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See the Tangshan earthquake "inventory of world cities for post-earthquake reborn

July 22, Feng Xiaogang's latest masterpiece the Tangshan earthquake on the national stage, is 32 years ago, a story of 23 seconds, this story all the audience was touched by the end of the movie or! full of warmth, let people feel the warmth from the heart, bring the hope of life.

For individuals who have survived the disaster is a lucky, but it is undeniable that the aftermath of the earthquake, not just the issue of life after the earthquake, the more likely to be accompanied by a lifelong mental problems.

Those who experienced a big earthquake? they are freed from the shackles of the soul? that had destroyed the city now discredited? how to borrow from the Tangshan earthquake, people who experience a natural disaster of the city and people of gratitude, small series of finishing the world's top 10 seismic disaster city's rebirth after being robbed, we might have less pain, after all, we all must learn to face the pain continued forward, please believe that there is with a light of hope for the future!

1976 July 28 3 is 42 minutes 54 seconds, nbsp; Tangshan earthquake Leeb 7.8 nbsp; Cause 242769 deaths

Rebirth after being robbed of Tangshan

1976 July 28 3 is 42 minutes 54 seconds, Tangshan, Hebei, occurred in the vicinity of the fengnan 7.8-a strong earthquake, 11 ° Epicentral intensity, seismic and Tianjin and Beijing.

This earthquake is concentrated in the industrial and mining enterprises concentrated, densely populated cities, causing 242419 deaths (including Tianjin and other affected areas), more than 1 million people were injured, 15886 families disintegration, who became a paraplegic patients 3817, 25061 limb deformity, a legacy of thought, of orphaned 4204 3675, hundreds of thousands of people lose their homes since become refugees.

May 12, 2008 at 14: 28 minutes 04 seconds Wenchuan earthquake nbsp; Victims Leeb 7.8: 69142 missing: 17551

The rebirth of Wenchuan after being robbed

May 12, 2008 at 14: 28 minutes 04 seconds, Wenchuan, Kitagawa, 8-level earthquakes and untimely hit the Earth to tremble, and rivers, the absence of transposition, devastated; hellip hellip; Southwest Department, national mourning.

This is since the founding of new China, the most powerful, destructive scope largest earthquakes. The earthquake hit about 50 million square kilometres of land! to express people of all nationalities on the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake victims compatriots of deep condolences to the State Council decided that 2008 may 19 to 21 October as national mourning.

January 1995-5: 17, 46 Japan Kobe earthquake nbsp; Leeb 7.2 killed more than 5400 injured about 2.7 million

Respawn after being robbed of Kobe

1995 January 17, 46 minutes, when 5 is located in the South of Japan Kansai Hyogo Prefecture Awaji Island (from Kobe to Awaji island of liujia faults), Leeb 7.2 earthquake.

Its focal depth of about 10-20 kilometers, the series zhixiaxing earthquake. The strong economic region of Japan Hanshin main city of Kobe City, causing serious damage. According to the information reflecting the quake area total deaths more than 5400 (of which there are more than 4000 lines are killed and suffocation deaths, accounting for 90 per cent), the injured about 2.7 million homeless victims in nearly 30 million people, destroyed buildings around 10.8 000; electricity, gas, road, rail and harbour are heavily damaged. According to Japan's official publication, the earthquake caused economic losses of about $ 100 billion. Total losses gross 1 ~ 1.5%. This earthquake injured personnel, buildings destroyed many and large economic losses is Japan Kanto earthquake after 72 years, the most serious one, is Japan's post-war 50 years the biggest a disaster.

1960 21 May 3 p.m. Chile earthquake Leeb 8.9 earthquake nbsp; About 1 million deaths

Respawn after being robbed Chile

Chile 8.9 earthquake happened (some experts believe it should be revised to 9.5 level).

FromOn this day to 30 may, the continuous suffering from several times during the earthquake, earthquake, 6 extinct volcano eruption again, 3 new volcano. May 21-the great earthquake of 8.5 resulted in the 20th century's greatest a tsunami, an average of up to 10 m, maximum 25 metre waves violent impact Chile coast, destroying the ports, piers, shipping, roads, warehouse, housing. Speed of a tsunami wave 707 km, trans-Pacific 14 hours after the earthquake in Hawaii, the wave height reached reached $ 9 m; 22 hours after arrival 17000 km away Japan archipelago, height 8.1 m, Japan's largest fishing vessel are to bring into the town streets. This earthquake, Chile has 1 million people dead or missing, 100 million homes were destroyed, the country's 20% of the industrial enterprises were damaged, direct economic losses 5.5 billion.

In 1970, May 31, nbsp; 1970 Peru Chin Bo great earthquake Leeb 7.6 earthquake killed 6 million people were injured in 10 000 people

Rebirth after being robbed of Chimbote city

1970, 31, Peru's largest fishing port in Chimbote 7.6 earthquake happened in.

In the earthquake of 6 000 deaths and more than 100 000 people were injured, one million people homeless. Chimbote suffered from earthquake and tsunami of dual attacks suffered heavy losses. To the East of the city and in accordance with the city of tolerance, was triggered by the earthquake of debris buried glaciers, the whole city 2.3 million people being buried alive.

1985 September 19, 7: 19 minutes nbsp; Mexico earthquake Leeb 8.1 death 3.5 million people were injured in 4 000

After being robbed of Mexico City reborn

Mexico Southwest Pacific undersea 8.1 earthquake, away from the epicenter of 400 km of the capital Mexico City, Mexico was severely damaged, over 700 buildings collapsed, 8000 more buildings, more than 200 schools are razed to the ground, the bustling city of Juarez Avenue many ruins.

Mexico City, 40% of the region loses power, 60% of the area of water for up to two weeks, and domestic and international telecommunications all interrupts. This earthquake, total 3.5 million people were killed, 4 million people were injured, million people homeless. So far from the epicenter has suffered heavy losses because the main part of the building, in a dry Lake, the ground is soft, coupled with excessive use of groundwater, the strata sinking every year, building more instability.

1988 December 7th 11 am 41 nbsp; Armenia earthquake Leeb 6.9 death 2.4 million people were injured 1.9 million

Respawn after being robbed Leninakan

1988 December 7th 11 am 41, the then Soviet Armenia Republic 6.9 earthquake happened, the epicenter in Armenia's second largest city near Leninakan, intensity of 10 degrees, the city of 80% of buildings were destroyed.

The earthquake caused 2.4 million deaths, 1.9 000 disablement, direct economic losses of more than 100 billion rubles, the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident losses. This earthquake is characterized by a high magnitude, but not losses. In 1989, a similar magnitude earthquake occurred in the United States, San Francisco, only dead 68 people.

1990: June 21, 0: 30 nbsp; Northwestern Iran Earthquake Leeb 7.3 death 5 million people were injured in 6 million

Respawn after being robbed, Uhde Barr town

1990: June 21, 0: 30 in Northwest Iran Caspian area 7.3 earthquake, the epicenter in the first 200 kilometres northwest of Tehran Gilan province-Uhde Barr town, the town completely destroyed in the earthquake.

The earthquake caused the 5 million people were killed and 6 million people were injured, 50 000 people displaced, 9 million houses and 4000, commercial louyi to the ground, all the economic losses is 80 billion dollars.

2010-1-12, 16 53 pm Haiti earthquake, nbsp; nbsp; Leeb 7.0 earthquake nbsp; Wrecked: about 13 million people

Sea seismic region is acceptance of the world's rescue, look forward to the victims ' physical and psychological stability as soon as possible

This earthquake was Haiti since 1770, the most serious since the earthquake, so that the Western hemisphere's poorest country suffered unprecedented blow.

Including the Presidential Palace and the resident of the United Nations peacekeeping force, hundreds of building collapse. According to preliminary estimates of the International Red Cross, the big earthquake in Haiti will be as many as 300 million refugees. In the first 15 days after the earthquake, the survey out lives 11.3 million people, injured 19.6 million. Epicenter off the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, 15 km away. As of 2010-26 January, Haiti earthquake enter day 15, who confirmed that the Haiti earthquake has caused nearly 13 million people lost their lives, 19.6 million were injured. The earthquake victims, a United Nations peacekeeping force in Haiti, including eight Chinese peacekeepers were killed. After the earthquake, the international community have a hand that will provide humanitarian aid to Haiti.

April 14, 5: 39 min 57 sec nbsp; Yushu earthquake victims Leeb 7.8: 2698 people nbsp; Missing: 270 people

My Government has initiated the reconstruction of the five-year plan yushu, 5 years after the yushu brighter!

Yushu County, Qinghai province, 2010 14 a.m. two earthquakes occur, the highest magnitude earthquake epicenter 7.1, located in the town nearby.

As of April 25, 17: 00 pm 2220 yushu earthquake caused the disappearance of 70 people were killed. As an expression of the people of all nationalities died on seismic yushu, Qinghai province's deep condolences to compatriots, April 20, the State Council decided that in 2010 21 April at the national mourning activity, and the embassies of mourning, stop public entertainment.