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The most beautiful sunset honeymoon Island tours recommended (photos)

Weather gradually warming, going into this year's new people began the siege began her luggage, ready to embark on a mysterious honeymoon trip.

It is learnt that the tour operators have introduced a lot of time for the spring outing of the line, of course, beach wedding, fairy island remains timeless romantic flagship.

Aegean Sea: confronts Greece-wedding

Santorini island

The most charming parts of the Aegean Sea is Santorini Island (Santorini), it always appears in a poem: beautiful Santorini island is like a shining pearl inlay in the Aegean Sea.

Here, the world's most beautiful sunset, the most magnificent sea-view; here, the world of blue and white souls white, let artists, allowing the photographer fanatics, likewise, also let lovers believe that there will be a happy beginning hellip; hellip;

Santorini island in 3500 years ago and is the most active volcanoes.

The island was originally only three villages with a population of less than 7000. However, the tourism season, the island's population surged in geometric series, sometimes even up to several dozens of times, it can be said that Greece tour highest density is one of the island.

Tourism on the island, the most leisurely than riding a donkey in the port and town of wandering, go by between volcanic islands in the Aegean free go, eat barbecue, in Bahia at sunset hellip; hellip;

In Santorini island, there is a free and small romantic air; mdash mdash; Fila town (Fira), here is the Santorini Island business centres are all tourist paradise called freedom.

The town has several beautiful Dome Church to go around, there are all kinds of shops you can buy a local tourist souvenirs. In the local restaurant taste authentic Greece meals is also good.

In addition to Santorini, you can take a boat to visit to Paradise Beach world-famous m Kronos.

This charming by the clear water, blue sky, beach, super cool windmill, white wall tile care consisting of a small island in the Aegean Sea is the only comparable with the Santorini resort. Here's a white cat Shamil windmill farm, small Venice, m Kronos symbol Pelican, Pedro and Parra wave to a church is not to be missed in place, free to do it with your lover in the maze of small islands in traveling in the shuttle.

Honeymoon highlights: the Holy land in global wedding; mdash mdash; Santorini held a Grand wedding in Greece, I believe it will give you the unforgettable.

CAISSA launched the Aegean brides theme line to gods of Greece Aegean River, in the charming blue top churches hold a purely Greece-wedding, will also witness the mysterious guests and your vowed to love the truth; lovers will also put in Greece traditional song and dance, accept local residents the most sincere wishes for professional photographers to capture the perfect moment; night of candlelight dinner will be lovers more looking forward to the trip will be lovers staying black sand beach top hotel romantic.

Travel Tip: from 1 May to late registration time on 13 April.

Phuket: encounter Thai style

Phuket on people who are not new, in addition to proximity and simplicity, the beautiful beaches of Phuket is to attract visitors to the nature of the best reasons.

Romantic Phuket

Phuket in Malay in the hills, so the island Hill.

Tourism on the island, visitors can rent a motorcycle free adventure, diving and riding pleasure boats out to sea.

Pipi island is Thailand popularity index is high on the island.

Travel by boat from Phuket, all around the island, the beach will not appear visitors gathered, crowded scenes, can enjoy the vast sandy beach here but I enjoy the happiness. Here the beach white and pure, no small stones doping which, even if barefoot, is Lor worry, although in this blatant Chase, playing it. If time allows, you can find room seaside cottage stay one night, listening to the waves of sound sleep, woke up, walk to the beach at noon of that day, pick up this novel lazy hellip hellip; VAT;

Trimming, the most fascinating activities to begin a mdash mdash;; wedding photography.

Jetta holiday travel related official responsible for the demand for honeymoon, holiday has launched the Jetta Phuket wedding photography, Phuket honeymoon holidays and Thai perfect wedding series theme line, and in Phuket has established an exclusive location, tourist photography base configuration reside in local professional wedding photographers, make-up artist, lighting Division, the whole class professionals. This launches the Thailand wedding photography series theme line, almost can meet all personality during wedding needs, from Thai wedding ceremony contractors to Phuket private Islands honeymoon trip, enriched with exotic wedding photography trip to Thai wedding after the Carnival holiday, and give you a carefree honeymoon trip.

Honeymoon highlights: trip to Phuket arranged shooting Street, opposite the Grand classic wedding photo, check the Dragon temple or Thailand traditional architecture in the background of the Thai style loading photos, hotel garden, the classic white wedding photo, beach elegant white gown wedding photo, beach lovers casual , beach lovers swimwear romantic dress, prior to doing a corresponding preparations.

Travel Tip: sign up in advance of 15 to 30 days.

Mauritius: experience tale  

Mauritius, one located in the Indian Ocean southwest of the island, is the world's top five wedding honeymoon to one of the Holy land.

Laiwu stars are the preferred leisure resort

Here, a pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, yearend, Hollywood stars are the preferred leisure vacation destination.

Every year from April to June and 9 to November is the best tourist season in Mauritius, you can play on the island, sea fishing, diving or horse riding, etc.

Mauritius is a paradise for deep sea fishing, many big fish in November each year to year during the month of May 4, tour around the island near approximately 1 miles away 70 m depth of water Hunt, tourists can rent boats to fishing, island are available on all vessels fishing tackle and facilities, and advanced communication equipment and shore-based and other fishing vessels maintain close ties.

Diving on the island is also indispensable for an entertainment, the hotel will have diving training courses, both lovers can work together to sneak into 25 m deep underwater viewing colourful coral and over 1000 species of fish. However, at the bottom of the sea hunting fish, shells, corals and collection of fish you have is prohibited. If you do not know how to swim on the island can find fun mdash mdash;; g. PA district is the place for harbour stroll, let dry ducks can harvest underwater beauty.

China cyts tours free line Division product manager Chen Yao introduction, previous domestic tourists on their honeymoon with little thought to Mauritius, mainly because of the high price.

This year it launched in Mauritius, je 100 couples 5 nights 8 days free line quote about 4 $ 1 million, ultra high performance-price ratio to meet a lot of high-end white honeymoon requirements. The lines are designed to meet all age groups of tourists needs, select on in the hotel with a local three different characteristic 4-star hotels, travel arrangements for lovers of individual requirements, full arrangements cameraman records rare sweet moment.

Honeymoon highlights: 200 years of history of the Royal Botanical Garden was France Governor's private garden, here comes the world's unique and rare plants.

When lovers together in a pleasant walk in the Royal Botanic Gardens, side always has a professional photographer to shoot the whole process, leaving you in the natural landscape and natural surroundings, wedding photo, experience a jungle fairy tale of perfect love.

Double COCO Island is the trip for lovers feel honoured and proud of, this is a private island.

There are no visitors, not to bother, but the picture of a scene and a Holy love. By boat to the island, this is only part of your private love island. In the face of the blue sea, white beach, close your eyes and breathe in the smell of the sea, in body and mind and nature into one moment, shout out your love for the priest to witness your love Declaration, let the sea as your true love.

Travel Tip: at present, be free to travel to Mauritius.

Tahiti: cannot refuse the temptation of blue

Tahiti gave visitors too many temptations, the world-famous Black Pearl, nutrient-rich nuoli fruit, and the heavenly beauty, it cannot be denied.

??By the size of two islands, from the air overlooking this total area of about 1000 square kilometers of the island, like Hans Christian Andersen fairy mermaids. Fish head fish being referred to as ?, fish tail is considerably small Tahiti. Here the most famous of the two small islands are Jasmine Maria island and Pola Pola Island, is going to Tahiti's tourists to visit paradise.

The perfect garden L'Oreal I.

L'Oreal island like block, perfect garden is set in a perfect lagoon, white beaches, turquoise coloured lagoon, colourful tropical flowers, original forests, pristine villages hellip; hellip; everything that will make your heart suddenly quiet.

In addition, you can participate in the wonderful island, the resort has the relevant information to provide you with.

Absent a Pola Pola, is equivalent to no to Tahiti, from Jasmine Maria island by small aircraft can reach 45 minutes.

Pola Pola island's most famous activity is to feed the sharks and Manta, can stand in the water, look at groups of Devil-fish around in this sea of the United States to the extreme, and fish Hee is a very interesting thing. Feed the sharks are more exciting, the body length of about 4-5 foot long shark personality more tame, you can choose from boat watching coach red hand feeding sharks process can also be directed directly into the water, hand-feeding these big guys.

Secret motu island is sure to go to the original unmanned small islands scattered in the beautiful lagoon, surrounded by three different natural swimming pool, where you can enjoy a no less than five-star hotel standard senior picnic, blowing sea breeze, enjoy the sea view, enjoy absolute is super.

In addition, the island's Black Pearl and SPA not to be missed.

Honeymoon highlights: Tahiti elegant South Pacific peak restaurant to enjoy the Sun, enjoy a romantic Moonlight dinner; experience with blue sea touch of dipping; visit the South Pacific on the mysterious tribal culture, to passionate singing and share fun unrestrained in Tahiti.

Travel Tip: from Beijing to Tahiti and the most convenient way is to go from Tokyo, at present, Beijing's major travel agency has the mission to.

Queensland: ubiquitous romantic  

If you want to enjoy the romantic honeymoon, to sunny southern hemisphere.

There are long stretches of Eastern Queensland 7400 km of coastline, sandy beach in all, the most you would not want to miss is the Gold Coast. And wind Xu,, and lover of 10 means the phase for walking in the vast expanse of golden sand and let the waves wet feet, facing the sea, feel the breeze and sea breeze kisses. Free and lover with experience of hot air ballooning, hot air balloon is a fun on the beach, nestled in a lover's arms, with the hot air balloon slowly rise, floating in the sky of blue sea, watch strange magnificent Gold Coast hinterland, said a hail of whisper, well-being.

Charming Queensland coastline

Queensland in addition to the charming coastline, there are thousands of years of history of the original tropical rain forest, along the forest rugged sky walk adventure, will find two people belonging to you.

Located in Southern Queensland Gold Coast Hinterland Lamington and spring Brook State Park dabengwa that rainforest is worth a go, leisurely walk, also can be used with the cute little animals share the sweetness of two individuals. Night falls, if delicious habit is also available for spring Brook National Park of Firefly cave visit thousands of Firebug, Flash, this place will make unforgettable hellip; hellip;

In the great barrier reef, a special night good, night, took a lover's hand, the weak light go on to explore Queensland's underwater world, Mystic and stimulation.

Honeymoon highlights: If you want to have two people in the world, then there is nothing secret island more suitable place, Queensland distribution from the South to the North of a variety of different size of the Islands, South of Moldova's Island and fees, Nusa is a good choice, honeymoon highlights: Beijing warm cold season and put on fresh vest-in-hand with love shorts, beach walking, enjoy the squishy sea breeze kisses, desirable; go quiet lover Hong Kong luxury cruise through the romantic tenderness of Starlight night, makes people look forward to.

Travel Tip: at present, Beijing's major groups are based in Australia in may, the best before end of April.

107 days trip to Southeast Asia paradise

Introduction: from the United Kingdom's primary school teachers in the South-East Asia Kate Paxton spent 4 months long journey.

For her, this is life not forgetting 107 days.

Little off-season river

Wow, finally ended last night in Hong Kong is sleeping in bed, only sleeping tonight to Heathrow-aircraft.

This is the end of the journey. I'm a little embarrassed to admit, I had tears last night. Don't misunderstand me, I'm really looking forward to see my friends and family, and colleagues in the company. I just don't want to end it all so fast. Talk about travel, it's a gamble, 4 months in addition to the happy and excited about what troubles. I don't know how to describe. The 4 months I fled away, and now I want to return to Earth.

On this 4 months journey I with grateful State.

Even this one has a breathtaking and frustration, I still appreciate it, and I know that this way, is really not easy. I have no pleasing taste, now my backpack also exudes a strange smell of meat, I guess should be on the ship in the Philippines. I didn't eat well, drink good. Of course, I also participated in a lot of interesting activities, like bamboo rafting, riding an elephant. Those are my prior life without ever, running water, clean the toilet.

However, the fact is that I have not forgotten in the life of 107 days and during this time, I learn yourself.

Some things I'd like to share with you, I will firmly remember. If you want to expand dialogue, in particular, you want to ask something you really want to know, that his smile, they may help you.

A pleasant holiday let me become more beautiful

Last week, when I talk with Julie, there are two of the boys sat in Switzerland from APO Island crowded big ship's deck, I think I really spent a very happy 107 days, encountered a strange people, eat delicious food, some strange way, and to see so many beautiful scenery, from the United States to suffocating of the Philippine Islands, beach, sea water to Thailand Borneo rainforest, then to India temples, palaces and castles.

I experienced a lot of good, my favorite scene, my lovely new friends, my valuable experience.

But I like both of them, every minute, every second, I like it very much. Even with the Indonesian wallet stolen anger and now Slough of adventure, I learned a lot, they let me become stronger. I don't want to leave. Although I miss family and friends. Yesterday, I think 8 years old, I do not want to come out from a friend's home, my mother told me, whoever has ended, the best State, wants you to feel happy end, rather than a long time, you no longer feel happy when it ended. My mother said. Therefore, bright sunshine, beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea water, so many friendly faces, and I want to I am most happy to leave you, though, I'm not ready.

And friends

I find that I cannot yet tell you my 10 wonderful time hurry your pen, has begun someone constantly ask me, where do you like best, the scenery is hard to answer, because I have no way to compare them, my journey landscape, they are so chic, so I choose my top ten wonderful moments.

Thank you all read this travelogue of readers, I was surprised to so many people to their tour to see the beautiful scenery, you can take the time to follow my footsteps to see my journey I equally appreciated.

107 days 10 beautiful moments

1. sit from Pune to Goa on the train, you can sway in the feet, the door to see the world from our side after

2. in India Street eat roadside hands zhuabing

3. in the Philippines Dong cable and beluga whales swim


4. the highest peak of Borneo

5. in Thailand's first night diving and bonfire party tirelessly and locals dancing

6. in the streets of Thailand through tattered jeans with lovely Louis shopping

7. 's Philippines friends dancing on the basketball court

8. underwater photography in Borneo, three times a day, lasted a week

9. talk to many people there are stairs waiting for Eclipse Kite Festival

10. having all of my friends: Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, and the local people, I'm sure I forgot a lot, make friends with them, share our travel experiences, then their journey.

These faces, on my journey in life.

Note: authors K

Ate Paxton, United Kingdom, South London's primary school teachers, in South-East Asia trip 4 months.

The most unforgettable memories of Amsterdam and the Museum of Tulip (map)

Lanimoo is a devout global traveler, previous international travel distance is now six years, she finally once again began to set foot on tour, rushed to the distance.

Lanimoo is a sound engineer, so I often record those cool things, her biggest hobby is the photographing, so she brought us not only with good sound, good photos:

Beautiful tulips

I finally returned to the United States, and almost the time difference to the upside.

If the 9: 30 at night to sleep also, 7: 30 in the morning, I woke up that haven't succeeded in overcoming jet lag, I now is this State. I really feel very lucky to be in Iceland volcanic ash before flying back diffusion, Wow, good adventure!

I returned from Paris, the Hague, he spent one day of rest, do nothing.

Do a bum feeling is good, I helped Lisa repaired telephone, washing a lot of clothes, watching a little TV. Really relax. Saturday, I began my sightseeing and met my cousin, Flora and her husband Robert. In the Netherlands had a flower import and export company. That day, we go to the Tulip Park Tulip opened here in full swing, beautiful and delicate. This trip is perfect, because they told me to give out a lot of flowers inside.

Color strange flowers

This really is a true flowers? there is no need to say that they are aware of those flowers, just looks so beautiful, but not as true.

I don't know if you have not seen, so many things so prosperous and open in the same piece of land so vivid, so real changes of superb color. I was too excited, not only because the weather was good today, look at the flowers, the most important thing is also took the opportunity to test my new macro lens camera. I uploaded a part because too much, I took a total of more than 200 photos, I'm glad.

Enjoy a wealth of Tulip visual feast, we went to the Shi weining root beach.

The weather was cold, I still listen to their persuasion, eat ice cream. The streets, many restaurants line the Netherlands everyone out to dinner, although the weather was cold, but the Sun is very good, so we went out to enjoy the sunshine.

Had dinner, my cousin who lives in.

They live in Utrecht on the outside of a small town called Woudenberg. I see in their home a lot of flowers, this is not surprising that there are a lot of Magnolia and roses. The next day, they go to the transport of fresh flowers, I told most of them together. I've never been in the country to see such a dense green forests, we almost to the border with Germany Frisian province, northern provinces of the Netherlands is. Here, on the road driving, you can see a strange scene, a side of water than the other side. Netherlands who do a lot of the efforts of the reclamation, which really have a lot of amazing technology that allows the Netherlands into a unique reclamation State.

Unique House

Monday, I went to Amsterdam, I was sitting on the train, the car they found a Mexico man, he worked there for life.

Amsterdam architecture really make. Many buildings are all together, and are arranged in the past probably. I really want to be able to find a clear and spacious great House, but they all look thin sharp, usually they are not open the door of the street, are all from behind to enter.

After lunch, I take the tram to go to the van Gogh Museum, there is a little disappointing, because some are resurfacing, especially those in the Netherlands, he period.

Why?, however, that's OK, to be able to see her work is still very good. I have seen in the Gallery of his complete works, but this time, in his hometown to see those fragmented pieces of work is also very special. My favorite is his produce purple irises of vases and the flowering of the almond tree. "

Netherlands Museum

From there, I'm all the way to a Netherlands National Museum, which contains the Netherlands nearly all artists, but one of them is special, he was the Netherlands outstanding painter Rembrandt, I find him as an artist have an indisputable achievement, this is the point from which you look at his work, you can see out the clues.

Although in fact the Museum is also carried out some repair work, renovations, all great works you can see, all this does not frustrating. From the National Museum, I'm moving in the city centre of Dam square.

The next day, I went to the Museum, armes green in the 17th century Netherlands, a rich man in his own home built such a museum.

In that time, the Catholic Church in Amsterdam or illegal, all our God can only be used in a small attic. I'm not joking. Museums are repaired, you continued to be able to see these beautiful church, though not their heyday. Municipal Government hopes to complete by the end of the refurbishment, but I still want to be able to see their initial state.

Annie's home

I went to Anne's House, you have come to Amsterdam to place, but once you are in Amsterdam to Anne's House, you would be very difficult to forget this experience.

And, I strongly recommend, this is one of the must go. We all know that during World War II, Anne and his family and the other four people in one of the little house. Now, here you have the opportunity to see all this, you can see they are captured before hiding 2 years House, is the diary of Anne Frank "description.

I walked into the House and the room was a bit scary, but some East need you need to look at.

Because, not only a wide interpretation of the family of the brave, there are a few days before the liberation of concentration camps on Anne died of a broken heart. As well as her father Otto flange, he is the only one of the survivors. One room is dedicated to his father set, there is also a photo of his father in the war back to the room of the photo, a lot of weight of a photo. More impressive is that affect the data, is her father's Assistant finishing saved, those materials witnessed Anne died a few weeks before all experienced. All the museums in Amsterdam, this museum on one of the most deeply.

Here I also fast day draws to a close, I decided to go to the Canal walk, this is too cool!

I think, if only in the evening it will be even better. If I go back to the city, I would like to see more of, I'm afraid, I hope that by that time, the city blossomed in the nights of her color. This is not so lucky, I do not see Amsterdam night.

Canal view

I went to look at the flowers fresh market, has found a Tulip's name with the name of my mother.

Packing exquisite flowers, I want to be able to bring back to the United States for my mother, but the booth said such a long journey that could spoil that might not look good. I'm in the market to buy a lot of souvenirs, mainly various kinds of cheese.

Visa good policy Florida Asia holiday island

In Hainan, abroad has many international tourist island of riches in the former, these islands in the implementation of a series of preferential policies, leap to international free after pulling a lot of cities, tourist destination of international fame have greatly enhanced, really is surging.

In Hainan Island is permitted to create international travel, we may wish to carefully look at these international tourist island? what are the hot tips?

The Maldives four seasons are good season

The Maldives is a quarter of all suitable for tourism, as close to the equator, and in the Indian Ocean, its temperature is 30 ° c all year round.

However, the rainy season and the influence of European holiday, its tourism period also has low season and high season. For the month of November is the rainy season, so prices relatively high. Non-rainy weather and very little rain, great for swimming, snorkeling, Sun. The rainy season and not as the rainy season, at home the whole day or a few days; Maldives mainly rainstorm, sooner, faster, and have little effect on travel. But according to my experience, these effects are not large, the key is up to you to travel with the quality requirements. At the same time, you must first run the passport and credit card. Credit card recommendations do RMB/USD Shuangbika because the Maldives is accepting u.s. dollars directly consumption, in addition to sufficient credit limit, it is best to have more than 2000 USD credit limit.

Preferential policies for the development of tourism in Maldives, on international tourist visa and visa policy, implemented for Chinese tourists are landing check, in male ' airport to obtain entry clearance, 30 days of entry permits are free of charge.

Maldives 30 days visa free of charge

Implementation results: tourism has become the largest industry in Maldives, accounted for 28% of the country's GDP, and 60% of foreign exchange earnings, the tourism tax and import duties are to occupy a government tax income of 90%.

At the end of 2004, Maldives tsunami, the tourism industry suffered huge losses, after the local government provides incentives to encourage the post-disaster reconstruction, newly-built holiday village also boosted tourism rally, 2006 tourism growth rate as high as 18% in the past few years also in each of the 5% to 6% growth.

Indonesia Bali

Indonesia Bali

Landing check that is, do or have

Implementation of effects: each year, the creation of Bali tourism output accounted for a quarter of total Indonesian tourism, but in the 2002 Bali bombing, tourism suffered, now rely on more open visa and tax policy, Bali tourism is recovering.

Since 2006, the number of Chinese tourists in occupies one-quarter of the total number of foreign tourists, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other places there are Charter flights to Bali's tourism, attracting many tourists.

Preferential policies

Since tourism is a pillar industry of Bali, Bali's tourism policy relatively open.

Such as visa, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, on Singapore and other countries and regions in the implementation of visa policy tourists to China, Australia, South Africa, Argentina and other countries implementing landing check. Bali island also duty-free shops, tourists can also enjoy tax-free shopping.

Bali there are holiday resorts, temples and folklore three signboards

Signboards play point: Bali there are holiday resorts, temples and folklore three signs.

Local resort village itself is a work of art, the fusion of local folk built resort provides internationalization services. However, other islands in a different way of life of Bali have become more prominent, such as Bali's many temples, almost daily ancient worship God, and commemoration of some original villages have now been opened, and packaged as short-distance travel routes, so that visitors can drill down to the country, through the study of dance, traditional paintings and so understand the deeper life.

Visa: Chinese tourists immigration of Bali is landing check.

Traffic: Guangzhou have to fly to Bali for Charter flights, flight 4.5 hours.

Accommodation: Bali Hotel is a cosmopolitan, the high resort, other baogeli as Tegal Sari Kajane Mua Villa, etc, and the price per night in US $ $ ~ 1000.

Gastronomy: Bali Indonesia local cuisine and fusion dishes, Western, Chinese food, and other characteristics, the most famous is the tuna salad, roast suckling pig and satay barbecue.

Korea Cheju Island

Korea Cheju Island

Visa at any time set

Effect: it is understood that, in 2006 ~ 2007, enter the total number of visitors to Cheju island would leap to 543 million, compared to the 2006 promotion 2.2% international visitors has reached 54 million, growth of 17.6%.

In 2008, international tourists remain at the level of 54 million. To 2009, the number of international visitors has increased to 63 million, an increase of 16.9%. Of these, Cheju Island in Chinese tourists after the implementation of visa policy, Chinese tourists increases 2008 China the number of tourists visiting the Jeju about 17.5 million, in 2009 the hop growing to nearly 26 million passengers, 47.8%.

Preferential policies

In early 2006, the establishment of the Government promulgated the Korea Jeju special self-governing road and developing international free city of special law, the introduction of Jeju development strategy would be built into Northeast Center Jeju international cities.

The same year, Jeju official upgrade to Jeju special self-governing road, has a high degree of autonomy. In addition to the discount investment, Jeju Island is also facing many countries introduced visa policy. Since March 2008, Jeju on Chinese passport holders of the visa policy of tourists, when simply produce a valid passport and a valid return airfare to Cheju Island, you can stay for 30 days. While shopping, Jeju gives international visitor departure shopping tax free offers.

Jeju Island's spring is the most exciting season

Signs point to play: the spring of Jeju Island is the most exciting season, the season of Cheju is a sea of flowers, cherry blossom, and rape are open, Cheju signs of flowers line becomes the last two years new hotspots tour Jeju.

Especially in the composite Cheju Amphitheater is most famous for its cherry blossom Avenue, in each of the 3 month of Cherry Blossom Festival last day also will organize the cherry road race game.

In addition, beautiful natural scenery is most proud of Cheju Island, built along the coastline up to 182 km sea highway is the popular self-drive and mountain bike tours, Cheju Island Central Halla mountain is the famous hiking routes.

Visa: Visa Chinese tourists, hold a valid passport and return air ticket to travel to.

Traffic: Guangzhou to Cheju Island flight time is 3 hours per week, Friday Zhifei.

Accommodation: the hotel is mostly concentrated in Cheju city, Sogwipo city to spend to rating, Shilla Hotel, Ramada Hotel, Oriental Hotel, visitors are more popular.

Gastronomy: pheasant buckwheat flour, Sea Urchin, sashimi, abalone porridge is very fresh and delicious.

Japan Okinawa

Japan Okinawa Sakura

Departure to enjoy the allowance of 20 million yen

Effect: it is understood, shopping has become the main Okinawa tourism revenue.

Data and statistics, Okinawa annual visitors kept about 270 million people, about 75% of the passengers that 200 million shoppers.

Preferential policies

Okinawa as a tourist destination development as early as a few decades ago was already carried out, local input a lot of money perfect facilities on the island, in the tourist products designed to highlight the special features of Okinawa, Ryukyu style in service also receives a Japan thoughtful features, is very popular with international tourists.

Okinawa on some countries and regions in the implementation of the visa policy, but also on the number of transit passengers implement visa-72 hours. In addition, Okinawa island to provide visitors to the islands of duty-free shopping policy that visitors to leave the island and by air, on proof of identity within designated areas to buy up to 20 million yen of duty-free import of goods.

Cherry Blossom dancing

Signboards play point: Okinawa signs, of course, is rich in resources, in addition to the island in island, peripheral and many islands are uninhabited island, the distance from the city of Naha is less than half an hour boat ride, visitors can enjoy the honeymoon holiday feeling.

In addition, there are some original in Okinawa is a place of us military bases have been developed into a shopping center, such as North Valley-Cho, etc, you can block a lot of characteristics of goods, is a concentration of tourist shopping.

Visas: citizens of China still need to obtain a visa before entering Japan.

Traffic: Hong Kong Express Airways have direct flight to Okinawa flights daily, at take-off, more than two hours.

Accommodation: accommodation in Naha city, Naha hotels, EKKA Hotel, offers holiday-hotel services and room rates at about 7000 ~ 12000 yen.

Gastronomy: Okinawa's longevity foods are pork and kelp, in addition to beef barbecue taste authentic.

Perfume lovers and desire love and beauty to your body (figure)

This makes France left bank and South-East Asia culture fully blend, may occur where foreign romance continues to charm is not reduced

Speaking of Ho Chi Minh City, still have a lot of people used to make her known as Saigon (Saigon).

It was only because it is customary, it was because of the lover of Duras. That with sorrow and resentment, departing and painful story already as General entered old photos, corner start yellow; that France left bank and South-East Asian cultural interaction, are fully subject to occur in a foreign land where affair is still charming, but also adds a little taste, as if the historical precipitation of charm and sadness.

Perfume lovers

Shuttle in the streets of Saigon, we should simply fall in love with desire.

The thick rich trees, France-style architecture, bustling crowd go without wide road, filled with European style open-air cafes were whispered conversations, Viet Nam, the proprietress, scattered with Diane waist hair lusty and smile. And beautiful woman I know and in the air with a residue of Dog feces of flowers. Friends say it's a Viet Nam perfume, although the brand is not familiar, the taste is better than the luxury brand perfume how much worse. France ruled Viet Nam 70 years of history and nature without us. We just said, in the 70 years, France has a large number of Viet Nam the looting of natural spices, and with its own manufacturing process produces the famous perfume. At the same time, France also put these manufacturing processes and technologies to the Viet Nam, plus its unique natural conditions, after 100 years of accumulation, Viet Nam perfume also so famous.

Perfume bottle design with a strong local character

And white plaster, Horn comb together are called the Viet Nam Viet Nam Sambo in bin Cheng market perfumes (Ben Thanh Market) can be purchased in, this is the Sai's largest trading market, food, household products, handicrafts and souvenirs natural range.

Famouser is a Miss perfume gift set, Viet Nam, Sai, shunhua and Hanoi three different modeling of perfume, respectively represent Viet Nam in the Empire Regency era in Northern, Central, and South of the three different culture and customs and traditional clothing and wear conical hats of Viet Nam Women's appearance as a bottle. Bin Cheng market price comparison, price negotiation space very big, typically more than 30 000 in respect of Viet Nam shield can buy such a rich and lasting fragrance. So in fudged and bought two sets, ready to go home to friends.

Street side vibrant Gallery

Ao dai, not the Hepburn

Viet Nam Women often wear silk shirt, name called ao dai.

Initially know, feel what is wrong, then realized that Audrey Hepburn middot;. Ao dai is Hepburn, but they are all beautiful, and is beautiful. Like cheongsam is a symbol of Chinese culture, the cultural Mayele is Viet Nam, was seen as the territory of Viet Nam.

One way to see a lot of wearing white ao dai female students, Viet Nam has been the traditional national costume as a high school girl's uniform, it is said that this is done because you can dress to cultivate students ' national identity, then the traditional cultural heritage and development.

But this interpretation was too serious, it is not suitable for playing. I only see those wearing the silk Mayele girl friends, or in a walk in the street to tell jokes, or riding a bicycle in twos and threes, a white reveals the elegant, beautiful memories.

Finally in the end, or go to Hoi an, do a ao dai to take home.

Tailor is a big smile aunt, who was dressed in dark color of the AO Dai is both elegant and gracious. From tailored to the selected material, to match the ornate, half a day has passed, Dai also done. Even if you do not wear, whenever I see this ao dai, I also think of this period of time in Saigon stopover.

Results due to the time of issue, unfortunately did not go to the water market.

It is said that there can see marketers boat dealer situations. But fortunately, I did not miss the free Street design and unique shops who did not miss van and youngest street fashion trend smorgasbord, and didn't miss that full time and full of emotion of every street and road, which is enough for me in later days experience in detail.

Traditional handicraft

Gift Rejian:

Traditional handicrafts, such as horns, silverware, lacquer, wood

Sculpture, coral, beeswax, amber, as well as a variety of sea turtle products, both with Viet Nam characteristic tourist souvenirs, but many similar domestic handicrafts, the work is not a particularly delicate, demanding tourists may feel disappointed; with banana leaves a tropical bamboo-made is typical of Viet Nam costume, you can buy a home furnishings.


1. in the case of Viet Nam to purchase personal items total not more than 1 million, it is not necessary before leaving the customs registration, but if more than 1 million words, you need to register.

To avoid cross-time trouble, suggest that you try to sell personnel after shopping receipt, and save the good; the purchase of goods for commercial purposes, subject to customs inspection approval before departure;

2. local customs regulations, each passenger can carry duty-free 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco, 1 litre of alcohol;

3. the part of the heritage and the protection of animals used in any part of the production of handicraft cannot purchase with exit, need to be carefully before asking for confirmation before purchase;

4. Viet Nam of the lots imported goods, the prices are cheaper than at home, you can choose to purchase, but remember to consider warranty issues.