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The world's most watched changqiao drivers on legs

Chesapeake Bay is the United States in the Eastern Atlantic from South to North into the Interior of the Bay, is located in Maryland and Virginia.

Since the Bay Shore twists and turns than a ship docked in the island, offers excellent condition, located in Bay head of Baltimore and WAN port of Norfolk are international famous harbour.

In order to facilitate traffic exchanges on both sides of the Bay and to the tourism of domestic and foreign tourists, the United States Government to invest in the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, opened in 1964.

The world's longest bridge tunnel complex 37 km in length, is known as the seven wonders of the modern world.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a bi-directional cross bridge, from Norfolk to Delaware peninsula, in the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean between a water promenade.

The artificial island in the middle of the bridge, you can watch the Atlantic Bay estuary, the world's busiest shipping lanes of the spectacular and fishing, dining, buying souvenirs. In addition, the bridge is open once a year for public walking or cycling tours.

But since the bridge was built, with drivers caused a lot of trouble.

In order to facilitate the vessel passed the bridge built very high, high surface 185 feet. Plus the design time is not on the bridge's construction of the shoulder of the road, many drivers a to the bridge will shake with fear, did not dare to drive across the bridge. Even if some drivers venture to pull into the bridge and carefully pull it very slowly, this not only causes road congestion, but also to the pressure on the bridge itself.

Lsquo; in order to ensure the bridge traffic flow, the United States Government has deliberately organized vehicle rescue company, to provide free generation past drivers driving across the bridge service.

But because of the increasingly high vehicle penetration, to the bridgehead on the ganer fibrillation drivers more and more, now the company has no ability to drivers at the bridgehead, such as to provide timely and effective service.

In order to further alleviate the pressure on the United States Government has formally approved three new companies to provide services on behalf of driving vehicles cross the bridge, each car charges $ 30 each time, and not only to the past truck and car service, you can also provide generation driving motorcycles.

As business booms, require generation of drivers now driving business was mentioned a few days in advance, and you want to drive to the specified location, at the relevant company will only be sent on behalf of a driver's license, otherwise you may also have queues, not necessarily on the bridge.