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The secret world of the Paris underground (photos)

Fashion of Paris is the famous city of light, but in this colorful city, there is another completely different city of darkness; mdash mdash; Paris underground world.

There are convenient metro, interconnected underground drains, large car park, tunnels, cellars and a large number of bones and grave hellip; hellip;

Approximately 185 miles of underground passages, drains, subway, electric wire, cable, etc., make up the city's underground world, where most of the quarries in the past, their history, was used to build many stones in Paris that came from here.

Paris underground drains project scope is also very epic public drinking water 50% is entered through the underground drains, the underground cistern of water storage capacity of about 120 million cubic meters.

It is said that these are still in use of underground drains a lot was built in the 16th century when the city was built, now the Government has designated the many ancient canal for visitors.

In this kind of large areas, it has been in the dark, damp room holding a flashlight party, who exudes musty quarries also be known by a cellar of new names.

In addition, poets and musicians often come here looking for inspiration.

Poet Henry middot; cazalis some famous verse was born here, and the author of the Vampire "novels; rice middot Anne is here imagine some scary scenarios.

Over the years, variety, changes in the endless Paris underground world is the city a unique landscape.

Today, the original fantastic underground labyrinth even more attractive, whether young people interested in adventure, or city explorers, like here.

At the bottom of the underground world, also quietly placed many catacombs.

It is said that the Paris catacombs there are 600 million with skeleton, this is determined by the Paris of history, in 18th century France revolution and the Paris Commune during the intifada, there have been numerous fierce fighting in the city.

During World War II, France underground resistance movement organization is in the ground and Nazi Germany military secret deal.

In recent years, some of the grave has been open to the public, people see the catacombs are artistic processing: they piled into various shapes, composed by skull cave, corridor and arch bridge, also spelled by the human body other skeleton bones wall.

Numerous explorers flocked to.

Anecdotes and always keep

Although the Paris underground world of strange has decades of history, the press reported various anecdotes, such as the mysterious underground party, festive and strange rituals and so on.

In Paris 14 districts Sant prison officers also discovered the underground prison a few mysterious within herself.

According to the survey, the Earth had at least three, with two leading to prison observation post, another to the prison gate.

In addition, there are several within herself shovels and used to support the crude wood piles within herself.

Because of the prisons were prisoners, the discovery of the mysterious had naturally aroused the relevant departments of France.

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

The secret world of the Paris underground (figure) nbsp;

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)

The secret world of the Paris underground (figure) nbsp;

The secret world of the underground Paris (map)