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We go to New Zealand! to feel 100% pure

The beauty of New Zealand

New Zealand to their country of slogan is the quot; 100% Purequot;, concise and accurate.

This broke into North and South halves of the island not evolved humans, about 1000 years ago, it will usher in the earliest settlers, Maori; 1642, Abel Tasman explorers through the Netherlands it is the Western civilization quot quot; finding world;; then, in the past 200 years to United Kingdom people-led Western colonists settled at this time, there lived a Maori quot; ru hair potion blood life quot;, the industrial revolution that they take the moon rocket headed straight for the modern civilization.

But in addition to the destruction of New Zealand's bio chain of millions years, modern civilization to its natural environment is not ruined how tragic. And without a guilty conscience to brag and quot; 100% Purequot; New Zealand, in addition to self government based national strong and sensible environmental attitude, its surprisingly ample are also important reasons-special for me such a visitor from Guangzhou, broad daylight only cattle ischaemum trees, drove an average of ten minutes to see one of the circumstances, it is only a is not in the room.

The beauty of New Zealand

New Zealand's land area is approximately 27 million square kilometres, a little smaller than that of Japan, but its population density (people/km2 15.2) only for Japan (338/km2) of 1/22.

The two split from mainland to island of narrow, often out of comparison, to be honest, it both from the human perspective is not comparable. Just look at their respective name of intent, quot quot; Japan; the quot; quot; Virgin of red, its meaning is too rich, not dished up on, but at least is the room of a pure matter of intention by defiled; quot quot; New Zealand; from Maori Aotearoa, means the quot; land of the long white cloud quot;, straightforward, and has nothing to do with human, where host is the cloud.

The beauty of New Zealand

In New Zealand, farmlands, farms everywhere

Island Bay is New Zealand for the summer and the most famous places of navigation, it is located in the North Island's North, like a piece of broken glass, its surrounding star-darkening over 150 islands have not been developed or are not ready to be developed, people living on the Mainland.

As the core of the island Bay, West Asia, landmark town, was poor, though a large buildings in Guangzhou, but can not find a more than 5 storey building. We ate dinner 7 points, no-one has been reached, the chilly rain accompanied by a sea breeze, Streetlight across the way is a light, even two or three in the morning, in Guangzhou will not be desolate to Slovakia. This desolate, special to the downright ridiculous.

The beauty of New Zealand

Do not love nature, this is a natural

The night have nothing, go to the supermarket.

Buy a yellow flesh of the fruit, the price is only half of the country, there is two times the height, and righteously more fresh, sweet, though remember occupancy hotel Paihia Beach has a full set of kitchen ware configuration, or trouble not buy fresh mussels-this is me in New Zealand's most regret, after the trip and then kitchen has encountered a configuration of the hotel. And New Zealand Kiwifruit, New Zealand Mussel is the world's best, but there is a sarcastic people-New Zealand New Zealand produce fresh seafood in the world, New Zealand, there are always ways to cook without flavor-well said, these mussels water cooking is the most delicious, there's a restaurant but with thick cheese baked wrapped it strictly to eat is baotiantianwu.

The beauty of New Zealand

Say cheese, done that.

As animal husbandry and production powers, New Zealand is much more than cheese dairy cattle, but also need to know when to stop the virtues of having everything on cheese, and a place which is not accepted. Most Chinese people not in the habit of poultry meat, the pure organic farmers, to have a strong chewing animals smell because New Zealand against bloodletting-slaughter, for humanitarian, they all use electric shock, the livestock in the shortest possible time to be the least painful death, thisSamples of the blood cannot be cons is placed, then left in the meat and smell gas. As in the carnivorous Word pledge on the background of the Guangzhou visitors, which we all think and.

The beauty of New Zealand

A plane to visit Lei for cell have signalled the waves, the country's northernmost-northward in addition to the confusion between the sea and the sky is not looked at anything, so, Mr. Hassan said, here is the original burial M?ori sea of humanity, the death of their loved ones from here directly to heaven.

The beauty of New Zealand

Night, took us to see the largest Kauri Tane Mahuta (King of the jungle) of local Maori guides before went in the tree, canopied bushy, Apex stars are spilled out, this person is sturdy, but with very interesting net of baritone singing a prayer song melodies are particularly good, forces'prime, that kind of atmosphere is uplifting.

He asked me: quot; you on our Maori? quot; I for: quot; I think you really love my hometown, a love of nature. Quot; he said: quot; we do not love nature, we are the natural. quot;

The beauty of New Zealand

Kauri heroic honesty, coarse round and straight high, very high before carrying on the Crown, the tree age thousands still vibrant, Evergreen green.

Maori mythology, it is our Pangu, regardless of the originally joined the father and the mother of tears cried out, will separate them alive, so there was light and wind. The shell jacket is also called Kiwi fruit Tree, is a Kiwi Fruit of English, including immigrants, born and living in who can be called the New Zealand Kiwi. Kiwi is a species of bird, the bird can be translated into the singular, is New Zealand's giant panda, whose pictorial frequently appears in New Zealand's coins, stamps, long grey hair, mouth do not fly, nocturnal, its egg has its weight in half-this is my Rainbow Park City at luotuoluwa strange bird conservation Center.

The beauty of New Zealand

Before the migration to shore, Kiwi mountains full of valleys, pressure root does not require conservation.

One wonders, tens of millions of years of evolution to New Zealand evolved a even small carnivorous animal, so like Kiwi so clumsy, meats and tasty animals can occupy the top of the food chain, but several hundred years of immigration history has ruined everything, immigrants have dogs, cats and used to produce fur tree Marten will Kiwi basic ate bitten to death. By the way, have covered the whole island of Kauri also haven't much root, because it was crude tall and straight, or even a promotion to a New Zealand named quot; Kauri industry quot; 's glorious history.

The beauty of New Zealand

There is no industry, agriculture

Auckland, New Zealand North Island Airport was built on the seaside, the landing is expected from the window before, to the following Crystal clear water, crowds of big fishes swimming in it, some also jump out of the water-it is not yet settled their land, New Zealand has presented its one of the outcomes of ecological protection.

After the aircraft stops, we took off from the summer tourists have Hong Kong on a sweater and jacket, 6 months, in the southern hemisphere winter.

The beauty of New Zealand

In New Zealand, the Paris of the North Island's pigeon is the square of the seagulls and the South Island's duck with her whine about being fed the people around.

Ducks are wild, fat, not large by the index finger. New Zealand people don't eat ducks, Guangdong immigrants just opened restaurant is linked to the ducks in the window, it is a street indigenous stunned. They do not eat animal offal, together with the bone made a pet food, dog food to New Zealand production of high quality. Where specialties a quot; Strong Eyesquot; Shepherd, black and white, large scale is small, cute incomparable; its name is, they don't bark to drive the sheep, but cool to not look.

Omniscient, no

To guide Mr. Hassan said: quot; New Zealand is the world's smallest disparity, to this extent, it may be larger than some socialist countries closer to achieving communism. Quot; abundant and humanization of social protection so that the poor should not be too poor, and rich too rich, you will find in New Zealand take off so much money, so just like Peter middot; Jackson as do more Kiwi-possible New Zealand rich in becoming more before the return of the prodigal son, because they do not want to charge so much.

New Zealand not-like the dog came in and killed, and Kiwi saw came in with cut down Kauri errors not again; New Zealand nor to-will a shell out of New Zealand is an offence, not to the exploitation of its South Island discovered reserves of abundant coal mine.

As a country of immigration, it appeared on the world map is too remote, alone, like 9200 a peaceful, comfortable, this is New Zealand's temperament, but also its pure condition.