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Inventory of the world's most famous top ten immigrant City (photos)

Mecca Saudi Arabia

Chapter ten: Mecca Saudi Arabia

Immigrant population: 37.75%

Mecca is one of the Holy places of Islam, is the Camino's last stand.

Therefore, the Mecca attract many immigrants. Mecca pilgrimage scale can shake the two words to describe, the city will greet every year about 4 million pilgrims, according to 1996 data, 170 million migrants living in the city. Recently, the Mecca of ongoing large-scale renovation, several skyscrapers flat, massive construction projects attract a large number of foreign labour, and that these foreign workers do not enjoy fair treatment.

Geneva, Switzerland

Chapter nine: Geneva Switzerland

Immigrant population: 38.37%

Geneva is a small town, however, there are over 200 international institutions located here, such as the World Health Organization and United Nations of several branch offices also located in this city.

There are 50 million people in Geneva, 38.37% are foreign population, but most of these immigrants received a good education, many of them working for international institutions.

Auckland New Zealand

Section eight: Auckland New Zealand

Immigrant population: 39%

Auckland is the list of cities in the smallest city in the 2001 data show that the city is 40% of the resident foreign population.

This is not difficult to understand, is located in the southern hemisphere in New Zealand, pleasant, emigration countries. In addition, the New Zealand business development, infrastructure improvement, from the Government data also can be seen, these immigrants from many countries, so that New Zealand will have Japan Festival, Italy, special holiday section.

The Hague

Chapter seven: the Hague, the Netherlands

Immigrant population: 40%

The Hague is the seat of the International Tribunal, there are 150 international organizations headquartered here.

Therefore, the Hague can climb the standings are not surprising. The official website of the city, in the Hague 47.4 million population, 40% are not native Netherlands. Interestingly, the vast majority of immigrants came to the Hague are well-educated, speak multiple languages, and low income; and other migrants attracted by the city to the zero point of the working group.

Muscat Oman

Section six: Muscat Oman

Immigrant population: 44.61%

Oman in 2003 census showed that immigrants accounted for about 40%, of course, this figure is disputed.

And other Middle East countries, Amman also mainly in her oil resources, along with constantly attracting foreign investment, has been developing rapidly. Foreign population, especially from Asian subcontinent of immigrants in the construction industry mainly. Currently, about 60 million foreigners living in Oman, the vast majority of them live in Muscat. Now, the exploitation of migrant workers to extract or more serious problems.

Vancouver, Canada

Section five: Vancouver, Canada

Immigrant population: 45.6%

If New Zealand can be called a livable place, Canada is equally.

Canada this country in the world very few provoke trouble, with the North American continent most charming scenery.

Vancouver is located in the Rocky Mountains to the West, is a maritime climate, a mild climate, but it is also not far from the resort.

According to the 2006 Census of Canada, nearly 50% of the Vancouver residents are immigrants, many of which were with Canada. Most immigrants are from Europe and Asia, and brought their unique culture and traditions.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

4th Prize: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Immigrant population: 47.28%

Liberalism and casual attitude is the biggest feature of Amsterdam, or the blame so many foreigners come to this city.

The city has a population of 75 million, the migrant population of 35 million, of which many immigrants from the former colonies such as Suriname, Xiaoan Antilles and the Caribbean Islands, Aruba, and other places, there are also some immigrants from Asia and Europe. Therefore, Amsterdam cultural pluralism.

Toronto, Canada

Third place: Toronto, Canada

Immigrant population: 49.9%

Almost half of the city of Toronto's population is foreign-born, in recent years, Canada has been taking measures to attract young immigrants, to mitigate the potential labour force ageing.

120 million foreigners to settle in Toronto, the city is the world's most diverse cities. In addition, it is said that the city is also the world one of the safest cities.

Miami, United States

Second place: Miami United States

Immigrant population: 59.5%

If you are not a United States city ranks among the top ten immigrant city, it is quite strange, but also the good fight for the United States, Miami.

The 2000 census showed that, in the municipality of 220 million people, more than 110 million immigrants, most of which comes from the Spanish-speaking countries, such as Nicaragua, Cuba, this let Miami more Latin flavor, like the General Spanish with English.

Dubai, U.A.E.

First name: Dubai, U.A.E.

Immigrant population: 71%

Located in the Middle East in Dubai, is a city of immigrants, most of the 2006 Census shows that the city has a population of 140 million 100 thousand immigrants accounted for 71%; also claimed that the proportion of immigrants in Dubai at 80% or even 90%.

The city's major sources of immigrants and the Asian subcontinent, including Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, in addition, Dubai also has a lot of people from the West. Dubai is a brilliant today, these migrants.