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The world's most classic cruise lines

When the cruise companies rushed out to operate additional flights to China, before looking luxury cruise vacation into a new hot.

Featured 11 hottest cruise lines, holiday travel only to friends as a reference.

Why call it Cruises: original fixed route passenger vessels like the people as a registered letter sent to their destination, so is the cruise.

The most famous in the history of the cruise: Titanic

Why say cruise very luxurious rooms because cruise 3 times per day, restaurant daily cleaned 6 times a meal.

What to wear on a cruise ship, cruise on wear: casual, like in the street like uncomfortable to wear swimwear, especially those in the dance of the evening, so some say beans shoes are professional deck shoes.

Select a cruise line maximum benefit: province of visa.

For example, the same is going to the Caribbean or Latin America, if land to require multiple transfer, multiple visa, but take a cruise only need a multiple entry visa to the United States.

I follow the ship sailing the seas, often by e-mail and terrestrial friends.

I used to live at sea, do not miss the land. This word comes from a cruise on the life of 9 years of New Jersey woman, although each month as the ideal way of life on 3500 pounds to pay, but in her view the life on a cruise ship is far more than wonderful land. Luxury accommodation, sports community, senior prom and SPA centres, museums, and even the upper and lower layer 3 are of song, to a boat, you can imagine? 11 layers of cruise across the sea, is a Center, of course, live on 9-year sounds like a joke, but the room to dance, then by the ball to the massage bed are just a step away, this convenience who would not want?

Most luxury line mdash mdash;; set sail from the Americas

American continent is surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, coastal nation there are numerous terminals can start, stop, coupled with a Caribbean and inland as the sea of the St. Lawrence River, makes people spend too much air fares to luxury cruise vacation.

Nor is such a convenient boot up North American tourists on vacation mode, or North America people's holiday cruise mode has promoted the development of the cruise lines go America is the world's more, the largest passenger volume. However, for us, it is the other side of the ocean, select American cruise line really benefit is easier on the visa.

Line 1: Alaska glacier circuit

Alaska is the United States away from the local community, one of two States, and Canada's North-western border, near the Arctic, has many untapped natural resources, which is the most abundant resource of glaciers and special.

Each cruise company according to the different sections of the glacier has developed many lines, Princess cruise as the United States of the region's dominant, it's diamond Princess and Sapphire Princess is 113000 tons, and also have their exclusive Terminal, scenic train, wooden Hotel hellip; hellip;

Which means kockan, Juno, the history of the kaiwei, Victoria, Cui XI ice Bay within the Bay routes in Seattle is the first choice, because the United States Navy and Northwest Airlines have direct flights from Beijing to Seattle, especially at the beginning of 2009 there will be a special on departure.

Another mdash mdash; Vancouver; anchorage of Glacier Bay routes to minimize the main glacier interspersed among them, the journey, you can choose the heart of the land in Alaska. Take a scenic train passing through McKinley Hill arrives in Dan Nye, National Park, then proceed to the center of the city of Fairbanks, Alaska. It can be said that this route is many of Alaska's expert on the line, the player's choice.

Of course, Royal Caribbean, Dahomey, Richland, Carnival, also posted a fleet in the area of the service, the additional attractions are: William ice Bay, Hubble ice Bay, etc.

Considerations, Alaska due to weather limits, only 5-9 months, the best season is July, of course, price is the most expensive. Suggested that they select August 6 month or travel for the month of August, but has the potential to catch up with the United States, students will also have discount expensive than usual, subscription will be fully taken into account.

Princess Cruises cruise line: the diamond Princess, Sapphire Princess

Cruise size: 2600 people can be hosted

Visas, tickets total package price machine: the inner part of Glacier Bay RMB23999 onwards, partly RMB33999 plays

Embarkation port: Seattle, Vancouver, anchorage

Line number: 7-13 days

Line 2: Mexico line

This is the United States West, southern favorite lines.

But for us, Los Angeles or San Diego travel 4 days trip, pure holiday line, transitDiameter of California Catarina island and Mexico love Mulberry narda, discount, cheapest ticket tax only around 200 dollars, the average cost of a day is 50 US dollars, than a motel also cheap, and enjoy a five-star service. Therefore, if you first go to the United States, we strongly recommend that you put this line as you plan the westbound.

At present, only the Royal Caribbean cruise line's Sea King, Carnival paradise, and fun, with this line of Mexico Duanpingkuai.

Other cruise lines are more than 7 days. In addition, the Government of Mexico on hold United States visas visitor visa-free access, which is this line, you only need to have a United States visa.

Cruise: the Carnival of heaven,

Cruise size: people can host 1074

Visas, tickets total package price machine: RMB19999 plays

Embarkation port: Los Angeles, San Diego, Bayer (ALA ban horse), cover Vista's (Texas)

Line number: 3-14 days

Line 3: Canada and New England

Arrival in Canada of two large marine province is the largest in this line.

Although not a long history and charming legend, famous and no European, more no rebate system, the environment nor Australia, New Zealand. But in fact North America the best place in the big cities, this route can be challenging to North America. Walk the line cruises Crystal, Royal, Dahomey, Carnival, Princess cruise Norway people, and so on. While the Cunard's Queen Mary 2, is one of the most luxurious and most luxurious. Usually it's terribly expensive, is the same general cruise itinerary 2-3 times. But if you missed the last time the sales tend to put out a few of the several special tanks. Therefore, keep the travel agent's good communication is also a valid trip cost savings.

Cruise: the Queen Mary 2, Cunard

Cruise passenger volume scale: 2640 people

Visas, tickets total package price machine: RMB39999 plays

Embarkation port: New York, Quebec City (Canada), Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia

Line number: 7-12 days

Line 4: Caribbean

Caribbean lines very troublesome, as it involves national and regional, Caribbean line segment is very strict and characteristics.

Generally divided into: the Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, South Caribbean line. For the people of the degree of familiarity and preferences, we recommend the Western Caribbean, Southern Caribbean. This region is the dominant natural line named Royal Caribbean cruise company, which operates in the area served by the two big Mac mdash mdash; cruise; freedom of the seas, and oceans liberation, is 16 million tons.

For those who always looks forward to the Pirates of beauty is caught, the pirates here but a theme store, do you really want to let you down.

However personally think Caribbean colors is what most of the world, is called the fatal attraction? it can make even if you do not know how to swim is flush into its embrace compulsion.

Royal Caribbean cruise line: the freedom of the seas

Cruise passenger volume scale: 4375 people

Visas, tickets total package price machine: RMB29999 plays

Embarkation port: Miami, Florida city or San Juan Puerto Rico

Line number of days: 4-13 days

The dream lines mdash mdash;; set sail from Europe

Those crazy woman looking for men, earning the ultimate dream is lying on the deck of the Eastern Mediterranean Cruise, wearing the Marc swimwear, yingji zuo an estuary GrayGoose modulation Cosmopolitan, ephemeral Queen posture achievements is a time for confidence.

But you know, the ancient civilizations of Europe and even an Eastern Mediterranean, the British Isles and Scandinavia routes equally worth looking forward to. MSC and Costa is European line cruise company compared to monopoly, there was an argument that is doing the freighter which MSC service quality inferior to Costa, in fact, such nuances as long as you experience a number of cruise travel before they will feel, not on your good mood.

Line 5: West Eastern Mediterranean routes

MSC is a professional Eastern Mediterranean routes cruise companies, and one of the Overture, and a subsidiary of one of the most hottest cruise, sailed from Italy Genoa via blue country Monaco Monte-Carlo, the ancient city of Valencia Spain, European Knight culture intact and Malta Valletta, the capital of North Africa

Scenery of Tunisia, and Italy Rome, Genoa, Italy finally returns. Each have the disembarked after lunch excursion time until night set sail again.

The Overture, the biggest feature in that it is designed for the professional golfer's cruise, swing on deck, you expect your own with enough force to knock the ball into the water, but in fact this possibility is too small, if not very good at this game, you can consult ChuckCook, he's very famous golf coach.

The MSC's poems, in November 1-8 may; Opera, 20 October to 3 November has a price for two people with the tour. 60 days advance booking can also be about 400 dollars.

Cruise: prelude, MSC

Cruise size: 1566 people hosted

Visas, tickets total package price machine: MSC does not have to buy a regular gift of an activity, when is the cheapest; other time RMB25000 RMB26900 plays

Embarkation port: Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Monaco, Morocco and Tunisia

Line number: 7-14 days

Line 6: East Eastern Mediterranean routes

East line because Greece Santorini island rather than the West more than doubled to romantic, Yes, the white walls, blue roof, there are numerous churches of the King in the postcard, but we recommend the Adriatic Sea of Dubrovnik is also worth going to, the island holds many castles and ancient city wall, is a sight, seem to Sicily.

Enter the cruise of the first feeling is dazzling, Atrium a, ceiling and holds a blue ocean, 26 vessels served at sea fleet model in his head, incredible spectacular design, vivid as are sailing on the ceiling, the past glories of the true maritime scenes.

Three-story luxury Theatre, joy and applause, the magnificence of Raffaello restaurant, a bar, you can try ConteGrande ornate transparent roof, sea stars are on the horizon. If you like flat luxury, come on!

Cruise: the songs up to visa, the total package price for tickets: RMB26000 plays

Embarkation port: Venice and Bari, Olympia, Santorini, Webern, Dubrovnik (Croatia), Venice

Line number: 7-14 days

Line 7: Nordic fjords line

In Northern Europe, cruise was not a rare thing, people from the Nordic countries are sitting on a cruise ship, basically equivalent to the water bus, it can reach the road to the Greenland and Finland.

While Norway's own cruise is the cheapest option, you can not mince select luxury cabin, because the normal ticket price of scattered seats and luxury-class is the same.

Once the Nordic routes had hit an iceberg of a cruise, you know I'm not talking the Titanic, but the probability is very small, most of us are safe riding.

More impressive travel, you can choose the very, very night-time, but your guide will tell you there is a balcony is not necessarily the best choice

Cruise: Norway people

Cruise capacity: the capacity of 1000 people

Visas, tickets total package price machine: RMB27990 plays

Embarkation port: Greenland, Finland

Line number: 10-15 days

The most affordable line mdash mdash;; set sail from Asia

When we get reliable message: Sanya is building the world's leading female port, 2009 will have 3 cruise destination for its development in China; mdash mdash mdash mdash;;; who would say it is a luxury cruise ship, and has nothing to do with us? 2, 3, 5, 6 night time while roaming in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Dream Cruise romantic picture compared to choose from Asian sailing cruise lines make people feel unwilling, but it counts as a live with your feet on the ground, the man can make you happy, your most desired, focusing on the benefits.

Similarly in the waves, the boat's speed or slow romantic is not the same.

But because the port is nearby, you can save a lot of the coast between port transportation, especially for those who stay in the engine room 5 hours just to jump machine, this is great news.

Line 8: Tianjin Port

Last July, when the song reached cruise to Tianjin as the mother port for 1st cycle 5-7 days-Korea parade.

At present, the service is that of love, the same langenaOnly 7 months from Tianjin, August after the ship would go to Shanghai started its Shanghai trip. This is due to the winter time, North Harbour appear icing, looking forward to traveling this route for tourists, had to wait for the next year. The ship 28500 tons, patronage is 1072. This most major characteristic is greatly reduce travelling north guests to probably the lowest price of around $ 4000 will be able to experience the charm of a cruise ship. As entry-level cruise line and line, is a rare guest in northern China.

Cruises: cruise love poem da langena,

Cruise passenger volume scale: 1072 people

Ticket price: RMB4000 around

Line number: 6 days 5 nights

Line 9: Shanghai port

Compared to Tianjin, Shanghai, Hong Kong and hilarious world of the Orient lines in Shanghai is the parade of Chungkang, but every year there are many luxury cruise through Hong Kong.

Compared to the classic line is: Jeju mdash mdash; Shanghai; Fukuoka mdash mdash; Kagoshima; Shanghai, is also a song of cruises, 8-10 month service in Shanghai there are classic, on April 26, 2009 landing in Shanghai, China, its discharge is 53000 tons capacity 1700 people, has just been redecorated in 2007. The Royal Caribbean cruise Ocean legend, next Valentine's day approaches from Shanghai to Hong Kong, Singapore, Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia start until 14 days of the trip. In addition, six-Star Regent seven seas, also will be March 6, 2009, arrived in Shanghai and continue on to complete her sailing round the world.

Cruises: cruise classic poem da,

Cruise passenger volume scale: 1700 people

Line number: 6 days 5 nights