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Thailand yacht collision with rave party tragedy become

Rescue personnel to work

A female tourists painful

According to Hong Kong Wen 28, site reports, Thailand's famous tourist attractions in Samui and climbing teeth between the Islands there last night two speedboats collision, leaving at least 42 people wounded, two missing overboard.

During the incident, the vessel loaded with about 70 local and foreign tourists, to climb teeth Island to participate in monthly recurring full moon rave party. Authorities investigating the cause of the accident, and heavy rainfall and the sea waves.

According to reports, the accident area is located in the North of Samui, distance Pan about 3 km from the island of teeth.

Last night around 10 o'clock, a return by climbing teeth to Samui Island Yacht Petcharat number, and the other is going to climb tooth Island Yacht Seabeach, collision, two boat after boat, the passenger was thrown into the sea.

Most of the passengers were rescued, en route to vessels transferred to shore-based ambulance, 39 were sent to Samui or Bangkok International Hospital, 13-27 still in hospital.

It is reported that since all passengers were wearing life jackets, so most of the casualties are cut or frightened, but there is still a 2 foot fracture, 2 injured in the head of the foreign guests in serious condition.

Authorities said that the injured, including four of the United Kingdom, four Singapore, Ireland, Norway also and 17 Thailand tourists.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia it is confirmed that at least seven Australian tourists injured, four of them need to hospital, the Embassy is investigating whether the boat more Australians, and send their staff to Samui.

An Australian woman friend immediately after the call back to Australia, and wounded family contact: her back injuries, another girl you brain injuries.

Injured father being rushed to Thailand.

Samui areas maritime traffic is also competent Bawean injured, he said that he was with another 23 people from climbing tooth Island return Samui: suddenly, someone with a Thai shout lsquo; be careful, there are boat! rsquo; and then the boat was hit, we all fall into the sea.

He said himself immersed in water for about 10 minutes, during which passengers non-stop crying for help, after rescuers arrived.

It is reported that, during the incident, the scene is raining, visibility is very poor, and the sea there is a big wave.

But Bawean means that no rain, sea and it is not clear whether there is a speed boat. Authorities confirmed that there are 2 Thai brothers disappeared in the accident, but yesterday it was that saw the duo on the shore.