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Go to the Arctic travel feel the extraordinary polar scenery

Go to the Arctic travel! Arctic scenery and Arctic adventure stories tired of urban and rural travellers who aspire to the extreme.

Summer temperatures in the Arctic, zero down, do not have to allow your body to adapt to cold weather, can feel the extraordinary polar scenery.

Now the market launch of polar-travel agencies, travel time is approximately eight nine days, the price of 5 million, from various countries immediately into the Arctic Circle, each country has its own arctic scenery.

It should be noted that the current market for these polar experience products are 10 people of exquisite small team, strict selection of experienced professional team, guaranteeing quality and safety of travel.

Geographically speaking, the Arctic is land surrounded by ocean, to the Arctic, many lines can go: you can sit in the northern Lapland Finland back into the Arctic icebreaker, or from Norway's Svalbard Islands into the Arctic Circle, you can go to Canada of Baffin Island to experience the Eskimos living hellip; hellip;

TIPS: three highlights of the summer Arctic

Polar off-road: driving snow motorcycles through white glacier, you'll experience the feeling of freedom than ever before.

Fairy-tale world everywhere, in every side silver jungle or wilderness, feel the world of pure and peace of mind. If you are lucky, you might encounter hidden in the secret place of the polar bear.

Midnight Sun: in the midnight sun and adventure, this is a rare experience of a lifetime experience.

In the city within the Arctic Circle, the Sun in the evening until 10: 30, downhill to 3 a.m. and will rise again, which makes no distinction here day and night. Eternal Sunshine of the complete subversion a reality, the days seem to never end.

Pure world: you can enjoy the uncontaminated scenery of the most original of the polar regions.

Here is the most pure, Millennium glacier with blue light, like a fairy-tale and crystal-clear. This is also the most ruthless place, sub-zero cold, challenges with confidence and courage.

Luo where myllyniemi TIPS traffic:

From Beijing to Finland's capital Helsinki, from Helsinki to Romania where myllyniemi daily 5 class high-speed train, by car about 8mdash; 12 hours.

In addition, Finland has over aviation daily flights to seven times between the two places, voyage about 70 minutes.

Thumper, ice-breaking tour

Navigation path: Ajos port, ring a ring return Kay m.

Sailing time: 12noon mdash; 4 pm

Price: 196 EUR/person (including tickets, floating sea ice, lunch)

Address: Torikatu2, 94100Kemi


Norway's polar travel seasons in the annual 6mdash; August, cruise line, after September, October, winter, ice-covered ocean surface, the expedition ship would go to the South Pole, or other services.

Norway cruises company Haida Lutheran cruises Arctic route with a different number of days, and the South Pole position price level, 10-day course of ordinary ship standard room price of about 5 million Yuan, not including transportation and other costs.

In the Arctic circle in travel on their request not high, you don't need any special equipment.

Summer trip to the Arctic, to face the temperature most 0mdash; 10 degrees Celsius, the degree of difficulty.

From Beijing, by SAS flights to Copenhagen from turnaround after Norway's capital Oslo, then going to long cruise IL bi.

Best adventure time: Baffin Island winter 8mdash; up to 10 months, summer is go to the Canada Arctic expedition Golden season.

Traffic: the aircraft in a single day will you take to the North Pole.

Palestine (Barneo) is a polar expedition of an interim maritime landing point, the distance of only 100 km to the North Pole, you can fly to Barneo, then take the helicopter arrived at the North Pole. This kind of adventure while easily, but overlooking the vast Arctic Ocean and the towering glaciers, but it is old age explorers have to enjoy the fun.