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Disappearing in magic beauty

Polar Countdown: 50 years gone cause: global warming

North or South Pole

Led ice caps melting due to the greenhouse effect causing global warming, has resulted in the polar ice cap melts, directly impact the local ecology, existing polar biology may face extinction crisis-by-case basis.

In addition to losing the polar these two ecological treasures, iceberg melt also makes global sea-level rise, many low-lying areas of the country, Tuvalu, Nauru will in a few years Mey.

Italy: Venice Countdown: 40 years gone cause: ground sinking sea-level rise of the city's famous water, near Venice, may in turn be poetic art.

Years of flooding continued erosion of the soil, resulting in Venice strata sinking 0.5 cm each year, if you can no longer be where he is expected to Venice in 2050 will be completely Mey.

Maldives Countdown: 50 years gone cause: earthquake and tsunami


In the Indian Ocean waters, coral reefs with 1192 islands scattered among them, constitute such as Garland beautiful shape in General; mdash mdash; this is the name of the Maldives, is Hindi Garland, white sandy beaches, limpid sea, colourful coral reefs mdash mdash;; Maldives has created a unique tropical ambience, and ever-changing sea scenery, but also many diving in swarms, won the final of the Fairyland on Earth.

Australia: great barrier reef Countdown: 12 years gone cause: climate change, overexploitation, man-made damage.

Australia: great barrier reef

The global warming phenomenon, overexploitation, capturing fish and serious marine pollution, making drastic changes in the ecological environment, coral barrier reef of jazz will therefore gradually albinism and death, if you don't try to remedy the situation, it is expected that by 2020 it may disappear.

Amazon Countdown: 12 years away reason: people-overexploitation

The Amazon rainforest

Nearly 100 years, since human rampantly, tropical jungles and forests are quickly vanishing, the reasons for including excessive fire tilling, farmland diversion, excessive grazing, fuelwood excess access to, improper commercial timber felling and forest fires, etc.

It is expected that by 2020, 90% of the world's rain forests will disappear.

France: La THAON cave mural Countdown: 15 years away reason: fungi causing spalling murals

France: La THAON cave paintings

As a result of global warming as well as tourists often access, gradually changing the climate of the caves, Moss, fresco also gradually shedding.

France Government therefore started to limit the flow of tourists, week opening only 5 x 5 people in and out, and stay for less than 35 minutes to protect this great world heritage.

Africa: Mount Kilimanjaro Countdown: 12 years gone cause: Glacier melting

Africa: Kilimanjaro

As a result of global warming, ice and snow has melted, the expected gradually to 2020, Mount Kilimanjaro is bald, pooling of melting snow formed by the rivers dry up, animals and plants will also result in death or migration of his Office, the direct impact of national public

Garden ecology and tourism. Currently, environmentalists have started to put pressure on, hoping to make industrial countries reduce emissions, reduce pollution and environmental damage.

Egypt: Luxor Temple Countdown: 42 years away from the Nile water increases erosion, treasures stolen rampant.

Egypt Luxor Temple

Rise of the River, is a threat to the Temple of Luxor region.

Because of the area near farmers used extensive irrigation, causing the Nile water rising water levels, plus the area close to the sea, in the last 10 years, more and more severe degree of architectural salinization, several thousand-year history of the temple group is being constantly erosion, salinization, while also being eroded column and statue of pigments.

Switzerland ice Countdown: 42 years gone cause: global warming, rising temperature.

Switzerland ice

To the world famous ice landscape of Switzerland, in the past 20 years, as more and more hot Earth temperature, evaporation, Switzerland ice start area is less 15%, in the territory of hundreds of the outer edge of the glacier begins to melt and the collapse of a regression in each of the 3-5 meters, length and more short, it is expected that by the turn of the century may disappear.

Switzerland Tourism Bureau take the ice melted, simply put the ice melted State discharged into the travel itinerary.

Nepal: Sagarmatha National Park Countdown: 12 years gone cause: flood outbreak

Nepal: Sagarmatha National Park

As global warming, melting ice and snow gradually into the glacier lakes, snow even has caused a minor disaster, experts believe that the future may also cause more floods, it is expected that in 2020, Nepal Sagarmatha National Park will lose it's beautiful scenery.

Peru: Machu Picchu Countdown: 50 years later dies cause: Foundation sinking slump, the sabotage.

Peru: Machu Picchu

Here's the geological structure, plus the tourists of the sabotage, stone building, wear sites face Foundation move, settlement of the crisis, may cause a small earthquake, causing the disintegration of the whole city fell into the cliff, really became everyone can not find the lost city.

The Government of Peru presented a $ 70 million pounds of emergency rescue plan, a strong foundation of Machu Picchu; the number of visitors per day limit of 500 people.

The Mogao grottoes in Dunhuang, China: Countdown: 50 years gone cause: tourists damaged

The Mogao grottoes in Dunhuang, China:

Buddhist art resort Mogao grottoes, has housed a fresco 492, statue for viewing of caves, Cave of the regular open for sightseeing around 40 seat, bodhisattva, Princes, flying, the students, the variable, the dependent person, etc., can be said to be the ultimate classic Buddhist art.

The year 2000, at the annual influx of more than 30 million tourists into heat, moisture, fumes, coupled with the hands touch, have accelerated the cave paintings of speed. The Government has begun to restrict access by day and time, the number of tourists to enable people to minimize the damage

Middle East: Dead Sea Countdown: 20 years gone cause: extrusion plate motion, fast evaporation of moisture.

Middle East: the dead sea

In Jordan, Israel and Palestine at the junction of the dead sea, in fact, not the sea, is a landlocked

Salt Lake. The high salinity in water but makes here has extraordinary buoyancy, let dry ducks can enjoy floating in the water sinking of uploaded fun Dead Sea Black mud and dead sea salt is a rare beauty. Because of the Arabian Peninsula, the African continent and the European mainland long plate extrusion, making the dead sea area, plus the greenhouse effect caused by global warming, the rapid evaporation of moisture in the dead sea, facing the fate dry up.

South America: Patagonia region

South America: Patagonia region

Located in the South American continent, the southernmost Patagonia Icefield, is the largest outside except Antarctica's ice covered areas.

Here the glacier is also emerging in recent years large collapse phenomenon.

The streets of New York luxury free toilets

Las Deluxe free toilets

It is reported that in the New York Times had the luxury of free toilet, there are special belts help you open the door to those from several thousand individual screenings provided with toilet ambassadors more chat, skip toilet service of dance and many tourists call.

Advertising is a witty humor

Charmin toilet paper companies annual Christmas gift, special to the times square of tourists, to solve the problem of going shopping.

Free bathroom interior trim and tidy

Charmin's staff representation: usually you go to the restaurant by the toilet, they will want you to pay money to buy things, but the toilet is not clean, not only here in the us let you enjoy the luxurious toilet experience, and each used one is cleaned up, there will someone take you to the toilet door and also help you open the door, every bathroom has a separate toilet, wash-gravity, all you need to use.

Toilet Ambassador get-togethers

Times Square has 20 Charmin toilet free toilet, as well as Ambassador to accompany you chat, skip toilet dance show you really even toilet also can feel at home.

Free toilet service caring and thoughtful

Toilet Ambassador Anthony said, most of the tourists came in, will be a bit of popes, what we do? once we explained the demons, they all thought that this free toilet is fun, fun.

Toilet Ambassador Anthony said, most of the tourists came in, will be a bit of popes, what we do? once we explained the demons, they all thought that this free toilet is fun, fun.

Free bathroom luxurious decoration and let your eyes bright

A tourist said: here is really super good, amazing, I've lived it, haven't touched it, it really is an unforgettable experience.

In this environment the toilet's Yi Qu normalize

Another visitor said: each here with toilets are very happy, you can come here to play, the service really is excellent.

Outside look like judging room

Don't look down on the toilet, they must be approved by the Ambassador of the rigorous selection process, from selection of thousands of people out of six people.

Here Ambassador is a toilet for high income jobs

Anthony said: my full-time job is an actor, singer and dancer.

When a toilet is very high salary of Ambassador, six weeks to earn ten thousand dollars.

yle="text-align: center">
Here you can leave your lovely very toilet photos

In addition, there are free free toilet photography services, as long as sitting in a super large toilet, shutter, 30 seconds to get your toilet.

Comedy! Japan's unique Lei man scene

Japan people made the coke head Cap

Variety show with rubber ropes in participant-face on Lei man

Two middle-aged man dressed in Japan girls school uniforms

Woman drinks Cabinet front handstand in disregard of the image

Japan men playing in the mud

Arcade town chest doll

Video game in front of the wig man

I wonder if this figure by means

A Boys Choir, surface such as dementia

Lei! girls split people shoot

Japan x-rays "skinny" beauty calendar

Such a woman would you feel sexy?

2010 14 July message, according to reports, a company headquartered in Japan display device manufacturers for its medical scanners do ad launched a great new calendar.

This calendar entirely composed by x-rays, photos are put on various models of female seduction posture in x-ray scanner perspective, there is no flesh and organ, people can only see one bone Sensen sexy skeletons.

It is reported that in fact these photos on a skeleton model is not a real person, they are just computers produce of real images.

Amsterdam Council makes fire window woman (photos)

Shop girl

Historically, on Amsterdam's feeling is port, homosexuals, sucking (soft) virus, sailor, prostitutes, passer, prodigal son, they all meet in this city, neon, dark sweet floats.

Gentle Township

There should be a lot of gentle Township, you are able to make people dream of paradise.

All along the charme of the city is like, privately have always felt that it should be Europe's sense of place with martial arts.

Shady powder light

Lanterns, powder light mosaic window with shady light, I cannot help but lament and on pink colours of special preference and even color think even article, really can be called with both.

Ambiguous sex

The red light district House are two to four or five storey building.

One-to two-layer, is a small window with transactions or glass doors.

Bold opening

Prostitutes were sitting or standing behind the glass, to the tourists make provocative pose.

This is Amsterdam red light district of the greatest features.

And free and easy

Other countries such as Germany, the sex trade places must be covered up, do not allow public display on the main street.

Variety of prostitutes: black, white, fat, thin, high low, the old small.

Unrestrained sexy

If the display Windows of the curtain is pulled in, we will understand that means work, do not disturb.

Unique cultural

All posters are drawing all kinds of pornographic picture, everywhere is openly sexual performances, you just have to pay 20 euro we can see that real people do show, this is just a 10-minute interval, you will have the second field.

Openly erotic

Many people standing in a dance on the table, there are many people in clothes, pub, a stripper, midnight of the Cowherd, all veiled with most normal state openly publicly in front of you, what a weekend it was loose.