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Inventory of the United States six top-level "emotional" restaurant

Beautiful music, champagne, and oh so delicious food with misty Moonlight and beautiful scenery, a sweet journey could lack romantic candlelight dinner and intoxicating? let's throughout the entire us six top-level estrous restaurant, teasing your sinful thoughts of appetite and want to indulge the mind!

The River coffee

The Bank of the coffee: just updated the menu and wine list of the Bank of the South-Western New York coffee is the most famous marriage sites, the restaurant since 1977, with its unique style of viewing advantage 1 reputation, countless couples seeking a romantic here with river water slowly flowing sound the faithful witness of love and get round after a beautiful River shouting: we got married!

England BBQ House

England has a rich, barbecue House: England style barbecue House in the city of Louisville is a famous gentleman restaurant, where the pair used by a whisper intimate conversation couples is the main source.

At the same time, it also became the city's most famous places to celebrate a wedding anniversary. Elegant tone, pure wooden chairs and barbecue food providing for couples from subtle romantic enjoyment.

Azul restaurant

Azul restaurant: sipping exquisite seafood while watching the sunset, that is how a romantic experience! is located in the United States Miami Azul restaurant is not only able to bring you the best experience, with luck, you can add to your table a rainbow.

Here are all of the dishes, tuna fish experience, Rainbow of clam presumably are worth a taste of delicious.

-Continental Classic Cola cherry
-Continental classics: marble facade decoration of the restaurant, Continental Classic perfectly its surrounding desert environment, from the United States in Santa Fe only ten miles away.

Perhaps slightly lonely location and desert mystery brings unlimited reverie space, here's the romance full of wild and crazy. If you like to try fresh journey experience, prefer to bring you a taste of special incentives, it may wish to find a delectable points taste of cherry Cola with sauce to try it out.

Everest restaurant

Everest restaurant: located in the Chicago securities stock exchange 40 floor of Everest restaurant has been nominated for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago's most romantic style of the restaurant, the chef Jean, twenty years always continuously explore new for lovers of romantic dishes, butter crab meat, Goose liver, exquisite pineapple chocolate confections, etc are so appetizing, you can imagine when here full of Valentine's day.

NANA restaurant

NANA restaurant: at the Hilton Anatole Le Hotel 27 storey NANA restaurant is famous for celebrating the Holy Land, and wide French window easily can be the beauty reminds of Dallas.

Five-star luxury experience not only attract countless couples and foreign tourists to this dinner is often seen in the dining room of Texas stars and lovers Meanwhile the sweetness.