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Love jiangshan also love the beauty of the ten countries worldwide inventory of beautiful Princess

Netherlands Royal bride Anita: Prince as she renounced the throne.

Christian is Margaret Princess's third son, as he's in the Church, I would like to represent his abandoned the Netherlands Royal family membership and succession to the throne, because his marriage was the approval of Parliament.

Morocco Princess Thrallmar: she changed her country, her husband as her discard three gongliu homes.

Jordan Queen Rania: currently the world's most noble beauty queen.

Spain Royal bride Les to Zia: beauty and wisdom of both news anchor.

Married in the Royal family of full sex scandal before but she loved by the people of Spain.

Denmark Princess Donaldson: pub meet Prince.

Mary mdash mdash;; Donaldson, the lucky Australian women do not have to kiss a frog, then deeply caught the Prince of Denmark.

Belgium Royal bridal Combs: Prince successful tame wild horses.

The Prince made the acquaintance of civilian woman Clare-McCombs, and after the Party requested help McCombs cleaning dishes.

Netherlands Royal bride maksima: broke the resistance of the Royal family was happy end.

Alexandra Prince and maksima is an exposition on acquaintance. Since then, they fell in love.

Italy Royal bride Claude mdash mdash; tyre; ' COA Laurent: actress capture Prince in exile.

Italy top Royal Saboya family 1946 overthrown, forced to start his career in exile. In 2002, was allowed to return to the motherland. Emanuel to Switzerland a television work, he is one of the Monte-Carlo charity ball on library-love at first sight.

United Kingdom Royal bride Sophie: resembles Diana.

Edward was the youngest son of Queen, Princess Sophie in before she married into the Royal family, was openly her naked pictures, of which 12 years ago and a radio host in the car the most sensational flirting photos, photos of Sufi was lifted coat, exposing the chest. The matter worse to her and Edward's marriage complications, but in the end she was Queen pardon, and Prince Edward married smoothly.

United Kingdom of Princess Diana: her location, no one can replace.