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But in the top ten United States successive Presidents tourist resort

A, Mather vineyard Island, nbsp; Obama

Martha vineyard Island long 23 miles (approximately 36.8 km) wide, 9 miles (approximately 14.4 km), there are six different styles of town, also has a golf course, swimming pool, private beach and basketball courts, is a famous tourist destination.

It is mainly because of the comfortable climate temperature and can stand tall cliffs watch is famous for the Atlantic, has always been the rich as preferred holiday destination. According to the resort island of journals the vineyard Gazette, the resort island in the United States in 2007 were rated as the most expensive of the island.

Second, Bush Manor (or Walker angle Manor)

The Bush family has a history of the Manor has more than 100 years, it was originally founded in 1903.

Although the Bush family, more time is spent in Texas, they still often came to Walker angle Manor holidays.

Third, del Cielo Ranch (located in California at Santa Barbara) nbsp; Reagan

In 1974, the actor born Governor Ronald Reagan's second term draws to a close, he and his wife Nancy first saw del Cielo Ranch.

This covers 688-acre farm is located in Santa Barbara on the outskirts of nature. Their price is $ 52.7 bought in the Reagan presidency, he often here on holiday.

Fourth, the Lyndon Baines Johnson farm (located in Stonewall, Texas)

Lyndon Johnson near Stonewall's farm is well worth a look.

This place not far from the city of Austin, and not a quiet, boring Museum. It President Johnson as forthright character I, giving a glance feeling, is a United States National Park Service is an important tourist attractions.

5, the Kennedy Park (located in Hyannisport, Massachusetts) nbsp; Kennedy

Here there was United States history so many scandals, but very few outsiders can admittance.

Originally Joseph Kennedy 1926 rented Marchant Avenue summer vacation villas. Two years later he bought it, and expanded, this place became the Kennedy family's summer resort. After his son John and Robert bought neighbouring houses, today's courtyard.

Six, Camp David (located in the Catoctin Mountains Park Maryland) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Eisenhower

Most people will be the President of the resort and the Eisenhower, the latter in his grandson's name will be named as Camp David.

In fact is Franklin Roosevelt's earliest start here on holiday, and avoid Washington recuperation body's hot and humid in summer. In the past years, the United States met the President or to a person, or in the hid a quiet, Camp David, remains President preferred resorts.

Seven, the small White House (located in Florida Key

West)nbsp;nbsp; Truman

President Truman in 1946 began working in Key West and pastime, as after the first President to open.

Now the little White House official feature has given way to public tours and private parties, but the Basic has maintained a Truman era as is.

Eight, the pine forest Manor (Albemarle County, Virginia, United States) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt's wife Edith 1905 chose this covers 15 acres of pine forest Manor (Pine Knot), this two-storey villa become the family of resorts.

There is not a luxury, because even the latrine House. Place in recent years has been refurbished, let people know about the tour in simple President resorts.

Nine, Monticello Manor (located in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Jefferson

Remember the five cents coins after House? it is located in Albemarle County, Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello Manor (Monticello) is a Roman neoclassical architecture, the Jefferson construction in the year 1769, didn't stop until 1809.

10, Mount Vernon Farm Park (located in Mount Vernon, Virginia, United States) nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Washington, d.c.

Here is the first President of the United States vacation, is the first President of the former residence of George Washington.

This 18th century manor from Washington, d.c., but miles, open all the year round. Washington and his wife Martha had been living here for 40 years, he put the House consists of six room expansion to 21 bedrooms, covers you from 2,000 acres to 8,000 acres.