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Spain picturesque scenery commonly

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A state of considerable distress gangly and knight, riding a ho-hum NuMa; By his side was a clever optimistic squat chamberlains, drive a little old grey hair donkey. The tall short, a thin one fat separating the two people do battle righteousness, through countless absurd bizarre chivalry of adventure. This is the masterpiece & mdash; Cervantes & mdash; The hall &; middot [DE ".

The Spanish literary world in the greatest writers will describe the character of the hero so graphically, but also to the Spanish this magical kingdom added multicolored colour.

Madrid peiss

In many European novel, Madrid is a mysterious land. Broad avenue connects with narrow 2903, european-style buildings against the Arabia type of red tiles white wall mdash; of&" & mdash; Contradiction is harmonious. Madrid, a new and old coexist, the magical things cutlrey land.

Madrid is Spain''s business, public administration center, is also congress and the royal is located. Besides, Madrid in its pluralistic culture, and passion style, rich artistic activities and stimulating nightlife is famous in the world.

Madrid have more than 300 square, the sun gate plaza is the center, 7 street which radiate out in in all directions outspread. The middle of the square flower-bed establish an a unique sculpture & mdash; & mdash; A climb to hold the saplings of brown bear, it is ChengHui in Madrid.

Another famous square is Spanish square, also called Cervantes square, Spain famous writer Cervantes monument is Spanish square symbol.

Cervantes statue was built in 1835. Sit chair writer fortress look solemn hand a his beloved middot; the hall & [DE ". A monument hall &; middot "[DE" in the two masters middot; craftsmen of&" [DE and his attendants PanSha.



Barcelona bright pearl

Barcelona location was advantaged and pleasant climate, boasts beautiful scenery, numerous cultural sites, known as the &; ldquo The Iberian peninsula pearl rdquo; of&" Say, Spain is famous tourist resort.

This has a variety of face of the city, though its modernization degree is high, but at the same time fully retained many with gothic style of ancient buildings, they hand in photograph reflect with tall buildings.

In Barcelona, you may be in the edge of the burgeoning area to see pattern messy small lanes, may also be within the antique not-so-nice area suddenly see extremely industrial age means chimney, these are not surprising.

Barcelona diet represents the typical Catalonia flavor, maintained a strong hometown and flavor. From common small white bean chowders to great variety of seafood dishes, from grilled fish to simmer with noodles, these bespeak the countryside food in Barcelona can taste.

Sevilla orange flower fragrance

This is an orange flower the scent of the city, throughout the park, lanes of JuShu is its symbol. When orange flower opening, sevilla ushered in the joy of April section and enterprise big celebration. This is Carmen, tang &; middot Huang, le figaro stage, the curtain with sevilla''s streets, tragicomedy church and the background of tedium. Here is also the birthplace of flamenco, whether they are happy or sad, sevilla dance forever bold and unrestrained powerful.

From the Roman empire, Arab times until the new discovery, sevilla''s historical series connection has another golden age.