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Sad shocked! foraging in Cambodia's poor garbage

Dump child

The city was surrounded by a huge garbage dump on the edge, attracting a large number of garbage picker.

This is a group of urban living in Cambodia back, regardless of age, men, women and children, most of the size of clothes and sloppy, Gaunt, wandering in pomposity city eyes, in ridicule people abandoned corner looking for in life. Every day, and a lot of garbage odor emitted as they deal with the only hope for survival.

Garbage scavengers waiting for garbage

Refuse, in the eyes of the city, just a bunch of worthless waste, garbage picker, however, it seems, is like a treasure, the garbage truck comes, they will yihongershang.

They are in the dumps are so focused and craving, carefully pick up every piece of garbage, racing their residual value, as long as there is a little bit of usefulness, they'll be income in the bag, then you will see they have a meeting, or even be amusedly smile.

Slum children

On the pungent stench and crowds of mosquitoes and flies, they are already accustomed to.

Next to the garbage dump garbage on the cover of the shack, pick up garbage man's House. And here's child also has to refuse. Their every day, whether it's ups and downs, are spent in searching for survival. These pictures may be able to let everyone on poverty has deeper understanding, not even a trace of memory, a sympathetic, a fear, a meeting, a gratifying.

The little girl in the dump


The sad eyes


Busy garbage scavengers

Spam me the scene


Scavengers in garbage in search of food


Sad and shocking


Little girl smiling, Lake