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Chic style of southern extreme sports

Extreme sports (Queenstown), also translated Kun Johnston or Queenstown, New Zealand, is located in the Wakatipu Lake (Lake Wakatipu) North Shore, to the neighbouring once gold; mdash mdash; arrow town (Arrowtown), here is the Chinese people in New Zealand traces of gold; mdash mdash; China village (Arrowtown Chinese Settlement).

Tour destination extreme sports landscape changing, like fairyland.

Its Lake and mountain landscape is suitable for almost all extreme sports adventure activities; but also is a famous place of enjoyment.

The region's history is inextricably linked with gold. 1862, two of the shearing in Saudi Watt Nile dig into gold and riches. Catty-corner rise in the gold rush town. The name comes from extreme sports to Queen Victoria. Adventure activities include snow sports, bungee jumping, Jet boats, horse riding and water sports. Enjoy activities including wine, Lake parade, spa baths, shops and Leisure Golf. Into extreme sports city, along the way are Skyscraping towering white young tree, the tree on the sides of mountains, you can clearly see from schist, drive traffic, just like in paradise. While walking in the extreme sports full of exotic Street, you will find each time visitors come to extreme sports are energetic, ready to go. Indeed, the extreme sports are numerous outdoor activities, so that each visitor is not free moment. And each person to extreme sports tourism, seems to be very clear about your purpose, and that is find stimulating!

Moore Road (The Mall) is arguably the most extreme sports the busy streets.

This article from the Lake to the mountains stretch of the street, there are many shops and restaurants, as that section is pedestrian Lane, so visitors can hairlines hairlines to wander about. The other two pedestrian lane mdash mdash;; Campo Street (Camp St) and Leith Street (Rees St), is also quite like visiting tourists. The street also stand a commemorative merchandise shop and restaurant, in addition to General Western-style restaurants, Chinese restaurants, no less, McDonald 's, is able to meet the needs of tourists around. Along the Val Wakatipu Lake, there are many romantic Cafe, when the sun sets, lights are lit by the light reflection in the floats above the Lake, the mood lightened with gentle flow of music and dance, you will find extreme sports or romantic! is located in the extreme sports camp street corner shopping center Europe to Niles Museum (O'Connell's Pavilion), there are many fine shops and restaurants. But if you want to know what the popular extreme sports activities, it may be to repair the Saudi Fleming Street (Shotover St) walking can understand. Here is a torrent canoeing, bungee jumping, skiing and other shops. Often many tourists wandering in this. New Zealand's costume shop style, creativity and characteristics, and international well-known brand counterparts. A closer look at the designer dress, contemporary works of art, jewellery and kitchenware, who's on the sale of goods more with extremely high enthusiasm, quality and design that is the best of New Zealand. You can purchase city of Angel (Angel Divine) and Goddess (Goddess) two shop buy women's dress, Bihac costume shop (AJ Hackett's Station) can be bought by AJ Gear production of men's and women's clothing and teenagers.

Extreme sports stimulus activities

Speak to a wonderful and exciting activities, extreme sports among the best in the world absolutely.

Extreme sports are a torrent, fjords, mountains, adventure of excellent environment, without destruction of nature, the development of a number of exciting activities. Mountains, sea, flying stuff all in here. But before that, remember, clothing must not too formal, otherwise, you are not on the road too. A shorts and a t-shirt, plus shoes or sandals is the most extreme sports spectacular, most correct in law, and most can be integrated into the breath of the dress up here. Extreme sports is also the birthplace of bungee jumping, in a beautiful scenery to enjoy the gravity acceleration before the impact, certainly you savours; there are also known as jet boat of jet boat, from New Zealand who invented jet boats come here not to be missed. The driver's guide visitors to enjoy the clear waters between the forest grown speed are thrilled that people's Congress. These extreme sports spectacular activities definitely worth your try to look at, if it is a helicopter or small aircraft enthusiasts, there are the Dominican Republic sightseeing trips.

Extreme sports features

New Zealand's extreme sports all year round and is able to engage in stimulating activities such as jet boat, canoe slalom canoeing and skydiving.

Extreme sports are bungee jumping in and birthplace. Winter extreme sports Cinderella Highland Park mdash mdash;; the world of ski and snow board enthusiasts gathered here to participate in the annual Winter Festival (Winter Festival).

From the 1860s onwards, Captain Canyon (Skippers Canyon) has been an extreme sports center of the gold mining region.

At that time, the mining of prosperity has not changed, all kinds of apparatus and historical relics still hold good. Adventurous excitement to here a unique title of master of the Grand Canyon, XuMany activities are let people stay, including pipeline bungee jumping (Pipeline Bungy), Captain Tales (Skippers Flying Fox), Sevinc Museum (Winkys Museum), the captain Canyon jet boat (Skippers Canyon Jet) and line trail (Pipeline Walkway) is the more famous. In addition, extreme sports, the master of the Canyon you can see many traces of gold, some were refurbished, you can enter one of prospecting pit mystery.

Extreme sports and arrow town unique historical

You can take your car, to the distance between the extreme sports 21 km far from the town of arrows.

The town came to arrow is to appreciate the ancient relic saved good, experience the cultural life of the early gold rush. The town was the site of the old building, Buckingham Street (Buckingham St) as a representative, some architectural locals has been changed to open restaurant or shop, you can go for a walk, the experience was a bit of people's lives. The Museum is also an excellent place to go, where to take a copy of the old building Directory, take a dip in the afternoon Shen Jian Town's unique history.

Ride the steam boat

Do not like too extreme sports and adventure activities, there are other ways to make you feel calm and tranquil here.

Ride on the steam-ship Enslow (TSS Earnslaw) tour w Lake Wakatipu on both sides of the Vista is a good idea. Sit on the ship and Titanic built steam ship in the same year, immediately feel a relaxed atmosphere, we recommend that you can sit on the seat of the deck, feel the Lake breeze and completely close to Varna Lake Wakatipu.

Sightseeing tram

Take the extreme sports horizon tramway (Skyline Gondola) is watching the best extreme sports magnificent scenery.

Tramway to sea level 45-degree angle of elevation of building, take the tram, in an extremely rapid off the ground, but at this point you can see the beautiful scenery and forget the horror. Reached the top of the Hill, overlooking the Southern Alps of the Lake, snow and will let your camera flash.

Milford Fiord

Milford Fiord, a miracle of nature.

Here the most attractive sight, is due to two million years ago of glacier movement and the cutting of the deep canyon. Get on board the sailing cruises, quietly, in which you can see both sides of the snow falls in the water to air. The ship will open closer to relatively close to the falls, you can feel the snow fog brought cold feeling. Fiordland National Park in addition to traverse a natural wonders, you can also experience the abundant wildlife ecology. You can see the shore side, penguins, seals, biological, and if lucky, maybe you can see dolphins swim on both sides of the boat with you saying hi! if you want in-depth capture the Lord of the rings (Lord of Ring) of beautiful Canyon, you can consider the hiking trails in the mountains. This trail must have sufficient strength to be able to enter, a local guide to take you into the world in complete isolation. The scenery here, be sure to go to experience. The development of other public facilities, such as accommodation, meals, and other similarly strict restrictions by the Government, so the vast majority of the region by foot, to save rare in full nature.