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Glittering and translucent beautiful global top ten most beautiful waterfall TOP10

According to foreign media reports, see these beautiful suffocating waterfall, you may really black-tie perhaps see the drops of water in the sun shines under the flashes of the Rainbow, from the nature gives us the wonders of mind-blowing, the power of nature and the magnificent beauty of the waterfalls will make you lose yourself.

1. Victoria falls

About the world's most magnificent waterfalls of problems has been controversial.

Victoria Falls is located in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Zambia, the border between the States it is Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning Thunder rain and fog. While Zimbabwe people call it the Victoria falls. The width of the falls is 1.7 km, height of 108 metres, is believed to be the world's largest waterfall.

It is David middot 1855; Livingston was first discovered and named the Queen Victoria of England, in the wet season, the falls every minute, more than 19 million cubic feet (538 020 m3) of water pours down.

Water fog is sometimes available from 25 miles (40 km) places to see.

2. Niagara falls

Of course, the United States believe their Niagara has the world's largest waterfall.

The most amazing waterfalls located in Canada for the province of Ontario and the boundary between the State of New York, which is famous for its beauty, in addition, hydropower is also very valuable. The name of the waterfall has several versions of the source. The name comes from the Niagara North American Indian language according to the Iroquois tribes, according to legend ONGUIAAHRA River, the horseshoe falls in possession under Iroquois Raytheon's soul. Although the volume of the Niagara Falls great, however, falls every 60 seconds of flow only six million cubic feet (169901 cubic meters).

3. Angel falls

In the eyes of tourists, the waterfall is not only the most important volume.

The height of the waterfall is also awesome. The total height of 3212 ft. (979 m) of Angel Falls is the world's highest waterfall, the world's biggest waterfall fall. Venezuela's Pei GNOME tribe called it the deepest waterfall. In October 1937; James middot ingre make it famous.

4. the Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls is located in Guyana, which is the largest single drop waterfall is Niagara falls to 5 times higher, is Victoria falls to 2 x.

Kaieteur Falls height 741 feet (226 m), a width of 370 ft (113 m). In the Earth's most ancient forests of ancient Guyana shield lookin' Kaieteur Falls is the absolute wonders of the world. Central Guyana PATA Mona tribal leader named Kay's great spirit in order to carry forward his people against the aggression of the savage tribal canoe in waterfall sacrifice Kaieteur Falls therefore. When the local language, Arthur is the waterfall of meaning.

5. jog falls

India in da Bong jog also has a spectacular falls, it is a Salad w to waterfall on the River, fall to 879 ft (253 m).

6. KE Ke Kota

In Peru chachapoyas, people find this two-tiered waterfall already have several centuries, but until 2005 Germany were Stefan middot; Chak Mun madoff and a Peru expedition mission site visits, it is only for the outside world.

The determination of the total gap, waterfalls as 2531 ft (771 m), is the world's highest waterfall in the world. Ke Ke Tower falls from 800 to 1400 years is located in the area of an ancient village and naming. This article falls exactly where so far unknown, because the locals believe that if you set the location of leaks out, living in a waterfall will drop in the fairy from their crimes.

7. the Yosemite falls

United States certainly has its own highest waterfall.

Yosemite falls total fall 2390 ft (728 m), the seventh largest waterfall in the world. It is a United States California Yosemite National Park one of the main attractions. Yosemite literally is the killer. Yosemite tribes composed by several tribes, the surrounding tribes who are afraid of stiff, called Yosemite clan-killer.

8. Sutherland falls

New Zealand is to have such a spectacular waterfall in another location.

Sutherland falls by three spectacular waterfalls, total fall 1904 ft (580 m), is the largest waterfall in New Zealand. Three-level falls from the mountain's two big Cliff pour down. It is found by Donald middot; Sutherland named, he went in search of Waka Prairie Lake's new path identified the waterfall.

9. falls

Bordering Argentina and Brazil have another spectacular waterfalls, it just falls, consists of 275 road size different waterfalls, the total span of approximately 2700 m, falls to 269 ft (82 m).

Iguazu waterfalls flow to 130 million litres per second, its stunning beauty.

Iguazu's name comes from the Guarani language, meaning flood.

Legend has it that a God wants to marry a beautiful fairy girl, the girl and her earthly love boat to escape. Fury of the gods to yguazu split so that the suffering of love will never fall.

10. piozzo de falls

The waterfalls are located in piozzo de, high 110 m Morocco, similarly splendid spanned.

The beauty of the waterfalls, who can stand?