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Enjoy Saipan honeymoon tour

I can think of the most romantic thing is and you grow old together; hellip hellip; or are about to just walk into the marriage of newcomers, the most romantic thing I am afraid that is missing from the crowd, let the Sun in the beautiful scenery of the two-person witness to the sweet world! on Western Pacific's American Saipan has warm seawater, colorful coral reefs and crystal clear, Blue Lagoon, coconut palms and white sand beaches make up the beautiful charming island scenery, a recent couples honeymoon travel favorite.

Saipan Island beauty

Saipan island lies a vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the Northern Mariana Islands, the largest of the Islands.

The brilliancy of coral reefs around the entire island, looking down on the world's highest peak, like Jesus rings in bloom on the island. Island natural original appearance and natural beauty to Chinese and foreign tourists. Each year 5-7 months is Phoenix bloom season, and the entire island are floating up as the cloud, such as the Red Phoenix flowers-har, filled with romantic ambience, but also lovers of romantic honeymoon tour in good time.

Romantic honeymoon tour from Saipan 08 hotel that point, located in the town centre of Saipan, Saipan Panda Tai hotel you can watch the most beautiful sea view from Saipan and sunset, the professional practices of massages to help you come off a tired and tense.

Seafood Bisque, alluring champagne, exquisite Dim sum, silver candlestick hellip; hellip; well-placed hotel restaurant ripples rich warm atmosphere, as if it had room for only two people.

Rau Rau Bay Golf course

The next few days, you can use four wheel drive jeeps to Saipan Island attractions: Viva Cliff (the ruins of World War II), the Japanese army last command (on the cliff in World War II Japanese army command posts, terrain strange), the bird Island (Saipan island famous reserve), the blue hole (second in the world famous diving point), go to Azure warship Island take part in a wide range of water sports: undersea walk, water drag parachute, water motorcycles, etc.

Or join the secret lover, passing through the jungle to the depths, to discover the island belongs to the two side sea and crocodile Beach, where there is a rough sea, all shapes of megalith, steep trail, need some marital to overcome suffering. A sunset at sea, it is also an affectionate and passion of taste, sit on American dhow, enjoy the sunset dinner for two, the Sun's rays shining on the sea, as gold sea added infinite vitality, love of people along with the hot dance music. Like folk are lovers of nature do not want to miss the indigenous Chamorro people invited to visit their cock fighting performances and see rare coconut crab. Seaside Church as new layout of the wedding scene, Pak on floating white yarn, is both elegant and purity, and decorated with red flowers leaves seem to beat in clear water, blue sky, like a dreamy romantic enough every couple aftertaste life!

Now, Saipan century tourism company launched a romantic trip to Phoenix flowers 6 day honeymoon trip twice-weekly direct flights to Saipan, Saipan from Shanghai to just 3 hours.

Saipan century tourism is part of the global cross-industry investment liantai Enterprises Ltd., operating Charter flights to Shanghai from Saipan and receives service operation, and is considered to be operating in the Chinese market in Micronesia's leading tourism company. Saipan century travel company is actively exploring Beijing-Saipan direct flights chartered flight business, with a view to Beijing and North to Saipan travel provides greater convenience.

Saipan is so romantic place, marriage before you can put on white yarn shooting wedding photo of Island style, then you can contact dahun lover in the beautiful scenery for the no disturbance of the honeymoon.

In this season of Phoenix and man, let's say on her/he, we went to Saipan, where the blue sky and white clouds, coconut tree, the white and fine sandy beaches; hellip hellip;