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Migration of the world''s most artistic city

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French & mdash; & mdash; Paris is the perfect combination of art and fashion

Here is not a simple pure art, here is the perfect combination of commercial and art, here is one every love art love fashion ultimate heaven, here will be the perfect combination of art and fashion. Here art appearing thick commercial breath but she not sentimental not worldly, she did not conceal the boldness of facing each studies her man, this is her personality, this is people like his reasons.

Art recommend ground:The Louvre, champs elysees, Versailles, Picasso museum, georges pompidou cultural center


The Dutch & mdash; & mdash; Amsterdam artist''s paradise

Amsterdam is the global art to crown the shining pearl, here, you can feel at lowest art.

Here is the Amsterdam national museum, van gogh museum, coolers curtain le gallery. The national museum of the Netherlands is the biggest museum, buchanans building baronial imposing manner, keeps a world top art treasures. Here will be able to fully appreciated art to bring your visual impact. If you are a van gogh crazy followers that you shouldn''t miss Amsterdam & mdash; & mdash; Come here to see van gogh, feel van gogh.

Art recommend ground:Amsterdam national museum, van gogh museum, coolers curtain le gallery


Italian & mdash; & mdash; Milan designer''s paradise

Here is a world fashion and fashionable. Here is the world stylist street-cred''s paradise. Here''s the top luxury brand a little less than Paris less. The magnitude of armani, fan saizhe, PRADA, DuJia class natrium world such as clothing bedrock.

And here is the Da Vinci, master left here most of legend and glorious works. Here not only has design have painting, and here are some on behalf of the world at the top of the opera, Carla grand theatre. Here you can be in sight, hearing, touch on omni-directional soaked in artistic wonderful among.

Art recommend ground:Milan cathedral si cara grand theatre have mention NaPoLunJie goods-station pull museum of modern art


Austrian & mdash; & mdash; Vienna music

Every love music will yearning sanctuary. But you must not look down upon the city. Here not only has music there is exquisite, disparate style of architecture. Here culture has a long history, and here adornment art effect all over the world. So here is the &; ldquo Building, of culture, decoration of rdquo; of&" Here is the art of finish completely heaven. Whatever you love and engaged in what aspect of art research here you can find enough of her marriage.

Art recommend ground:In every corner of the city


Italian & mdash; & mdash; Fiorentina''s most ancient art of city

A full-scale art city, one or two blood are flowing art city. Here is the European Renaissance birthplace, here is the birthplace of the opera, here is the artist''s cradle. Here is the world''s first art school & mdash; & mdash; Florence art academy. Here preserved medieval Roman architecture. The big cities have 40 several museums and art galleries. Here you will feel art to bring your shock and moved. To Florence right, to understand the real art & hellip; & hellip;

Art recommend ground:Every inch of the land, each silk air.