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Qiu dong health SPA trip abroad to recommend the four hot spring lift-off

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Autumn is the best choice of lift-off relax, using annual leave or business travel time, abroad some with clear air, smooth hot spring place, to a leisurely SPA trip, it may be said of rehabilitate kingly way.

To jeju-do, bubble hot spring is a must.
To jeju-do, bubble hot spring is a must.

Recommend ground: chiju

The recommendation reasons: now, is in autumn and chiju winter season, both of alternating red fire is like the maple leaf can look, also may meet fog Fei like snow. In addition, now is also a regimen bubble &; ldquo Soup & rdquo; Season, especially suitable for women try, with domestic hot spring completely different feelings.

Recommend to play: jeju-do, bubble hot spring is a must. Mountain fang shan magmatic spa is the earliest jeju-do Korea mass type hot springs, is a rare carbonated hot spring, have good health care efficacy. Island &; ldquo Seawater rdquo; hot spring & Has thin body antiphlogistic, detoxification hairdressing, eliminate fatigue effect, including crystal stone sauna room, sauna, TCM loess room steam care is worth a try.

Besides bubble hot spring, chiju is also a romantic place, especially to coast, large bunker cape coast PuZhu shape joints, here long coastline, the grand sea blue can overlook, feasted coast beauty. In addition to water natural recuperation Lin temple, walk along the road of Chinese fir wood and the foot massage roads, on a healthy forest bath. Across the valleys recuperates Lin on distributed method jiangchuan warm temperate zone, with various species and frigid, autumn leaves, winter snow and very beautiful, worth seeing. This season is tasting chiju kinds of food of season. Such as nourishing ginseng chicken stew, jeju-do specialties black pig barbecue, xianggu mushroom hot pot, nutrition abalone porridge jeju-do seafood pot etc. And local specialty chiju citrus, in jeju-do besides can eat sweet juicy oranges, still can enjoy authentic citrus SPA.

Second-ranking tip

Transportation: by guangzhou non-stop Seoul, probably need about four hours 15 points. Then by Seoul to chiju.

Accommodation: chiju hotel mostly concentrates in the XiGuiPu jeju-do city, city and Chinese tourist area etc, and complete facilities. Especially recommend Chinese tourist area''s super hotel.

Food: chiju characteristics, such as nourishing food many Korean ginseng chicken stew, jeju-do specialties black pig barbecue, xianggu mushroom hot pot, nutrition abalone porridge, Korean barbecue, Korean nutrition ShiGuo mix rice, jeju-do seafood pot etc.

New Zealand hot spring tour
New Zealand hot spring tour

Recommend ground: New Zealand

The recommendation reasons: is located on the Pacific rim of the New Zealand national throughout geothermal resources. In this season, the most suitable while enjoying the beautiful lake view and spectacular fjords, while enjoying a soothing hydrothermal vents mimics, come to a physical and mental big experience.

Recommend play: in New Zealand north island of hot spring protection area has the southern hemisphere''s biggest hot spring waterfall and New Zealand only mud baths & mdash; & mdash; Bosom oala pool. In addition, in ldquo; of&" New Zealand spa city rdquo; of&" ROM torre called & kupi luwak and a ldquo; WaChi & rdquo; The mire, and boiling mud like frogs jumping up and down, churning. Tourists in sign under the guidance of can watch tower to uw Mr Doppler inaccessibly sulphur mud fountains and seven colors volcanic lake wonders. Mud fountain at 10 a.m. 15 points on time from the rocks mouth jet, last about half an hour. If directed toward inside again, is an unbroken volcanic lake, appear blue, orange, red, white wait seven colors interlaced lake, transpiration fast-you wonderful phantasy. Here the mud bath, wash a mineral rich mud covered with warm body, such as the mud of the dry again after the pieces, at this moment to strip off the hot spring is the great enjoyment.

Besides bubble hot spring, this time can also visit Tamil ford fjords. Amir ford fjords YuBingHe period, formed by the British writer jeep Lin called &; ldquo The world the eighth wonder & rdquo; . In a calm sea mill ford as a mirror; fjords The rain fell in torrents, around all is the most expensive waterfalls. In this will see 800 years old tree. Visitors can through almost 500 km criss-cross of foot path, explore its every corner. And mill at foot path, Kepler foot path and Reuters this foot path, they belong to the New Zealand &; ldquo Excellent foot path & rdquo; . For travelers, it would be rare and leisure place.

Second-ranking tip

Transportation: guangzhou have direct flight to New Zealand flight, visitors can also choose in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore turnaround. And in the local tourism, tourist bus is very good choice, which is not only convenient and economical.

Accommodation: in New Zealand travel, whether five-star hotel, youth hotel or budget hotel, New Zealand peculiar KIWI spirit is to let each go to New Zealand were able to hae returned home of intimacy.

Food: New Zealand is famous farming kingdom, abundant, known as the &; ldquo Cate heaven & rdquo; The reputation. Produce of fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, fresh taste beauty. Like mutton, game, venison, lobster, avocado, strawberry, kiwi and salmon, all is New Zealand famous delicacies.

Baden-baden hot spring city
Baden-baden hot spring city

Recommend to: Germany baden baden

The recommendation reasons: baden-baden black forest in northwest in Germany on the edge of the aspen river valley, is a famous hot spring city. City along the aspen valley winding extend, back of castle peak, facing newtown.there, scenery enchanting spectacular. German in baden is bath or shower mean here, the hot spring not only number, but very good, is recognized as one of the world''s best hot springs.

Recommend to play: baden-baden, must do is to soak hot springs. Here the hot spring source originates from underground, about 2,000 meters below the average temperature approximately 68 spring degrees Celsius. Now balak bathing in the town of about more than ten, among them with Frederick baths and kara Carla bathing the most prestigious.

The ancient grand Frederick baths built in 2000 years ago Roman baths site in, let a person can soak hot spring side watching old buildings. Contrary with white marble built Carla Carla beaches and is relatively rich contemporary sense, area of 1,000 square meters, there are multiple indoor and outdoor hot spring and sauna bath. Usually, people will start to outdoor two 30 ℃ and 34 ℃ spa immersion, after ℃ eighteen of cold pool &; ldquo Antipyretic & rdquo; And then to 38 ℃ heated pool for sprint, such, your whole body tired can all be washed away. Here the hot springs can not only through immersion means to achieve relieve muscle cool bone and dispel rheumatism, stomach, allegedly diseases such as drinking fountain can also sick and treating diseases, have no disease (vti efficacy.

It is important to note that the baden-baden bath way, is the men and women with pool. In Carla Carla bathing within you still wear swimsuit avoid embarrassing, but came to Frederick baths are no dressing, so you can be in the bath, depends on your courage with courage!

Second-ranking tip

Food: baden-baden diet distinguishing feature, due to the influence of French cooking deeply, authentic cuisine food with its high quality and creative and popular. Of course there''s also great Chinese food.

Shopping: in baden ba golden romantic street, covered with sundry, greatly small shop, brand-name fashion, jewelry, porcelain and toys in this dazzling, shopping really fun.

To blue lake bubble hot spring
To blue lake bubble hot spring

Recommend ground: Iceland

The recommendation reasons: because happened in America plates and the Eurasia plate between fault zone, Iceland this natural snow world more had a geocentric enthusiasm mdash; of&" & mdash; Volcanoes and hot springs, become the earth Thule rare vacation choice.

Recommend play: Iceland manasseh''s north of lake (Myvatn) flower is a volcanic region, rich in geothermal resources, volcanic eruptions left after also unusual magnificent landforms. Here the underground springs and sulphur mineral spring around, drive a into this area can smell of sulphur was floating in the air smell. Carla Cardiff pull volcanic manasseh''s northern HuDong spend 20 kilometers place, is still an active volcano. Recent eruption in 1980 to 1981. After the outbreak of magma, continuous flow at five years of smoke, manasseh''s region since many places flower, can also see white smoke from underground or volcanic YanFeng in slowly rising, everything around haunt the unique and mysterious atmosphere.

Enter Carla Randolph, then pull volcanic entered another world. There are many blue-green small lakes, like gems of same color inlay in the volcanic rocks between, the glittering. Walk, meanwhile, sometimes can see still smoking rock. The most pleasant, drench yourself in manasseh''s hot spring flower lake, allow the blue-and-white warm water wrapped, a handful of mineral mud, besmear bottom in facial, everyone say good natural hairdressing mask.

Second-ranking tip

Visit: in Iceland, to blue lake bubble hot spring is a classic program. From reykjavik city southeast drove 1 hour can reach, remember to carry the swimsuit.

Food: traditional Iceland staple food is fish and mutton, smoked fish and dried fish is a world-famous speciality. Salmon and smoked trout is recommended dishes. Lamb meat tastier, cannot not taste.