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Wonderful Florida 2010 South Africa World Cup "a"

World Cup South Africa free line

2010 South Africa World Cup is opened the flames of war, to watch the World Cup in South Africa, may wish to also stopped by to a South Africa tours, South Africa, just wait.

National Theatre

South Africa's largest integrated Arts Theatre, five Hall performances of Opera, Ballet, respectively, the drama, choral and Symphonic Orchestra concert.

Sara. Britt vines and the three tenors Luciano Pavarotti, Domingo, Carreras and many other world stars in this wonderful performances ever. Saturday morning at the theater in front of the flea market open

Fountain Valley

Fountain Valley is Pretoria crowds up weekend leisure areas and picnic areas.

In addition to hiking trails, children's playground and swimming pool, it also provides a small train trip routes throughout the Fountain Valley, along the sunny.

Lu deplate reservoir in Pretoria North, angling, yacht, water sports and swimming.

Wande Mboum nature reserve is located in the northern suburb of the city of Fort Ma grace. Our main lines of a 1000 year old fig tree, 23 meters high, straight after 50 meters, 13 root trunk extended in 1 hectare surrounded by land.

Pul doglia Zoo

Pul doglia Zoo is located at Mboum Street, is the world's largest Zoo in the Park, one of more than 3500 species of animals.

Visitors can take the tram up above the island cage beast lookout. Zoo in front of a street market, trade in wood, stone, basket.

Pioneer Memorial Hall

In memory of 1838, escape the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, establishing their independent State and catch a cart away from Cape Peninsula Boolean ancestors of the building.

This magnificent building is a scenery of Pretoria, the Memorial Hall of heroes have a delicate wall sculpture carving, depicts the great migration.

Memorial Museum of great migration period of relics exhibition.

Joint building

South Africa Government and the Presidential Palace is located, is a magnificent granite buildings.

By herb. Baker Jazz design.

Building is located in Pretoria, overlooking the whole city on a hill in front of the building is neat, beautiful garden, Park, neutral have different monuments and statues.

Building behind large tracts of forest and scrubland area with many birds.

Wild animal park

South Africa has become a tourist destination, largely because of the numerous local class and morphology of beautiful wildlife, visit Safari to see life in this Lion, elephant, Giraffe and Antelope, as tourists should not miss the experience.

Here is the Palace of Arts

Located in Joubert Park Johannesburg art gallery is located in a combination of ancient architecture of fascinating buildings.

Museum International has a sufficiently representative and South Africa art collections and a collection of over 2500 pieces of printmaking showroom. African tribal art venue in one-dimensional Waterland University of GEChu-wave theory art gallery, the Museum specialized exhibition of African art objects fade away, such as masks and headdresses and jewelry fine work, etc.

The famous musical fountain Park

Musical fountain Park is located in the city of Johannesburg, along with a fountain of water on the evening of countless music rhythms, or up or down, suddenly subsides, with multicolored lights, swaying, like countless fairy dance in the sound and smell.

Summer every evening from 19: 30-21: 00, winter every night at 6: 30-20: 00 open for people to watch.

The world's only outdoor gold Museum

The famous Gold Museum, located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, is today the world's only outdoor gold Museum.

The Museum still retains a narrow-gauge trains of the master, by steam locomotives drag a III cars slowly around the gold Museum, driving a week, sitting in cars and narrow wooden benches look out the window of the soot with the train moves around freely the time seemed suddenly reversed a half a century.

In dark and damp tunnels, miners candle with nails hammer and axe mimic old a mallet and a mallet digging for gold ore, miners drill drilling in fast, showing a clear contrast.

Mining of ore transported to the ground, crushed by the miners, rinsed in long Flume, golden ratio, water to sediment to sink to the bottom.

Miners every time we collect the precipitation of the jinsha sent to the filtration plant cut off other mineral sands, pure jinsha rushed to metallurgical room exercise into gold.