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Harry Potter incoming! super detailed outdoor navigation

The Harry Potter 7 "soon to be released tomorrow, the zero is undoubtedly the most epic worth looking forward to the end of magical episodes, let us again until 6 set under the inventory of those magical scenes.

England, Nick Castle

Plot: a late at night, quiet nights aboard the children sit at end shuttle River, River suddenly wide, in front of a distance that huge Castle--huogewozi Magic School.

Anny Fort is a medieval-style building, in the Victorian has a reputation in the North of Windsor, was the Duke of Northumberland's main residence, their family from 1309 years living here.

The Castle not only with the surrounding green trees such as yin.

The town has a total of 3000 hectares of anwick Garden, is the best location to watch the Castle.

You do not have to enter the Castle, you can see the film Harry-Potter a group of people practicing flying broom riding grass slope on the tower.

Since there is no direct line, it is recommended that you take the old steam train, cross the scenery and pleasant Wilderness National Park in the heart of the way and then replaced the forest Canyon into bus arrives on Nick Castle, there is a clock-like village experience.

Oxford school canteens Christ

Plot: when Harry comes to Hogwarts to take part in specialized to welcome new students and prepare dinner, walk into a church-like Grand large canteens, dome as stars like forthwith lit, a truly magical world enters the eye.

The prototype of this restaurant is the world famous University of Oxford Faculty of Christ, also called the Hall of the canteen.

Christ's College was founded in 1524, is the largest University of Oxford is the oldest college, Christ College dining room is the most important component of school, still as a student cafeteria.

Enviable, Oxford University students who are in the daily Porter fans consecrate places to eat, and professors still retains the traditional student common meal.

Formal and informal dinner

Cafeteria daily supply four meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is in two stages.

Afternoon at 6 diner is informal, student and teacher can dine with plainclothes. But the evening half this round is a formal dinner, table must wear formal clothes.

Although universities often invited chefs such as France, but in fact canteen food supply is essentially a typical United Kingdom packages.

Dining room seats min level

With the film, the dining room seats is also divided according to level.

For example, restaurant seats with high table, and plain, only professors, senior fellow and visiting fellows and other to climb high table, students can take ordinary seat.

Christ College canteen is such a tradition, because the founder of the Institute is a Bishop, the College also was once called the College of Cardinals, so in many places has maintained a religious class.

Of course, this also to some extent, inspire students studied hard, early boarding high table.

From the school of Christ had come out a lot of famous people, the United Kingdom the philosopher John Locke, great scientists Einstein, the Alice Wonderland writer Carol and the United Kingdom many Prime Ministers and many members have had in this dining.

Cliff of Moher

Plot: Harry Potter and Dumbledore to identify Buddha Voldemort's immortal reasons to embark on a dangerous journey.

They stood in a piece of rock, fly to a seaside cliff stands in isolation of the caves.

Moher cliffs is the highest cliffs in Europe, is Ireland's most famous tourist attractions, located on the edge of the West Island.

Facing the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, to known for strange and dangerous.

Transatlantic 214 m, along the West Coast coverage up to 8 km.

At the same time, it is Ireland's most important seabird habitats, each year more than 30000 only where breeding seabirds.

Cliff of Moher and by changes in the Earth's crust to frighten the Atlantic waves mountain in countless years impact, is nature's amazing masterpiece.

Axe as sharp as a knife to the cliff strange a dense layers, as is the giant fan of history, displaying a book so great vitality and a sense of Visual impact.

So extraordinary scenery naturally become the first choice for television camera, Xicheng boys into music "MY LOVE" by MV on shooting.

King's cross railway station

Plot: to go to Hogg Hogwarts School of witchcraft and must be located at King's cross railway station 9 and 10 of platforms and three-quarters between nine platforms, Hogg Hogwarts Express.

There are four main railway stations of London transport hub, traffic control, respectively, in which the King of the portal's cross is in control of London to the North, such as the transportation hub in Scotland.

The station was built in 1851 to 1852, the most striking is as high as 120 feet of Bell Tower, the clock tower has the Italian architectural style.

In real life, King's cross railway station is at no. 9 on pending a card with Hogg Hogwarts express train 9 and 3/4 on the banner without entrance also paint a picture of the words on the same but the larger picture, when this is the gateway to Hogg Hogwarts's entrance.

If you have the opportunity to play this station, may wish to find the wondrous platform, perhaps the chance, to be able to do the same by Harry magic express train to field magical.