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The world's five charming island

Warship Island--Saipan Pearl, is located in the lagoon, located on the West side of Saipan-central coast of the island, this is like a coloured sea of green Castle, surrounded by a delicate white sand beaches, is instantly clear seawater gently hold little island, like a great jump out of the sea of Green Pearl, people to put it down.

Didn't go to warships Island, is not really to Saipan.

Warship island by island residues at the Pacific war Japanese residual-named with planes, about 15 minutes walk from the central part of the island, the island's white sand beach, all around is also a coral washed fine after the formation of the island is covered with tropical plants, nonglv entered the island Central, it feels like a small universe in isolation. There seems to be prepared exclusively for couples, if some day I want to love from the crowd went missing, exclusive at sweet second person in the world, this island so, warships, also known as the lover Island, honeymoon travel lovers, here, of course, is the perfect place for brewing feelings. Nearby waters are coral reefs, sea water through clear you can see the colourful tropical fish swim shuttle. The entire island is the silver beach covered with coral reefs around the perimeter of the refraction of sunlight, sea water through changes with fantastic colors.

Located in Iceland's Sudal West Island, is about half a century ago by undersea volcanic eruption and formation of the island, with considerable Sudal West Island, while the North Atlantic tenacity violent tidal continually eroded the island, but it still was named Sudal West, meaning the Sirte-Island mdash mdash;; sur Terre is Norway mythical flame giants.

West Rand Principality is located in the English channel in a small island, which is a soccer field is also a small man-made island, the land is the United Kingdom after World War II naval fortress discarded; mdash mdash; built in the United Kingdom SAC-Fu 10 km off the coast of a tower of named rush of a steel platform, that around 12 nautical miles of the waters are its territorial waters.

In the past half-century, blue Rhode Island has become the world newspaper headlines. Recently, it is contested, it is the world's smallest country once again around the attention: several players from the United States is planning of the network was put here into the world's largest information free port, or marine data haven.

Easter Island is an island in the South Pacific, which is also the world's most isolated island, from their recently settled in Pitcairn Islands also have 2,075 km distance.

The island shape approximation is a triangle, composed by three volcanoes. Easter Island, with its famous giant statue, the island has approximately 600 seat above the large stone, as well as large shitai (ahu, stone), its Easter Island toward the LU to volcanic rock carving work place to open courtyard, some ingenious courtyard buildings. The rest of the Southeast Pacific small island, it has attracted many people in the world for its interest and concern. From discovery of the island, many problems will become people comment, concern, but is not mystery, scientists to long-term research, are not consistent with a scientific explanation. Easter Island is the world's many people called the mysterious island, many questions about it, it was the world as the mystery of Easter Island.

Al Carter's Island is located in the United States is the center of San Francisco Bay area in California, a small island (Pacific Coast first lighthouse location), also known as Devil's Island, Nicolas middot; catch and Sean middot; Connally starring Hollywood films the braving the devil island "was filmed here, therefore, in the world.

It was acting as the Pacific coast lighthouse, then a military stronghold, the military prisons, federal prison until 1963, become the United States a Club House.

Glittering and translucent beautiful global top ten most beautiful waterfall TOP10

According to foreign media reports, see these beautiful suffocating waterfall, you may really black-tie perhaps see the drops of water in the sun shines under the flashes of the Rainbow, from the nature gives us the wonders of mind-blowing, the power of nature and the magnificent beauty of the waterfalls will make you lose yourself.

1. Victoria falls

About the world's most magnificent waterfalls of problems has been controversial.

Victoria Falls is located in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Zambia, the border between the States it is Mosi-oa-Tunya, meaning Thunder rain and fog. While Zimbabwe people call it the Victoria falls. The width of the falls is 1.7 km, height of 108 metres, is believed to be the world's largest waterfall.

It is David middot 1855; Livingston was first discovered and named the Queen Victoria of England, in the wet season, the falls every minute, more than 19 million cubic feet (538 020 m3) of water pours down.

Water fog is sometimes available from 25 miles (40 km) places to see.

2. Niagara falls

Of course, the United States believe their Niagara has the world's largest waterfall.

The most amazing waterfalls located in Canada for the province of Ontario and the boundary between the State of New York, which is famous for its beauty, in addition, hydropower is also very valuable. The name of the waterfall has several versions of the source. The name comes from the Niagara North American Indian language according to the Iroquois tribes, according to legend ONGUIAAHRA River, the horseshoe falls in possession under Iroquois Raytheon's soul. Although the volume of the Niagara Falls great, however, falls every 60 seconds of flow only six million cubic feet (169901 cubic meters).

3. Angel falls

In the eyes of tourists, the waterfall is not only the most important volume.

The height of the waterfall is also awesome. The total height of 3212 ft. (979 m) of Angel Falls is the world's highest waterfall, the world's biggest waterfall fall. Venezuela's Pei GNOME tribe called it the deepest waterfall. In October 1937; James middot ingre make it famous.

4. the Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls is located in Guyana, which is the largest single drop waterfall is Niagara falls to 5 times higher, is Victoria falls to 2 x.

Kaieteur Falls height 741 feet (226 m), a width of 370 ft (113 m). In the Earth's most ancient forests of ancient Guyana shield lookin' Kaieteur Falls is the absolute wonders of the world. Central Guyana PATA Mona tribal leader named Kay's great spirit in order to carry forward his people against the aggression of the savage tribal canoe in waterfall sacrifice Kaieteur Falls therefore. When the local language, Arthur is the waterfall of meaning.

5. jog falls

India in da Bong jog also has a spectacular falls, it is a Salad w to waterfall on the River, fall to 879 ft (253 m).

6. KE Ke Kota

In Peru chachapoyas, people find this two-tiered waterfall already have several centuries, but until 2005 Germany were Stefan middot; Chak Mun madoff and a Peru expedition mission site visits, it is only for the outside world.

The determination of the total gap, waterfalls as 2531 ft (771 m), is the world's highest waterfall in the world. Ke Ke Tower falls from 800 to 1400 years is located in the area of an ancient village and naming. This article falls exactly where so far unknown, because the locals believe that if you set the location of leaks out, living in a waterfall will drop in the fairy from their crimes.

7. the Yosemite falls

United States certainly has its own highest waterfall.

Yosemite falls total fall 2390 ft (728 m), the seventh largest waterfall in the world. It is a United States California Yosemite National Park one of the main attractions. Yosemite literally is the killer. Yosemite tribes composed by several tribes, the surrounding tribes who are afraid of stiff, called Yosemite clan-killer.

8. Sutherland falls

New Zealand is to have such a spectacular waterfall in another location.

Sutherland falls by three spectacular waterfalls, total fall 1904 ft (580 m), is the largest waterfall in New Zealand. Three-level falls from the mountain's two big Cliff pour down. It is found by Donald middot; Sutherland named, he went in search of Waka Prairie Lake's new path identified the waterfall.

9. falls

Bordering Argentina and Brazil have another spectacular waterfalls, it just falls, consists of 275 road size different waterfalls, the total span of approximately 2700 m, falls to 269 ft (82 m).

Iguazu waterfalls flow to 130 million litres per second, its stunning beauty.

Iguazu's name comes from the Guarani language, meaning flood.

Legend has it that a God wants to marry a beautiful fairy girl, the girl and her earthly love boat to escape. Fury of the gods to yguazu split so that the suffering of love will never fall.

10. piozzo de falls

The waterfalls are located in piozzo de, high 110 m Morocco, similarly splendid spanned.

The beauty of the waterfalls, who can stand?

9 you least want to place

Not all people are lucky enough to have a comfortable and safe homes.

In some parts of the Earth, people really live in dangerous edge. The following is a nine most terrible place, you will never want to live there.

India Mumbai as Ravi, residents of more than six years, has become Asia's largest slum.

There's the infamous dirty and spacious. Dala-show relatively bright side is that expensive Mumbai city where low-cost of living, living there, you only need to spend $ 4.

Dala-is the world's largest slums.

Dala-is also the seat of various small industries. Incredible is that Dara-total net income of residents near 65000 million. During the rainy season floods, where drinking water supply is insufficient, toilet facilities, Dara-not a serious threat to the health of the environment and to public health.

Brazil Rio de Janeiro's Jose, SA's largest slums.

Jose-located 1 km coast of hillside, formerly the squatter settlements around quickly developed into a modern slums. Here you'll find better than many slums, because it has a brick building, sanitation, plumbing and other city facilities.

Violence, drug dealing to Jose-become potentially dangerous living area.

This situation leads to drug traffickers and police between endless fights and encounters, to form a dangerous environment. Here's the bad economic situation 100 000 population, mortality is very high. In addition, the Dutch-built on steep slopes, are susceptible to landslides, rock avalanches and floods.

Jose-economic situation of 100 000 population, mortality is very high.

In addition, the Dutch-built on steep slopes, are susceptible to landslides, rock avalanches and floods.

Kenya Nairobi Jibeila, million residents living in the mountains.

Jibeila in Nubian languages mean forest is the home of one million people. Here to win all of Africa's largest slum of notoriety. Most of the people here is the tenant, has no right to live in the back out of the landlord all jibeila walls hut. These people are in Africa, Islam, each hut curled up eight individuals, often have to sleep on the floor.

Tenero Jibeila only 20% of areas have electricity, but does not have a good supply of clean water.

The use of dam water is the source of cholera and typhoid, sewage condition to exacerbate the situation here. Here the widespread AIDS threat, no Government medical facilities. In the face of serious unemployment, slum dwellers often in younger addicted to the game, some of these criminals, drunk and rapists. Cheap drug supply and glue the tendency to make this problem even more serious. The result is a variety of age girls unintended pregnancy rates, they invariably will abortion. Some charities and churches are working to improve the situation.

Kabwe, Zambia.

Cerusite due to rich in Zambia and attention, since 1902 was found, the former United Kingdom colony accrued a significant increase in the lead and cadmium. Although these lead mine is turned off, there is no refinery in operation.

For decades, Kabwe residents has been facing the threat of lead poisoning.

Children of the blood test shows that the lead concentration exceeds the normal limits of 5 to 10 times, it may be fatal in any one day. Until recently, the World Bank is funding to solve this problem.

The exterior of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

When it comes to life-threatening pollution and poisoning, nothing can match the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident records left, it leaves some 550 million people face the threat of thyroid cancer. 26 April 1986 the atomic radiation occurs causing radiation leak quantity and affects over Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic bombing 100 times.

Apartment block by radiation.

Living in the vicinity of the destruction of thousands of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus children still do not escape the effects of radiation.

Dzerzhinsk is located in Russia, Novgorod Texas Oka River, has been the center of Russia's chemical industry, production of chemical weapons.

Because of the staggering mortality, be posted on the world's most polluted cities.

In Dzerzhinsk, men's average life expectancy is only 42 years old, and 47-year-old woman.

Environmentalists have such a high mortality rate attributable to the continued production of organic chemicals, such as toxic dioxins, hydrogen cyanide, lead and sulfur mustard gas. Dzerzhinsk waters contain phenolic and dioxins than normal limits 1700 times.

Brazil Sao Paulo cubatao.

Kouba Tang covering 142 square kilometres, is called Death Valley. Here's a high degree of air pollution and destruction of the surrounding hills of Woods, the birth of children with congenital organ defects.

In 1984, an oil spill burnt city, nearly 200 people burned to death.

Until recently, it would have taken a lot of value 12 billion to improve the organic pollutants causing damage. Despite these measures, but the spread of contamination from an appendage of purifying soil and groundwater completely impossible, thus making cubatao become unsuitable for residency area.

Barcelona apartment in Cambodia.

In the 1960s by Lu Ban Hap design innovation in apartment buildings, was one of the buildings in Cambodia.

In the 1960s, Director of urban planning initiatives for low-cost social housing projects, the construction of a 300-metre long Barcelona apartments.

However, since 1979, as housing starts to decay, statutory tenants to vacate the apartment, the Government-funded housing project has become the 500 refugees home. Today, the concrete and brick structure of reinforced concrete wall has formed between dangerous cracks, the parasitic plant growing inside. The building collapse at any time possible, burying 2500 inhabitants.

Somalia Hamar.

This along with rust-signs of delicious can be said to visitors, welcome to Hamar this explosive city.

From Hamar armed convoy trip photos.

Since 1991 the Government since the fall, Hamar that once advanced port witnessed a hostile army barracks in seventeen years of fighting.

Hamar has become the world's most confusing without Government town, characterized by civil war and rebellion.

Such disturbances led to its original inhabitants to flee to Hamar for control of the military factions. Until recently, a new Federal Government has taken measures to control, is trying to re-establish law and order.

Visit the global IX most amazing caves (photos)

The Earth has many places also worth humanity to explore, cave exploration is both breathtaking makes people curious.

Now let us go into global 9 most amazing caves.

Crystal cave

Crystal cave

In 2000, the number of miners in the depth of up to 1000 feet (about 304.8 m) of the underground cave of the crystals were found, which proves there's still plenty of amazing natural wonders are not yet discovered.

Crystal cave is located near the city of Chihuahua Mexico's NYE card mine, the cave has many great lens that stretches in all directions, some of which is the largest in the history of the Crystal is found, they are located in an ancient fault. Cave of the water almost half a million years, and they provide huge crystal formation provides a good environment.



Finger-cave is located west of Scotland, deserted Staffa, it consists of a series of huge hexagonal basalt blocks.

18th century Scottish epic poet James? Mike Buddha's name it. Because of its arched at the top will issue a weird sounds, which the sound sounds like a melody of Gaelic caves.

Joseph Riesenhuber Wirth Ice Cave

Joseph Riesenhuber Wirth Ice Cave

In Austria Salzburg City, 40 km south of the town, wuelfing a so far discovered the largest ice cave.

Its name is Joseph Riesenhuber Wirth. Scientist Anton Posselt in 1879, the first to study for their exploration. As early as he came to the locals have been before knowing this cave, and considers that it is the entrance to hell, so they are not afraid to close the cave. This cave is 42 kilometers deep, but only in the beginning of a snow-covered with km, from the outside into the snow melts, stops in the upper part of the cave, the winter and ice on nodal, because over the cycle. Today's Joseph Riesenhuber Wirth became a famous tourist destination, attracting every year about 20 million tourists.

Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave

As the world's known the longest cave, Mammoth Cave National Park, has become the United States is not surprising.

It is located in Kentucky, stretch for 251 km, still has some not been found. The cave's name comes from its amazing length, and a mammoth prehistoric mammoths have any relationship.

Beautiful blue hole

Blue Hole

The famous caves in Italy Capri island.

This impressive cliffs blue hole is Millennium erosion formation, magical and spectacular. Blue hole filled ornate shiny blue water, the sun shining through the entrance to the cave and the water. In ancient Roman times, it is considered a witch and Monster House, but this does not prevent today's tourists to visit, it is still a Capri island's most popular attractions.

Swallow Cave

Swallow Cave

December 1966, the first time information on the Swallow Cave, which is located in Mexico San Luis Potosí State of a deep pit, depth up to 427 m.

It attracts many tourists, especially skydiving players like to this challenge. Hole in the wall of a large number of birds inhabiting mainly white collar swifts and green parrots, named Swallow Cave from here.

src="http://www.itravelqq.com/uploadfile/2010/0617/20100617101317125.jpg" />
Cave school in Southwest China

Cave school in Southwest China

Dongzhong's is a hole in the Middle, the cave is a cave is a school.

The cave is located in China's Guizhou province Ziyun County reservoir town, 1984 as schools open, just started with 186 students and eight teachers here. The cave is the result of thousands of years of weathering, water erosion and seismic changes. Now it looks like a small building, room, sports venues and entertainment district.

Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad Caverns

Carlsbad cave is located in the southeastern United States, New Mexico's Guadalupe Mountains, is the third largest cave in the Americas, in the 19th century in the late 1990s by the Cowherd boy Jim? White found.

The cave is there are many large room: New Mexico room, the King Palace, the Queen's Chamber, a total of 100 rooms. In 1930 it officially became a National Park, since then, every year, 40 million tourists to this visit.

Huai-Todd Morris Firefly cave

Huai-Todd Morris Firefly cave

Huai-Todd Morris Firefly cave is located in New Zealand North Island Waikato region, it is about supporting Moldova is part of the cave system.

As the name implies, this cave is Firefly family. In 3000 years ago the caves located underwater, by including seashells fossils, bones and coral limestone composition of ingredients.

Thailand yacht collision with rave party tragedy become

Rescue personnel to work

A female tourists painful

According to Hong Kong Wen 28, site reports, Thailand's famous tourist attractions in Samui and climbing teeth between the Islands there last night two speedboats collision, leaving at least 42 people wounded, two missing overboard.

During the incident, the vessel loaded with about 70 local and foreign tourists, to climb teeth Island to participate in monthly recurring full moon rave party. Authorities investigating the cause of the accident, and heavy rainfall and the sea waves.

According to reports, the accident area is located in the North of Samui, distance Pan about 3 km from the island of teeth.

Last night around 10 o'clock, a return by climbing teeth to Samui Island Yacht Petcharat number, and the other is going to climb tooth Island Yacht Seabeach, collision, two boat after boat, the passenger was thrown into the sea.

Most of the passengers were rescued, en route to vessels transferred to shore-based ambulance, 39 were sent to Samui or Bangkok International Hospital, 13-27 still in hospital.

It is reported that since all passengers were wearing life jackets, so most of the casualties are cut or frightened, but there is still a 2 foot fracture, 2 injured in the head of the foreign guests in serious condition.

Authorities said that the injured, including four of the United Kingdom, four Singapore, Ireland, Norway also and 17 Thailand tourists.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Australia it is confirmed that at least seven Australian tourists injured, four of them need to hospital, the Embassy is investigating whether the boat more Australians, and send their staff to Samui.

An Australian woman friend immediately after the call back to Australia, and wounded family contact: her back injuries, another girl you brain injuries.

Injured father being rushed to Thailand.

Samui areas maritime traffic is also competent Bawean injured, he said that he was with another 23 people from climbing tooth Island return Samui: suddenly, someone with a Thai shout lsquo; be careful, there are boat! rsquo; and then the boat was hit, we all fall into the sea.

He said himself immersed in water for about 10 minutes, during which passengers non-stop crying for help, after rescuers arrived.

It is reported that, during the incident, the scene is raining, visibility is very poor, and the sea there is a big wave.

But Bawean means that no rain, sea and it is not clear whether there is a speed boat. Authorities confirmed that there are 2 Thai brothers disappeared in the accident, but yesterday it was that saw the duo on the shore.