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Street Beat: the world's hottest capital Djibouti (map)

Djibouti look like Western underdeveloped regions of the outer suburbs

Djibouti, the annual average temperature of 30 ° c above the maximum temperature in summer can reach 50 ° c above, it is said that insufficient domestic annual precipitation during the rainy season a week of many.

It is known as the capital of the most heat.

Located in the East African Republic of Djibouti in the Horn of the Red Sea in the South to choke his throat, and Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and the Republic of Yemen Aden Harbor at Red River.

Excellent location for the port of Djibouti to become the region's most important ports, also became Ethiopia's largest, most important goods out of the harbour.

Djibouti look like Western underdeveloped regions of the outer suburbs, is the low bankrupt bungalow, roadside everywhere sit, lie down, stood still.

Young people in Djibouti

If there are aliens came around, they will not be reached for begging.

City Centre 10 minutes to walk, the size is equivalent to China town, prominent Islamic architectural style at the same time, leaving many traces of the French colonies.

Country's total population of about 60 million, the capital of Djibouti City is accounted for by half.

There are people who work in about 3 million monthly Djibouti francs (approximately 1200 Yuan), the unemployment rate as high as 30%.

No industry, agriculture, the port is the economic pillars.

France in the 2000 people garrison, here is the EU army desert training base, foreign troops consumption but also to some extent, supports the country's economy.

The port of Djibouti is an important modern East Harbor

The port of Djibouti is an important modern East Africa Harbor to port-based maritime transport services, in the national economy in Djibouti.

United States and Western Europe the required 1/3 of the oil, Europe needs 1/4 of food, had to go through this transit transport.

All northward through the Suez Canal to Europe or by the Red Cape of the Indian Ocean bypass under the Hainan, both in the port of Djibouti on the water, its strategic position is very important, is the West as oil channel Sentinel.

Djibouti City belongs to the tropical desert climate, all year round hot little rain, the average annual precipitation in 150 mm, the hot season with an average temperature of 31 to 41 ° c, cool season with an average temperature of 23 to 29 ℃, the average annual temperature of 30 ° c above, it is the land of fiery seaside.

The city is very quiet, although there are various streets of vehicles coming and going

Djibouti City of history and not long.

19 the 1950s France's invasion of Djibouti, as overseas territory, then known as French Somaliland, 1887 France settlers to house located in the city of Djibouti.

Until 1895, here is a little town.

At the end of the 19th century, with Djibouti mdash; Addis Ababa railway construction, population increase. 1977, 27 June, Djibouti through peaceful means announced formal independence.

On the origin of the name of Djibouti, saying a lot, of which the most widely spread are: long ago, there are several Europeans landed on this land, I met an old man is using a pan to cook.

They asked: what is this? due to language barrier, the old man thought to be asked what is this? then answered: cloth. In the Afar language reference is in the pot. The Europeans did not catch, and back again, so the old saying with a loud voice: Djibouti. (I.e. the boiling pot), which cited out the meaning of the vigor of the Riviera.


Djibouti City is a clean and beautiful city.

Northeastern is bustling business districts, the West is the seat of Government, and residential areas in Djibouti of crustal changing volcanic belt, it has no high-rise buildings.

The sides of the Boulevard of the city, many Arab-and Western-style buildings, villas, complements the green trees and flowers, their sleek, clear-cut reasonable layout, color, the whole city is very beautiful.

The sides of the Boulevard of the city, many Arab-and Western-style buildings, villas, complements the green trees and flowers, its beautiful, reasonable layout, tintSharp, the entire city is very beautiful.

The city is very quiet, although there are various streets of vehicles coming and going, streaming, but rarely hear cars Tooting; although there is no police on the street, but the order open so.

Tree-lined streets, shops, lively.

Here is a typical international trade market and business center. Asian commodities market, electrical products, watches, motor vehicles, mainly from Japan; Chinese goods to ceramics, handicrafts, clothing and canned mainly, by the local people.

ASAR Lake is also a natural big Yantian

The city is also famous for Hamburg-mosque, it indicates that Djibouti Republic two largest tribal Issa tribe and the Arab-French family are Muslim.

Djibouti City famous attractions is the ASAR Lake, ASAR Lake is located in the North-West of the city of Djibouti, a radius of 10 km, Lake below sea level is 150 m, the lowest point on the African continent.

ASAR Lake is also a natural big Yantian, rich in potassium, and methyl bromide.

Litre salt up to 330 grams, the salt content of rich, rare in the world. Standing by the Lake Hill, watch the blinking of natural salt layer, like a sheet of silver in the world.

Djibouti desert country area of 90%, a Lake, were considered cornucopia.

Fact, salt is Djibouti's most important natural resources of one of the main export goods.

This summer new propositions and visit the world's coolest factory

United States San Francisco Anchor Brewing beer factory

United States San Francisco Anchor Brewing beer factory

The brewery visit visitors can watch the beer fermentation, brewing, bottling and storage, etc. all links.

Brewery in weekday afternoon open every day, visitors need to make an appointment to visit is free of charge. In the wine shop not only can you see a panoramic view of San Francisco, you can also enjoy free Anchor beer.

France GE Harris town flower Palace na perfume factory

France GE Harris town flower Palace na perfume factory

In the prestigious perfume manufacturing enterprise, visitors can learn to recognize those as a perfume of flowers, plants and trees in order to find out what is in the lab is made of essential oil of purification.

Then you can visit Xinyi, perfume of purification and filling the entire process. Open to visitors every day the factory, without charge, take the train from Cannes to this just 25 minutes. Before the start of the purification program, the smell of the perfume residue on the filter paper, the aroma is a natural aroma.

United States Pennsylvania's Harley-Davidson motorcycle production factory

United States Pennsylvania's Harley-Davidson motorcycle production factory

Tourists can visit covers 230 acres of Harley-Davidson companies the biggest production factory, here you can see the Harley-Davidson motorcycle manufacturing and Assembly process.

The plant opening annual days are also open on Saturday in the summer, and are free of charge. In the finished product sales, it must also be carried out on the pavement in the simulation of the driving test for motorcycles. Buying intentions of visitors can also be booked directly in the tourist centre.

United States Kentucky Louis Weir baseball bat factory

United States Kentucky Louis Weir baseball bat factory

Here you can see all the most famous baseball bat in the production process, shop supervision video can help visitors close watched some production details.

The workshop is open to visitors every day, but you need to buy tickets, tickets for the $ 10 for adults, 6-12 years old children $ 5. Visitors can lead to an 18-inch mini baseball bat. In addition to the plant of the entrance stands a only 120 feet high, 68000 pounds is the world's biggest baseball bat.

Tabasco pepper sauce factory in Los Angeles

Tabasco pepper sauce factory in Los Angeles

Watching a short film about the history of the factory, visitors can visit the Tabasco (Tabasco) chilli sauce production, filling and packaging of the whole process.

This hot sauce is in United States civil war after the invention of the factory is located in the bayou County covers 2200 acres of Iver Lei Island. Tabasco pepper sauce smells even tourists arrived on the island will into their nostrils. Factory opening day, tickets $ 1. Visit of the last place is the Tabasco country store, there are hundreds of Tabasco products and souvenirs, tourists can savor the Tabasco pepper sauce flavor food ice cream, etc. Then you can also visit the AI Foley Island jungle gardens, here is the endangered crocodile and snow Heron homes, they are Tabasco pepper sauce founder and current boss mdash mdash;; McIlhenny (McKee ENI) family members save here.

Germany's Volkswagen factory

Germany's Volkswagen factory

Visitors can ride the train Tour Auto transparent electric city VW's manufacturing workshop, watch the entire process of production, where the main shows public golf car production process.

English speaking guide for visiting arrangements in working days 12: 45 at night, you also need at least one week booking. Visit costs $ 22 for adults, 6-17-year-old children $ 9. Costs include the car city ticket. By train from Berlin to automobile city is located in Wolfsburg just 90 minutes. Public companies, their automobile City theme park is currently the world is the most frequently visited the Automobile Museum. Visitors here can also be tested for Volkswagen cars, not on the road driving.

United States Memphis in the Gibson Guitar factory

United States Memphis in the Gibson Guitar factory

Tourists can visit the Gibson guitar hand process, from the side of the shoulder strap, debugging, painting, polishing until tuning for full details.

Gibson Guitar has been a United States well-known musicians Les Paul and others. Open to visitors every day factory, tickets $ 10. Best not to be missed is to watch the workers inspect products, their eyes will sweep over new products in each area. Products before completion, some workers may even be one side to the guitar painting, dance.

Austria Riedel glass factory

Austria Riedel glass factory

Riedel glass production plant is a 100-year history of specialized production glass Goblet of family business, renowned quality.

Tourists can visit the working day to the enterprise, tickets, adult $ 7.5 2-16-year-old child $ 4.5. Seat Gallery hofstein distance Yan Sibulu grams only 1 hour away by car. Visitors also can book value of $ 7.5 visited projects of glass products, where they can feel, with a different shape glass Goblet Sheng na wine taste is not the same.

France victorious hoard of Reims Champagne production factory

France victorious hoard of Reims Champagne production factory

In watching a short film about the history, the visitor can down to watch a champagne cellar is how to save.

Production plant in 1 April to 31 October, Monday through Saturday, or other days of the month open to tourists. Visit costs US $ 14, children under 16 free of charge. Visit the booking, and you need to bring a jacket or sweater. Naturally, the tourists tour is certainly free to taste the production of champagne here. In addition, any kind of Veuve Clicquot champagne in the gift shop are sold.

The future of tourism destination development fast ten City (photos)

Here is to introduce you to the year 2020, fueling and population density will be the fastest ten city.


Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh and a major port city in the world, the fastest-growing cities ranked 10th.

As Bangladesh's most important commercial cities, Chittagong natural ecological park has attracted many scientists as well as a large number of factories and enterprises.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 4.29%.

The Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam

This port city located on an important route, here, cantaloupe and sailing and large cargo ships, luxury cruise together at sea shuttle.

This colonial metropolis after will be developed into East Africa one of the most important economic centre.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 4.39%.

Nigeria Lagos

Lagos from Nigeria's oil industry boom to benefit the local population in the country after the end of the Vietnam war have experienced substantial growth.

Lagos or business processing Nigeria Business Center rich in natural resources.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 4.44%.

India Faridabad

The city is located in the South of New Delhi, India-Khaya na Pong is the industrial center, henna natural red brown pigment production and processing.

It is expected to become the New Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 4.44%.

Mali Bamako

As the capital of the Republic of Mali, Bamako is Niger inland delta Empire a major source of gold.

It is currently shipping and industrial centre of the country, attracting a large number of migrating to escape drought and immigrants.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 4.45%.

Afghanistan Kabul

Large numbers of poor area residents to avoid war and moved to this point, bring Kabul's population density in recent decades increasing rapidly.

World Bank statistics 2004, local 80% of the population lives in simple temporary residential areas, residential area to the city's 2/3.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 4.74%.

India Surat

Surat is India Gujarat's commercial centre, where the textile industry and the most famous diamond polishing industry.

In the past few centuries, its light completely obscured by the Mumbai, but today are catching up.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 4.99%.

Sana'a Yemen

SANAA old city due to its multiple layers of ancient architecture and was named a world heritage site of UNESCO.

This ancient city has at least 2500 years of history, ancient ruins around the various religions, including built in the 11th century ago 105 mosque and 6000 more houses. Is near neighbours Saudi Arabia's oil industry, Sana'a in the 1970s began to flourish.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 5%.

India ghaziabad

Due to the proximity to the capital New Delhi's geographical advantages, ghaziabad becoming a fast growing industrial city.

Various commercial, multifunctional buildings as well as plan 2010 completion Metro project is under construction. Here, also found 2500 years b.c. old ruins.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 5.20%.

China Beihai

China Beihai ranked fastest growing cities in the first place.

The port city was once a stop on the Silk Road. But today's North Sea more famous is its 24 km of silver beach. It is close to Viet Nam, Hong Kong and Macau Tourism in recent years for rapid development.

2006-2020 population average growth rate of 10.58%.

Precipitation in the time slot of Bali unforgettable bright life

In the days of Bali, is easy to fall into a trance, eyes, my mind was already floating away.

Blue sea and green mdash mdash;; for Bali this has over two decades of history, world renowned travel the Holy Land, it means that two very different on holiday.

Whether it's mysterious black cloth Valley (Ubud) or noble Nusa du Bois coast (Nusa Dua), have let people unlimited nostalgia reasons. But the question is whether the elections which become the next station of head-on?

As from the spring between 1 into the summer.

Muggy, blooming plantain leaf, the street is written English name of small shops, local man with dark skin colour, brilliant smile, female gorgeous gown, a huge stone erected in the street, the Majesty of watching from the crowd.

Then the coast of Bali, is a Pearl of the South Pacific.

A piece of the Pacific, even Miss will also become fuzzy away, everything can be forgotten that the life experience, background, age, nationality, profession hellip; hellip; nothing is important.

After the try sails, everything is back to its original appearance, this is the natural law, anyone can't escape.

Sea Temple: Bali landmarks

We arrived it was built in the 16th century the Temple of the Sea (Pura Tanah Lot) mdash mdash;; the monument in the Indian Ocean rough sea giant rocks on the temples.

Every fall when the tide, countless believers a wet rocks to worship in the temple. Climax, the trail will be completely Mey. However, I think it was rushed out near the sea, the landscape is quite fascinating. It resembles the reef Guilin elephant trunk Hill, a great view of the cliffs. Sacred temples in the sea, only to look and not let playing Yan hellip; hellip; it is located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, Bali's landmark, built in Boulder. Tide surrounded by sea, solemn and mysterious.

Near the Temple of the sea, a sea stone dykes also has a small temple, there is also a welter of green vegetation, the readability of the magnificent, a close look at color emerged.

Passion trance Pavilion

A Palm tree, sitting in trance Pavilion, enjoy the scenery while in rich gold coffee taste, gorgeous sexy tropics in cold rooms.

Or listen to the guide next to the flower described the folklore of mythological Randa Kiki (Rangda) and long (Barong) battle, in temples in contemplation of this war without winners. Or by gazing at the sea, up to the wind, the flashes of white microwave spray from the distant sky smiling at the pursuit of a rushing, listen to their whispers softly. This is the Bali let human fans.

In the morning, the smell of wet sea atmosphere, wake up early, in the garden, you can make a leapt out of nowhere by playing small squirrel.

Hotel Group toward the beach side is open in the evening, we walk on the beach, the beach walk after breakfast, the sunlight is essential to the full, people have occupied the position of the spa by the sea, have removed towel began to enjoy the Sun. Nusa du Bois coast is quiet, too quiet, can even do seem to be only a trance. Sky have big flower big flower of cotton candy, soft white sand of the foot even stay in feet is also very comfortable, beautiful egg flowers in bloom is not far away, dark flavor of the original just floating belonging to evening hellip; hellip;

Walking in the mountains, rugged road, enjoying both sides of the green rice terraces, Pina Coladas, Orchard, almost 1 pm, went to the Pe?a roots (Penelokan), appear in front of you the Batur Volcano (Gunung Batur) and ABONG Volcano (Gunung Abang), as well as between the two hills in the midst of Batur Lake, lakes and mountains, beautiful, large covered volcanic lava Black Brown, surrounding vegetation shedding its, oil green Misty forests.

The mist like light yarn, the two high over the volcano, the apparition of kilometers, a glimpse of the Fairyland.

Obor Bali culture card

Indonesian wood, especially Bali wood carving, reputation at home and abroad, to Indonesia Tourism foreign guests almost no people not to buy a second Bali carving for souvenirs.

Bali wood carving is a traditional crafts, it initially and Bali people's religious beliefs. People put their own worshipWorship of the Hindu gods of stone or wood carvings, worship in temples, the garden, the church interior. Later, from generation to generation, they produce countless can carve the good moment of the manipulator. Bali wood mostly with solidity, decorative fine ebony, teak and other wood carving, its shape endowed with vivid divine, sacred Bull, male lion, male bovine animals and all kinds of birds, have hit Bali fisherman, girls, there are folk tales in the famous legend, there is also a contemporary image of a variety of abstract art.

You can purchase at Mas village, there is a wood carving, especially Idol, female statue, wood cats, Hindu epics and traditional style mask.

Obor is Bali's famous tourist attractions, as early as in the last century, foreign artists right here, so more than a century, here are the Bali art, dance, music and crafts centre.

In fact, in the cloth is worth a walk of many places, such as the Royal Palace, the monkey forest and across a wide range of Taobao is to burn in the alley. Obor is Bali's artistic and cultural area of central part of the fabric of people simply living in art, art gallery and see it all, the exquisite handicrafts make people buy do not want to go, the restaurant, the hotel is full of various artistic atmosphere for layout of ingenuity. There really is a worthwhile place to linger. Art and harmonious rural style, painting, wood carving, di dyeing cloth (Batik), for dinner. I bought two height 1.6 m wood giraffe, charmingly naive, well-made, and worth recommending.

Obor market almost nothing there, accessories, batik, stone carving, wood carving, painting, traditional masks, gold and silver, hand-made ceramic tableware, essential oils, Sharon, silver, antiques, musical instruments, fruits and vegetables hellip; hellip; much talk.

See a favorite, despite the opening price of SHA. This is my favorite shopping, just as a stimulant, shuttle, feel exotic, tired of it. Worth recommending a merger is a roadside vendors hawking technology pencil, each pen has 1 just colourful wood carving ornaments, or fish or bird, or animals, is ideal for feeding people.

Enjoy beach pleasures

In fact, Nusa du Bois's quiet but in relative terms, until back to hotel met Uha I know, the original Tanjung Benoa is on the beach, those who can think of water sports, such as sea motorcycles, towing umbrella, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, and so on can all participate in there.

It is also waiting for?

Afternoon seaside, just start the tide, the sea looked back down.

At this point, the beach has a lot of people, they have to catch crabs, fishing for fish, collecting shells hellip; hellip; ganhai as fair as lively and interesting. You see, the ocean tide, golden sand left behind the ocean of countless treasures I felt in water it touched me, Hey, two little starfish was I caught! suddenly, a peer-Oops, was originally called crabs with chelating pinched his hand. I went over to see what your partner just Sununu mouth, silence, was unwilling to fight a crab, zhengdong run hither miles. Sun West, ganhai people in twos and threes, noisy beaches are calm.

Warm tips

● Each year in April to October is the dry season, rainfall is relatively small, the nights are cool, suitable for tourism.

7-9 months is the peak season, many European tourists.

● Traffic and visa: go to Bali travel very convenient, Singapore Airlines flights to recommend select and Indonesian Eagle airlines, the two routes will probably require flight time of 8 hours or so, the difference between just turn and time differences.

Go to Bali without a separate visa, as long as on an airplane to immigration card filled in, customs and pay 10 dollars. Back to China in time for entering pay a certain amount of airport tax. Visas are easy to do, it is worth to remind that, if you arrive before the zero point of Bali, even one hour is 1 day.

● Change money place everywhere are, mutatis mutandis, the various exchange rate, look down the best prices in the local duty-free shops, the worst price in the best hotels.

Wonderful Florida 2010 South Africa World Cup "a"

World Cup South Africa free line

2010 South Africa World Cup is opened the flames of war, to watch the World Cup in South Africa, may wish to also stopped by to a South Africa tours, South Africa, just wait.

National Theatre

South Africa's largest integrated Arts Theatre, five Hall performances of Opera, Ballet, respectively, the drama, choral and Symphonic Orchestra concert.

Sara. Britt vines and the three tenors Luciano Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras and many other world stars in this wonderful performances ever. Saturday morning at the theater in front of the flea market open

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is Pretoria crowds up weekend leisure areas and picnic areas.

In addition to hiking trails, children's playground and swimming pool, it also provides a small train trip routes throughout the Fountain Valley, along the sunny.

Lu deplate reservoir in Pretoria North, angling, yacht, water sports and swimming.

Wande Mboum nature reserve is located in the northern suburb of the city of Fort Ma grace. Our main lines of a 1000 year old fig tree, 23 meters high, straight after 50 meters, 13 root trunk extended in 1 hectare surrounded by land.

Pul doglia Zoo

Pul doglia Zoo is located at Mboum Street, is the world's largest Zoo in the Park, one of more than 3500 species of animals.

Visitors can take the tram up above the island cage beast lookout. Zoo in front of a street market, trade in wood, stone, basket.

Pioneer Memorial Hall

In memory of 1838, escape the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, establishing their independent State and catch a cart away from Cape Peninsula Boolean ancestors of the building.

This magnificent building is a scenery of Pretoria, the Memorial Hall of heroes have a delicate wall sculpture carving, depicts the great migration.

Memorial Museum of great migration period of relics exhibition.

Joint building

South Africa Government and the Presidential Palace is located, is a magnificent granite buildings.

By herb. Baker Jazz design.

Building is located in Pretoria, overlooking the whole city on a hill in front of the building is neat, beautiful garden, Park, neutral have different monuments and statues.

Building behind large tracts of forest and scrubland area with many birds.

Wild animal park

South Africa has become a tourist destination, largely because of the numerous local class and morphology of beautiful wildlife, visit Safari to see life in this Lion, elephant, Giraffe and Antelope, as tourists should not miss the experience.

Here is the Palace of Arts

Located in Joubert Park Johannesburg art gallery is located in a combination of ancient architecture of fascinating buildings.

Museum International has a sufficiently representative and South Africa art collections and a collection of over 2500 pieces of printmaking showroom. African tribal art venue in one-dimensional Waterland University of GEChu-wave theory art gallery, the Museum specialized exhibition of African art objects fade away, such as masks and headdresses and jewelry fine work, etc.

The famous musical fountain Park

Musical fountain Park is located in the city of Johannesburg, along with a fountain of water on the evening of countless music rhythms, or up or down, suddenly subsides, with multicolored lights, swaying, like countless fairy dance in the sound and smell.

Summer every evening from 19: 30-21: 00, winter every night at 6: 30-20: 00 open for people to watch.

The world's only outdoor gold Museum

The famous Gold Museum, located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, is today the world's only outdoor gold Museum.

The Museum still retains a narrow-gauge trains of the master, by steam locomotives drag a III cars slowly around the gold Museum, driving a week, sitting in cars and narrow wooden benches look out the window of the soot with the train moves around freely the time seemed suddenly reversed a half a century.

In dark and damp tunnels, miners candle with nails hammer and axe mimic old a mallet and a mallet digging for gold ore, miners drill drilling in fast, showing a clear contrast.

Mining of ore transported to the ground, crushed by the miners, rinsed in long Flume, golden ratio, water to sediment to sink to the bottom.

Miners every time we collect the precipitation of the jinsha sent to the filtration plant cut off other mineral sands, pure jinsha rushed to metallurgical room exercise into gold.