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World's largest museum "is" let the children play by doing

The Museum is both a sacred knowledge of the Holy Land, and people often go to outdoor recreation.

The Museum is not only inherent knowledge-rich, and external architectural forms is also a wide range of strange, showing a hundred museums of the world.

Teddy bear Museum

Regardless of which museums are brought together from ancient times to the present, from the past to the present, from behind the progressive development, is a record of the changes and the objective reality of the world's largest warehouses.

In these large warehouse we often see figure peculiar, gives a strong visual impact, give unlimited reverie of another class, the Museum's wonderful work, of course in these magnificent architectural world, there is also a magnificent, with a long history.

Paris, Louvre Museum, London, British Museum, Vatican Museum hellip; hellip; countless art treasures, cultural Palace, in the long years, expatiated once the honor and the vicissitudes of life.

In the Museum day approaching, we travel with children at the same time taking full advantage of the friends of the wisdom, and let the children grew up in a sea of knowledge, let them have fun til exploration, happy, a vision of knowledge to people, but also to your family tour have been most meaningful a memory!

The Louvre Museum and the Apollo Gallery

Mdash mdash; France; Louvre Museum

France Paris Seine of the Louvre, is the world's most famous art museum in a building.

It is famous for its splendid history, rich in precious relics and famous, not only is the symbol of the cultural tradition of France, but also representatives of the traditional culture in the world. 'D, cannot fail to Paris; tour Paris, cannot fail to Louvre, has become a famous saying. Louvre from 1793 and opening up, her dizzy stunning eyes of numerous collections, I do not know how many viewers, dumping its charm, conquered all visitors.

Louvre building itself, is the historical witnesses of the French Empire.

In the early 13th century, Philip's middot by Faye Wong; August ordered in a former Royal prison opened on the site of a classical spectacular Castle Tower, the ancient city of standing up. In the first half of the 16th century, Francis I started to take her into the Renaissance-style palaces. Later, after Henry IV, Louis XIII and Louis XIV and Napoleon's repeated transformation, completed the Louvre of existing buildings. Its total area 19.7 million square meters of exhibition area, 4.5 million square meters.

The Louvre's collection began to Francis I.

After that, the master of the Palace, and continue to add to the Louvre. Been to Louis XIV, the bit is called the Sun King's art collection in the Louvre addiction have lived for 17 years, bought almost could buy all European parties of famous paintings, such as Raphael's the Bada SA column references middot; CASS Nyoni portrait, karawa Joe's the death of the Virgin "," Bob's "the tixiang gloved youth", etc. This became the Sun King's immortal achievement in history. Later, Napoleon used guns continue to increase for the Louvre collection, he put all the conquered countries, the best works of art are brought into the Louvre. Including the Madonna of Raphael's wedding ", Joe middot; where's the Virgin and child like AI, etc. Under the influence of the Napoleon, France's diplomats, chaplain, merchants continue to engage in the hand of Egypt, Greece, Italy, Persian, Babbitt Lombard heritage, in the Louvre.

At present, the Louvre's collection a total of 40 million.

It includes the ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Oriental countries, ancient Roman culture and artistic works, including the European medieval and Renaissance works of art and culture, including the since then France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom's painting masterpiece. Adequately reflect the long history of human history, world cultures, brilliant. It consists of the Museum of ancient Greece, Rome, Ancient Orient Museum of art, the Museum of ancient Egypt, medieval, Renaissance and modern art sculpture Museum, History Museum of painting and Art Studio, six parts. Each section is an independent Museum. Here, one can see from antiquity to the many art works, from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome and the ancient Persian Empire, and so long as the art, to the representatives of the middle ages, the Renaissance and in particular France classicism, romantic and Impressionist and modern works on all famous, almost the entire collection here. Lu floating mutilation collection is a activation of art history, in addition to taste its collections of art, but also access to a wealth of encyclopedic knowledge.

The Louvre has three pieces of fragrance, first treasure for eternal immortal Belle statue of Venus of Milo "; the second fragrance is a famous painter of the Renaissance in Italy up to middot; da Vinci 's" Mona Lisa "; the third is the fragrance Bangsamoro Terra victory."

The Louvre in the 1980s and began a large-scale expansion project, the designer is renowned global Chinese architect Ieoh Ming Pei. Louvre extension, many long subterranean collection, one by one in front of an audience.

The appearance of the British Museum

Mdash mdash; United Kingdom; British Museum

United Kingdom London, British Museum, the Chinese are learning that the British Museum, it is a collection of the world richest Museum of Antiquities, its collections, almost all show the ancient civilizations of ancient civilizations.

British Museum was built in 1753, in private collections of founded on.

At that time, there is a wealth of United Kingdom doctors call Hans middot; ' Dragon Knight. He is the United Kingdom King George II of private doctors, and is a member of the antique lovers and connoisseurs, he lives his passion for collecting art antiques. 1753, he was dying, his own life the collected 5.3 million pieces of heritage presented to the State. United Kingdom Council so decide: financing the construction of a National Museum, to save and use these objects.

British Museum all collections can be divided into five display area.

The first exhibition area, the main display of artifacts, Western Asia and Egypt are two ancient civilizations a miniature of history; the second exhibition area is the ancient Greece and Rome heritage room; the third Pavilion exhibited mainly United Kingdom prehistoric and ancient and medieval cultural artifacts, these artifacts reflecting the origins of the cultural development of the United Kingdom; the fourth exhibition area is Oriental relics exhibition rooms, and also the Museum of the most striking places; the fifth exhibition area for the treasure room, here the possession of many of the United Kingdom's favourite heritage.

The United Kingdom as the first Jumbo is Roxer da tablet, the Museum of bottom-most position significantly.

This is a piece of black basalt stone, about 107 cm, width 76 cm, thickness of approximately 30 cm, was found at the time of Napoleon's expedition to Egypt. Amount-gold marble is the Museum of fragrance, is from Greece tirumalai Nong shrine down the marbles. The carving is Greece famous masters of Philippine bottom carving, the only extant works are quite rare.

Now, in addition to the British Museum Library in independence, but also separate up the natural history museum and the Museum of mankind.

Because the museum space has no collection of relics.

British Museum open day, gave visitors free of charge.

Here the city is the awareness of human civilization of good classroom.

Vatican museums

Mdash mdash; Vatican; Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum is located in a corner of Italy's capital Rome Vatican location, country within a country of the Vatican City.

It is near to the famous St. Peter's Cathedral, a total of 12 building's architectural style with different, unique collection. Exhibition area up to 5.5 million square meters, a collection of different countries, different nationalities colorful heritage treasures and artist's masterpiece.

Museum of 12 buildings in the first few teach Palace, this is a 15th century late Pope Nicholas v by its own power, the Governor's rate of large numbers of artists and shaped sculpture artists and night work completed, refinement, set the magnificence.

Later Pope outdone, leading to later generations left a building masterpiece. Latest a completed in 1970, is a collection of Gregory era secular works of art, early Christian art and traditional folk art of modern architecture.

Museum treasures are on display in accordance with different content, some of the branch of Egypt Museum, Portrait Gallery, the display of sculpture works of mdash mdash; asylum; Kerry door Ting Museum, exhibition of Oriental art in Rutland Museum and El Truska, tapestry Gallery, map gallery, etc.

Let's just say the map gallery, inside the tiled map, where there is a map of Italy, in the territory of 40 sites in geography and coastal islands, ancient topographic map solutions, and Genoa, Venice, city map. They all come from the 16th century mathematician, astronomer and architect Ignacio Lazio middot; Dan Ding, he spent three years, was completed in 1583, on behalf of the geography and cartography of the great achievements.

The Museum also collection many excavated tombs in gold, silver and bronze products and the collection of amazing handicrafts, paintings, etc.

It is also worth mentioning is that here is a collection of up to 50 000 pieces of manuscripts and printed materials in the library, many of them are a number of successive Popes and European Royal noble books. In the display cases are copied in the pendulum's reputation in the parchment on Bible; 1612-1659, the Chinese version of the map to open a page, a detailed description of huguang map. I can see multiple versions of the Bible, about 2 feet long, half a foot wide, thick also scribe, small, long however, approximately one inch and a half, only one third of an inch thick, with a magnifying glass to see.

Vatican art treasure, although there are many on the brand of religion, but they are all over the world countless artists and crystallization of the workers ' efforts.

History turns a page after page, these art treasures will forever shine immortal glory. Museum worthy of the world's oldest and one of the most ambitious Museum this praise.

Hermitage Museum

Mdash mdash; Russia; Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Museum, the French word for cloistered in the Palace, located in Russia St. Petersburg Palace Square.

1764, the Russian Empress Catherine purchased a Rembrandt, and other masters of 250 paintings, kept the Bogd room Ermitage, founded the wonders of the floor. In 1852, this building up layers of society. After the October revolution, the Soviet Government to allocate to the whole of Bogd Ermitage, 1922, formally established by the State Hermitage Museum, open to the public. Soviet period, in order to make the Museum's collections does not fall into the hands of fascism, was once one of 100 million collections to rear sverdlov city saved, and the remaining 100 million strong hold in the basement until the end of the second world war.

Hermitage Museum, is a comprehensive art history and culture, large scale, the Museum's collection, is the world's largest museum, its collections and scale, and the world a large Museum.

It covers an area of 9 million square meters, all buildings including the Bogd, small Hermitage, the old Hermitage, the new Hermitage, and can accommodate up to 500 spectators of the Hermitage Theatre, the layout coordinate, the momentum of the magnificent, is one of the main sights of Saint Petersburg.

Hermitage Museum there are all kinds of collections of 270 million, it is said that if the items brought up look at the needs of 27 years.

All of the display is divided into eight sections: original Ministry of culture, ancient Greece, the Roman world, Eastern National Ministry of culture, the culture of Russia, Ministry of old coins-shibu, Department of Western European art, the Science Department of the Ministry of education and rehabilitation. Mainly paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, archaeological finds, the practical work of art, coins and medals. The Museum's collection of European painting, from the most famous ancient Byzantine religious painting until the modern Matisse, Picasso's paintings and other paintings by Impressionist, Post Impressionist, total 15800 everything. Which Italy Renaissance da middot; Finch's two sites of the Virgin, Raphael's Madonna baby boy figure "and the" Holy Family ", Netherlands Rembrandt's the return of the prodigal son" and other famous paintings are particularly precious. The collection also includes tixiang, Rubens, authority, Pulaski, Renoir and the root and other celebrities. Practical art collection up to 26 million, of which 15 century Spain silverware, 16th century France and Italy, pottery, are decent quality Collections.

Tsar gather treasures, first began in the times of Peter the great (1672-1725), Catherine (1729-1796), with the completion of construction of Bogd, is even more important.

She frequently sent envoys to European plundered all kinds of treasures, seven years after the war, the Prussian King and a large number of paintings for themselves. In France's great philosophers down, she not only acquired all of the books, but also hired him as the Queen's Palace librarian.

But Czar dream also did not expect, 1812 Napoleon's invasion of Russian soldiers, they took great pains to gather in the treasures of Bogd etc were looted, and fall into the hands of wealthy European part row and noble hand.

But when Napoleon failed, the Russian army entered Paris after Czar Alexander I also do the same, and will be kept in the Empress Josephine before France in Paris suburb malme and treasures within the villas were sacked. One is the best treasure mdash mdash;; gang Chagos gemstone Emboss. According to legend this was the 3rd century BC, Ptolemy dynasty of Egypt when the heirs of a carving exquisite won little Onyx stones.

Hermitage Museum, with its superior architecture, splendid art and precious collections attracts experts and scholars from around the world and sightseeing.

Berlin's Museum Island satellite pictures

Mdash mdash; Germany; national museums in Berlin, world

The national museums in Berlin world with its long history, professionalism, and a wide collection of geographical implications.

1873 Berlin National Museum building in the world, so far it has Africa, Oceania, America Archaeology, Native American, South Asia, East Asia, West Asia, European and national music collections of nine departments. Its predecessor is the hidden treasures of the Princes of the aristocracy, to the Warren Buffett Margaret II, the collection constantly enrich and established Museum storage and display. During the second world war, was devastating. 1966-1970 new reach 1 million square meters of new Museum. The new Museum is located in the picturesque suburb of Berlin up to Srem, it attracts many tourists and scholars.

First galleries mainly introduces the Oceania called Island customs and history; the second gallery of the main display of the traditional arts in South Asia, we have talked about South Asia including now conceptual South India and Southeast Asia; the third showroom main display native American culture and some European indigenous cultures; the fourth room focuses on the African continent black cultural origin and precious artifacts.

United States New York Museum of natural history, a live of iguana lie on the branches for people-watching.

Mdash mdash; United States; the New York Museum of natural history

In the United States New York Manhattan has a Museum, it exclusive Central Park West Road 77 to 79 road, base has a total area of 7 million square meters, with 22 buildings form a natural history of the Palace.

It is widely praised by the New York Museum of natural history. It has over 50 rooms, a collection of human history of plant, animal and mineral specimens from 36 million pieces. Are displayed with astronomy, mineral, animal and human beings, ancient five modern animals, 12 divisions. Is it the rich collection of specimens, covering broad discipline, and a knowledge of the world's largest reputation as one of the Museum, especially the paleontology and anthropology collection, is the world's other museums don't be equalled.

New York Museum of natural history was established in 1869.

It exhibits collection to every corner of the world. Outside Museum, is like stepping into a knowledge of the labyrinth, a variety of specimens, the dazzle observation.

Museum collections including vertebrate fossils of dinosaurs, 33 million pieces of specimens.

At the Dinosaur Hall with up to 20 m, 30 to 40 tons of Lelong, smaller Tyrannosaurus, they are herbivorous, eating meat. It is interesting, here's the original angle Dragon displayed skeleton and eggs, some of them were just hatched in the shell is extremely rare small original angle Dragon specimens. Towering in the Hall of great dinosaur skeleton, 80% is a real dinosaur fossils, the rest is an infringing copy. These specimens are from Canada tundra, also from the Western United States, as well as explore to Mongolia's Gobi desert.

Museum School located a Roosevelt Memorial to commemorate the late 26th President Theodore Roosevelt middot; on the Museum's support, which showcased his youth engaged in investigation work.

The display method, the extensive use of ecological scenery, a total of 200 large cupboard of this exhibition, an increase of vivid atmosphere.

In recent years, also the made for television, active, vibrant background, can set off the exhibition environment. In mineral Hall, Matt dark Hall, under the spotlight, ores, precious stones, more show their colorful magnificent features. The many collections, in addition to the donation, purchase, rather than relying on the Museum's scientists are far from the ocean, they personally collected toured many parts of the world.

Superb exhibition content is based on its extensive scientific research.

The library has 10 million copies of professional books, photographic department owns 50 million natural history film, the establishment of a variety of laboratory and Research Office, etc., all have scientists provides a good study conditions. Every year they published 10 periodicals and books, to publish research results, including the natural history magazine has established 70 years. It can be said that this Museum is a veritable Centre of education and Research Center.