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The more the more fascinating global rates to luxury the highest city review

Bird's nest, chicken chicken shed, as the soul of the person must have a nest, house prices up, they have to bite the bullet and tighten the belt to buy.

This is the current number of wage-earners, buy a House. Room is bought, the burden is then on the back, the original one or two, or even more easily by the free man, turned to the only death assets, not spending power, the body burden of House slave. When do you want to be able to have the Battlefront? may never turn out being visible high prices, and others. You can still have a group have adequate consumption of green groups, from luxury housing, magnificent, decorated their own nests. Today, with the small series together look at those rates high atonal luxury city, but also the way glimpse of the local scenery.


The first bits: Monaco Monte Carlo

True love is romantic and calm, ideal and reality often only a wall, but if the history of Monaco romance, generally thick and can never change.

Come to Monte Carlo, this casino color up showing a strange palaces, surrounded by gardens. Through the glass of the endless azure sea, the Sun was adequate. Looming in the distance some ships, the horizon, the white sails of the ship and formed a romantic abstract paintings.

Captivating Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo's residents can enjoy the Blue Coast (Cte drsquo; Azur) of beaches, fascinating nightlife as well as havens of benefits, but they also have to pay for that.

This holiday resort for the second consecutive year, ranking the highest global price list the Laurel, the average market price as high as $ per square foot 4420. (1 square foot asymp; 0.09290304 square meters, Monte-Carlo prices per square meter of about 32 million RMB) Monte Carlo is a rich, narrow and focus cities. Here the main house prices so high and an area of shortages and havens.

Highly characteristic of the Kremlin

Second place: Moscow (US $ per square foot, 1937)

Moscow human bravery, was once inspired the fight for freedom in the world; today, revisit the exciting plots, continues to be a burning.

Ancient sacred Kremlin architectural complex, here is the testimony of the history of Moscow, skillful in the mystery of the Orthodox Church ... Contrast with Moscow's melancholy temperament.

Affected by the strong economic growth, and the first three quarters of housing prices, increased by two Moscow, jump to the top three positions.

According to the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the World Factbook "shows that last year, Russia's GDP grew by 6%.

Beautiful London

Third place: London (US $ per square foot, 1928)

One of London's financial centres, the price of course is high, reaching us $ per square foot, 1928.

In addition to the high price of housing, you can take look at the room of the England's brilliant civilization, lost in the beautiful gentle River Thames, witness the mysterious stately Westminster Cathedral, wild romantic in hazy mists ...

Mysterious stately Westminster

London is stubborn, she doesn't have time to change, whether good or bad image, London always in your own way there but happy.

Sometimes in the air smelled a sweet fragrance, please don't be surprised, maybe a little of roadside brings you surprise; or London Street Tavern dissemination of fragrance, as drinking wrote scholarly writings: wine to drink, because of the difficult to drink; London, because she has not changed.

Colorful and New York

Fourth place: New York (per square foot 1384.1 beauty


New York is a typical bustling city, stand tall, frequent shuttle subway, colorful neon light.

From a certain perspective, New York is a beauty, but also a Peugeot beauty. Here are the multicolored bustling world economic core Manhattan, do any of the top brands of Fifth Avenue, there are majestic and magnificent torch the statue of liberty ...

Happy peaceful New York

All people in the world of happiness serene and unhappy are concentrated in New York, any person who belongs to it, it does not belong to anyone.

Night, a shade kunyi was unable to sleep, and continue along the river walk this road, but can not find the end ...

In last year's survey, the average house prices in New York for $ 1384.1 per square foot.

Overview of the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, Mayfair

Fifth: Hong Kong (US $ per square foot of 1373)

Shopping heaven Hong Kong prices naturally is very high, because the land is scarce, many permanent population, our House has been in short supply.

The Hong Kong and, of course, can not miss the beauty of Hong Kong. Whatever it is that all the lights, Hill, dark or magic lights and laser-curtain meets Avenue of stars, or the elegance of Repulse Bay ... Everywhere can appreciate Hong Kong's bustling and trendy.

Beautiful city flowers

If you really want to quiet slowly enjoy the bustling city, preferably alone take the Star Ferry, Victoria Harbour, slowly let quiet of sea breeze blows cheek, enjoy a natural massage and quiet solitude.

Art Paris

Sixth: France Paris (per square foot 1,126.20 USD)

Paris is the art of rational; Paris is a staunch and easy-going.

From the roadside coffee crowd to St. Louis Baker; from the Louvre and Montmartre artists to the unique Paris spring; from Paris Millennium of history and heritage into the modern way of life, everything is like a book, maybe more like a glass of wine