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The more the more fascinating global rates to luxury the highest city review

Bird's nest, chicken chicken shed, as the soul of the person must have a nest, house prices up, they have to bite the bullet and tighten the belt to buy.

This is the current number of wage-earners, buy a House. Room is bought, the burden is then on the back, the original one or two, or even more easily by the free man, turned to the only death assets, not spending power, the body burden of House slave. When do you want to be able to have the Battlefront? may never turn out being visible high prices, and others. You can still have a group have adequate consumption of green groups, from luxury housing, magnificent, decorated their own nests. Today, with the small series together look at those rates high atonal luxury city, but also the way glimpse of the local scenery.


The first bits: Monaco Monte Carlo

True love is romantic and calm, ideal and reality often only a wall, but if the history of Monaco romance, generally thick and can never change.

Come to Monte Carlo, this casino color up showing a strange palaces, surrounded by gardens. Through the glass of the endless azure sea, the Sun was adequate. Looming in the distance some ships, the horizon, the white sails of the ship and formed a romantic abstract paintings.

Captivating Monte-Carlo

Monte-Carlo's residents can enjoy the Blue Coast (Cte drsquo; Azur) of beaches, fascinating nightlife as well as havens of benefits, but they also have to pay for that.

This holiday resort for the second consecutive year, ranking the highest global price list the Laurel, the average market price as high as $ per square foot 4420. (1 square foot asymp; 0.09290304 square meters, Monte-Carlo prices per square meter of about 32 million RMB) Monte Carlo is a rich, narrow and focus cities. Here the main house prices so high and an area of shortages and havens.

Highly characteristic of the Kremlin

Second place: Moscow (US $ per square foot, 1937)

Moscow human bravery, was once inspired the fight for freedom in the world; today, revisit the exciting plots, continues to be a burning.

Ancient sacred Kremlin architectural complex, here is the testimony of the history of Moscow, skillful in the mystery of the Orthodox Church ... Contrast with Moscow's melancholy temperament.

Affected by the strong economic growth, and the first three quarters of housing prices, increased by two Moscow, jump to the top three positions.

According to the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the World Factbook "shows that last year, Russia's GDP grew by 6%.

Beautiful London

Third place: London (US $ per square foot, 1928)

One of London's financial centres, the price of course is high, reaching us $ per square foot, 1928.

In addition to the high price of housing, you can take look at the room of the England's brilliant civilization, lost in the beautiful gentle River Thames, witness the mysterious stately Westminster Cathedral, wild romantic in hazy mists ...

Mysterious stately Westminster

London is stubborn, she doesn't have time to change, whether good or bad image, London always in your own way there but happy.

Sometimes in the air smelled a sweet fragrance, please don't be surprised, maybe a little of roadside brings you surprise; or London Street Tavern dissemination of fragrance, as drinking wrote scholarly writings: wine to drink, because of the difficult to drink; London, because she has not changed.

Colorful and New York

Fourth place: New York (per square foot 1384.1 beauty


New York is a typical bustling city, stand tall, frequent shuttle subway, colorful neon light.

From a certain perspective, New York is a beauty, but also a Peugeot beauty. Here are the multicolored bustling world economic core Manhattan, do any of the top brands of Fifth Avenue, there are majestic and magnificent torch the statue of liberty ...

Happy peaceful New York

All people in the world of happiness serene and unhappy are concentrated in New York, any person who belongs to it, it does not belong to anyone.

Night, a shade kunyi was unable to sleep, and continue along the river walk this road, but can not find the end ...

In last year's survey, the average house prices in New York for $ 1384.1 per square foot.

Overview of the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, Mayfair

Fifth: Hong Kong (US $ per square foot of 1373)

Shopping heaven Hong Kong prices naturally is very high, because the land is scarce, many permanent population, our House has been in short supply.

The Hong Kong and, of course, can not miss the beauty of Hong Kong. Whatever it is that all the lights, Hill, dark or magic lights and laser-curtain meets Avenue of stars, or the elegance of Repulse Bay ... Everywhere can appreciate Hong Kong's bustling and trendy.

Beautiful city flowers

If you really want to quiet slowly enjoy the bustling city, preferably alone take the Star Ferry, Victoria Harbour, slowly let quiet of sea breeze blows cheek, enjoy a natural massage and quiet solitude.

Art Paris

Sixth: France Paris (per square foot 1,126.20 USD)

Paris is the art of rational; Paris is a staunch and easy-going.

From the roadside coffee crowd to St. Louis Baker; from the Louvre and Montmartre artists to the unique Paris spring; from Paris Millennium of history and heritage into the modern way of life, everything is like a book, maybe more like a glass of wine

The world's most watched changqiao drivers on legs

Chesapeake Bay is the United States in the Eastern Atlantic from South to North into the Interior of the Bay, is located in Maryland and Virginia.

Since the Bay Shore twists and turns than a ship docked in the island, offers excellent condition, located in Bay head of Baltimore and WAN port of Norfolk are international famous harbour.

In order to facilitate traffic exchanges on both sides of the Bay and to the tourism of domestic and foreign tourists, the United States Government to invest in the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, opened in 1964.

The world's longest bridge tunnel complex 37 km in length, is known as the seven wonders of the modern world.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a bi-directional cross bridge, from Norfolk to Delaware peninsula, in the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean between a water promenade.

The artificial island in the middle of the bridge, you can watch the Atlantic Bay estuary, the world's busiest shipping lanes of the spectacular and fishing, dining, buying souvenirs. In addition, the bridge is open once a year for public walking or cycling tours.

But since the bridge was built, with drivers caused a lot of trouble.

In order to facilitate the vessel passed the bridge built very high, high surface 185 feet. Plus the design time is not on the bridge's construction of the shoulder of the road, many drivers a to the bridge will shake with fear, did not dare to drive across the bridge. Even if some drivers venture to pull into the bridge and carefully pull it very slowly, this not only causes road congestion, but also to the pressure on the bridge itself.

Lsquo; in order to ensure the bridge traffic flow, the United States Government has deliberately organized vehicle rescue company, to provide free generation past drivers driving across the bridge service.

But because of the increasingly high vehicle penetration, to the bridgehead on the ganer fibrillation drivers more and more, now the company has no ability to drivers at the bridgehead, such as to provide timely and effective service.

In order to further alleviate the pressure on the United States Government has formally approved three new companies to provide services on behalf of driving vehicles cross the bridge, each car charges $ 30 each time, and not only to the past truck and car service, you can also provide generation driving motorcycles.

As business booms, require generation of drivers now driving business was mentioned a few days in advance, and you want to drive to the specified location, at the relevant company will only be sent on behalf of a driver's license, otherwise you may also have queues, not necessarily on the bridge.

The "classic" and "romantic" sea holidays

Another hot holiday here, be it for a short period of time ending their studies student or temporarily away from the busy work of people like to come for a relaxing trip, good High! so, is by plane, by train, by bus, was supposed to be easy and pleasant journey all the way to becoming the student prefers? and the whole are attractions in running around or want to travel between the clean water and blue sky, sat on the deck of a cruise ship, with the sea wind, enjoyed a extraordinary sea holidays? I think the answer is obvious.

Italy song poetry to cruise

Italy in everyone's recollection is a classic and fashion have ultimate romantic cities, as Italy manufacture of song poetry to cruise in is perfect.

Just enter the cabin will be hanging in which works of art, all kinds of rare wood attracted and Carrara marble in the most excellent European artists finely crafted after flashing with light, a cruise on the ownership of the original works of art worth millions of dollars, including sculpture, painting, murals, wall paintings and hand-crafted furniture is manufactured in Italy was perfect and exquisite, reflects the poem as cruise's character. So, I thought worthy of art mdash mdash;; Italy to really make a difference. With the service personnel and lead to the cabin, suddenly feeling how so simple room: solid color of fabric sofa, simple wooden stools and tables, a spacious and looks very comfortable bed, nothing more. This battle is not really heavy, but feel also very warm, familiar taste upheavals, very classic.

Song da cruise room

Long heard that the cruise, the visitors were not themselves the trouble of planning the life on board, because every morning to receive a paper called "Today" newspaper, when you get the daily newspaper, it will be very surprised, this newspaper is really did some assumed from eating to several considerations can be entertainment, start some all over dinner to, very detailed sets out a day of activities and information mdash mdash;; let the tourists can easily integrate into the romantic sea life, enjoy life.

Song da cruise room

The newspaper said, if you like making handicrafts or cooking, you can go to find experienced Italy bartender gives him guidance cooking and wine tasting, and by the way, learn the handmade, Florence, Naples and Milan Paint picture paper flowers, professional gourmet will teach how to a delicious coffee in Italy, but also about a few friends together to participate in the wealth of adult art DIY.

If you like to enjoy the arts, cruise on Italy's Bel Canto Opera from the actor's performance waiting for everyone to appreciate, but every evening there will be a different form and content of the show.

If you love to dance, you can find the partner jumped on the deck a passionate of Salas, or in the open-air dance floor jumping a springy Waltz, let your heart beat, you can enjoy the trip.

If you like the taste of food, cruise ready authentic Italy 提拉米苏, rich aromatic cappuccino coffee taste mellow wine hellip; hellip;

Read the newspaper it seems wonderful introduction had already experience the rich and varied entertainment activities, filled in for the next few days the cruise lifestyle expectations.

Song da cruise room

Out of the room and began to savor the cruise of the art in those ubiquitous, authenticity, and really long cut a lot of sense.

May be hungry, perhaps being attracted by the smell of the food, the unconscious will come to the restaurant. Because Italy manufacturing so Italy, food is everywhere on a long time, point a charming 提拉米苏 and a cup of fragrant cappuccino, like this, like the charming, romantic feeling.

In the morning, in a spacious deck, alcohol is the new espresso wakes up one day and then enjoy a rich and refined breakfast and lunch, afternoon tea with delicious, authentic Italian pizza and delicious snack warm welcome, and a special dinner and the night is cruise show visitors last surprise is worth looking forward to.

In addition, the ship also specifically equipped with low-calorie food and vegetarian dishes to satisfy tourists special diet needs, at the same time, the cooks also have this in mind, and in particular to provide Chinese language service and authentic Chinese food, but also in the sea of Chinese feel warm. Moreover, tourists can also enjoy the scenery of different delicacies gourmet restaurant, dinner, enjoy the sea view, so let's putLongitudinal taste to enjoy classical and romantic cruise tour!

In day accept, likes to sit in the restaurant and comfortable chair and looked around and saw that the children with delicious Pasta and ice cream volume happy laughing, playing, and parents are sitting together with relaxed talk and laugh, think actually travel really means is this: simple process, careful service, exquisite restaurants, exquisite tableware hellip hellip;; let visitors feel that they can truly relax and really mitigation studies as well as the pressures of work, this is sufficient.

Therefore, in the poem as a cruise of the past few days is unparalleled sea holidays, classic and romantic combination of perfect enjoyment.

Love in the distant net long nature

Natural beauty

From the South Pole to the North Pole, from old world to the Western Hemisphere, from sunrise to sunset, from Cenozoic orogeny to slightly more various, nature in the charm of dynamic and static build-up between is we never read of gorgeous scroll.

Landslides and crack momentumof sigh, green mountains and blue waters of the prosperous and also laments the creator of the magic.

Every day to make the noise propagation of the city, often hovering kink difficult choice junctions, tired of our ever forsake everything, to join in the distant net long nature, looking for original and quiet.

On a personal level, on the natural landscape of perceptive and affinity, in a sense also determines the level of his living realm. Marvel also needs to be good at discovering my eyes, and great achievements to continue feeling it. Native mother of the Earth, the strain on our trips, still unchanged to expand her can for our wide breadth leaned, beginning early in life, and still is our destiny. Today, together with the small series exploring the natural wonders that distant.

Three color l.

1, three color l.

Indonesia is known as the equator of a bunch of jade, is the world's most beautiful country in the world.

She not only has a charming tropical scenery, but also there is a picturesque resort, unique three-colored Lake is one of the famous places of interest.

Three color Lake is located in Indonesia Nusa islands of Porquerolles island of Mutu mountain, 60 km from the German city.

The surface color, Tri-colour Lakes Division left Lake, right after the Lake Lake, three parts: the left Lake, Lake red, right after the Lake Lake green, pale green Lake Lake. Three color Lake is composed of three volcanic Lake, next to each other, Red Lake on the left side of the Lake is the largest one, with a diameter of about 400 metres, depth up to 60 m. The width of the other Hunan and Hubei provinces are in the 200 meters.


Three color Lake is because long ago g Mutu outbreak.

These three volcanic Lake in the Lake, because with different minerals and different colors. A brilliant Red Lake contain large amount of iron minerals, green and light blue lake is rich in sulfur. Every noon, three color Lake Lake often veiled with white clouds, as if covered with white light yarn, is very beautiful. But in the afternoon often clouds on the Lake, covered the sunlight, strong wind Lake's sulfur smell blowing a terrible idea, it seems there is another world.

Three color Lakes surrounding hills and peaks, the strange stone stand, forest, close to the center of the debate.

Not far from Silver Falls, steep cliffs straight from the diarrhoea, meandering rivers in the mountains and deep valleys quiet stream, prattling. Station in mountain view, River, forest, Lake, panoramic view, a string of gray's hut, just like the little fishing on the sea. Three color green trees on the shore of the Lake the Reedy shallows, crowds of Swan Xiyou in between.

Excellent landscape

Treasures xiaotieshi:

1, the best time to travel: Indonesia is located in the equator, all the year round climate is hot, the average annual temperature of 27 ° c.

Local climate for typical tropical, hot and rainy, humid, in May of each year; mdash mdash; October, rainfall is relatively small, this is the Golden season for tourism.

2, clothing: Indonesian tourists throughout the year such as summer, simply prepare general summer clothes.

If you would like to go to the mountain highlands travel, you must prepare for sweaters, jackets, and other clothing to keep warm. Indonesia strongly during the day, the sun visor or parasols is a must. If the out of Office in the rainy season, don't forget to bring rain gear.

3. currency: Indonesian currency shield, usually called the rupee.

10.000Rp (rupees) amounting to about $ 10. Note notes intact, local not-to-fold, old and dirty printing of banknotes.

4. Customs taboo: Indonesian people met to exchange business cards.

Indonesian people most Muslim, it is not something that can left hand to them. Taboo eat pork products, jiyin spirits, not love to eat sea cucumber, nor eat with bone with sauce dishes and Fish Maw employee.

Skeleton Coast

2, skull sea


In Africa, and Namibia in the Namib desert and the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, between a white desert, Portugal seafarers to Namibia this stretch of coastline is called the skeleton coast, this 5 0 0 km long coast is hot, so desolate torment, but unusual beauty.

Aerial view of the Skeleton Coast is a large fold marks of Golden dunes mottled, this is from the Atlantic to the northeast to the Inland sand plain.

Dunes between glittering Mirage rising from the desert rock, around these Mirage is constantly flowing in the wind, sand dunes, the rumbling of Squall, interwoven into a strange symphonies. Skeleton Coast--death coast along the Skeleton Coast is full of dangers, interlaced streams, 8 degree wind, chilling fog sea and deep-sea jagged reefs. Between vessels often crash, there are many legends about shipwrecked survivors climbed up on the shore and stumble, congratulated himself alive, originally had slowly been torturing-sand. Therefore, the Skeleton Coast is covered with various wrecks and the remains of the crew.

By the sea, big wave violently slapping sloping sandy beach, the tens of thousands of small stones on the shore, granite, basalt, sandstone, agate, chalcedony and quartz pebbles are turning on the beach, to bring some light here.

The mist into the dunes, to skeleton coast of small creatures bring vitality, they will come out from the sand drill, grind the dew on the full enjoyment of this unique opportunity to obtain water and fun. But from a distance in the sea of the South wind blows, for those who have now come to the Skeleton Coast people sing the Elegy of the soul.

Skeleton Coast

Travel tips:

1. climate: tropical desert climate, due to the higher terrain, all year round mild temperature changes.

The average annual temperature of 18-22 degrees Celsius.

2. accommodation: accommodation in a camping ground in Wolwedans late fee, depending on room choice, in 1750 ~ $ 3650 Namibia.

Single difference is 700 ~ n $ 1460. Need to pay the parking fee of n $ 135 (aircraft, Land Rover of parking charges and parking fee revenue will be used for environmental protection).

3. traffic: traffic throughout Namibia, basic to Highway are very broad highway, mostly in South Africa during the construction of the rule.

The road to the left instead of right to this point and domestic. Car road speed can reach nearly 200 km/hour, the mileage must obey the traffic rules, otherwise there would have been an accident, in such a high speed, there will certainly be a casualty.

4. visa: citizens need a valid passport and visa (Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R. residents holding a valid passport and a return ticket to the next station, or a visa in the stay of 30 days).

To go to work, in advance, in Namibia Embassy (address: Chaoyang District, Beijing, Ta yuan diplomatic office building 13/f, unit 1, no. 2. )

Blue Mountains

3. Blue Mountain mountains

Blue Mountains are the highest in the eastern part of Australia's mountains.

The volatile nature of eucalyptus oil drops out, in the air after Sun refraction render out a piece of blue, so that there was such a beautiful name.

Blue Mountain mountain range is located 65 km west of about Sydney is Australia South East New South Wales, a tourist destination, it tilted from East to West, the highest point of elevation 1070 m in the East, the Western mountain high 360-540 m.

Blue Mountain mountains, winding through a pleasant climate. Located in the mountain town of Katoomba nearby Jamieson Canyon River's three sisters mountains blue mountain peak is a classic.

Blue Mountain ranges of temperature and Butterworth falls from a cliff which fly, falling into the 300 m deep abyss of Jamieson.

From the guanpu platform at in the past, great falls like white practicing vertical blank, Yinhua splashes, leap, magnificent. exultation Looking back on the stage from the guanpu sunset, plateau and the mountains in the fog apparition, vague, sight strange.

Blue Mountain mountain peak of the three sisters

Warm Tip:

1. climate: Sydney East near the sea, close to mountain to the West, the climate is fairly mild all the year round, rainfall is low, 1200 ml each year, more than the city of London.

2. shopping: Sydney City almost every building has a ground floor corridor shopping market, the main shopping and concentrated in Martin and George area, Elizabeth Street, general business hours are generally Monday-Friday 9: 00 ~ 17: 30, but in the urban areas of many shops, particularly in the main tourist points of the shops are open daily.

3. currency exchange: Sydney Airport, banks are able to Exchange foreign currency and travellers cheques.

Note: BankBusiness hours 9: 00-16: 00 (Monday to Thursday) 9: 00-17: 00 (Friday), only some banks also open on Saturday morning. 24-hour automated teller machine in urban areas, rural areas are more withdrawals are convenient.

4. transport: Sydney Central train 12, 13, platform, 2 hours by train to the left or right.

Train fare, the fare 9.4 AUD, roundtrip 11.2 AUD.

The road of the Giants

4, the road of the Giants

In the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland Antrim plain edge of Cape Horn, at the foot of the cliff along the coast, about 3.7 000 root Hexagon or Pentagon, quadrilateral of the stone pillar of Jia Lienz Khao Svetlana Horn sticking out from the sea, the sea from the cliff to the thousands of years of standing in a big sea.

Known as the road of the Giants. A large number of basalt stone pillar together, forming a spectacular basalt stone forest. To order, stunning styling, majestic's momentum.

Aerial view of the ocher brown stone formation of Causeway in the blue sea, especially striking against the people of our dream.

What kind of natural Weili created this world famous spectacle?

Basalt stone forest

Modern geologists were constructed through research, unveiled the mystery of the giant's road.

The road of the Giants is actually a natural basalt. At the end of the Cretaceous period, the embryo of the North Atlantic start continuous splitting and expansion, the Atlantic Ridge was split up and expansion of the Centre, is the separation of plate boundaries. Upper mantle of magma from the ridge of the rift, covered on Chung custodians, lava layer overlapped.

Unit of Basalt lava emission from the fissure of the crust, like rivers like the sea, the sea rapidly cooling becomes solid basalt and shrinkage, crystallization, magma solidification process has burst, and average shrinkage force is, so they formed a rule of the cylinder.

The road of the Giants is columnar basalt rocks the geomorphology of the perfect performance.

These stone pillars constitute a stone steps of the rock road, wide Department like dense of stone forest. The road of the Giants and the road of the Giants, not only is the steep coast of the natural landscape, but also for the Earth science research provides valuable information. Mountain in the sea, the sea has formed through mountain view, the natural step Rock Road, Brae, seascape. It has long exceeded the natural landscape and the limits of the Earth science research.

The procession begins

Shoulder carrying about 1 ton of mountain

Each summer from 1 July to 15 days of this period, he heard the Strada with (' Aisha mdash; ' Aisha) shouts saw a group of a group dressed in national costumes bare ass men shoulder carrying about 1 ton of mountain (like mountain-like decoration) running in the streets, shouting madly from time to time there are people who are ready to the roadside a bucket of water to run over the men who was splash splashing water to water when the call is even more dramatic.

Every year, on hearing the call to really feel the summer has come.


Shoulder carrying about 1 ton of mountain

In order to get the first July 1, each group began with the street's run and yelled start exercise.

To the annual this festival we want to take a long time.

July 1st-15th, in the city 13 establishments featuring a seat decorate like a mountain like building for public viewing throughout Fukuoka City street is bustling. Each seat must be elaborated ornament a story or legend on the inside, but will not be repeated until the 15 day zero e Chase mountain. Chasing the mountain is each groups carrying herself 1 ton of small decorations wafy to the specified location, see who run faster is the best of this year, generally to each street authority a corporate contest.

Accustomed to the annual this holiday, accustomed to (' Aisha-' Aisha) shout bring this summer beginning.