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Exploring resort Morocco mysterious north Africa garden. (ap) -

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Located in northern Africa of Morocco, for most Chinese people, is a mysterious place. Morocco with a unique geographical position, the northern biqing Mediterranean the Atlantic ocean portal, the strait of Gibraltar. Southern and eastern border Sahara desert. Is the highest in central north atlas mountains. Across all atlas mountains hindered from the Sahara desert high temperature, making the Moroccan climate would not be too much heat, different kinds of geological and geomorphic, splendid islamic culture, making it has rich tourism resources, full of mysterious attraction for visitors, every year there are innumerable European tourists come here on holiday travel.

Casablanca rick" S cafe internal

Ait - Ben hadu small. -
The Sahara, on the edge of hadu ait - Ben - little village. Defensive local-style dwelling houses, the spare.

White casablanca

Casablanca''s fame, absolutely can not compare with Morocco this country. That film footage from the 1940s to the Hollywood famous film casablanca, make the city reputation big noise. In film is deduced, casablanca is almost romantic city''s representative.

Almost a plane, I fell in love with the edge of the Atlantic city. An airport gate, the eyeful tropical plants, ear spread ringing charming twitter, still have the Atlantic ocean breezes bring cool and refreshing & hellip; & hellip;

In the morning, I came to the card of asaph oldtown, some old buildings, slightly old streets, making it more has some vicissitudes of life. Dawn in medline (tilt Medina) walls and city tower, dusky and warm. Here, see metropolis that noisy morning, see hurried to work, and some people, only occasionally pass of cars and carefree and pedestrians.

Early morning hassan ii mosque, square was empty. Lifted up his eyes, and looked, and the haughty XuanLi tower, in ChenYang in yi yi is unripe brightness. Compared with dilapidated old city-area, here is simply another world: clean square, luxury temple gate, beautiful fountain. Hassan ii mosque, of the world''s most modern mosque, it enough to make Moroccan proud.

Leave hassan ii mosque, taking along the beautiful, journeyed anfa go the beach. The beach is the casa anfa cannot miss scenery. Because it''s beautiful scenery, more because of the Atlantic place was once a casa origins. Anfa, once a tuareg small village. Now here is the rich residential area. Deep curtilage courtyard, beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, restaurants, palm avenue, this is today''s anfa.

Walk on anfa beautiful palm avenue, some of the watch backlight gloom navigation tower, hassan ii XuanLi tower, the first warm sunshine, then hot shone on the shoulder. The Atlantic ocean waves, sometimes flapping beach and shore of rocks. Such a good weather and sunshine, occasionally meet the people exercise, right against the face to give you a more than sunshine bright smile.

Casa most romantic part, of course, belong to rick Rick" s cafe (café encough .

Everyone knows Rick" S café & hellip; & hellip; However, not everybody know, the movie thriller "actually a shadow north lens in casa haven''t taken. The real film, which are in Hollywood studio inside the finish. But the reality version Rick" S café Love, is a movie of americans, imitates the movie scene built &; ldquo FangZhenPin & rdquo; . In card asaph, you just call a taxi driver said, with Rick" S café Will smooth arrival rick cafe. Daily tourists who come here, drive-travelers cafe a small hall, constantly showing the film casablanca and film, the theme: time flies As a goes by.

Once again, go back to the station through casa city, I would like to proceed to marrakech marrakech). ( Everything about romantic legend, they left in casablanca it.

Marrakech djemaa el fna square
Marrakech Djemaa el Fna square

Red marrakech

In Morocco, marrakech (marrakech) is a cannot miss city, because it connects the important north-south things more due to its geographical position, ancient and modern urban style, numerous coexist monuments, gardens, world-famous city (Medina), not Djemaa el Fna&hellip night square, & hellip;

These south and north, seen too much square. But like Djemaa el Fna so dazzling square, or let my gape! Although positive Muslim of Ramadan, here is still very busy, absolutely is our as described in the scene: sell the water, sell a medicine, sell fish sell meat, the drums, brush snake, DaBaShi busk, storytellers, fortune-teller, sell spices, robes add body of locals, in fashionable tourists, have covered the Muslim women, short dress up of European female tourists & hellip; & hellip; Everything. This is square, it is China''s temple fair!

Towards late evening, Djemaa el Fna square than day more lively. Ramadan, fast a day of the people have toward the central plaza. The air filled with all kinds of food mixed taste, everything was covered in the barbecue booth smoke of incense. The juggler music voice, vendors and applauses, bargaining sound of the carriage, mingled with the sound of the bell, strongly pounding your eardrum.

Djemaa el Fna is a fresh stage. You can see for thousands of years, the locals day life condition, they like living history textbook. Marrakech, because Djemaa el Fna square filled with an infinite vitality. Here, you can see another kind of survival.

Majorelle garden
Marrakech Majorelle garden

Early morning marrakech, another world. Blatant Djemaa el Fna square at quiet surprising. Medina lanes, also in deep sleep in. I prefer this time city. While everyone not up, I went into medine.

In guinea worm, map is useless, because you always will get lost, not simply put aside map, let yourself lost in marrakech red city in. Don''t know in the old city turn long, I came to the walls of red-brown edge. Long dozen km walls, and will marrakech split into two different worlds. Outside the wall, is a modern metropolis, inside the wall, is the millennium city. But, daily shuttle in marrakech inside and outside the walls, like travels the millennium between. Marrakech charm seems was hidden in the city around the house, the city wall. The old city walls, villages, mosques, HeGongSe, while the wall outside the town, buildings are also appeared in the morning and HeGongSe, the sunset, the whole marrakech, be a sea of red.

Through an alley of woman
Fez, passes through an alley of woman.

Multicoloured fe, ancient city

Phillips, is the oldest a Moroccan emperor city. Its history, is almost Morocco''s history.

Phillips, ancient city wheat field there, many thickly, narrow slender, BaiZhuanQianHui lanes. But McGrady there shop, legend as many as 9000. Walking in the thousand-year-old HangZhong, and led the donkey of local people pass by, smelling &; quot Notorious &; quot The leather tastes and looking at the assorted store, ear swinging from the gouge spread from masons sound, copper bodega crispy jingling, and children''s laughter &the hellip; & hellip; This time, phillips'' already passed over a thousand years, but still griselda.

In the handicraft, numerous medine leather industry is absolutely fe, the most famous industry.

The fez PiGeDian
The fez PiGeDian

Approached Place as Seffarine square - ancient city, can have strange taste test your sense of smell, followed the pungent flavor, we came and went ldquo; Notorious & rdquo; The leather dyeing.

Walk into a shop, the boss close to send me a mint, used to dispel the pungent odor of smelly leather outfit. Along the narrow stairs walk to tiantai, that piece of red, orange, yellow, green, purple youth of dyeing tank with odour, immediately appeared in front. In a clearing surrounded, those colorful dyeing tank matrix alignment. But toiling workers, barefoot in dyeing tank, some of the first-infection of leather, some flick knife repairing fur, some hellip; stir dye of&" & hellip; In Morocco under the hot sun, they need not only hard work and endure a dying VAT is sending out the pungent odor. See such a sight, the in the mind a bit mixed emotions, feel really can''t simply using shocking to describe.

Phillips, is the world a few keep the traditional leather dyeing methods regions. Locals with the donkey leather transported to the enterprise, leather repair clean, soak, softening in dyeing tank, and then clean, dyeing, dry after processing to processing into various leather products.

Once upon a time, leather dyeing are used in natural dye. Such as green is mint, coffee is fingernail flowers. But now, many workshops are use chemical dyestuff. Phillips'' dyeing, increasingly bearing the burden of the tourism.

In 1981, fe, was listed as a world cultural heritage list, it is said that the ancient dyeing tank for fate, add cent many.

No night square
Marrakech not night square, library figure gibeah mosque.

At sunset, the Sahara
At sunset, the Sahara

Discovering the Sahara

To Morocco, how can miss the Sahara? When I saw the window of desert, over atlas mountains of ZhouChe lawton instantaneous evaporate.

A tuareg and led a group of camels in the desert slowly walking, tuareg blue, the Sahara, the distance of the golden sand dunes, near camels, all as beautiful picture scroll, unaware tiancheng.

This is the Sahara? Those endowed with the Sahara life of sand, when seen from afar, sometimes like dancing silks and satins, sometimes as strong slippery chocolate, after I had come into contact with it that as soon as flickers, gave me strong visual shock.

When our line of people they rode upon the camels, and walk in the desert, the sun has almost falling, sunset flames the sky, the endless desert, also be completely red. Everybody''s face, I was with light. The British tourists, prosaic excitedly jumped off the camels, in the desert heartily roll around, scream, laugh!

The night of the Sahara, mysterious some terrorist. The sky and sand dunes, now seems completely fuse and darkness to recognize each other, gentle wind, you can even hear quicksand''s voice. Pillowed the ShaTao and sky, I couldn''t sleep, remembering that in order to vainly sanmao stray to the Sahara hair woman.

You just a hint of before dawn, our tuareg wizard will kneel on the desert do morning ritual. After he led us to see the sunrise. In the morning light shining with, a group of people of inclined shadow, quietly printed on the flow of desert.

The Sahara, always have endless charm.

Morocco tourism strategy

1, Morocco history

Morocco area, the earliest inhabitants are tuareg. In the 7th century, Arab into, and in 8th century established the first Arab kingdom. Now Mr Allawi dynasty established in 1660. From the 15th century, western powers successively invasion. In 1904 October sign France and Spain partitioned in the sphere of influence agreement. In 1912 degenerate into French protectorate. In 1956, March 2 independence. 1957 set name for Morocco kingdom.

2, cannot miss scenic spots

Morocco tourism resources are abundant, there are many cannot miss scenic spots.

1) Morocco adjacent to the Atlantic ocean, the southern port city of o Agadir) Deere (add are very suitable for vacation. Various styles of hotel, bar stretches on the Atlantic coast. Many europeans to this vacation, can not only enjoy the sea and sunshine, still can be found here distinctive golf course. Agadir therefore Morocco tourism revenue most cities.

2) o itec &; middot This &; middot Ha du Ksar w.t. Ait - Ben - Haddou

From the Sahara desert arrive.chongwenmen marrakech journey, passes through a atlas mountains in the small village: Ait - Ben - Haddou, this ordinary village, once filmed 20s department famous movie, such as Lawrence of Arabia, overlord iron king kong, Alexander, etc.

Ait - Ben - Haddou originally is a place of medieval dwelling houses built ksar, or called defensive kasbah. These defensive dwellings all with local Sahara clay court structures and become, every family houses are linked together, is a glory all honor both. Allegedly, these buildings originating in the 12th century, when FeiDao prevailed, locals here built such houses, making the whole village yi keep difficult tapping. These buildings because there is very local flavor is euramerican film director''s favor.

3) blue town Chefchaouen

Located in mountainous area, is Chefchaouen Rif blue ocean. The whole city, door, window, mailbox, signs, and even ground, all is the variety of blue, is a quiet and mysterious town.

4) Majorelle garden. The marrakech

Majorelle garden located in marrakech hsin-cheng. It was meant to belong to French artist, he Majorelle Jacques lifelong energy design, construction of the garden, from all over the world, collect all kinds of plants, built the cactus garden, vines corridor, lotus pond, bamboo forest path & hellip; & hellip; In the garden, filled with painter like blue. This blue color, be remembered as Majorelle blue.

Majorelle garden were later fashion master yvonne &; middot Holy &; middot Los lang buying. Yvonne &; middot Holy &; middot Los lang infinite dotes on the garden. For nearly 30 years, each spring, master will live in Ma - jorelle garden. He died, and ashes in the garden too.

3, the visa information

Morocco embassy given Chinese citizens'' personal tourist visa. Need material: 1, 1 inch colorful pictures, background no requirement, 2, 3 months bank account information exchanges, The original and copy of 3, passport, 4, jobs proof (mainly including information position, salary, service life, ensure punctual return, etc.), 5, round ticket order; 6, application form (can get filled) at the embassy.

4, language, currency and other

Morocco use Arabic, national passage parts can speak French, Spanish, and the people who speak English much.

Morocco currency for di lahm Dhs, $1 jn. 8 di lahm exchange

5, how to

Domestic currently no direct flights Morocco, subject to Europe or the Middle East turnaround.

6, local transportation

Morocco cities, between the train is developed. From card sasha has train is bound for marrakech and fe, ancient city.

Go to other small place, only rely on DaBaChe or taxis.

Within the city traffic, need to rely on a taxi. Morocco taxi into large and small, the price is different. And before getting into the car with the driver, or about good price, or asked the driver play table.

7, religious

Morocco is Islam countries. Besides CARDS of asaph hassan ii outside mosques, and other mosque refused to non-muslim visit. Locals to photograph sensitive, filming, best first after its agree, even fellow man is no exception.

In addition, Ramadan, had better not public eating.

8, accommodation

In Morocco travel, at least for a night with local characteristics of a home stay facility riad, a Moore style of courtyard. Around buildings, atrium is a small garden, and general middle fountain, around filled up with flowers. In atrium, with home stay facility owner chats homely, sent off at noon hot time, is piece very plaisant.

9, public security

Morocco poverty population is more, stealing activities happen occasionally. For women visitors, do not exclude the possibility of everyman a certain degree of sexual harassment.

Morocco, streets are dense city medine like a spider web, Suggestions, please recommend guide, not only have the official guide function, help oneself learn more customs, still can hold concurrently do bodyguards. Usually the official guide fee for every 150-200Dhs.