stones.

The world's most meixiaozhen human bones piles

10 years only buried bones

Hallstatt is a strange customs, because of the small town in the mountains near Lake, expensive such as gold, so it is a special way of burial.

According to the locals, who all died 10 years after the burial of the remains will be moved out of the grave, the bones of a cave in the mountains, time, and here the bones, piled up to the skeletal Church can be seen these unique scene.

Altitude of 3000 m peaks and clean thoroughly bathed in Red Lake, turn the site into a paradise on Earth.

Live in the Lake Garden Hotels, throw open their Windows to see Lake, South Lake like smoke, as if to fairyland. Alpine's thousand years of the glacier, even more amazing. Have the opportunity to enter the cave of the winds, listen to the sound of water flow, looking for the source of the water, there is taste of adventure in one.

You can call not only beauty, Hallstatt has been listed as UNESCO world cultural heritage.

Here's the world's cultural heritage Museum of heritage is very precious, including from the former salt mine of clothes and mining salt tools, iron age life appliances as well as the oldest steam ship models, etc.

Hallstatt are year round warm climate, suitable for tourism.

This one at steep slopes and gem Emerald Lake stands between the Lake town, everywhere and discover the beautiful fairy-tale.

In order to distinguish, with skulls on the label, sketched on decorative patterns.

It is understood that such practices have over a thousand years of history. The famous Church of St. Michael skeletal Church and Jesus Church.

Half of the town, there is a hill seemed to stretch from the mountainside platform out of the grave, as various plants, erected between lined conceals the wood's tombstone inscribed with every art form, the beauty and artistry of the graveyard is rare.

Skull Chapel

Here families love of wood, wood signs, wooden head, woodworking schools around the hellip; hellip; take the imaginary place to fool people?, her but classic tourist attraction, known as the world's most beautiful Lakeside Town, Austria's pet mdash mdash;; town of Hallstatt.

Hallstatt is located on the eastern part of the Alpine region Salzkammergut (Salzkammergut), Salzkammergut is a German Salz (salt) and Kammergut (Royal territory), name and salt on a great relationship is not accidental, it is rumored that, precisely because salt mining, the Hallstatt town, the town also has a salt mine treasure.

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The mouth is the town of the world's oldest salt mine operation, one of the still and open to visitors.

Take a guided tour into the depths of the salt pit, sit on a wooden ramp to decline, the heart will bump bump and jump. Then listen to the origin of the salt-pit, the time seemed suddenly turn the clock back to ancient times.

The secret world of the Paris underground (photos)

Fashion of Paris is the famous city of light, but in this colorful city, there is another completely different city of darkness; mdash mdash; Paris underground world.

There are convenient metro, interconnected underground drains, large car park, tunnels, cellars and a large number of bones and grave hellip; hellip;

Approximately 185 miles of underground passages, drains, subway, electric wire, cable, etc., make up the city's underground world, where most of the quarries in the past, their history, was used to build many stones in Paris that came from here.

Paris underground drains project scope is also very epic public drinking water 50% is entered through the underground drains, the underground cistern of water storage capacity of about 120 million cubic meters.

It is said that these are still in use of underground drains a lot was built in the 16th century when the city was built, now the Government has designated the many ancient canal for visitors.

In this kind of large areas, it has been in the dark, damp room holding a flashlight party, who exudes musty quarries also be known by a cellar of new names.

In addition, poets and musicians often come here looking for inspiration.

Poet Henry middot; cazalis some famous verse was born here, and the author of the Vampire "novels; rice middot Anne is here imagine some scary scenarios.

Over the years, variety, changes in the endless Paris underground world is the city a unique landscape.

Today, the original fantastic underground labyrinth even more attractive, whether young people interested in adventure, or city explorers, like here.

At the bottom of the underground world, also quietly placed many catacombs.

It is said that the Paris catacombs there are 600 million with skeleton, this is determined by the Paris of history, in 18th century France revolution and the Paris Commune during the intifada, there have been numerous fierce fighting in the city.

During World War II, France underground resistance movement organization is in the ground and Nazi Germany military secret deal.

In recent years, some of the grave has been open to the public, people see the catacombs are artistic processing: they piled into various shapes, composed by skull cave, corridor and arch bridge, also spelled by the human body other skeleton bones wall.

Numerous explorers flocked to.

Anecdotes and always keep

Although the Paris underground world of strange has decades of history, the press reported various anecdotes, such as the mysterious underground party, festive and strange rituals and so on.

In Paris 14 districts Sant prison officers also discovered the underground prison a few mysterious within herself.

According to the survey, the Earth had at least three, with two leading to prison observation post, another to the prison gate.

In addition, there are several within herself shovels and used to support the crude wood piles within herself.

Because of the prisons were prisoners, the discovery of the mysterious had naturally aroused the relevant departments of France.

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

The secret world of the Paris underground (figure) nbsp;

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

The secret world of the Paris underground (figure) nbsp;

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

Holiday paradise: Europe's top 10 resort (photos)

As Europe has become the Chinese outbound select tone, most Chinese people have not only satisfied with making a land in Western Europe and that several developed countries short stay.

With Asian countries surrounding the holiday has been repeatedly recommended travel agencies, tourist holiday consumer demand increasingly strong people already eyeing the European ripe leisure areas. To this end, to the network based on the parent company of TripAdvisor's global travel information data, has released the top ten European hotels and resorts for tourism/SPA fans reference.

1, Tivoli Victoria Hotel (Tivoli Victoria), Vera Moravske, Portugal

To comment on the net: I absolutely would then come here and here is this world I lived the most wonderful hotel, where the staff, cleaners, and so everyone will make every effort to guest services, to our left a very deep impression.

About hotel bed I can say that I wish I could move the bed back home, I slept most comfortable bed. This hotel good to be true, for the guests is pure luxury experience. I now want to go back to here.

2, Adler Luomidi hotel (Hotel Adler Dolomiti), Ortisei, Italy

To comment on the net: a great hotel! summer we've lived here ever four-night of fun.

The balcony of the room can see the Dolomiti mountains, the scenery is very beautiful. Guests of hotel organization to mountain hiking tour, this is our most fun experience--a guide to show us to those we ourselves do not dare set foot in the area. Also, the food here is delicious!

3, Lindo Sibulu hotel (Lindos Blu), lindas, Greece

To the friends comment: comment on the hotel's rave reviews, I agree, this non-them.

This hotel of luxury and comfortable, the staff was very friendly and considerate, here is what you expect in a five-star hotel. We are here to stay very pleasant, recommended this hotel to everyone. If you think about Office around, recommended by bus, walk to lindas of shops and restaurants are a bit far away, the city is very beautiful.

4, Pineta natural spa-resort hotel (Pineta Hotels Nature Wellness Resort), corredor, Italy

To comment on the net: where is Heaven, would like to thank all the employees of the hotel we create such a unique and comfortable holiday atmosphere.

This is an unprecedented experience this holiday let us rediscover the meaning of life. Thanks again for Pineta natural spa-resort hotel!

5. Erica (Erika), tirolo, Italy

To comment on the net: the hotel is located near Merano in a small town.

Perfect-I lived in one of the best hotel with my family and I live in the hotel, there are excellent: the food, service, SPA etc.

6, Azul Hotel (Hotel Asur), Dali, Turkey

To the friends comment: very good hotel, absolutely exceptional value.

Hotel facilities maintained very well, has a charming garden, walking can easily reach the resort Center area. This is my second time staying Azul Hotel, there is no doubt that in the future, I will come again.

7, kafin Cote Xin hotel, golf and amp; SPA (Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf amp; Spa), Manilva, Spain

To comment on the net: this is the best we stayed in a hotel! staff very friendly, very professional service.

Although only is a newly opened hotel (2008), but already has the world's top hotel's style. Hotel first class facilities, maintenance work was in place. In addition, the hotel of the Golf Club is also quite good.

8, nbsp; brother star giant hotel (Hotel Costa Los Gigantes) Santiago del El Teide, Spain

To the friends comment: I have never lived so clean hotel.

The room is equipped with a large kitchen, food as good as I expected. The only disadvantage is select the type of comparison on the menu is limited. We will come again.

9, Ararat hotel (Hotel Baia Lara), Antalya, Turkey

To comment on the net: the holiday was great! I've never played in the online wrote comments, but this time in Lara beach thanks to Ararat hotel for 10 days, just came back, feel really need to write about.

I and my husband to Turkey to seven times, to different regions, Ararat hotel bar and the waiter almost is the best I have ever seen. The hotel is very new, just opened a few months, so from the building, the environment, swimming pool and so did not have to choose.

10, Cathy Deus Spa Hotel (Hotel Caesius Thermae SPA), Bardolino, Italy

To comment on the net: suitable for holding wedding of high-quality hotel!!!!!, this is a very beautiful hotel.

I'm in Garda Lake organizing weddings, booked the Bakassi Deus Spa Hotel, both to stay for a wedding reception. From we arrived at the moment (husband and parents, the parents and grandparents), we have to respect and care. We booked a suite, on the left side of the main swimming pool, the rooms are very spacious. Because we were special guests, employees in a room specially prepared champagne, fruits and flowers. Guest room attendant Cornelia was great, I really do not know how to describe her. From the responses we first message to finally check out away from the hotel, we have received a warm hospitality. From the hotel to Bardolino on foot in 15 minutes, walk along the Lake after dinner it's bar, by day or you can ride a bike, hotel also have access to the Internet. Here every day to the city centre by bus, the guests can go to the front desk to book. The hotel has a bar, where supply all kinds of snacks, 24 hours a day, sometimes in the evening also held a variety of recreational activities. We will recommend this hotel to everyone, regardless of whether young or old, whether married or on holiday, here absolutely Yes, Cathy Deus Spa Hotel good impress!