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Height be happy world mountain restaurant TOP8

1. Switzerland, horse, Chez Vrony

In the tradition of Switzerland within the cabin, you can see the modern furniture, a cylindrical vase with chestnut.

They are all food purists, their own cattle and beef seasoned. In the basement, they also make your own cheese.

2. Switzerland, Saint Mo Leeds, La Marmite

In the snowy only tram to reach the ski resort, La Marmite is six restaurants in the most cost-effective and most delicious.

Here's the Cook stressed the unique taste, pure white tablecloth, glossy silver cutlery, first lobster soup, and is equipped with black truffle of tuna sashimi or venison with vanilla package. After dinner, guests can also enjoy a meal and wine and a good cigar.

3. Italy, Cervinia, Chalet Etoile

Here's the menu changes every day, but the only constant is the thick fish soup, floating jellyfish mussels and shrimp broth.

Staple foods including mushroom Italy Italy face, lobster, clams clam fine flour, steak. Don't forget to drink after a meal, a cup of strong coffee, Guerra bad wine.

4. France, Le Gaucher's Ville, the Cap Horn

This is a look at the person (often a lot of celebrities or Russia's Millionaire here) and taste the important food, especially sushi.

Compare popular choice is the sea creatures, from Canada Norway lobster, crab, jellyfish shrimp, shrimp to the best of 3, the oyster.

5. France, Val D'isere, La Folie Douce

Here's a style like the old dairy cooperative company, here are the raw materials come from local farmers and family workshop.

Rough in this seemingly abandoned buildings, there are two dining establishments to choose from: more formal and cafeteria. In the basement, there are over 500 bottles of red wine collections.

6. Austria, St. Kelisiduofu Hospiz Alm,

This is the resort to Alberta's best restaurants.

Lunch time, skiers on the sunny terrace with a glass of champagne to enjoy Vienna fried small steak and caramel Scones. In the evening, traditional House will become a gourmet's paradise: own pickled salmon, crafted duck meat, wine, of course, is also indispensable.

7. the United States, Ville, Brook restaurant

If you are a member, only you can enjoy lunch here, because only the control in 395, personal reserve list within.

But dinner is open to the public. First is the avocado pudding amberjack sashimi, and is equipped with shrimp potato steak.

8. Japan, II the ancient villages, lookout restaurant

This restaurant is located on the hillside overlooking the village, will let you enjoy the worlds most fresh sushi and seafood, because here from the sea only half an hour by car.

This fresh than the skilled Cook cooking out dishes more attractive.