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Jing of American national park

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National parks & rdquo; The concept that comes from the United States, the translation from English noun; ldquo of&" National Park” First, it is said that by the American artists George &; middot Catlin (Geoge Catlin) proposed first. In 1832, he in on our trip to the United States, the development of Indian civilization, wildlife and wilderness deep concern about the effects. He wrote &; ldquo They can be protected, as long as governments through some protection policy established a large park & hellip; A national park, which is also a wild beast, and everything in the original state, which embodies natural beauty & rdquo; . After that, which is used by many countries around the world, despite their exact meaning is endless and same, but the basic meaning is refers to a form of nature reserves.

A, Yosemite national park

National park

Yosemite national park (image by online cocolike reprinted from national geographic nets)

Almost none of the world''s few places like Yosemite valley such a small place can have so many grow view beauty, it is a masterpiece, 12 kilometers long nature scenery here is different, very beautiful, and no wonder great naturalist John &; middot Samuel laments &; ldquo God always seems to be dressed up efforts here scenery. & rdquo;

Yosemite valley repose in California''s sierra Nevada central, many the splendor of the natural beauty of the house. Alpine mountain scenery, tall American Chinese fir crown of special valley scene, all that about the milt Wendy become one place rare natural scenic spot.

Naturalist John &; middot Samuel had described here scenery: &; ldquo Only by hand built temples to 29generations compared with it. & rdquo; About the milt Wendy is built with ice, in late, giant glaciers season by an ice cutting hewn light TuTu peaks, steep cliffs and great multilayer ceramic. Plain by ice and snow melt water valley fed huge lake formed by sedimentation.

Nowadays, dropping out full of flowers, grass is covered with valley around are strange waterfalls. Geographical evolution is still in progress, lakes still in siltation rise. Biological natural evolution, and the survival of the fittest truth by tall American Chinese fir, America will be very refractory, Chinese fir cyclical fire for the Chinese fir, it is very necessary, a fire can remove ground dense plant, make young Chinese fir grow. Strewn at random discretion natural landscape has an amazing beauty, the region growing quantities of animals and plants. Here are some of the Rio grande river and implied plug waterfall, including 739 meters in height of Yosemite falls, this decree, the world''s third long waterfall. The landscape has many beautiful round Cupid and peaks, has the world''s largest, most grandiose rock & mdash; & mdash; Base in the most exciting John &; middot Samuel, make the Yosemite become part of the American concerns for the United States, besides, the establishment of forest protection policy he is also a key figure. His life spend a lot of time in mountainous & mdash; roaming & mdash; Especially the Yosemite & mdash; & mdash; Describe where natural wonders and above.

Second, Yellowstone national park

National park
Breeding programs at Yellowstone national park (image by online cocolike reprinted from national geographic nets)

The early 20th century, a U.S. explorer once such describe Yellowstone: &; ldquo In different countries, no matter how big the scenery, vegetation differences, but the earth mother always less familiar, kind, forever. But here, the earth''s changed too much, as if this is a belong to another world place. & hellip; & hellip; The earth like here test with his endless creativity. & rdquo;

Yellowstone geothermal scenery is the world''s most famous. In fact also is such, you can''t not seen for immediate shocked by the spectacle. Thousands of FeiQuan and pool water blue lake deep pools surges, mountain like a furnace, acoustic popular flame is burning. Hundreds of geysers injection with boiling water column, risking rolling steam, like reverse waterfalls, them from hot and dark subterranean world spouted out from time to time. Some geysers stream ever-roaring, like towering trees, its diameter from 1.5 meters to 18 metres and highly have 45 meters to 90 meters. Tremendous strength can make it at such altitude continued for several minutes, some on sustainable nearly an hour.

Located in Yellowstone national park, The big prisms hot Spring (The Grand Prismatic are, and respond iridovirus hot Spring), is The largest, The world''s third-largest hot springs. Big prisms hot spring is the real beauty of the lake color with the seasons change, spring, the lake into bright orange red from green, this is because mineral-enriched live in water algae and pigment bacteria etc, their microbial chlorophyll and carotenoids ratio will change with the seasons change, and water will present a different color.

Big prisms hot spring is the real beauty of the lake color with the seasons change, spring, the lake into bright orange red from green, this is because mineral-enriched live in water algae and pigment bacteria etc, their microbial chlorophyll and carotenoids ratio will change with the seasons change, and water will present a different color. In the summer, chlorophyll content and comparatively low, appeared orange, red or yellow. But in winter, and because of the lack of sunlight, these microbes can produce more chlorophyll to suppress carotenoids color, hence see water present dark green.

Three, death valley national park

National park
Death valley national park (image by online cocolike reprinted from national geographic nets)

Death valley its name from a traveller. In 1849, they cut across this valley to California gold mining areas, almost destroyed, and only a handful of team survived. Survivors before leaving curse the valley and give it ldquo; of& named: We hat off, and reviewing the way the pain, suffering and death, want to say is & lsquo; Goodbye, death valley & rsquo; . & rdquo;

Twenty years later, a help lurks in palmer natrium people mountain in the prisoner of accidentally discovered silver canyon surprise. To 1874, Patrick natrium people the vigorous development of mining town, the resident population has reached 2,000 people. Two years later, flash floods washed away by the city''s most areas. Valley spread the many abandoned town, City, such as Ballorat, Chloride Leadfield, Greenwater and Skidoo Harrisburg, has similar stories.

Death valley have innumerable the various forms of natural landscape and ornamental spots, including extending several kilometers of the salinas, sliced sand dunes, winding ancient canyon, colorful cliff and agains t and places of historic interest. Although here an average annual rainfall of less than 50 mm, but sometimes Pacific hurricane swept by, cause flash floods, will be washed out roads and camps. But most of the year, in death valley is a sunshine heaven, here, you can feel that copy of the calm of solitude. Winter here is &; ldquo Snowbird & rdquo; Haven, and they drove leisure rv, which is found in the locations for weeks, sometimes for months.

Due to its unique climate and geographical environment, besides the Dead Sea in Israel outside the territory (there), at an altitude of lower death valley with other areas are quite different. Death valley life is extremely scarce, surface morphology and original style perfectly revealed no cover in the eyes. Line, shape and color dominate everything here, but not men, animals or nature.

Four, the crater lake national park

National park
The crater lake national park (image by online cocolike reprinted from national geographic nets)

The crater lake national park like a piece of embedded in the high mountains of pearl. Along the twists and turns, gradually ascending highway into lakes direction, you will find myself in is full of asaph listrac red fir, the dense pine forests and hemlocks within. Along the road section uphill forward can arrive at the crater lake. This piece of area of 65 square kilometers of lakes panoramic, you will find it is like a pool, caky in blue ink thick DouLi cliffs, majestic mountains and steep cliffs ring into the huge natural wai embrace them.

In the crater lake national park, the most charming lake water Bay when genera Steele explored Bay (Steel), it is our to commemorate William & bull, Goliath Morton & bull, Steele explored named. Early in the student, Steele explored had for an article about the crater lake articles for it was interested. In order to let the crater lake become a national park, after be brought up the Steele explored unremitting efforts, after 17 years after lobbied hard finally put the crater lake get Theodore & bull, Roosevelt''s attention. Finally, the history of the United States is the sixth national park in 1902 the crater lake is completed, the entire park soul.

The crater lake national park for snow celebrated (snow thickness can sometimes more than 15 meters). It is this abundant time, growth in the park of wild flowers blooming can continue until September, or even to early October. Wild varieties also is varied, including a monkey MianHua, ferro exam, writing brush flower, asters, shandong ice, bell flowers, etc.

Lush forests for sika deer, elk, coyotes, and black bear, charlotte, etc and from normal jays local fauna to baldness carving and golden etc all kinds of birds provides natural shelters. Today the crater lake harmonious serene, niaoyuhuaxiang, let a person find it hard to believe this is what happened volcanic eruption in place.

Five, Glacier National Park

National park
Glacier National Park (image by online cocolike reprinted from national geographic nets)

Glacier National Park is a strange, beautiful natural scenic spot. With rugged of high mountains and many frozen lake, including a hundred miles of Argentina lake. The lake distal three glaciers wheels, drenching of ice cream gray, like small circular roof as mighty drift ice with a thunderous pounding hooves into the lake.

Glacier National Park glacier has 4 kilometers long and about 150 feet high. The park administration provides two different viewing path. A path through the huge crane put tourists offon as high as 300 meters altitude, at this time, the giant glaciers, some icebergs as impending sight from floating around you. The front of the glacier incredibly steep, glacier internal because under great pressure and appear a lot of fracture. The distance, the whole glacier has a blue attune. Article 2 path toward the glacier direction, from a precipice on the past, park service organization in this area set up several sidewalks, so that I can enjoy the beauty of the landscape different parts. Sidewalk greater benefit that it makes visitors can be observed at the bottom of the glacier scenery, still can as near to the glacier facade.

Glacier National Park Glacier National Park in North America is endemic species grand view garden, there are more than 1,000 trees and flowers. In the east of relatively dry hillside, grace''s spruce, fir, sub-alpine small GanSong, citigroup pine and big branches loose, these ciassic tall and straight, graceful. In a warmer climate, wet western hillside, larch, fir, leafy green, gloomy grey is spruce. Every summer, azalea and wild flowers such as lily ZhengYan dou beauty. LongDanCao and dry leaves, grass and other weeds grow scrambling to the majesty of the mountains dressed extraordinarily gorgeous. Glacier park animal species are also many, have great horn goats, leopards, coyotes, charlotte, moose, americas great horn deer, black and grizzly bear, whitetail etc. (this article reprinted from tencent tourism BBS, if there is any copyright issue, tencent tourism is not responsible for)